Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Training Log: Entry 806

RE upper push

NG DB press w/60s

Notes: Set-up was off.  Didn't have access to the decent seated bench so I made due.  Last week took a decent toll on me, and I was pretty fatigued coming in.  I need a smaller weight increase next time, as this was brutal and I made no actual progress, just used my rest pausing.

DB rows of 150

Notes: Focused on lat engagement.  Hard to set-up grip.

Medium grip bench press of 205

Notes: Felt like I got weaker on this until I went to unload the plates and realized I had stacked 10lbs more than last week.  Rookie mistake, but still got the volume in.  Left elbow is in pain.

Lat pulldowns of 160*
4x11 w/drop set on last set

Curl and raise work

Notes: Next week try some band raises rather than cable.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Training Log: Entry 805

RE deadlift

Conventional deadlift of 335

Notes: Felt my left hip slip a little onthe final rep of the first set, so I cranked the belt down for the second set.  The time off has been helpful.  Focused on dragging the bar all the way up my legs and minimizing distance traveled.

Squats of 425

Notes: A PR for me in terms of using this as a working set post deadlifts instead of my ME movement for 1 set.  Took my stance too wide on the first set and cut into my depth.  Stand a little closer.  May reset to 415 or 405 after next week.

SSB walking lunges of 155

Notes: Right knee is feeling a lot better.  Wondering if the fish oil and time away from arching on the bench has helped.

Average band hamstring work

Saxon side bends of 25

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Training Log: Entry 804

RE upper pull

Pull-ups w/10lbs

Cluster pull-ups of bodyweight

Notes: As my bodyweight increases, it becomes harder to make gains on these.  I may have to rethink my strategy.  Maybe heavy weighted negatives, or use of the pulldown tower.

Strict press of 185

Notes: Push pressed those last two reps.  Felt real strong here today.  Keeping the elbows up really helps.

Straight bar pulley rows of 160*
11,11,11,10, drop set to 100

Notes: Right lat felt inflamed, wasn't getting much here today.  Think the neck injury paired with all the motrin I'm taking didn't help.

Weighted dips w/25

Notes: Managed 1-2 reps between deep breaths.

Pushdowns superset w/cable curls

Notes: I think my biceps are finally caught up to where they need to be.  From here out, I think I'm going to do either pushdown/face pull or some sort of raise and cable curl.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Training Log: Entry 803

RE squat

SSB box squats of 275

Notes: Took 5 days off due to a twinge in my back, so wanted to make up for a little lost time by increasing the weight and reps here.  Last few reps were ugly and brutal, need to focus more on hip drive than leg extension.

Elevated trap bar lifts of 365

Notes: Tweaked a nerve in my neck pretty bad here.  As I write, I can't turn my head to the left.  May have a hernaited disk in my neck, might get it looked at.  This has happened before, usually takes 3 days to heal.

Front squats of 175

Notes: Fell backwards on the 12th rep, zerchered it back up and finished up the set.  Brutal.

Between the neck and feeling sick, I wrapped it up.  I need to have a more productive squat day, but this was still intense.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Training Log: Entry 802

RE upper push

DB press of 100

Notes: Managed a 2 rep improvement on the final set before using rest pause, and the second set felt easy.  Had issue locking out the right side, left side shot up no issue.

NG pull-ups w/45lbs

Notes: Plate caught on the assisted portion of the station a few times, but I still managed my sets.  Not worrying about lat engagement, just completing the movement.

Close grip incline press of 135

Notes: First time using this movement, but it's awesome, and should fill a gap in my training.  First set was shakey trying to learn the movement, but I got the hang of it fast.  Got my shoulders and triceps well, and still did a decent job with my chest.  Think I hit 10-12 reps on the third set before rest pausing.

V-handle cable rows
160x10 w/dropset of 100 and 85

Notes: Weight felt so light on my first set that I thought I misremembered my log, so I stacked on the extra plate.  Apparently I was wrong, but just means I got some more volume.

Face pulls superset w/cable curls

Monday, November 9, 2009

Training Log: Entry 801

RE deadlift

Deadlifts of 315

Notes: Almost blacked out afterwards.  My quads got fried out, which means my leg drive is improving, but towards the end I was just pulling it straight legged.  I'm wearing my sweat shirt even though it's warmer because I feel it gives me thicker waist with the belt.

Squats of 415

Notes: Took these to the basement.  Coming up on the last rep I fell forward a little on my toes.  Think about sitting back.  It's a little scary with balance, but whenever I do sit back on the way up my glutes take over and I blast though the squat.

SSB lunges of 115

Notes: Was feeling sick, and thought if I hit 20 I'd throw up and pass out, possibly drowning in my own vomit.  Deciding not to test my life insurance policy.  Still busted my ass on this.  Need to take longer steps, as short steps seem to aggrivate my healing right knee.

Average Band hamstring work

Notes: Think I'm gonna stick with this movement, so I might as well start hitting it for multiple sets in the future.

Saxon side bends of 25

Friday, November 6, 2009

Training Log: Entry 800

RE upper pull

DB rows of 135

Notes: Finger is healing up pretty well, grip still a little tricky.

Weighted dips w/110

Notes: I should really invest in elbow sleeves sometime.

11xBW +3w/mini
6xBW +4w/mini
2x5xBW +5w/mini

Notes: A little confusing, but I was really cranking the unassisted chins well.  Got a great lat and arm pump.

Seated press of 105

Pushdowns of 90 superset w/cable curls of 70
13/11, 11/8

Notes: Still a little touch of the flu, felt like I was gonna explode on the curls.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Training Log: Entry 799

RE squat

SSB box squat of 265

Notes: Think I have a touch of the flu, just feeling sickly and sweaty during these past few workouts.  Still hit a PR, but kept volume low.

Trap bar lifts of 365

Front squats of 175

Packed it in after that.  My high volume phase is next week, so the rest works.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Training log: Entry 798

RE upper push

NG DB press of 60

Notes: Maybe too big a weight increase.  Might try for just 5lb per DB next time.

DB rows of 150

Notes: So this is a much bigger PR than I thought it would be.  It usually happens when I forget to check my log and just go by what I'm capable of.  Don't know what I'm going to do when this becomes light.

Medium grip bench press of 195

Notes: The pain in my finger is still making it hard to get a decent grip on the bar.  Getting a big chest pump from this.

Lat pulldown of 160*