Thursday, April 28, 2005

Training Log: Entry 90

Begin cut phase. 

Am home.  No high carb food available, so starting cutting
phase.  Whey protein will be my stable breakfast, followed by
extensive low carb/high protein diet.  Very much like what I was
eating at the start of log.

Cardio will be as follows.
"On days"-30 minutes HIIT in morning after breakfast, Bag work in afternoon/evening
"Off days" 1 hour of jogging in afternoon, bagwork in evening.

Need to devise a new lifting program for next week.  Will finish off powerlifting split with weights available.

End of school semester.  More time to train.  Will write post semester evaluation as per last time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Training Log: Entry 89

Week 1: 182lbs
Week 2: 184lbs
Week 3: 186.5lbs
Week 4: 188lbs
Week 5: 189lbs
Week 6: 190lbs
Week 7: 191lbs

Recently tested out max on bench.  Back up to 300.  Though no gains were made, this was my first time accomplishing this on an olympic bar, and was after a series of shoulder injuries through out the year that marred my training progress (total of 2 more subluxations and a bunch of crunching and popping in grappling practice that would knock me out for a week), so I'm calling the powerlifting routine a success.  Have to devise a new routine soon.

Have one more week to meet my bulk goal of 195.  Don't think I'll make it in time, but I'll be pretty frickin' close.  Maybe it's a good thing I didn't gain so much weight at once.  Could mean not too much fat gained.  We'll see when I start cutting.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Training Log: Entry 88

Week 1: 182lbs
Week 2: 184lbs
Week 3: 186.5lbs
Week 4: 188lbs
Week 5: 189lbs
Week 6: 190lbs

Slowly but surely.  At this rate though, I won't reach my bulk goal in time, but oh well.  I have the rest of the summer to do so.  When I get home in a week though, I want to start cutting.  I miss cardio and training way too much.  Might bulk a little bit before fieldtraining because I can get away with it.

Watched some old sparring tapes frame by frame for fun.  Was actually impressed with my boxing combinations, and with the power in my punch, but my footwork is a mess.  More to work on.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Training Log: Entry 87

Week 1: 182lbs
Week 2: 184lbs
Week 3: 186.5lbs
Week 4: 188lbs
Week 5: 189lbs

Had a cold.  Reduced weight gain.  Should still be able to get to bulk weight before end of semester.  People are noticing my weight gain, asking my advice.

Possible chance to spar an all state wrestler.  Guy is pretty strong too.  Should be a good challenge.  I might need to outstrike, or perhaps beat him with sub knowledge.  For once, may not have strength advantage.  Will be good to be out of my element.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Training Log: Entry 86

Went to another Aikido class.  Lot of work on standing wrist locks.  Fun stuff.  Picked up some good principles on control.  Managed to help correct my training partners.  Seem to be picking this stuff up pretty well.  Chalk it up to previous experience.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Training Log: Entry 85

Milestone hit: Weighed in at 191lbs w/clothes on empty stomach this morning for ROTC.  Have never in my life seen 190 on the scale.  Was satisfying.  Will give official update later tonight when I can weigh in with PTs.

Back is healing.  Will continue muscular training today.

Monday, April 4, 2005

Training Log: Entry 84

Took a Physical Fitness Test with ROTC.  Scored a 90.75 out of 100.
Waist: 32.5
Push ups in 1 min: 83 (23 over max)
Sit ups in 1 min: 62 (12 over max)
1.5 mile run: 11:06

Need to work on run.  Waist won't be an issue after cutting.

Wrench my back during the PFT.  Will be off of lifting today.  Hurts to move.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Training Log: Entry 83

Went to an Aikido class yesterday.  Really cool stuff because it was essentially a one on one lesson.  Learned some stuff that actually seemed applicable to the submission grappling game.  Also helping the instructor find how well the stuff works "against a wrestler".  Learned "Tenshin Nage", Heaven and Earth throw.  Has a nice little subtle movement at first that I need to remember.  Also need to focus on footwork.

Everytime I go to the Aikdio class, I walk away impressed.  Extremely logical system.  I'm just curious how well I can apply this is a live environment.

I may be done training at my current MA school.  I think my contract has run out, and I won't be renewing.  Place fell apart while I was there.  Got too big too fast.  Still, learned a lot of valuable lessons.  Possibly learning Judo this summer, and might venture into San Shou when I get back.  We'll see how things go.  Future is still open.