Friday, March 31, 2006

Training Log: Entry 207

Purchased a knee brace/support at Fred Meyers.  Gonna wear it off and on for the week to aid in the healing process, and I'll wear it on my next leg day just to make sure nothing goes too wrong.  Nice resource to have.

Looking forward to summer training already.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Training Log: Entry 206

Passed a milestone.  Can presently squat twice my bodyweight.  Definitely a good thing.

While doing lunges, felt something twist/pull in my left knee.  Did not aggrivate it.  Currently resting the knee.  Thankfully no injury, but I don't want to risk it.  I'll be changing up my lifts for my next leg day.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Training Log: Entry 205

Another MMA meeting.  This one wasn't too spectacular.  Only the WC guy, BJJ/KK chick, me and my girlfriend showed.

Taught them all the cross face cradle, it's application for side control, how to throw knees from side, and top mount striking.

Drill some wrist locks with the WC guy.

Drilled more wrist locks.

Drilled more wrist locks (it was a wrist lock kinda say today).

And that was about it.  No sparring, and just some minor rolling with the girlfriend.  Good chance to learn some new stuff though.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Training Log: Entry 204

I love leg day.  My squat suffered a little bit in terms of weight due to my week off, but form was incredible.  I could really feel the pull in my glutes.  Put up 325 for 3 reps with maybe enough gas for a 4th.  Lunges went incredibly well.  Finally completed all 3 sets of 8 with 70lbs in each hand.  Get to move up to 75 next time.  Can't wait until I'm strolling down the hall with 100s.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Training Log: Entry 203

Another MMA club meeting.  Best turnout ever.  Sadly, I didn't get to do too much sparring/rolling because I was playing more the instructor role, but was still fun.

Did some focus mitt work with my girlfriend (new member).

Did some focus mitt work with the MT guy, trying to get his boxing game up (he's got some nice power, but lacks followthrough, technique, flow, and keeping his guard up).

Did some Chi Sao with the WC guy.  Pretty fun stuff.  Got him here and there.  Can't wait to develop a decent flow to it.

Sparred the Kempo guy.  I got him on leg kicks and cardio.  Goddamn my punch game is so crappy when I hold back.  It was a frickin' slap fight when it got into punch range.  I seriously need to learn how to punch at like 50% power with good form.  I can only do well at near full force, and it's gonna lead to bad habits.  Still, found my range well, and found ways to plaster him where I could.

Did some grappling with the girlfriend.  The BJJ/KK chick had worked with her previously, and I helped her test out some techniques and just do some free rolling.

Worked some WC trapping with the WC guy.

That was about it.  Lots learned today.

Highlight was watching the Kempo dude kick the crap out of the TKD guy.  Kept kicking him in the balls everytime he raised up high for a kick.  Mr. TKD still isn't learning his lesson though...maybe if both of the girls kick his ass.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Training Log: Entry 202

Summary of break in Hawaii.

Swimming constantly (at the least every other day, if not more frequently).  Ate much but frequently, so it somewhat balanced out in terms of increased metabolism vs. increased caloric intake.  Did some shadowboxing and even Tae Bo with the girlfriend for some minor cardio.  Drank very little water sadly.  Cycled off both creatine and my multivitamen for one week.

Plans for post break:

Switching my routine minorly.  My upperbody max effort day will have the focus on bench instead of weighted dips.  Looking forward to breaking past my 300lb platuea.  Might change some of the aux lifts a little.  No real change to leg ME day.  My repitition day will switch from bench to bodyweight dips, and might alternate shrugs and bradford presses weekly.

Diet: Want to eat as clean as possible for the next 6 weeks before I get back into boxing.  Will put on some weight that boxing will clean right off of me.  I miss eating clean.  Gonna abstain from grease and fried foods.

Want to get my best pre and post workout nutrition going. 

Monday, March 13, 2006

Training Log: Entry 201

Currently on break from training in sunny Hawaii with girlfriend.  Down cycled off of creatine during trip.  Some moderate cardio with no weight training.  Might mini-bulk when I get back.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Training Log: Entry 200

Put up 345lbs for 2 reps on squats today on leg day.  Had enough in me for maybe one more, but didn't want to chance it due to high weight with no spotter (especially since I had never gone that high).  I'm loving this.  Can't wait until I can squat 400.

Great cardio day yesterday.  Lots of bagwork, rope skipping, and shadow boxing.

I'm hopelessly addicted to Fight Night: Round 2.  It's making me consider getting an amatuer bout over my summer break.

Happy 200th post to myself.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Training Log: Entry 199

Best MMA club meeting ever.  Finally got to do some real standup sparring. 

Rolled with the BJJ/KK chick.  She was hurt, so I decided to go real light.  She beats me on technique.  I caught myself trying to muscle out of moves and held back.  I eventually fed her the triangle choke after screwing around and being too cautious of her arm.

Standup with the new MT guy.  We both had shinguards and headgear with our 16ozers, so we could bang.  It's funny, even though I keep training boxing, I just love my leg kicks.  Guess TKD made me always wanna kick.  I lured him in, struck his right leg with outside and inside leg kicks a lot.  Dropped his guard and threw some punches at his face.  Feinted with a 1-2 and then leg kicked him.  I even managed to throw some headlevel roundhouses at him.  Felt like Duane Ludwig out there, awesome feeling.  Not enough punching though, he had no mouthguard.  Once he gets that, we should go all out.

Standup with Mr. TKD.  I finally got to show him reality.  Since I had shinguards and didn't feel mean kicking hard, I made a point to kick out his supporting leg each and every single time he did the whole chamber and wait bullcrap.  Chamber, wait, collapse.  I did this to him so many times that he started to become gun shy.  I would feint and watch him do old school low blocking crap, and thought to myself how awesome it'd be to score the KO.  When he did kick, I would just jam it with my body, move in, and make him panic with a flurry of crappy punches (need to work on hand and feet coordination).  I pulled a cool move of kicking out his supporting leg, letting him spin, and launching a head level thai kick at the back of his head.  Everyone watching thought it was cool.  Hopefully he'll learn that no contact sparring is frickin' crap.  His hands were way down.

More standup with the MT guy.  He started paying more attention to my legs, so I threw some stuff uptop to distract him.  Practiced my evasion, counter fighting, and footwork.  I felt like I was in top form today.  It was more of the same of luring and scoring the leg kick.  We connected knees real bad on my inside kick meeting his outside, and he called it quits after that.

Worked some Chi Sao with the WT guy.  Cool crap.  Fun as hell.  Can definitely see some value in it.

Absolute favorite meeting ever.

Side note: You can see just how much more of a striker I am than a grappler in terms of how in depth my analysis are between the two.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Training Log: Entry 198

Highly motivating leg day today.  I finally broke past a platuea on squats.  I was squatting 325lbs for 3 reps, which is an all time high for me.  I've finally broken past injuries, and know I'm gonna keep getting stronger.

I'm also doing 5 dips with a 100lb dumbbell in between my feet, the highest we have in my gym...and it's easy.  I'll switch to the dip belt next week.

This routine is awesome.