Sunday, September 30, 2007

Training Log: Entry 468

Squats of 345

Notes: Prolly had enough gas in me for one more rep on that last set, but didn't wanna risk it.  Form was great, and no longer hit that sticking point like I did last time.  Weight felt much better than before.  Wife said I was going lower than parallel on a couple of reps.

Bench of 285

Notes: Prolly coulda hit a final rep on that last set.  Moved the weight up a little earlier than anticipated, but it felt right in my hands.  I seem to do better with heavier weight on the bench than with lighter.

Pull ups w/30lbs

Notes: Said screw it to lat pulldowns and stuck with pull-ups.  Just gonna keep form strict and weight jumps light.


Did some neck work in between sets just to kill time.  Need to work this more seriously.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Training Log: Entry 467

Deadlifts of 395

Notes: Hitched on third rep of 4th set, but I'm counting it. Coming off the deload felt great.  Grip wasn't as much a limiting factor as before.  Should increase alongside my workout.

Overhead presses of 175

Notes: Ran outta gas on those last sets, usually happens on overheads.  Should just take one more workout.

Low puley rows of 200

Notes: Focused on form here.  Might wanna switch this out at some point. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Training Log: Entry 466



Notes: Too big of a jump between weights.  Found a sticking point in my squat.  I can explode out of the hole just fine, but halfway through I started moving real slow.  Might polish off this cycle and switch to Westside to focus on blasting out of this.

Bench of 275

Notes: Form was great, just need to get lower on the bench so I stop hitting the supports mid set.  Could prolly finish the weight if I didn't keep clanging.

Lat pulldowns of 140

Notes: Form was good, light weight sucked. 

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Training Log: Entry 465

Deloaded on deadlifts, overhead presses and low pulley rows.  Whole body was fried.  Needed this rest.  Will be moving furniture over the weekend, may or may not get to lift.

Gonna keep up with the 3-5 for another 3-6 weeks, and then prolly switch up to Westside Barbell.  I'm noticing a couple of weaknesses popping up that could be fixed with a little unilateral work and specific focus. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Training Log: Entry 464

Deload of squats, bench and weighted pull-ups.  Form was tight on everything.  Going to switch pull-ups out after this.

Did some neck harnass work with the cable machine while I waited for the bench press party to end.  Not bad work, but need to find a good height to work with.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Training Log: Entry 463

Deadlifts of 395

Notes: Right thumb was giving out on 4th set, think it's about time for a deload.  Weight was feeling heavy today.

Overhead press of 175

Notes: Gotta watch form on those later reps.  Felt my bad shoulder snag a little.

Low pulley rows of 190

Notes: Form was really great here.  Keep those knees flexed and pull with the elbows.


Funny note: A group of curl commandos tattled on me to the gym staff because I was "dropping" my deadlifts.  The gym staff came and told me to stop, and then the commandos came into the room themself to say "Do you have to drop the weight like that?"  Meanwhile, they brought their ipod and speakers into the gym and were playing music from Rocky loud enough to shake the walls while they did dumbbell curls for approx. 20 minutes, all the while dropping plates and using up every bar in the gym.  Clearly I was the annoying one here.  I guess I ruined this guys illusion of fake intensity by actually bringing some real intensity into the gym.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Training Log: Entry 462

Squats of 335

Notes: Best set of squats ever today.  Weight was light and form felt tight.  Gonna move it up next time, 2 reps ain't worth another training day.

Bench of 275

Notes: Moving up the weight proved to be way more effective.  Weight was way more stable and form was strict.  4th set, I hit the barbell into the supports, so lost a rep there. 

Pull-ups w/35lbs

Notes: As I gain weight, pull-ups are lacking.  I may switch to lat pulldown for a while just so I can consistantly work the same weight on the movement.


A moment of silence for my headphones, which were tragically crushed on my chest during bench press, and have been rendered KIA.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Training Log: Entry 461

Deadlifts of 395

Notes: Hands were fried from all the destruction and moving during work, so my grip was non-existant.  I brought straps, but figured I'd just make this a light day.  My body itself felt strong.  I should be done with this weight pretty fast.

Overhead press of 165

Notes: Gonna move on from this, like the last weight.  This seems to be an acceptable practice so far.  On very last rep, I bent back a little too far.  Felt my lowerback stretch like a rubberband, but thankfully no noise or pain.  Keep stomach tight next time.

Low pulley rows of 190

Notes: Decent working weight, kept form tight with minimal lean back.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Training Log: Entry 460

Skipped boxing tonight.  Did 8 hours of manual labor at work and wanted to let my system rest.  Lots of awkward object lifting.  Reconstructing cubicles and moving desks and stuff.  Might be good recovery training.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Training Log: Entry 459

Squats of 335

Notes: Failed on attempted 4th rep of 4th set.  Got angry enough to get that 4th rep on the last set.  Focused on keeping my knees from buckling.

Bench of 265

Notes: I think I'm just gonna up the weight here.  I've been stuck for too long, and my body might just need the jolt.

Pull-ups of 35lbs

Notes: Form was really good this time.


Stalling pretty bad on this day of the routine.  Progress is still there, but I gotta really fight for it.  Might need to change it up soon.


Got a new bathroom scale.  Has a bodyfat measurement dealy.  Says I'm 193.5lbs and 16.5% bodyfat on a full stomach at the end of the day.  I'll see what I weigh in at first thing in the morning.


My whole system feels fried.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Training Log: Entry 458

Deadlifts of 375

Notes: The correction on form made a huge impact on my deadlift.  The weight felt like nothing, and exploded off the floor.  My grip was the limiting factor, and I could have easily completed my last set had it not given out.  In the future, do not train grip the day before deadlifts.  Moving up to 395 next time.

Overhead press of 165

Notes: Nothing really worth mentioning.  Keeping head up did a good job on form.

Low pulley rows of 180

Notes: Need to warm up better next time.  After first set, form was great.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Training Log: Entry 457

Sparred today.

Defense still held out well, despite lack of work.  My head/body movement was lacking, but that was mostly ring rust.  I typically have the other problem.  Offense was horrible.  Jab was pawing, not snapping, and wasn't firing much combos.  Did get a chance to work some infighting, which worked amazingly well for the first time against a live opponent.  He didn't get anything in, while I was firing shovel hooks at will to his floating ribs and following them up top with rear hand head hooks, a combo I work on the bag a ton.  Shoulder popped a little in the clinch, watch for that.

Fought a total of 4 rounds, 2 series of 2x3 minutes, first 2 against the same opponent, last 2 against two different opponents.  First 3 rounds were a taller skinnier kid, last round against a super heavyweight.

I need to drill my 60% power on the bag.  When I need to reduce power, I get sloppy as hell.  I know how to throw a hard, sharp, snappy jab, but when I go 60% against an opponent, it's all pawing and sticking.  Part of that is lack of killer instinct as well, but I didn't apologize or ask if the other guy was ok, which is a step in the right direction for me. 

Match against super heavy was absurd.  Never felt such insane power.  I was thrown around the ring like a rag doll.  Gotta get that rooting in.  Had no luck attacking straight on, was forced to use my angles.  Lead hook was working well, as was jab to the belly.  Got put in the corner a lot, need to work ring awareness.  Didn't take any bad shots in the corner though, shelled up and took nothing to the face or body. Only took ne good shot to the face for all 4 rounds, so that's a positive.

Coach recognized my defensive style as "Peek A Boo".  Makes all the time training it worthwhile to have a real coach recognize it.

Work the agression, throw combos, let those hands go, and stop traintracking.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Training Log: Entry 456

Boxing gym.  Warmed up and got on the heavy bag.  Was working the jab for distance and power, then jab cross for footwork, and jab cross hook for balance and getting the elbow up.  Coach pointed out that I was flaring my elbows too much in my guard.  I had "elbows up" in the brain.  Focus on task at hand, don't get lazy.  Coach gave me a few more combos to work.  Jab-cross-low hook-high hook and cross-hook-cross.  Remember balance on cross-hook-cross.  Found good luck by "rewinding" like a spring after hooks.  Should keep this up for a while.

Worked speed bag for 4 rounds.  Trying to find my rythm. 

Coached worked mitts with me for a few rounds.  Finding range and spacing on combos, and keeping balance was focus.  He let me work at high power this time at least, or maybe I'm getting better at relaxing and going lighter. 

Coached asked me to spar tomorrow with one of his guys.  I'm gonna get eaten alive, it's been so long since I worked defense, but it's good for me.  Hopefully my boss will let me off to go train.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Training Log: Entry 455

Squats of 335

Notes: Ugh, no deload meant I was crashing during this workout.  Had to really grind it out for every last rep.  Nothing came easy.  Form was good at least, except for a knee buckle on very last rep of last set.  Need to watch that.

Pull-ups w/25lbs

Notes: Frickin' hate these weird ass grips in the gym.  My kingdom for a decent straight bar.  I might just throw in lat pulldowns at this point.

Bench of 265

Notes: 4th set could have been 5 reps, but I kept hitting the supports with the bar.  Was set up way too close.  Have been re-reading "Beyond Bodybuilding" and focused on keeping my body tense the entire time, driving my shoulders into the bench, and pushing towards my feet.  Still have trouble pulling the bar apart.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Status Update:

Took labor day weekend off.  Cycled off creatine, ate big, did little to no exercise.  Called it a deload.  Coming back into lifting strong tomorrow.  Boxing gym was closed today.