Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Training Log: Entry 576

Just did some rehab work in the gym today.  Some sets of tricep pulldowns, face pulls, neck work, CoC, and ab pulldowns with a set of 45 degree hyperextensions in between exercises to get blood flowing to my back.  I've self diagnosed it to be a torn muscle in my lower back, rather than a herniated disk, due to the type of pain and the fact that I've been able to treat it by taking time off and motrin.  Taking the weekend off.  Should feel 100% by then, but going to be cautious.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Training Log: Entry 575

Squats of 345

Notes: I tried ignoring the pain that my back was in, but it presented itself on the second rep.  Been having a dull pain since my heavy dead day that became a sharp pain on the asecent of the squat.  This is my entering argument for taking high rep deadlifts out of my routine.  Day B will be front squats, with heavy shrugs as an assistance work.  Calling this a deload, and taking a little time off on my lower back.  Might just do upper body work next workout or two, and use the weight belt as necessary.

Pull-ups w/40lbs

Notes: The gradual progression in weight is working well here.  Shows me that I need to stop ego-lifting.

Bench of 285

Notes: Mighta been able to get a 4th rep out on the last one, but with no spotter in my basement, didn't wanna risk it.


Assistance work of band pull-aparts and neck work.  Took out the hise shrugs to keep loading off of my back.  Met my goal on the pull-aparts, and need to add weight on the neck work.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Training Log: Entry 574

SLDL of 425

Notes: Burned out.  Going to try for 5x3 instead of 3x5 on this one.  I can pull 3 clean reps before I start to struggle, and I feel like my risk of injury increases with the more fatigue I have. 

Overhead press of 185

Notes: Coulda grunted out those last two, but just wanted to take things a little easy on my lower back after the deadlifts

Bent over rows of 205

Notes: I need to change this, I still have problems with this movement.  Might switch to DB rows.


Had to leave a little early, so didn't get my abwork in, but oh well.


Going to try to clean up my diet. I've been eating pretty poorly as a result of the move.  Going to aim for more fiber, and less trans fats.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Training Log: Entry 573

Squats of 335

Notes: Bar placement was a little off, due to an open sore on my back.  Have the pins in the power rack set at just the right level, so that when I make contact with them, I know I'm at parallel.  Making sure not to bounce off the pins.

Bench of 275

Notes: I knew the base gym benchs sucked.  Added 50lbs between two sessions.  Kept very tight and got good leg drive from this.

Pull-ups w/35lbs

Notes: Got good lat engagement on this one today, found a good gripping.


Accessory work

Hise shrugs of 315+light band pull aparts

Notes: Instead of increasing the resistance on band pull aparts, I'm going for a set as fast as possible rather than resting and pausing mid set.

Neck harness work w/25lb plate.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Training Log: Entry 572

I've managed 2 workouts over the past 5 days, getting back into my routine.  Made a modification, only working 3x5 instead of 4x5.  It's been working for millions of kids on Rippetoe, prolly work just fine for me.  Also switched from conventional deadlifts to SLDLs.  I can pull just as much this way as with conventional.  I figure I'm a stiff leg puller.  At least this way I can practice less rounding and more arching. 

Day A:

Squats of 315

Notes: 2 weeks or so off from this was murder on my PC.  Extremely sore for days.

Bench of 225

Notes: Weight dropped drastically on this, but I figure it's using the base gym's crappy equipment and having to wear a t-shirt.  Murdered my shoulders, and have to basically pin press the weight just to set it up.  Not really going to sweat this.

Pull-ups w/30lbs

Notes: Gym doesn't have a single straight bar to pull-up on, stupid crap.  Used some wonky handles at angles.   Setting up my power cage soon, so won't have this issue next workout.

Assistance work

Hise shrugs of 275
Superset with light band pull-aparts

Notes: Still have a lot more in me on hise shrugs

Neck harness work

Day B

SLDL of 405

Notes: Felt much more natural and way stronger.  No lowerback pain to speak of, so screw the critics.  Recovered from these way faster.

Strict press of 175

Notes: No fatigue to speak of this time.  Minor shoulder pain in the left shoulder, but otherwise good to go.

Bent over rows of 185

Notes: The rings on the bars here are way too close together, so have to adjust accordingly.


No assistance work to speak of at this time, but might hit it up later this weekend.


Going to use this low volume opportunity to work on my gripper strength, which was on the back burner with Westside.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Moving across country.  No gym access.  Haven't performed any sort of resistance training in about 2, maybe 3 weeks.  Losing a lot of bodyfat from my diet, and probably muscle as well.  I did the same thing for my wedding/honeymoon, and didn't lose too much strength.  Going to call this a "softening up" period, and get back into the iron full steam once I get to my next base.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Training Log: Entry 571

Deadlifts of 405

Notes: Left shoulder was starting to bug me, and I pulled something in my neck on the very last set, so I cut this short.

Bent over rows of 185

Notes: Form was good.

Overhead press of 175

Notes: Ran out of time, couldn't rest enough and cut off one of the sets.


This day might be problematic.  May need to arrange things around a bit.