Friday, May 20, 2005

Training Log: Entry 100

Will be departing for China for 2 weeks.  Will probably not
update.  During said time, will be on a complete trainforstrength
program using workout2 every other day.  Will probably lose a lot
of weight.  Oh well.

100 entries in my training log.  I'm honestly impressed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Training Log: Entry 99

Cutting update: 2 weeks
Bulk pics

Cutting Pics

Good thing I don't bodybuild...I'm so lacking.

Still, cut progress goes well.  Lost 5lbs...that's about as far as I wanna go.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Training Log: Entry 98

Weight is down to a trim 185.  Lighter than I want, but I'll just bulk when I get back to school. 

Got a workout buddy.  He keeps quiet, doesn't joke around, wants
to progress.  It also is a good way to kill time in between
sets.  Hope he progresses. 

May join a gym.  We'll see.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Training Log: Entry 97

Clips from the other throwdown.  Painfully obvious I need more ground experience.  I still panic and post. 

Striking is cleaning up a little bit though, and I at least move more fluidly.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Training Log: Entry 96

Did sprints at the high school track.  Much better for knee. 
Went twice as long as last time with very minimal pain.  Will make
a habit out of it.  Sprints feel better than bike.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Training Log: Entry 95

Tried some sprinting HIIT.  Left knee is still bugging me. 
Really wish I could rehab it.  I'm just gonna try a gradual

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Training Log: Entry 94

New schedule worked out

Day 1:
15-30 minutes bike HIIT
Chest day lifting
    Bench 3X4@85%
    Close grip bench 4X10
    Incline dumbbell press 4X6
    Dips 3X10
    Seated shoulder press 3X8

Day 2:
10 rounds heavybag
30-60 mins jogging
Chin-up day
    4 sets laddering pull-ups
    4 sets laddering chin-ups
    2 sets laddering commando chin-ups
    2 sets laddering commando chin-ups opposite hand placement

Day 3:
15-30 minutes bike HIIT
Leg day
    4 sets weighted lunges (walking my driveway)
    4X10 weighted calf raises
    3X10 verticle jumps
    2X10 jump tucks
    3X10 box jumps
    3X10 drop jumps
    Weighted crunches

Day 4:
10 rounds heavybag
30-60 minutes jogging
Push-up day
    4 sets of max reps.  Rest 300 seconds between sets

Day 5:
15-30 minutes HIIT
Back day
    Deadlift 3X4@85%
    Shrugs 4X10
    Bent over rows 1X10, 1X8, 2X6
    1 arm standing dumbbell rows 3X8

Day 6:
Either rest or heavybag

Day 7:
30-60 minutes jogging
BWE leg/ab day
    Shootfighter squats/bootstrappers 4X25
    Siscors 1X10
    4X25 flutterkicks
    3X15 full range crunches
    3X30 crunches/twist crunches
    4X25 seated flutterkicks
    1X10 atomic sit-ups

Am at my comfortable bodyfat level.  Hope to not lose too much more weight.

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Training Log: Entry 93

Went to throwdown.  Was not on my A-game.  I did alright
rolling at first, but just got dominated by everyone.  Had a bad
morning, rushed, just wasn't feeling it, they were bigger, excuse
excuse =P

Got a cut above the eyebrow from a headbutt.  Cut things short.  Here's a pic for your enjoyment.

Took some film.  Can't upload.  Will watch and see any mistakes.  Think I made a lot.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Training Log: Non training entry

Just for a means of comparrison:

Ages 17, 18, and 19 respectively
Training Log: Entry 92

Bulk pictures.  This is with 4 days of cutting.

Will hopefully post more in 1-2 weeks

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Training log: Entry 91

Cut phase going extremely well.  Cardio gradually building
up.  Already lost protruding stomach.  Now must work on
muscular definition.  Will hopefully have pictures soon.

Semester evalutation:
Am a sprawl and brawler.  No use denying it.  Wrestling game
me some good positioning, but my submission skills are severly
lacking.  GnP might work in FC events, but in sparring and limited
striking tourines (ala: Pankration) it ain't happening.  Until they day comes about that I get into some real FC events, I
gotta just stay on my feet.  Thankfully, my striking (though ugly)
seems to do the trick.

Speaking of striking: Need to work on integrating kick and punch game,
rather than making them seperate entities.  Also need to become
more confident in kicks in general.  When shit hits the fan, I'm a
boxer/wrestler, as displayed by my tourny performance.  It gets me
by, but I'd prefer more.  Knees seem to be doing the trick
though.  Elbows non-existant: no one spars with them.

Boxing improved amazingly.  Video evidence showed me all my
holes.  Now making sure to bring hands back after punching. 
Also learned that the reason my left hand dropped instead of my right
after the "correction" was that during shadowboxing/bagwork I only
throw 2 punches instead of 3+.  I was used to a "1-2" combo,
meaning I could return my right hand just fine, but would drop my left
hand in anticipation of my "3" whenever attempting anything else. 
Hoping I fixed that.  Video will show.

Really wish I could be back in wrestling, but as it stands, just gotta rely on what I got.  Greco would be awesome.

Have to find a new school.  I scoped out a new boxing and MMA
place close by my college, but would need to see if it had a working
schedule.  Transportation would be geat.  Old place got way
too big way too fast.

Or, I may go a new route.  San Shou would be cool.  Maybe
some Judo.  Might even go the cheap/free route and join my schools
American Kickboxing club.

In regards to physical fitness: Started powerlifting.  Got
hooked.  Long rest times are a killer though.  Remember to
bring a book.  Got my bench back up to it's old number even with
injuries constantly setting me back.  Will need to struggle to
find a new way to get by without a squat rack while I'm at home. 
Lack of olympic weights sucks as well.

Added on 10ish pounds during bulking phase.  Am now around 20lbs
heavier than when I started the blog (numbers may be off. 
Originally took weight with crappy electronic scale).  Cutting
phase is a go. 

And of course, results: Still going great at throwdowns, and even
managed to score a win at a pankration tournament, so I know I'm not
all bad (especially given I had about 0 sub knowledge at the time, so
won with wrestling and striking).  Can only hope to improve from