Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Training Log: Entry 811

RE upper pull


Notes: Switched grip, wasn't progressing much with pull-ups.  This engaged my abs more.  Joints are getting beat up, need to resume fish oil.

Strict press of 195

Notes: Last rep was a push press.  The grip switch on my pulling engaged my forearms more, making them inflate and harder to work with.  Focused on keeping elbows high.

V-handle cable rows of 180

Notes: Tweaked my back on the 3rd set.  Feels like it'll take it's normal 3 days to heal.  May need to reduce the weight and up the reps for the sake of safety.

Weighted dips w/45lbs


Did some conditioning the next day.  45 minutes of alternating rounds between boxing and skipping rope.  Took a little while to get back into the swing of things, but towards the end I was flowing again.  I'm sure my technique sucks, but I'm just in it to workout now.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Training Log: Entry 810

RE lower squat

SSB box squat of 295

Notes: Upped the weight a little prematurely, but my training has been a little out of whack.  Focused on extending using my hips rather than my knees.  I'm struggling about 3-4 inches off of the box and doing some decent GMing towards the later sets.  I don't care too much about that, considering I'm doing this for work capacity and mass, and beltless. 

Elevated trap bar lifts of 405

Front squats of 185

Notes: Between the Taco Bell before training and the sub zero training temperatures, I wasn't feeling too hot at the end, so I cut it a little short.  Form was real spot on.

Band hamstring work w/average bands

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Training Log: Entry 809

RE upper push

DB press of 110

Notes: May have jumped a little to high, but this is better than my previous best with the weight.  Having to relearn the form with the heavier bells, as they tend to be bigger and harder to move compared to the 80s I was using.

NG chins w/55lbs

Notes: Moved away from the assisted machine and into a more open area to do these.  Much easier and less clanking.  Getting decent lat activation despite not focusing on it.

Close grip incline press of 145

Notes: It may have been 155, I can't remember.  First 2 sets are always easy, and last set always sucks.  Still learning the form.

Straight bar row of 180

Notes: Some chucklehead was using the v-handle.  Lesson learned, always pack my own.  I really don't like this movement compared to the v-handle, and might need to find something to swap it out with.

Pulldowns superset with facepulls.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Training Log: Entry 808

Back from my cruise.  Had access to 80lb DBs, a lat pulldown tower, and a dip station.  Managed some decent upper body deloading, and did a ton of band good mornings.  Nothing worth recording.  Have been off creatine and fish oil for 10 days.  My diet cleaned up a bit while I was there.  Saw some pictures of me from the cruise, I've really gotten big.  Both fat and muscle.  My gyno is coming back pretty hard, which is partially genetic and partiall reflective of my reduced chest work.  My belly is protruding pretty good, and my arms and back are building up.  The big stomach is helping my lifting, but I might need to try slimming down in the future for the sake of my PFTs.

I've purchased a cheap jump rope and some boxing gloves, and intend to get 1-2 days of conditioning into my training.

RE deadlift

Conventional deadlift of 335

Notes: First time training in subzero temps in my garage.  It was around -10.  Needed to wear underarmor, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, shorts, sweat pants, 2 pairs of socks, and winter gloves, but I managed pretty decently.  The gloves messed with my deadlifting a bit, but I managed.  Been a while since I pulled, need to work more on dive bombing the leg drive and falling back.

Squats of 405

Notes: Can't wear the gloves or sweatshirt on the squat, it messed with bar placement.  Had to keep hand warmers in my pants, to keep my hip flexors warm between sets, and to thaw out my hands after they went numb on the bar.  I've reset on the weight, to focus on getting that final "dip" before coming out of the hole.  Last 2 sets felt easy.

SSB split squat of 165

Notes: Too icy to lunge up my driveway, so I need a new movement.  I don't like the split squat, but it's the best to train in my cramped driveway.

Band good mornings

Notes: Something I discovered on the cruise to get some volume without messing up my hips.  I'll try for multiple sets in the future.

May be moving my ab work to my conditioning day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Training Log: Entry 807

RE Squat

SSB box squats of 275

Notes: Weight is heavy, but still managable.  Taking a lot of breaths between reps.  Focusing on sitting back, but as the set progresses I find myself sitting down more.

Trap bar lifts of 405

Notes: I find myself getting my neck injury on the later reps, so I'm cutting things short and using more weight.

Front squats of 185

Band ab work

Band ab pulldowns

RE upper pull

DB rows of 135

Notes: Didn't look up my numbers here, hit some rep PRs before I went for the last set, which was also a rep PR before needing to rest pause.  I at least got stronger here.  I'm not eating enough, but it's part of trying to cut the crap out of my diet.

Dips w/115

Notes: Had the weight wrong last time, as it was 105 rather than 110.  Went fast and smooth, felt strong.


9+3 w/mini
7+5 w/mini
6+6 w/mini+3w/light

Notes: All jacked up here, but I made progress.  I think I'm gonna use chins for my RE work rather than pull-ups.

Seated BB press of 105

Notes: Got weaker here, possibly because my programming was all jacked up on the other movements.  Need to remember to read my log next time.