Saturday, December 29, 2007

Training Log: Entry 522

DE lower day

Speed box squats of 205

Notes: Speed was really on today, getting good explosion off the box.  Think these have really helped my squatting performance, I'm very used to going below parallel and exploding up from there.

Good mornings of 215

Notes: Upped the weight, form was still fine.

Cut the workout short because we had to get on the road to head home.  Going to do some pistols and crunches and I'll be fine.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Training Log: Entry 521

ME upperday

Military press
185x1 (New PR)
205x1 (New PR)
215x1 (New PR)
220x1 (New PR)

Notes: Evidence that I have no leg drive whatsoever, as my military press PR is only 10lbs shy of my push-press, and I might have been able to hit 225 if I wanted to keep going.  Just going to stick with the military press then, as it prolly will develop more shoulder strength from a dead pause than the push press will.

DB extenions w/50lb DBs

Notes: Should prolly switch these out soon, might even just try a pushing rather than extension movement, and see how that works.

V handle close grip chins

Notes: Going back to normal or wide grip next time, going to add some weight too and work some lower reps.

Jump shrugs w/335

Notes: Straps were giving me all sorts of problems this time.  Last two reps, I just got rid of them and did an over/under grip.  Might just do that next time.  Stll getting a great pull from a dead pause on the pins.

Bungee cord pull aparts

Notes: Got this great idea while training my wife.  While I wait on buying some bands, I'm using the same 3ft bungee cords that I use to strap the board to my chest on board presses.  I can alter hand spacing to add resistance, or add more cords.  Really hit my rear delts.


Walking around at 208 first thing in the morning with a little breakfast in my belly.

Got rid of a plantar wart that's been on my foot since August.  Should positively affect my running.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Training Log: Entry 520

ME lower body


Notes: No PRs today, but definitely the deepest squats I've ever done in my life for powerlifting squat.  Well below parallel, no doubts in my mind whatsoever.  Walkouts were simple too.  Think all that quad work is paying off.  Most likely explains why my deadlifts didn't go up too high while my squats improved.  Think next ME workout I'll encorperate some supplemental work to balance this out.  Glad to finally have a squat workout without any failures.  No fear of falling forward, and definitely felt my quads more engaged than usual.

RDLs of 275

Notes: Lowered the weight to get more reps in on this.  Grip felt strong, no back problems, didn't really feel the hamstrings engaged, but oh well, this ain't bodybuilding.

Saxon Side Bends w/12lb DBs

Notes: Farthest ROM I've had on this exercise before.  Gonna be sad to leave this behind.

Did some grip work yesterday.  Didn't lose too much progress after a week off.


Got the IronMind Dip belt for X-mas.  Rated to hold up to 1000lbs.  Time to do some 1000lb dips.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Training Log: Entry 519

RE upper body

Bench press of 185

Notes: Increased the weight, as the reps were getting a little nuts on the older weight.  Kept my arch, and form was a ot better than last time.

2-board press of 225

Notes: Took away a board and cut the weight down, hopefully I won't get stuck like last time.  Going to try a little experiment and stick with this movement until my next full range bench.  My lockout last time was real ugly, but I still feel like I'm weak off the chest.  Going to see if board pressing helps my benching, and if I still feel like I'm struggling, I'm going to go for full range close grip for a 3 or 4 week cycle. 

Bradford press of 105

Notes: Second set was just a bad set-up for hand spacing, gotta pay attention next time.  Might just use chalk to leave an imprint.

DB rows of 110

Notes: Got a great stretch on the right side, but couldn't tell on the left.  I pulled my left serratus, and could only feel pain rather than if I was getting a good pull or not.  Either way, movement is really increasing.

Olympic bar curls of 85lbs

Notes: Shoulder only clicked once or twice the entire time, rotating my wrist outward is the secret.  Good to be able to do these again without pain.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Training Log: Entry 518

DE lower day

Speed box squat of 205

Notes: Getting better explosiveness from the bottom, not stalling as bad.  Haven't been doing a weight cycle on this, just because right now I'd gain nothing from chaning the weight so often when I have such a fundamental problem.  Keep throwing those elbows forward and popping up.  Might even consider lowering the box instead.

Assisted pistols

Notes: Last set really offered little assistance aside from balance.  Think I'll be swapping this movement out soon, maybe back to lunges or some split squats.  It's been good, but I don't really like having to assit myself, as I have no means of guaging resistance.

Good mornings of 205

Notes: Was dying on those last two sets, but the weight felt pretty light comparatively.

Ab wheel from knees

Notes: Focused on getting a full stretch and taking my time.  It's nice to return to this movement.  Try some jackknives next time.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Training Log: Entry 517

ME upper day

Bench press
350x1 (New PR)

Notes: The PR was the ugliest rep in history, but I made it.  Left arm shot up before the right, so spent a few seconds getting the right arm to lockout.  Pulled my right oblique, but made the lift.  Think I might get back into DE, I feel like the bar is slowing down and I'm getting caught midway through lockout.

DB tricep extensions of 45lbs

Notes: I feel like my endurance goes on this before my strength for some reason, but still making steady progress.

V-bar CG pull-ups

Notes: Think I'm losing weight and getting more reps as a result.  Really felt a pull in my lats this time.

Jump shrugs of 335lbs

Notes: Dead pause is really helping, feel a great pull on my lats.

Incline bench rear delt flyes of 12lbs

Notes: Can't make every set blood and guts, this was good for rear delt development.  Gotta keep this going.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Training Log: Entry 516

ME lower day

510x1 (New PR)
515x1 (New PR)

Notes: Thought I was bridging pretty bad on these, but the video I took showed it move relatively smooth.  Bar slipped out of my hand on the first pull, but I managed to catch it and complete the rep.  Think I'm moving too fast on the deadlift, might use the next session to just work on form while sticking with 515.


Saxon side bends w/12lb DBs
3x6, 1x5

Notes: Great exercise.  Can't wait to move up.

Skipped the PC work today, prolly try to squeeze in some pull throughs tomorrow after/during PT.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Training Log: Entry 515

RE effort Upperbody

Bench press of 175

Notes: Form fell apart, completely lost my arch.  Need to work on sticking to the bench, maybe employ some chalk next time.

3-board press of 245

Notes: Used a bungee cord to keep the boards on my chest, lost form on the 3rd set, board was a little off set.  Maybe switch to the 2-board next time, or lower the weight and go for a few more reps.

Bradford presses of 105

Notes: Form was great here, like this exercise, rested bar on traps for a dead pause.

DB rows of 110

Notes: Definitely got a great pull by resting the DB on the floor between sets.  Like this exercise now.

BB curls of 85

Notes: Discovered that my shoulder doesn't click as much if I focus on rotating my wrist outward while curling.  Need to give this a try next time.


Deadlifting tomorrow.  Going to break some records.  Hopefully get some video up.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Training Log: Entry 514

DE lower body

Speed box squats of 205

Notes: Started getting better explosion from the bottom by rolling me elbows under the bar, keeping the arch tight, and rocking forward a little.  Still a major stall from the bottom, but making some progress.

Assisted pistols

Notes: Required very little assistance on the way up, just balance.  Pushing very hard through my heels, actually raised my toes off the ground to emphasize.  Gaining strength in the quads.

Good mornings of 205

Notes: Weight felt very light, great assistance work.  Knees buckled on the 4th rep of 3rd set, gotta watch that.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Training Log: Entry 513

ME upper body

2 board press
355x1 (new PR)

Notes: Just like lower day, taking it easy on the PR breaking this week.  A little touch and go on the first and last set, but the middle two were perfect.  For warm up sets, used a bungee cord to hold the board to my chest.  Worked well for warm-ups, but wouldn't use it as a regular practice.  Keep feet planted flat to take bar off racks, puts less loading on my spine and shoulders.

DB extensions of 45lbs

Notes: This thing still fries me.  Made sure to keep weight dead before extending.

V handle close grip pull-ups

Notes: Added bodyweight ups the resistance here.  Leaning back helps draw the lats in more I feel.

Jump shrugs of 315lbs w/straps

Notes: Great performance here, helps to thread the straps though my middle and ring finger and pull the shrug up from a dead pause on the pins.

Bent over rear delt flyes of 12lbs

Notes: Gonna rest on the incline bench next time.  Leaning forward after all the short rest periods kills my cardio, and makes me terminate the exercise early.  Remember, it's a rear delt exercise, not a tricep kickback.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Training Log: Entry 512

Front Squats
310x1 (New PR)

Notes: Took it light with the PR today, wanted to keep developing my form on this.  Quads are really getting blasted hard.  Gotta focus on centering the bar.  Little surface area can spell disaster here.

Pull throughs of 160

Notes: Reps went high today, lower back is fried.  Think I might try some poor man reverse hypers or fake glute hams or something next time.

Saxon Side bends w/12lb DBs.

Notes: Christ this movement is tough.  Took such little weight to destroy me.  Gotta keep my shoulders tight to prevent injury.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Training Log: Entry 511

RE Upper Day

Bench press of 175

Notes: Got to 20 just fine, those last 3 reps were murder.  Mostly touch and go here just because of the insane number of reps necessary.  Keeping my form as tight as possible given the nature of the exercise.  Freezing in my garage, need to get a heat dish or 7.

3-board press of 245

Notes: Got a little greedy on that first set, but went better than last week.  Gotta focus on retracting the shoulder blades as much as possible given the short rom.

Bradford presses
2x10 of 95
1x8 or 95

Notes: 3-board presses fried me, and given the nature of the new movement, things were a little wonky.  I really like this though, and my shoulders are still flexible enough for the behind the neck motion.  It helps not to go to full extension.  Wanna toy around with this more.

DB row of 105

Notes: Getting a really good pull on my right side, especially when setting the weight down between reps and starting dead from the floor.  Don't really feel my left lat engaging, but get a good pump in it after the exercise, so something must be happening.

Olympic bar curls of 85

Notes: Not nearly as much shoulder clicking as with the EZ bar.  Hammer curls may have helped.


Did some grip work today as well.  Can close the 2.5 for 3 reps on the right hand, almost got it on the left hand.  Alternating negatives with the 2.5 and overcrushes with the 2 for 4 sets total, followed by repping out with the 2 for 6 reps on the right hand and 3 for the left. 

Friday, December 7, 2007

Training Log: Entry 510

DE lower day

Speed box squats of 195

Notes: Getting better speed off the bottom of the box, but still my major lacking point here. Need to drill the hell out of this.

Assisted pistols

Notes: Much better quad strength, needed much less assistance. Keep this up.

Good mornings of 185

Notes: Didn't check my log for the reps, ended up doing way more than I thought I needed to.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Training Log: Entry 509

ME upper day

Close Grip bench

Notes: Didn't go for a new PR this time, even though I'm pretty sure I coulda.  Training sub maximal feels much better, I'll slaughter next week.  Sticking point about 6 inches off the chest, maybe some 3 board ME work next week, or might try for 2 board just to stick with previous work. 

DB tricep extension w/45lbs


Notes: Man, this really burned me out.  Stablizers got killed.  Good for sake of variety. Heavy tricep work prolly didn't help much.

Close grip v-handle pull-ups

Notes: Got a v-handle in the mail as an early Christmas present, so broke it out for a little variety in my verticle pull.  Don't really feel much of a pull in my lats, but doing my best to maintain good form.  Might wanna spend a little time in the lat pulldown rack sometime.

Jump shrug w/straps of 315

Notes:  Need to set the pins lower than 6 next time to get a better jump.  Good movement, squeeze and hold at the top.

Kelso lat shrug of 135

Notes: Such a killer for such low weight.  Low back was on fire.  Maybe try these on an incline with DBs next time to switch things up, or perhaps some simple bent over flys.


Back to gaining weight.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Training Log: Entry 508

ME lower

Good mornings
295x1 (new PR)

Notes: Oops.  Told myself I was going to go easy this week, but made a rookie mistake and added up the weight wrong on the bar, setting an accidental PR on the good morning.  I thankfully caught it after the first set, and brought it back down to my old number.  Much better ME day than last week, hit all attempts.  Training, not testing.

Pull throughs of 160

Notes: Very explosive on this today, focusing on locking out and squeezing the glutes at the end of the movement. 

DB side bends of 110

Notes: Prolly time to get out of this.  Thinking suitcase deadlifts from pins next time.  Be good grip work as well, just need to bring my chalk.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Training Log: Entry 507

RE upper

Bench of 175

Notes: High reps and low rest times always a killer. Figure my bench speed is pretty damn fast at this point, and without bands or chains available at the moment, might as well hit the RE stuff and see where it gets me. Always seems to work for my grip.

3 board press of 245

Notes: Wanted to try something different this time, glad I did. 3 board press was an awesome lockout movement, totally fried my triceps. Messed up my set up on the 4th set, grip spacing was jacked up, otherwise woulda had the 5 rep.

Lateral raises of 35

Notes: Thinking I'll combine bradford presses with the board work, working different aspects of the lockout. This should prevent me from frying out like I used to with close grip and full overhead press.

DB rows of 105

Notes: Better form than last time. Strict form on these, don't quite wanna give the Kroc row a try yet.

Unilateral DB hammer curls of 45

Notes: Thinking it's time for some barbell work soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Training Log: Entry 506

DE lower day

Low box speed squats of 185

Notes: Finally bit the bullet and set up some plates as a box.  4x45 and 2x35 to end up slightly below parallel.  I must have longer legs than I thought.  I have zero power out of the hole thanks to all my high box training off of my bench.  Most likely explains my sticking on my squats and deadlifts.  This will be a good new practice.  Little twinge in my right knee. 

Assisted pistols off of power rack

Notes: I'm not cut out for this circus act crap, I got no balance whatsoever.  Had to cross one leg over the other rather than holdin out one leg because I'm a total wimp.  Used the power cage for balance and as an assist when I got stuck because my quads are weak.  Went ass to grass.

Good mornings of 185

Notes: Heaviest weight I've used for reps before, bu felt incredibly light after all the heavy squat work.  Hit pins a few times to make sure I was going all the way.

Rolling neck bridges

Notes: Used hands for balance.  Good to be back.

Ab work tomorrow, core too exhausted for much of anything else.