Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Training Log: Entry 676

ME upper

Pause Bench press with chains

Notes: Focused on keeping tense through the movement.  I need to move my bench, the floor is too slick and my feet aren't sticking.  Right tricep is lagging about 4-6 inches off the chest, lockout strength is still a concern.  Going to remove chains from my RE work and bring the board press back into my ME work.  On the plus side, my shoulder no longer bothers me on the bench, nor does my lower back on lower body movements, so I think my pre/re-hab phase is done, along with my experimentation with different movements.  With my diet cleaning up, I think I'm ready to go full steam ahead.

Incline bench press of 135

Notes: Triceps burned out early here.  Need a wider grip next time, maybe even more weight.

SSB tricep extensions

Notes: No elbow pain, and great speed.  Triceps blew up like balloons.

DB row of 105

Notes: BIG PROGRESS.  I figured out I've been pulling more with my right rear delt rather than the lat on this movement, which explains the uneven development I've been experiencing.  I focused on recruiting the lat on this, and it totally changed the movement, and made it a lot more difficult.  Lats were finally blown up after this movement, rather than the upper back.

Band face pulls w/light

Notes: Fried here.  Held the pause for a while.



Diet is going clean.  I got stuck out on site for 2 solid days with nothing but cottage cheese, sourdough bread, and some ham, so I had to make do.  Had my first cheeseburger in like a week today.  It was delicious.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Training Log: Entry 675

ME lower

Warm-up: Shoveling my driveway

Trap bar lifts

Notes: This was a great way to generate the strain without putting my lower back under too much pressure.  545 went up pretty easy, but it's all the weight my trap bar can hold unless I try to snake on another 45 sometime.  Gonna keep this weight and try for a double or triple next time.  Check out that volume though.

Deadlifts off of plates of 345

Notes: Need to find a better place to do the lifts from , and use better plates next time.  Bar kept rolling too close to my shins, wasn't able to focus on form.

Safety Squat Bar good mornings of 115

Notes: Man these are awesome.  Can focus totally on the movement and not the bar rolling.

Band pulldowns with average band

Neck Harness work w/50lbs

Got some photos. 



Saturday, December 27, 2008

Training Log: Entry 674

RE upper

Medium grip bench press of 205+chains

Notes: Tried an experiment to hit failure at a lower rep range in the hopes that I could stay in that range on consistant sets.  Experiment failed, still bombing out in the low end of the single digits on following sets.  Maybe the chains are the culprit.  I'm gonna take the weight down next session.

3-board press of 255

Notes: Haven't used the 3 board in prolly a year, just getting the feel for it.  It's a lot more natural than it used to be, and I actually feel stronger here than before.  Chains may have helped.  I've eliminated chains from the board press because I realized that the shorter ROM dictates less chain deload, which means I'm not really getting much out of them.

Mini band front raises

Notes: Used a thumbless grip to keep the band from rotating.  Left shoulder is a little twitchy.

Chins w/25lbs
10,10,10,5, 3(no weight)

Notes: Going to cut off the weight and just go for an absurd amount of reps next time.  Feel that the weight is putting a bit too much strain on my joints and ligaments.

Hammer curls w/35lbs (alternate)

Notes: Twist the right wrist away to keep the shoulder from clicking.

Trap bar shrugs of 225

Notes: Just some upper back work


Back has been in pain on certain movements past few days.  Need to watch my pre-hab.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Training Log: Entry 673

RE lower

Squats of 225+chains

Notes: Coulda hit a second set of 10, but form was falling apart and came in with a sore lower back, so didn't wanna risk injury.  My work capacity is embarassing, and after this, I had to lay down on the bench for a minute or so just to recover and catch my breath.  Used some rest pausing ala 20 rep squats for a few sets.  I really think this is just what the doctor ordered, as my lower back and quads were fried here.  My hips are still way unflexible here.  I might need to start looking into foam rolling.

Band pull throughs w/light

Notes: Cut out the supplemental work today just to recover from my lifts.  Legs were jello anyway.  This finished off the lowerback and hamstrings for me.  Think I'm gonna hit up SSB good mornings for my supplemental work to really do these in.

Band woochops w/light

Notes: Try one handed next time, to take strain off of the triceps and shoulders here.

Neck harness work w/50lbs.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Training Log: Entry 672

ME upper

Incline press of 135

Notes: As per the deload, just hitting the supplemental and accessory work.  Was too lazy to break out the beater bar on this one, so I used the thicker one that I use for squats.  Had a lot more energy by not having any ME work.

Safety Squat Bar Tricep extensions

Notes: Still minimal elbow pain. Extending the wrists at the very top of lockout really hammers it home.

DB rows of 105

Notes: No rest periods, just kept switching off the hands. 

Band face pulls w/light

Notes: Held the pause for a few seconds to actually recruit the rear delts here.


Did some curls with the straight bar just to get some active recovery going.  My biceps are finally starting to get a little more endurance to them.  Hamstrings are still sore as hell, no matter what I do.  Maybe it's constantly trying to stabilize on the ice?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Training Log: Entry 671


Notes: Time for a deload.  My hips were so stiff I couldn't even get to depth on anything, and my hamstrings and glutes are so fried that I couldn't come out of the hole with any sort of power.  I'm using this time to analyze what I need to do with the program.  I really don't think I'm at a level where bar speed is mattering on these squats.  Being raw kinda complicates this too.  Really, more work capacity is embarassing.  My legs still haven't recovered from the front squats I did last week, and shoveling my driveway is taking away from recovery.  I'm gonna be going heavy/light instead of ME/DE for a while, and taking a lightish weight on squats and going for reps on it, along with some assistance movements to bring everything up.

I'm also going to fix my diet.  I've been eating too little, and the stuff I do eat is junk.  I'm gonna start eating bigger but cleaner.

Squats of 225

Notes: Just to get the blood flowing, work on form, and start experimenting with a light day.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Training Log: Entry 670

RE lower

Wide grip bench of 185+chains

Notes: Touch and go, but I don't really care.  My speed is gone, so I'm gonna do some DE work for a few weeks.  Dunno if it's chains or bands.

2 board press of 245

Notes: Misgrooved the third rep on the first set, almost tossed it to my face.  Press towards the feet and keep the tension.  I need to hit the 3-board press, as that's where I'm bailing.

Band front raises with a mini per hand

Notes: I'm a band whore, but these movements strengthen my shoulder joints so much it's nuts.  I'm reaching for the sky on these, really working the socket out. 

Chins w/25lb

Notes: Massive rest pausing, really stretching my lats out. 

Hammer curls w/35lb DBs

Notes: Was trying to superset some trap bar shrugs, bad move, took away from hammer curls.

Trap bar shrugs of 225

Notes: Noticed that upperback work on my lower body day was taking away from my benching, so trying different places for it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Training Log: Entry 669

DE lower day

Speed very low box squats of 175+lights

Notes: Took a riser out of the box to reduce it to what is most likely IPF legal depth, if not lower.  I also got some new chucks, and moved my powerrack out of the slippery slot, to really get things going.  I can't get any explosion from the bottom with a narrow stance squat, but once I widen it out, open up my groin (ala Ed Coan) and push with the blades of my feet, it's a bit better.  I actually had moments where my mind was yelling "PUSH" and nothing was happening.  Definitely need to work on this.

Front squats of 225

Notes: Alternated between clean grip and cross arms every other set.  My clean grip is horrible, as to be expected.  First set I faked it pretty well, but on the third set it was like my elbows were at my side and I was just doing a military press.  On the cross arms grip, there's a ton more intensity in the lift because I'm trying to keep the weight from going forward, so it's somewhat like a zercher.  Either way, this lift blew me away like I had just done it for the first time. 

SLDLs of 285

Notes: I think having 2 deadlift movements per week is overkill, as I felt dead on the first set here.  Gonna hafta do some juggling here, because deadlifts from plates are definitely here to stay.

Band woodchops w/light

Notes: I tried to pull the band to my feet and really kill my obliques here.

Neck harness work.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Training Log: Entry 668

ME upper

CG bench press with chains
295x1 (20lb PR)

Notes: Felt incredibly strong coming into the weight room today, must be fully recovered.  Wasn't as worried about a pause at the bottom, as I figure I'm not gonna be pause benching with a close grip, and this allowed me to emphasize the lockout of the lift where I'm weaker.  Didn't go for the full heave though.

Incline bench of 135

Notes: Did some research on this movement, and decided to hit a higher rep range.  It paid off, as my shoulders and chest were both greatly fatigued here.  With heavy weight, I spend too much energy stablizing to really get anything.

Safety Squat Bar overhead tricep extensions

Notes: These nuked my triceps.  I was amazed at how fatigued these made me, and caused absolutely no elbow pain.  I've got a new favorite movement.

DB rows of 105

Notes: Don't know if I got great lat activation, but gotta just pull heavy at one point.  All movements from a dead pause from the floor.

EZ bar curls of 65

Notes: Finally hit my rep goals, with some rest pausing thrown in.  Form was a mess, but they're curls, who cares.  Gonna hit up some DB work as my next movement.


Some rear delt work.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Training Log: Entry 667

ME lower

Reverse band deadlifts with lights

Notes: Back felt great, no twinge or loss of pressure whatsoever.  Tried pulling with my belt higher with better results.  Was originally gonna use straps, but the time it took to adjust them on the bar made me lose all the pressure in my abs.  Did fine without them though.  Focused much more on proper form than pulling PRs, with leg drive, body drag, and the arch being the main concerns.  Worked out incredibly well, and even 500 felt pretty light. Good to be handling heavy weight again.

Deadlifts from plates w/315

Notes: Trying this movement to really drill leg drive into my lifting.  Went a little light, as the last set shows.  Gonna bump the weight up next time.  Focus on that arch.

Band good mornings w/average

Notes: Finally hit my rep goal, and wasn't as fried as usual from this.  Dunno what I'll do next.  Maybe some SSB good mornings?

Band ab pulldowns w/average superset with trap bar shrugs of 225
50/15, 50/12, 0/10

Notes: Strict form is for the birds when it comes to shrugs I've decided.  I'm always gonna use some body english, so that I can actually recruit my traps into the damn movement.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Training Log: Entry 646

RE upper

Wide grip bench press of 185+chains

Notes: Got no finishing strength, last inch was killing me.  Lost a rep, so added an extra set to build up the volume.  Gonna do one more week of this, then maybe close grip.  Need to bust out my 3 board as well to work on that last inch.

2-board press of 235+chains

Notes: Felt really strong on this one.  Able to keep tension real well.

Band flyes with miniband

Notes: These are getting too light.  Gonna double up on the bands.

Pull-ups w/10lbs

Notes: Having put the 10lbs back on in bodyweight made this a little more challenging.  A few reps were crummy, I might try for just 45 next week and focus on hitting each rep well.

Face pulls w/light superset with CG EZ bar curls of 65lbs
15/12, 15/10, 15

Notes: Focused on squeezing and holding the shoulder blades.  Just did the curls to get some blood flowing.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Training Log: Entry 645

DE lower

Speed low box squats of 190+light bands

Notes: Speed off the box was rough at first, but picked up at the end.

Low box squats of 340+chains

Notes: Was like the goddamn circus was in town on this one.  I screwed up something on every single set, including hitting the racks every single walkout.  On the first set, I slipped before the first rep and had to abort and restart.  On the second set, coming up from the first rep, my right foot slipped, I stumbled, then my left foot slipped and I stumbled, effectively dancing with the full weight on my back, completely re-adjusting my footing, and someone still completing the set.  Third set was more of the same.  I need to get new chucks.  The bottom of these is like ice.

Band good mornings w/average
3x25, 1x15

Notes: Holy crap I got a lower back pump on this.

Band woodchops w/light superset with Hise shrugs of 340
12/18, 12/15, 12/15

Notes: Getting a great stretch in the obliques.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Training Log: Entry 644

ME upper

CG bench press w/chains

Notes: 275 was tough.  My strength still isn't 100%, and my work capacity was gone.  I was sweating and sucking wind the whole workout.  I got great speed for the first 4 inches off my chest, and then it goes to hell.  Gonna try CG board pressing next time.

Incline bench of 185

Notes: A higher incline than previously using.  Figure I can give the military pressing a bit of a break.  Weight was light and managable.

Band pushdowns w/average choked twice
1x10, 3x15

Notes: Choking it twice put it at a great height.

Unilateral band nuetral grip rows w/light+2 minis

Notes: Mighta done 4 sets, don't really remember.  Was dying at this point.

EZ bar curls of 65

Notes: As part of my lack of work capacity, cut the sets here.


I gotta remember that I was 20lbs heavier when I was putting up my best numbers.  Need to up the cals.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Training Log: Entry 643

ME lower

Safety Squat bar parallel box squats
155+chainsx3 (rest of weight listed is with chain)

Notes: Felt kinda weak today (more on that later), so hit up a triple instead of a heavy single.  Still got a great strain, so it worked well enough for me.  Didn't shove the handles forward this time.  Stalling about 3-4 inches off of the box.

Elevated trap bar lifts of 385

Notes: Starting to really hit my groove on this movement.  Finding the right hand placement and getting the movement pattern down.

SLDLs of 275

Notes: Sweating pretty bad, just increased the weight to get in a good volume with a low amount of reps.

Band ab pull downs with average

Notes: The further out I can get, the better the ab stretch.


I've lost 10lbs in the past 2 weeks from sickness.  The flu hit, and then I got some sort of stomach bug that's given me a bad case of the runs.  Not holding food in well, stomach has shrunk, and I've got minimal appetite.  I'm getting smaller and weaker, but looking prettier, so that's a plus I guess.  Once I get over this, I gotta start hitting up the cals.  I was gonna wait for a bulk, but I suppose the choice has been made for me.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Training Log: Entry 642

RE upper

Wide grip bench of 185+chains

Notes: Felt much more emphasis on my chest, which is my weak point anyway.  In my quest to gain back all the weight I lost from the flu, I ended up getting a mild case of food poisoning, and was throwing up 2 days ago.  My stomach has shrunk, I've lost more weight, and my energy is pretty sapped, so this wasn't my best workout.  I cut a lot of volume out as a result.

2-board press of 225+chains

Notes: Just some light supplemental work while I recover.

Band flyes with miniband
3x20, 1x15

Notes: Still doing a great job of getting the pec/delt tie in.

Pull-ups w/10lbs

Notes: Lots of rest pausing while I caught my breath.


Called it a night there.