Sunday, April 30, 2006

Training Log: Entry 222

Rep day.  Switched to bench at 150lbs.  Cranked out about 23 reps first set, 8 the second, 7 the third.

Moved up on weight/reps for everything else.  Highlight is that I've moved up to plate pinching the 45lber. Soon, I'll be at 2X25 plates.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Training Log: Entry 221

Yesterday: Another cardio circuit.  Similar to last time, but with timed rounds, and one half round of all out standup from thai stance.

Today: New ME on legday.  Boxsquat.  Had no box, so I used one of the portable benches with broken feet so it'd be really low.  Even still, it was just about parallel.  Damn, I need something lower. 


I like how low I can get without fear of falling. 

Moved up weights on both single legged squats and SLDL.  I should go back to lunges someday, still just paranoid about my knee.  Need to use lower weight.

Feeling really strong.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Training Log: Entry 220

Semi-motivating lift day yesterday.  I did things I had never been able to do before.  I seated DB shoulder pressed 50lbs for 12 easy reps, whereas before I couldn't even complete 6 of those.  Put up 55lbs for 10 reps too.  Good to know that my shoulder is finally getting stronger.  Furthermore, I was able to do an easy 8 hanging leg raises for my weighted ab circuit, whereas when I first started the WS4SB program, I couldn't complete one without swinging.  Gaining great strength and abdominal control.  Looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my lats are starting to form as well.  All around good news.

My bench dropped by a good amount.  Dunno if it was fatigue or if rack lockouts aren't helping my sticking point.  I honestly think my weak part of the lift is my chest, not my triceps.  However, I'm generally coming to the realiziation that as a fighter, weighted dips and pull-ups are gonna be a bigger asset to me than the bench press.  I don't really need a strong chest for fighting, but a strong back and triceps are key.  Besides, I have a respectable bench at over 300lbs.  So, at this point, I think I'm gonna shift my focus away from bench.  I'll prolly keep it in my repitition day just to maintain the range of motion, and might switch to a full fledged Westside program someday, but until then, bring on the dips.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Training Log: Entry 219

Ran myself through a cardio circuit today.  1 round jumprope, 1 round boxing on a wavemaster (hate 'em, but it was the only thing there, and at least it doesn't move), 1 round jumprope, 1 round shadow, 1 round jumprope, 1 round kicks, 1 round jumprope, 1 round knees and elbows.

Note: Rounds weren't done by round timer, but instead by song on CD, so each round was over 3 minutes.  I was dying at the end from a stomach cramp.  Good to be back.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Training Log: Entry 218

Interesting situation.  Bodyfat% is way low.  Can see my abs without flexing in good lighting.  At same time, cardio is awful.  Not enough time working the bag.  My form is doing great though.  I think I might stick with the Thai stance, it keeps my hands up.  Worked my form and conditioning on my kicks.  Shins are nice and strong. 

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Training Log: Entry 217

Leg day.  No gains made on squat.  Maxed out at 365.  Probably burned out my CNS.  Need to change ME lift next week.  Prolly deadlifts.  Need to work on my form.  Made gains on my single leg squats (30lb DBs in each hand) and DBSLDL (85 DBs in each hand).  Just about puked after my workout.  Always a good sign.

Need the structure my training for the summer.  I can't do Muay Thai if I can't stand.  Leg day on the weekend on 3 days of rest.

Still deciding on gyms.  May be doing Muay Thai and Judo instead of boxing and MT...can't really complain about that.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Training Log: Entry 216

Rack lockout ME day.  Instead of increasing the weight of the RL, I'm lowering the location of the pins.  I went down one notch while maintaing 315 for 2 reps.  If I can keep this up, I'll eventually move to having 315 at a max.

Improved on all other lifts as well.  Used 95s for DB flat bench press.  They were so dusty that crap kept falling into my eyes.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Training Log: Entry 215

A less than spectacular MMA club meeting.  Only 3 people including myself.  WC guy and BJJ/KK chick.

WC guy wanted to see how I struck.  I showed him the Muay Thai roundhouse.  KK chick showed us the KK one.  Minor differences with apparently different strategies to them (The MT kick is thrown at the end of a punch combo typically, or usually with some distractor.  The KK kick can be thrown at the start, but with another kick to accompany it).  He already knows how to check kicks, so didn't bother to teach defense.

He wanted to learn some boxing, but it wasn't going to work with his stance, so I taught him some boxing defense instead.  How to defend hooks.  Went over using the jab defensively.  Bicep, shoulder, chin, cut, along with bob and slip.  They thought it was cool.

Grappled WC dude a few times.  This kid is way strong with a great grip.  He always fored himself into my guard using some wrist and elbow lock stuff.  I tried for the triangle a lot but he managed to fight off my advancing leg. I went for the armbar a lot, and he saw it coming.  Eventually managed to power the armbar from guard by slinking my right leg over and in front of his face and pulling with all my might.  My technique sucks.  Round 2 was a repeat of round 1.

I was happy with my rolling with the BJJ/KK chick however.  It was similar to usually, with her pulling guard, me passing it with my knee on her thigh, moving into side control, going for the kimura, but this time I swtiched it up and used a sub she had taught me at the last meeting.  While they fight off the kimura by raising their hand up, you switch the controlling hand, sneak your now free hand behing their head and grab their armpit, and then put the force on their elbow.  Got a fast tap out of that.  Very cool.  Learned a new sub.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Training Log: Entry 214

Reptition day was awesome.  Broke records on all lifts.  Only troubled area was bradford presses.  Never was good on overhead pressing movements ever since my dislocations/surgeries.  No musclar stamina as a result.  Did first set of 95lbs for about 10 reps.  Then squeaked in about 6 on second set.  Lowered weight down to 85lbs and got out 4.  Was embarassing.  Might switch back to shrugs, or maybe lateral raises. 

Leg day was great.  Decided to do straight legged dumb bell deadlifts.  Screw my weight room rules, I still got a great lift for my hammies.  Definitely gonna keep it, along with the one legged squats.  Squat didn't go down after 2 weeks off, super awesome.

Need fight.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Training Log: Entry 213

Decided to work my kicks now that I wanna get back into Muay Thai.  Did 50 roundhouse each leg on the heavybag.  Shins didn't hurt too bad.  Threw 40 teep kicks with front leg, then realized it was leg day tomorrow so decided not to push too much.  Worked my boxing from the Thai stance.  Noticed that I have a tendency to pull back my right hand for the cross.  Bad telegraph, need to fix it.  Gassed real quick.  Not used to kicks.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Training Log: Entry 212

Changed up my ME upper body day.

Rack lockouts: Worked up to a set of 3X315lbs.  Awesome exercise
Flat bench DB press: 3X6-7 of 90lbs
Chest supported row: 4X10-12 of 90lbs
Face pulls: 2X12-14 of 130
Low pulley swiss ball squats: 3X12-13 of 85

Love rack lockouts.  This should do the trick for bench.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Training Log: Entry 211

Another MMA club meeting.  Not the best, but still pretty fun.

New member.  Ex-wrestler.  Wirey guy.  About 5'10-6, and only 155lbs.  Long ass limbs.  Like a damn praying mantis.

BJJ/KK chick showed us a fun variation of the kimura for when the other guy is trying to block it.  Involves switching the hand gripping, snaking the released hand under the guys head and gripping at his armpit, and then arching the back.  Puts pressure on the elbow.  Hopefully I'll remember it.

Went over a type of crossface to help put a guy in the RNC (had to teach the Wrestler how to RNC)

WC dude worked some WC blocks from a straight and downward punch. 

Showed them all a fun escape from the Full nelson.  Involves stepping behind the other guy and then picking up both of his legs.  Saw it on "Bas Rutten's guide for lethal street/bar fighting" on youtube.  I was amazed I actually remembered how to do it.

Freetime after that.  My girlfriend and the BJJ/KK chick grappled, the WC dude worked with the wrestler, and I hit the heavy bag.

For those of you who have been paying attention, I decided at the start of the year or so to work all of my techniques from the boxing stance.  I switched to the Muay Thai stance, as I've decided I'm going to train Muay Thai along with boxing over the summer.  All this time in the boxing stance payed off.  I actually threw even more powerful punches from the Thai stance than in the boxing stance.  I attribute it to learning how to utilize my weight from all my training with the boxing stance (step with left foot for jab, sink forward with cross, sink back with hook) along with the fact that the Thai stance has me more relaxed than the boxing stance.  Can't wait to train this more.  The guys in the club were really amazed with my power, as was I.

After seeing the display, the wrestler wanted to learn how to box.  Showed him the stance and jab-cross.  He picks up the technique well, and is learning to fight from southpaw.

Did some standup with the KK/BJJ chick.  Worked my outfighting/counterfighting, along with spotting telegraphs.  Couldn't throw too much power.  I have like 70lbs on her.

Grappled with the BJJ/KK chick.  Lots of reversals and fighting off her sub attempts.  Eventually, she ended up in my guard, and I slapped on the crappiest armbar in the world.  If she was in my weight class, she'd destroy me.

Highlight of the evening.  "I had a buddy on the wrestling team.  He was a huge dude, just a little smaller than you Jared" 

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Training Log: Entry 210

Almost my greatest training day ever.  Went to Carl's Jr. and loaded up on a double six dollar burger w/cheese and some fries.  This thing literally weighs in at over 1500 calories and about 120+grams of protein.  Later in the day, I did my repeitition day, and decided to change up every lift for variety. 

Swiss ball DB press 3 sets to failure
Skull crusher 4X8-10
Wide grip pull-ups 2X8-12
Lat pulldowns to front 2X8-12
Bradford presses 3X6-10 (should have been 10-15, but couldn't find my rep range)
Alternating seated DB curls 3X6-9 (next time, 8-10)

I decided I was tired of having underdeveloped lats, so I murdered them in the weight room.  My whole body is sore, it's awesome.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Training Log: Entry 209

First leg day after minor scare with left knee.  Everything went smooth.  Switched up routine for the day from squat, walking lunge, Romaining deadlift, to deadlift, one legged squat, leg curl.

Despite having not done real deadlifts for a while, I still managed 325 for 3 reps, with the only real failure coming from grip.  Not bad, but I think I'll stick with squats.

One legged squats own my soul harder than walking lunges.  I'll keep 'em.

Leg curls always suck, but didn't want to deadlift twice in one session.

Bodyfat is ridiculously low for some reason.  I'm not even cutting, and I can see my abs forming.  I think it's the water increase.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Training Log: Entry 208

Best MMA club meeting ever.

The MT dude wanted to box me.  He said we could spar for an hour if we wanted.  My eyes lit up like it was Chirstmas.

I decided to spend this time working on my much neglected defense.  At first, this was tricky, as MT guy was reluctant to actually strike me.  Had to fix this.  Eventually, he started throwing hard shots and combinations. 

Did multiple rounds.  They were pretty much the same.  I spent most of my time slipping, evading, and trying not to get hit, while striking/counter punching.  I finally got the hang of parrying, which was a major first in me.  Basically, I finally got to use some of that defense I spent so many months in the boxing gym training for.  The MT guy noticed too.  I was really slippery.  He didn't lay a glove on me for some rounds.  In the same tokken though, he also landed some of the hardest shots I've received in this club meeting, which is a definite plus.  Even got a minor lip split

I however was going way too light.  He wanted to use th 7oz gloves, and I'm used to 16oz.  Held back too much.  Doesn't help I had a weight advantage.  One of these days I'll throw some leather with these kids, but no point in killing them.

He has an annoying habit still.  Everytime I hit him, he throws down his gloves and yells "Damnit!".  Makes it impossible to f-in' follow up my shots.

Got to roll with MT kid too.  Subbed him with an armbar from in my guard (never have done that before), kimura from sidecontrol out of crossface cradle, and guillitine from halfguard.  He wants to drill more often with me.  Might have found a decent training partner.

Highlight was watching BJJ/KK chick kick the crap out of TKD dude in both grappling and striking.