Thursday, September 29, 2005

Training Log: Entry 137

Another TKD class under my belt.

Went over: Same stuff, same pattern, same jumpcrap.

Inner forearm block

Got "corrected" on having my backleg bent when it's "supposed" to be
straight.  He said "I think you're trying to push the punch too
much".  I thought to myself "I think I'm trying not to get my ass
takendown and destroyed in a fight"

Got to rock the heavybag.  Fun exercise.  Hit it hard and
fast as possible for 30 seconds.  Essentially HIIT heavybag. 
The blackbelt assistant instructor has bad spacing.  The brownbelt
has awful cardio, timing, and spacing.  Neither of them can keep
their hands up.  I did my best to show them real punching. 
My roundkicks were weird mutated versions of the Thai and TKD
roundkick.  Didn't even bother with hook kicks.  An
occasional front or side.  Threw in a few elbows and hooks as an
accident.  Can't let on that I know more.  Was complimented
on my speed.  Had to laugh.  Everyone always said I move too

Sparring right afterwards.  I was gassing.  Played the
defense game for a few kicks, then went too hard.  Forgot it was
"non-contact".  Heavybag put me in the wrong mood.  The
assistant instructor has been talking smack anyways about how he thinks
we're "evenly matched" and he could prevail in a fight.  Sent him
a message today.

Brown belt still has an attitude problem.  Working on it.  Abused her with boxing today.

Been brought to my attention that the lesson plan is suffering due
to my presence.  Apparently instruction has shifted from teaching
the new people to showing me up.  Regrettable. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Training log: Entry 136

No sparring.  Kaju backed out.  Predictable.  I've been dogging him for years over a match.

Weights were tricky again.  I think my program wasn't well
written.  Oh well.  Can bench 300lbs for almost 2 reps. 
Definitely an improvement.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Training Log: Entry 135

Finally received whey protein through mail.  Cutting officiall begins.  No more using weight gainer as post lifting shake.

Experimentation with spin back/sidekick in bagwork is frustrating, but at the same time rewarding.  I used to rag on spinkicks, but this might be a nifty little tool to have in my arsenal.  Might attempt a few other things from TKD. 

First day of new lifting program had mixed results.  On straight legged deadlifts, I couldn't pick up the weight after adding 25%.  Two potential reasons:
1: The program wasn't designed with the idea of lifting near 400lbs on a lift (resulting in an addition of 100lbs when adding 25%)
2: The smith machine creates an inaccurate representation of weight placed on it through the use of pulleys

Either way, I'm going to be cautious on bench/squat days.  Might even get a spotter.  All other lifts went well.

Sparring tomorrow.  Should go well.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Training Log: Entry 134

Another TKD session under my belt.  Same old stuff.  Only new thing was introduction of spin sidekick and jump spin sidekick.  I kind of like spin-sidekick.  I'm contemplating being able to add it.  It's been used effectively as of recently in other MMA venues.  Will see.

Sparred assistant instructor.  He criticized my roundkick saying I wasn't hitting with the right part (he wants me to hit with the ball of the foot rather than the shin/instep).  I told him MT made my shins pretty hard.  He said it's okay now.

He talks smack about me behind my back.  Tells people he "Got a few good shots in on me" in sparring.  I'd kill to give him a few good shots, but must restrain myself.  Maintaining humility is getting difficult.  Still, I'm having fun, and working on some basic stuff like keeping my hands up and flexibility.

Current lifting numbers:

Deadlift day:
Narrow stance deadlift: 2X6@380
Wide stance deadlift: 3X8@360
Romainian deadlift: 2X8@205
Seated cable row: 2X8@250 (full stack)
Bent over row: 2X10@155
Lat pulldown: 2X10@170-180
E-Z bar curl: 2X10@100
Dummbbell hammer curl: 2X12@35-40

Note: for narrow and wide stance, I can only do smith machine straight legged deadlifts due to restrictions in gym.  Sucks.

Squat day:
Deep Squats: 3X6@235
Narrow stance squats: 2X8@235-245
Wide stance squats: 2X8@235
Leg curl heavy: 2X8@170 (full stack)
Leg press: 3X12@350
Leg curl light: 2X10@160
Standing Calf raise: at least 2X10@370 (still haven't found my limit on it)
Seated calf raise: 2X12@110

Bench day:
Bench: 3X6@275-280
Narrow grip: 1X10@225
Wide grip: 1X10@225
Incline Dumbbell press: 3X8@80 per arm
Dips: 3X10@bodyweight
Pec dec: 2X10@150
Skull crusher (machine): 2X10@170
Tricep pull down: 2X12@115-130

Also doing some forearm exercises and stuff for traps, but it's not part of the routine.  Also doing bodyweight stuff on my off days.  Have done 4 weeks of this.  New routine will be the same format, but increase heavy lifts by 25%, and supporting lifts by 15% 

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Training Log: Entry 133

Have attended 2 TKD sessions.  They are kinda garbled in my head.

Went over same old stuff.

Outer knifehand strike
Double knifehand block
Outer forearm block
Double forearm block
All of Chon Ji Hyung

Have started "sparring".  Sparring is "non-contact sparring",
which is a contridiction of terms.  Be that as it may, I'm still
schooling this group.  The thai leg shield block ruins their day
on all kicks, and they aren't used to exhanging hands.  However,
they get away with a lot of pansy crap due to non-contact, and I feel
myself hit with a barrage of flick kicks and limp wristed backfists
while they retreat.  I shrug it off, but apparently I'm
"losing".  Still, it's fun being a no belt and messing with the
higher ranks.  One of the brown belts has an attitude
problem.  I'm fixing it.

Have a sparring session with a 6'2 Kajukenbo fighter.  He's
rustier than the Titanic (his last sparring match was against me, 2
years ago), out of shape, and poor skillset, but damnit he at least
wants to hit hard.

Apparently there's another hidden MMAer on my campus.  Must find him.  Must have fight.

Sambo seminar 15 Oct 05.  Sparring too.  Joy.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Training Log: Entry 132

End bulk phase.  Total weight of 202.


Compare with me at 192lbs

And just to be funny, me at 155

Am at week 4 of strength training program.  Will post maxes at end of week.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Training Log: Entry 131

Another TKD class

Went over everything from before in a similar way.  Still hate jump kicks.

Double knifehand block
Knifehand strike
High punch
Second half of Chon Ji Hyung

Got to rock the heavybag again.  This time practicing individual techniques on the heavybag in front of the class.  I'm fairly confident that my roundkick and frontkick were stronger than the instructor's (even though I'm using the TKD roundkick instead of my favored MT).  The instructor has a good sidekick though.  He doesn't keep his damn hands up either.  This whole entire class just needs one boxing lesson to set 'em straight.  They don't breathe well either.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Training Log: Entry 130

Second TKD class. 

Did some drills.  Forward and backward.  Nothing noteworthy.

Went over:
Front punch
Low block
Middle block
Hook Kick
Front kick

Upset knifehand
Outerforearm block
Backleg varities of all four kicks
Jumping varities of all four kicks
Jumping backleg variety of all four kicks
First half on Chon Ji Hyung (First form)

Did some combinations work with partners. 

Pulled my right oblique kicking too high.

Personal Notes: Jump kicks are asinine.  Even when I was in TKD, I
didn't do them because I thought they were stupid.  Needless to
say, my standing form on these kicks are decent, but can't even land
decent jump kicks.  Might help my jump power/flexibility to get
it.  There is not a single fighter at this school.  No one
can keep their damn hands up.  Their cardio is awful.  There
is no power in their techniques.  I just gotta bite my tongue
though.  I keep fighting like a boxer though.  Wonder how
long they'll take before they crack down on me.

Got to rock the heavybag in class.  It was kinda funny.

Bulk goes well.  Arms are at 16" cold.  Maybe cut soon.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Training Log: Entry 129

Week 1: 183.5
Week 2: 194
Week 3: 201
Week 4: 199

Seems my body is stablizing now.  Odds are it was a waterweight
issue.  Either way, have begun using weight gainer product for
this week of bulking.  Will note results as follows.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Training Log: Entry 128

Have adjusted bagwork yet again.

1X3 shadowboxing
1X3 shadow muay thai from boxing stance
1X3 shadow MMA from boxing stance
1X3 no glove heavybag boxing
1X3 no glove heavybag MT from boxing stance
1X3 no glove MMA from boxing stance
1X3 gloved boxing
1X3 gloved MT from boxing stance
1X3 gloved MMA from boxing stance

Noticing considerable increase in punching power now that I fight from boxing stance.  Power is still less so when doing MT/MMA than pure boxing, but better than when I fought in MT stance.  Able to shoot/defend takedowns better as well.

Have attended 1 TKD class so far.  Currently went over
Front stance
Side stance
Straight punch from front stance
Straight punch from side stance
Front kick from side stance
Roundkick from side stance
Sidekick from side stance
Hook kick from side stance
Low block from front stance
Middle block from side stance

Done some drills.  Basic stuff.  Forward and backward.  I am not confessing my previous TKD experience while attending these lessons, and instead ranked at white belt with others.  I still do my best to help out after class away from instructors.  Wondering how long I can keep playing dumb.  Also wonder if I'll ever get to do some real sparring.

Weight update either tomorrow or monday.  Look like I'm losing weight.  Getting hard to keep bulking.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Training Log: Entry 127

Week 1: 183.5
Week 2: 194
Week 3: 201

This is riduculous.  I have never gained so much weight so
quickly.  I'm hoping some of it is muscle.  I attribute the
rapid weight gain to a few factors.  First of all, water retention
from creatine.  Secondly, start of bulking phase.  Thirdly,
getting back to the weight room after a month.  I'm bigger than I
was to begin with.  I may cut my bulking period short at this
point and just go for one more week as opposed to one more month.

Looks like I'll be joining the local TKD club for classes twice a
week.  Non-contact sparring.  Must avoid bad habbits. 
Hoping it will teach me some balance and flexibility.  If nothing
else, I'll mess up some point sparrers.