Monday, July 31, 2006

Training Log: Entry 258

Finished a 1 week cruise in the carribean.

Did bodybuilding for 1 week.  Split of


Discovered that my body doesn't respond too well to supersetting.  Burnouts are a whole different issue. 

Nutrition was old school.  After my workouts, I'd typically grab a dinner roll and glass of fruit juice for carbs and some slabs of steak for protein/creatine.  Not ideal, but got me by.  The entire week was essentially a semi-dirty bulk.

Amazingly managed to get some sparring done on my trip.  My older brother wanted to do some bareknuckle boxing.  He said he wanted to go light, but the first shot he connected was a hard shot to my orbital socket.  Didn't really hurt, just made me mad.  I told him to chill out.  I pretty much went open handed.  I used this opportunity to bob and weave...crap I never do when I spar.  He barely laid a hand on me, while I kept the counter bodyshots firing.  Still parrying too far away from face.  Did 3 rounds until his fatigue (to be fair, he had just run for half an hour, so he wasn't holding up too well).  Fun as hell, just wish we had some gloves so I could throw to the face more.

Taking my weight training in more of a bodybuilding direction for the next 3 weeks (the rest of my summer break).  I saw amazing gains from the one week I did on the ship, and think it's my body's way of telling me it wants some more variety.  When I get back to school, I'll have access to a squat rack, cable station, etc etc, and can hit the powerlifting hardcore.

Sticking with the same split I did on the cruise ship.  Still only want to weight train 3 days a week, so I feel the opposing muscle groups means that the supporting muscle groups will get blasted twice a week.  Still going to powertrain my legs though.  My strength is disproportional anyway, so this will give my lower body a chance to catch up.

Can't wait to get back on the diet.  Been eating too much crap.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Training Log: Entry 257

MT tonight.


Warm-up: Sinking into my hooks more.  Loving the power.

1 partner leg kicks, 1 blocks. 
Notes: Still need to stay light on toes after leg checking.  Falling victim to double kicks.

Same as above, but with arm kicks
Notes: Get that knee up higher.  Stop throwing your knee into your elbow point.

Same as above, but attacker gets to use boxing.
Notes: Partner was throwing at my gloves first.  I told him to hit me in the face.  Then he threw his punches 2 inches away from my face.  I put my gloves down and kept starring at his punches until he eventually got the message and then clocked me with a 3 punch combo.  From there, it was much better.  My hands are coming out too far to pat, but my manuevering is better.  He only got 2 clean kicks on me.

On my turn attacking, he had his hands set up like a skiball ramp (elbows flared out, gloves to the side of his face) so I kept firing straight shots to the face.  He didn't get the message, and instead of covering up, he tried to move sideways.  I noticed this, and so I would drive him right and kick his left leg, then vise versa.  Mixed in armkicks whenever he moved back.  Scored 15 clean kicks on him.

Same as above, but defender gets to use boxing:

Notes: Scored tons of bodyshots on the guy.  However, got my head punched in with hooks when I sunk low.  DO NOT STAY LOW!  FIRE AND GET OUT!  Focus shifted from defense to offense, so I took 5 clean kicks. 

On offense, more of the same.  Started parrying his jab because he threw it slow and lazy.

Conditioning: Pulled my back throwing punches too hard.  More control/form.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Training Log: Entry 256

Have gone running for the past couple of days.  Feeling no shock or pain in joints/knees.  Odds are from being at a lighter weight.  Form is improving.  Pushing off more with my feet instead of landing flat.  Cardio is awesome.  Able to breathe through my nose the entire duration of the run.  General speed is doing well.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Training Log: Entry 255

MT tonight


Drills: Attacker throws a 1-2-3, defender defends and throws 1-2-leg kick

Note: Don't pat out too far. 

Attacker throws same as above, defender throws 3-2-armkick.  Focus of drill on recovery speed.

Notes: Received compliment on recovery speed

Sparring: Boxing with focus on recovering from hook with above techniques

Note: My partner was kinda a dick here.  He wasn't throwing any hooks.  He just wanted to box.  I overcompensated by throwing too many hooks so that at least someone could practice the material.  As such, I spent all my time looking for hooks that were never coming and eating a shot here or there.  Didn't get too flustered.  Elbows flared a little bit.  Didn't get phased by a shot.  Was able to predict his head movement, no sweat.

Conditioning: Held up great until the very end.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Training Log: Entry 254

MT class tonight


Warm-up: Note-Really got some power in my hooks today.  Step, sink, slam.

Drills: Straight boxing sparring
Note: Going to try keeping my hands in closer to my face from now on.  My parrying sucks, so hopefully this'll help.

Drill: Exchange straight boxing.  When attacker goes for bodypunches, defender clinches, 2 knees, push away and headkick.

Drill: Sparring with boxing and leg kicks only.  Allowed to clinch during bodypunches

Note to self: KEEP HANDS UP ON BODY PUNCHING.  When changing levels to bodypunch, hands dropped and I ate some shots.  Old wrestling habit, going to get me killed.  Stop leading with the head too.  Of course, in general, I'd rather shoot a knee than a bodypunch.

Was getting beat by a guy with good reach and lateral movement.  Need to learn how to deal with these guys without just going for the clinch.  Started tagging his legs as he moved.

Guy with good headmovement, but I'm starting to realize that it's not that desireable it MT.  They plant to move their head, and I just keep blasting their legs.  Guy also had good triple kicks.  Need to learn to defend these better.

Conditioning: Got my butt kicked.  Good feeling.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Training Log: Entry 252

BJJ and MT tonight

Summary of BJJ:
New techniques

Warm-up: Did some more pummeling today.  Still very fluid.  Managed to score double underhooks a few times.  I do well to lower my center of gravity rather than stand bolt upright.

Drilled guard passes today, just what I needed.

Bottle opener: Palms on floating ribs push up, elbows in.  Knee in butt.  Push away, come upright, use elbow as pressure on inner thigh to break guard.

From here, transition by placing the knee in butt up.  This blocks off armbars and triangles.  Place knee on outside thigh, hands in armpits, then slide over thigh to pass from open guard to side control.

If placing knee on inside thigh, use other foot to trap down inside thigh while transitioning across to prevent from being put in half guard.

If put into half guard, use "jack knife" half guard pass.  Get underhooks, jack knife hips into air, base, the utilize foot of leg not trapped in half guard onto the opponents thigh to put pressure.  From here you can pop into full mount or side control. 

Overall: Outstanding class.  I get caught in these situations a lot, so it was good to learn it.

Summary of class:

Note: Form was way off on heavybag.  Almost broke a toe.  Might have affected training performance.

Straight boxing with leg kick.  Defender defends punches and eats leg kick.

Note to self: Remind partner next time to punch at face, not gloves.  Did not get much practice parrying.  However, did utilize lateral/circular movement rather than just front/back as a means of defense.

Same as above with inclusion of armkick as a diversion of leg kick. 
Note: Defense against an armkick is like a high defense against a leg kick

Sparring with the goal to be to score the most outside leg kicks

Notes: Outstanding job of keeping my chin tucked and hands up.  However, one very tall opponent kept landing shots to my forehead.  Better the forehead than the face, but still, need more defense.  Attention was diverted away from defending punches and more focused on defending kicks.  Though that was the purpose of this drill in particular, must not let bad habits form during sparring.  Did a great job of putting my jab in people's faces while avoiding their own.  Only had 3 leg kicks landed total on me in 4 rounds.  Dished out a lot more.  Was able to let my hands fly, but need to keep those elbows in.  As always, people recover poorly from kicking and set themselvs up for counter punches or kicks

Conditioning: Not too tough.  Did some great ab work.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Training Log: Entry 251

MT class tonight


Partner armkicks, other partner eats it

Coaches note: Keep arm tucked for armkick.  Don't flare out.  Don't turn back.  Move away from kick to dispease energy.

Same as above.  Defender counters left side kick with right straight, right side kick with left hook

Coaches notes: Make sure to pop the right straight, don't stick it out.  He liked my movement on the hook (away from the kick using momentum to launch hook)

Same as above, but attacker throws boxing combos along with bodykicks.  Defender throws either right straight, left hook, leg kick or left hook, right straight, leg kick

Note: Parrying was going well.  Work on head movement.  Keep chin tucked.  Did well on pointing legs out instead of in.

Conditioning: Picked up in intensity tonight.  Managed to hang, but want to thrive in the future.  Did strength movements just fine at least.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Training Log: Entry 250

Went on a bulk this week.  Ate some really great food and I feel like I've made some noticable size gains all things considered. 

Making progress on my overhead press.  Getting close to putting up my bodyweight.

Really blasted myself on my rep effort day.  Threw in some DB rows in place of chins because I didn't have access to a bar.

On a personal note, I got engaged on the 8th of this month.