Monday, February 27, 2006

Training Log: Entry 197

Another MMA club meeting.

Rolled with kyokushin/BJJ girl.  Mostly me working out of her guard/half guard while being too nice to drive my elbows into her thighs, eventually working out into a comfortable half guard, and then I worked out so that I had her mounted.  I snaged her arm at the elbow joint and ran her forearm against my torso while using my bicep as a driving force against her elbow, forcing a tap.  No idea what the hell that was.

Did some standup with Kenpo guy.  Still too light.  Really wish he'd up the intensity more.  Did some more bow and arrow crap with my jab.  I need heavier folks to spar, or to just do some boxing rules.  I don't mind hitting hard with just punches.

Standup with KK chick.  Pointed out how she majorly telegraphed and had messed up footwork.  Hit her gloves into her face a lot.  Throwed some combos and worked on range.  Need to stop pulling isolated shots, but it's hard without the momentum of power.

Rolled with Kenpo dude.  Awesome battle.  Strength vs. Strength, constantly moving, swapping positions.  I managed to actually be active with someone in my guard, escaped a poorly done RNC, swapped positions, got into his half guard, and threw in another kimura.  I love that move.

Need more standup. 

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Training Log: Entry 196

Played "Eyetoy Kinetics" for the PS2 today.  Great cardio workout, really applicable to MA.  Horrible in terms of muscle memory.  Doing too much of that could muck up my sparring.  However, great potential for practicing bobs, weaves, slips, and evasions in one of the games at least, and I need to try out the rest.  The breaking game could be good too.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Training Log: Entry 195

Bought some creatine on a great sale at GNC.  I respond better to their brand than vitamen world, so I was really happy.

Ate like a pig today, but good food.  About a plate of mashed potatoes, 10oz of rare steak, veggies, the works.  Good for bulk, but I should consider cutting soon.

Reptition day went awesome today. 

Need fight.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Training Log: Entry 194

Squatting more than ever.  Upped weight on lunges again to 70lbs a piece. 

Have changed my diet in the past month or so and still seeing gains.  Either eating whole foods post workout or only 25grams of protein in PWO shake.  Saves money.

Gaining a little more fat.  Should consider dietary changes, or at least increase in cardio.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Training Log: Entry 193

Found out I was doing the max effort exercise wrong on my ME days.  I was maxing out on the warm-up sets, instead of doing a 5 rep set scheme.  Altered that today, and got amazing gains.  Instead of finishing my ME exercise of weighted dips with 75lbs, I ended up with 90.  Most excellent.

Strength still constantly improving.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Training Log: Entry 192

Another MMA club meeting.

Got a new guy with some TKD and minor Judo experience.  Another guy that was an Ex-Army Ranger with some minor BJJ training.

Worked some basic ground grappling with them paired off with Kyokushin/BJJ chick (armbar from guard/mount, kimura from side control, RNC, guilltine).

The main TKD guy showed up late, along with the MT/sub grappling guy.  Worked some clinch work with the crowd (optimum clinch, straight/up/cup knee).

Did some standup sparring with the Kyokushin chick.  She punches hard.  I outweigh her by 70lbs, so I was going way light while she was going as hard as possible.  My form suffered because I'm awful when I spar light.  My hands did an alright job of being up, and I worked my angles for my leg kicks.  She had power, but telegraphed from miles away.  Gave me a chance to work my leg checks.  Kicked in the groin a lot.  Good thing I had my cup.  Took one good punch to the face.  Need to take light sparring seriously.  That's the time to work on form.

Sold some mouthguards.  Now no one has an excuse to not spar me.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Training Log: Entry 191

Might as well mention that I've been adding a multivitamen to my diet for the past 2 or so weeks.  Seems to be doing well.  Desgined specifically for men.

Strength is constantly increasing.  Awesome program.

Going to a TKD demonstration on campus this Wed.  Should be in for a laugh.

Witnessed a fight on the bus today.  GnP from the bus seat.  A lotta flash and noise, no damage done to either party.

Need more fight.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Training Log: Entry 190

Update on the program

Gaining strength at a great rate.  Breaking past barriers I've had for years.  I love this program.  Lower and upperbody are both growing great, and my mass is high even though my weight is fluctuating (might be losing a little fat, who knows).

I forgot how much of a buzz smartees give me.  Still, I do feel more energized post workout, so they might be doing the trick.

Need more fight.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Training Log: Entry 189

Another MMA club meeting under my belt.  The best one yet.

4 people

WC Guy, Kyokushin/BJJ Chick, TKD guy and a new guy.  Some MT/submission stuff.

Started off by teaching the achilles lock and the heel hook.  Drilled it for a bit. 

WC guy showed us some Chin Na from a wrist grab.  Really cool stuff.  It was like Aikido that actually made sense.  Key thing to remember is knifehand to wrist and using fingers as level on opponent.  Learned how to move from wrist grab to standing armbar.

KK/BJJ chick went over triangle choke (finally made this work) and armbar from guard.

WC guy drilled some trapping from the jab into elbow/armbar.

MT guy showed a leg trip from the clinch.  I showed him how he could tie that all together with the footlocks from the start of class.


1 short round with the MT guy.  He didn't have a mouthguard or shin guards, so he just wanted to do some light boxing.  I just worked some defense, and threw an occasional shot in.  Had an annoying habit of going "Damnit!" and stopping whenever he got struck.  Reminded me of point sparring.  Gave him a few pointers.

Did some drill stuff with WC guy.  If I didn't have my shin guards, I'd be hurting.  Good defense, but panics in the clinch.  I had one great knee to the face, that if I had connected, woulda been a fight ender.  He's fun to work with.  Wish he'd do some Sanda with  me, but he doesn't like gloves.


Rolled with BJJ chick.  Once again, I won by strength.  She did well on manuevering.  Put me in an RNC that I escaped just barely.  Move a lot from guard to half guard to side control (used a far cardle twice to get side control...pretty nifty).  Eventually ended up getting the kimura from side control.  My wind held out pretty good.


Still didn't get to dash in when boxing.  I had the instinct which was a plus, but with light contact it seemed pointless and stupid.  Must remember to keep my hands up when fist start flying.  Wish TKD guy brought a mouthguard, but oh well.  Great meeting.  Hope every other one was like this. 

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Training Log: Entry 188

Have added dextrose and maldextrin to my post workout shake in the form of Smartees.  It's a cheap alternative.

Bulk has been cut short now.  No longer actively bulking, simply eating a little more than usual.  Already pretty big.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Training Log: Entry 187

Another MMA club meeting.  Interesting new twist: the TKD instructor from my previous entries showed up.

Basically it became a grappling clinic.  I showed the TKD and WC guy five positions (mount, guard, half guard, side mount, rear/back mount), and 4 subs from various positions (armbar, kimura, guillitine, RNC) to get them going.  Had them roll a little bit against each other, and then against me to find some flaws in their game.  Pretty good, they were both quick learners.

Did some light sparring with them both.  WC guy pulled a great knee pick on my lead leg roundhouse kick.  He got stuck trying to trap my jabs.  Used my reach to my advantage.

WAY light sparring with TKD guy.  He's senior to me in ROTC, so I didn't want to hurt him.  He loved the kickrange, and I was too nice to kick out his supporting leg, so I just outmanuevered him.  He panicked bad when I threw some punches at him.  He kept his hands at chest level.  He regretted it.

Goddamnit, dropping hands too much.  Light sparring breeds bad habbits.

Huge revelation today while sparring TKD guy.  I love to box, yet never use it.  Why?  Because I don't practice moving in when working the heavybag.  I start in punch range and stay there.  Everyone realizes this, and keeps me at bay in kick range.  Solution?  From now on, I'm gonna drill on the heavybag from kick range.  Work my footwork, get in quick and nail them. 

Need heavier sparring.  Wish Kenpo guy showed up.

My new weight training program currently has custody of my soul.  I think I'm gonna stick with it for life.

Bulk will be cut short.  I grew huge in a week.  I might zig zag it.  Cleaned up my diet.  Love oatmeal in the morning.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Training Log: Entry 186

More grappling instrution/practice with the girlfriend. 

Had her perfect the armbar.  Now, she snags it perfectly.

Had her relearn the kimura/figure 4.

She literally taught herself to triangle choke.  That was my proudest moment.

She's coming along really fast.  Developed her own style of preferring a loose guard and being on bottom.  Her flexibility really is helping her snag subs that I can never pull off.  Her cardio is great too.  She's getting to the point where I'm gonna need to use more than just pure technique to beat her.

Experimented with some new subs.  Found a nice way of using her own leg as a fulcrum for a short armbar.

Bulk goes well. 

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Training Log: Entry 185

Forgot how much I love squats.  How could I go a month without squats?  The Holy Trinity is complete.  All glory be to squats, there is none higher.  Deadlift sits on the right hand of the squat, and bench on the right, completling the trinity.

Great leg day.  Lunges kicked my ass.  Sucks I couldn't throw in the Romanian Deadlifts, but the anti-DL nazi was in the room.

Loving this program.  Gonna make it a staple.

Took some weight gainer today.  Wanna avoid it as much as possible this bulk, but sometimes you just don't get enough calories.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Training Log: Entry 184

Finally, a MMA club meeting I'm happy about.

Wing Chunish guy showed up.  Didn't wanna spar because he had just ate.  Kinda shot my hopes down.  However, new guy with a Kenpo and grappling background showed up.  I saw him with his staff and started to worry about what kinda fighter he was, but he showed me more than enough competenace.  Pretty much fought like a kickboxer.  No real tricks.  Some solid kick, punch, and clinch game.  We agreed on a lot of points about fighting.

Sparred 2 rounds with him.

1st: Basically feeling each other out, seeing how intense we wanted to go.  Fired a couple of low leg roundhouses just to test the waters.  Still hit with my instep.  Too nice of me.  Did a lot of at range fighting, only exchanged a few ugly flurries of punches (so much for boxing).  I threw a few sidekicks with right leg to recover from missed rear leg roundhouses.  Not too many push-kicks.  Got hit with a hard roundhouse to the ribs that knocked the wind out of me for a few seconds before I was ready to go again.  Eventually adopted the strategy of one or two punches to distract and then a rear leg roundhouse.

2nd: More of the same.  Worked on my movement.  Noticed he was kinda flat footed, so I worked my angles to get him.  Threw some slow head level kicks.  Droped my hands at some points (ugh).  Just pretty much the same thing.  Next time we'll prolly go harder now that we're comfortable.

Notes: He switches stances midfight.  Must tag him while he does it.  He's not too comfortable in boxing range.  Need to eat a kick to get in and punish.  Work my clinch more.  HANDS UP.

We rolled once.  This really made my night.

Kid rolled like a wrestler.  Hard and fast the whole time.  The one quality he lacked was balance.  I rolled him about 3 times before he caught on.  Did some posistional fighting and I fought out that he had great manuevering versus my poor grappling game.  Everytime I'd get him, he'd move out on me, and made it tough for me to regain.  I eventually ended up pulling guard, which ended up with me being mounted.  I have no clue what to do here as I've discovered many a times.  He went for the armbar, I went with it and stacked him.  Passed his legs for sidemount.  He put me in halfguard, then I slapped a kimura/americana/figure 4 on him (I don't know which one, so I list them all). 

Notes: Cardio still holds up well.  He woulda won odds are if I didn't have the strength advantage, although he was a strong kid.  My go to seems to be either guilltine of kimura from half guard. 

All in all, great meeting.

Diet went well today.  Hopefully didn't burn too many cals.