Friday, July 31, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1904


Notes: Pretty pleased with how quickly I hit this goal. Also happy to see that the depth on the dips isn't too shallow. I'm not fully locking out at the top, I didn't expect that I was, as it would be a silly thing to do.

Haven't been recording it here, but I've actually been doing a max set of dips everyday since Monday.  Usually I'd hit this as soon as I got home from work, several hours after my morning workout.  The progression has gone as such.

Monday: 36
Tuesday: 40
Wednesday: 45 
Thursday: 47
Friday: 51

Not going to keep this up the week of the contest, but once I get back from that, I'm really going to chase this and see what I can do with it.

Band pull aparts

Notes: Shoulders were getting achy around Wednesday from all the dips, so I started throwing in a max set of pull aparts.  Always twice as many reps as the dips.  Seems to be putting the pain away.

Yoke 410lbs

Notes: Pulled my left lat on the very first yoke run, and forgot to wear my knee sleeves on the last one. Still a good yoke day, very fast foot speed, and the muscle pull seems minor. I might have to skip deadlifts tomorrow, which will crush my ego, but I have zero concern about being healed by contest time.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1903

Axle Clean and Press (clean once) 223lbs

Notes: Using my new Rogue axle. Weighs 25lbs and is powder coated, so some slight differences from what I was training with before. Very easy to grip. Was going for 8 reps, but misgrooved the very first rep and had to fight to press it out. Just was out of rhythm for the day. Still, not a bad "mediocre" performance. Shoulders no longer feel beat up from dips, think my body is adapting to the workload.

DB Incline Press 105
(4) 1x9
(3) 1x9
(2) 1x8
(1) 1x7
(0) 1x7 w/reactive slingshot

superset w/

GB Lat Pulldown 110

superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: Still on the fence with the reactive slingshot. It really beats up my right elbow for some reason. Really liking what I'm doing with the incline bench though, and my numbers are improving quickly on it compared to my previous efforts.

Axle curl stripset
100 reps

Band pushdown dropset
30xAverage band
25xLight band
20xMini band

Notes: I'm such a child, but I need gimmicks to get me to do arm work. The band dropset was fun. Had all 3 bands set up on the power rack and just hopped straight from one to the other. The axle curls really blew up my biceps something fierce.

General notes: Another great training session. Been having a lot of these in a row recently. It's funny how when I started strongman I loved the log and hated the axle, and now it's the other way around. Woke up at 196.0, but yesterday's nutrition wasn't the greatest, so I'm ok with that. Already excited for this contest to be over so I can really push my overhead in some stupid heavy directions.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1902

(10) Chain Suspended Safety Squat Bar Squats

Notes: Skipped the 11th link and went straight to the end of the cycle, like what I'm doing with deads. Extremely happy with how this squat cycle turned out, especially considering I had to dork up the first few weeks since my hamstring exploded. Matched my previous amount of reps with a greater amount of weight while being at a lower bodyweight. A complete victory. Going to ride this out for as long as I can.

Reverse hyper 5 plates

superset w/

Standing ab wheel

Car deadlift simulator
5x8 plates
10x6 plates

Notes: Got some thinner 45s so I can hit 8 plates per side now. Another awesome victory in this workout. Patting myself on the back for a second, that's 740lbs of plate weight total (factoring in that I'm counting the 100lb plates as just "2 plates"). I'm curious when I'm going to hit my limit on this movement. Once again, the weak point seems to keep changing for me, and this week it was really my rear delts and upper lats that seemed to be taking the brunt of the force.

Neck harness w/45lbs

Notes: I gotta rig up my new ironmind neck harness and probably a loading pin for this in the future. Might actually start pushing the weight a touch.

General notes: 195.8 this morning. Seem to be hitting a decent fluctuation within the 195-196 range. Shoulders are a little sore from dips. Bodycomp continues to improve. This is my last heavy squat workout until after the competition, next week, if I do anything at all, it'll just be some light pump work.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1901

Weighted chins 55lbs
20 reps

Notes: Used one of my new loading pins for this and it was awesome. May actually encourage me to do more/different amounts of weighted movements.

Bench 295

superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: I'm so f**king stupid, I misloaded the bench. Was supposed to be 305 today. That said, it may have been a subconscious action anyway, as this 5x5 was fast and smooth with shorter rest periods but still decently taxing. I may need to just dial back the training max on this rotation until I start eating more again. I was at least happy to succeed with less weight than fail with more, and I'll see how next week ends up.

Shoulder circuit
3 rounds


Notes: Ironmind dip racks wobble a lot less than my old power tower. See myself doing a lot more dips in the future. This was once again to make up for lost volume, this time due to the mislead.

DB rows 105

General Notes: Woke up at 196.0. Wife's birthday is today, been celebrating the entire weekend, but I've actually managed to play it pretty smart. Went to Red Lobster last night and just got a triple order of shrimp scampi w/broccoli and a Cesar salad w/a bite of the cheddar biscuits (amazingly, I'm at that "sober living" part of the diet where I couldn't really stomach more than that, so it was self regulating), and otherwise been sticking mainly with salads and meats. Still taking in a lot of sodium, which is most likely affecting weight slightly, but I'll take it.

Love handles are pretty much gone. Trace amounts of lower back fat. These are the two hardest areas for me to lose fat in, so things are coming along nicely. Aside from bench, strength seems to be holding together pretty well. Biggest factor is just mental, and not in the "I want to eat more/bad things" side (I'm a pretty big creature of habit, so right now I'm settled in to a nice routine), but more in the sense that I want to do MORE rather than less. Gaining and growing is just always more satisfying than losing. Big thing is going to be being smart once I start adding. Last time, I went on a 3 year junk food binge, can't do that again.

PM Training


Notes: Just threw in a max rep set upon getting home from work to see what I could do. Wanna get this up to 50. Thinking I might try to shoot for a daily goal of 100 reps of dips on my pressing days to get some more upper body volume when I try to gain weight.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1900

(2) Mat Pulls 585+chains
11 reps total
(2) Mat Pulls 495+chains

Notes: 8 on the first, 3 on the second.  Felt like I didn't have another pull in me at 585, and didn't want to risk it this close to a comp, so I dropped a plate to get some more reps in.  I may make that a regular thing, might even work dead stops ala my squat training.  Going to do everything in my power to hit 8 reps next week.  Felt like I could've had a 9th on the first pull today if I was willing to be stupid.

DOH hold 405+chains
40 seconds

Squats 360

Notes: Used my new buffalo bar today.  It weighs 52lbs, but I have 7.5 kilo bumper plates which come out to 33lbs, so score, I'm able to get a "5" at the end right?  Well stupid me immediately forgot about that and added a 5lb plate when not required.  Went up 15lbs from last week versus the 10 I was planning, but at least that explains the less than stellar performance.  Next week, I'll just move it up 5lbs.

The buffalo bar feels AMAZING, but I can't hold it quite as low on my back as I could with a barbell, so technique is a little different.  Slightly more high bar.

General notes: Weighed in at 194.6 this morning.  Skipped dinner last night since I drove an hour+ each way to get the gear, and by the time I got home and unloaded all the stuff I just had no appetite.  Still a stupid move.  Tried to make up with it on my cheat meal today: 2 western bacon cheeseburgers from the local burger joint, bread and all.  This was painful to put away.  I'm getting really excited about putting on some quality weight, mainly so I can quit doing this and just eat a lot of meat everyday.

Also, got some more thinner diameter 45lb plates, so I may be able to just straight increase the weight on my car deadlift frame instead of coming up with that rig, but that'll most likely still be in my future.

Holy cow, 1900 posts.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1899

Sandbag (205lbs), Keg (182lbs), Keg (100lbs): 75' each
2 rounds

Notes: Each implement starts at the same spot, so I run the sandbag first, run back, run the first keg, run back, run the final keg, then die. Focused on sprinting between each implement. This really sucked, my conditioning is awful, definitely something I need to focus on in the off season. The sandbag moved really quick, and then I could jog with the first keg, but by the time I got to the third keg it was like a brisk walk. 2 rounds totally did me in, heart was beating like a jackhammer. Part of this is I got woken up twice in the middle of the night, so I went back to some old habits and had a fully charged Rockstar (240mg caffeine) before training.

I liked this circuit though, and was fried out on the yoke, so it was a fun change of pace. Next week, I'll hit the yoke light for speed, and then it's the contest.

I was going to hit arms after this but then I remembered something: f**k that.

General notes: Wife told me I looked skinny last night. Such a psychological blow, haha. Have pretty decent abs in the morning and still some abs at night, which is a good sign. May be picking up a ton of awesome lifting tear today (all Ironmind and Rogue), if it pans out, I'll update.

Bodyweight at 195.2 for the second day in a row.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1898

Circus DB 112.5

Notes: Technique has really improved on these. Much less pressing out and far more leg drive. Ideally, I would've been cleaning each rep in training, but my Home Depot bucket bell is about on it's last legs. Still, feeling pretty confident for the contest.

Incline dumbbell press 105
(4) 1x8
(3) 1x8
(2) 1x8
(1) 1x6
(0) 1x5

superset w/

GB lat pulldown 110

superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: Some explanation. Wasn't progressing with the incline DB presses the way I wanted to be and was concerned that I wasn't hitting all the angles I needed to in order to build up a stronger press. Solution: Lower the incline each set. This way, I'm working through a bunch of different angles while still allowing myself to really push hard on those first few sets. Think now, my plan is going to be that, when I hit 10 reps on the first set (maybe first 2), I'll increase the incline again.

Had to cut out the arms training. Workout got cut short. May finish it tonight or throw it in with events tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1897

(12) Chain Suspended Safety Squat Bar Squats

Notes: Another great day with this movement. Hamstring has been sore all week, but not "hurt", and felt 100% for this workout. Belt is still a little loose in the morning due to weight loss. Right in the sweet spot where taking it in a notch will make it too tight but where it is presently isn't quite tight enough.

Reverse hyper 5 plates

superset w/

Standing ab wheel

Car deadlift simulator 7 plates

Notes: Incredibly pleased with my progress/effort on this. Intensity is high. Emphasis seems to have shifted on this movement: the first few times I did it, it blew up my quads, but now it's my middle/upperback that takes the brunt of the abuse. Can't tell if I've shifted my technique on it or if my quads caught up. Going to push this up to 20 reps, and then have to get creative. Might be able to add another plate per side.

Neck harness 45lbs

General Notes: Another great squat day workout. 2 in a row feels like a record to me. Seems like I'm firing all cylinders: can't help but wonder if it's the improved diet. GI distress seems to be over. Been drinking a little more diet soda than I'd like due to the heat/humidity. Bodyweight is consistently 196.2 in the mornings.   

Monday, July 20, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1896

Weighted chins 50lbs
29 reps

Bench 285

Superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: Weight loss starting to show itself here. This is the one lift that I usually experience negative effects with when I lose weight. That said, this and the 3x3 week are the 2 toughest weeks for me in the program, so it's not totally unexpected. I will continue next week as planned, and if I can't make those reps, then I will reduce the training weights by 5-10lbs and continue on with the program. Few small external factors at play as well. Left hip flexor was feeling beat up this morning, made it hard to get into position, and my left foot kept slipping, which was killing leg drive a bit.

Shoulder circuit
3 rounds

Bodyweight dips

Notes: Just something to make up for lost volume during the bench workout. Traditionally, I'll just re-rack and rest pause to make up for missed reps, or hit another set, but I was on the clock today and this worked out better. Little taste of how things will be when I try to regain some weight.

DB rows 105

General notes: Weighed in at 196. Starting to see appreciable changes in bodyfat levels. Suffered some severe GI distress after the cheat meal on Saturday: don't think I can get away with eating like that any more. Could also be a contributing factor to state of weakness this morning, when paired with the extreme heat/humidity we've had here recently. Have also added tomatoes and cucumbers to my morning salad to get a little more variety in my diet.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1895

(4) Mat Pulls 585+chains
13 reps total

Notes: Still a good week, as this was 10, then 3.  Third pick-up didn't feel like it was going to happen, and with this being week 4, I didn't push myself.  Woke up at 195.6, down 2lbs, and told myself I was going to get 10 in the first pick-up no matter what.  Getting that 10th took a good amount of of me, but I'd rather get more in the first pick up.  Also, I figured out that the sensation of spinal fluid leaking out of my nose was actually just me throwing up in my mouth, so at least that's solved.

DOH hold 405+chains
35 seconds

Squats 345

Notes: Took some video.  Depth is about what I expect it to be.  Hamstring is feeling strong, but just going to keep progressing with this.  Once I can hit 405 for 20 in this style, I'll go back to heavy training.

General notes: Cheat meal this week was Western Bacon cheeseburger (single patty, 2 onion rings, pickles, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce) and a half plate of fries with ketchup.  I tried to eat the entire plate of fries, but had to tapout midway through.  I just can't do fried food anymore.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Originally posted this on t-nation, so the formatting is a little jacked up.

I finally dropped another pound, down to 196.4 this morning. Weight loss has been slow but consistent. I spent this entire week at 197, whereas prior to this I was bouncing between 197-200lbs, so I feel I've gained a handle on weight manipulation. I've unfortunately reached the point of weight loss where I now need to engage in portion control rather than simply improving the quality of what I eat. Needless to say, it sucks.

Here is a rundown of my current diet (I'll pick a training day, since I have more of those than non-training days).

0450 (Pre-training)
-Bowl of wild blueberries w/raw honey and sugar free coolwhip

0620 (Post training)
-2 scoops of protein powder in 12-16oz skim milk

-Romaine salad w/4-6oz of meat and full fat Cesar dressing (about a half to ¾ serving size)
--Usually the meat is whatever was leftover from dinner the night before. I've put hamburger patties, steaks and tri tip on it. Sometimes, itâ??s just hardboiled eggs and bacon.
-16oz no/low carb monster (140mg caffeine)

-12oz (ish) of meat (more leftovers) OR another romaine salad similar to above (but with some black beans and sour cream as well)
-16oz diet soda

-44oz diet soda
-Quest protein bar

-12-16oz of some sort of meat
-2 servings of broccoli
-Some crystal lite

-Spoonful of natural peanut butter mixed with sugar free coolwhip

And throughout the day, I drink a gallon of water. End of the day, taking fish oil, creatine and glucosamine. On non-training days, I cut out the blueberries, but everything else stays the same. Saturday I have my cheat meal before deadlifting, but even with that I'm trying to keep it pretty clean. Basically just carbing up on potatoes if I get the chance, since I never eat them.

Writing that diet out looks terrible, haha. I'm eating like a POW. I honestly need to get a better handle on how carbs work. Right now I'm just stupidly doing the "CARBS BAD" thing, and it works for me, but I know I could do better. I also should eat more veggies. If nothing else, be good to stave off the hunger and get some more nutrients.

I'm really just losing fat out of vanity at this point. I turn 30 this year, and itâ??d be nice to know that I can still get lean if I want to, and Iâ??d like to spend some time putting on size without ending up a fatass, so itâ??d be good to start from a leanish base. Additionally, after getting that 3 year junk food binge out of my system after my last powerlifting meet, Iâ??m excited about the idea of being able to put on weight just by eating more meat, considering that's what was holding back my weight loss prior to this moment, haha. On the plus side though, at least I'll have zero issues making weight for my comp in Aug.

Trainingwise, I want to sketch out an off-season plan for when I decide to put on some quality weight. Just a few changes from my current approach, so I won't be going too into the weeds. 

-Weighted chin warm-up 
-Matt Kroc's 16 week bench program 
--HEAVY low rep DB rows during bench warm-up sets and between shoulder work, band pull aparts during work sets 
-BB shoulder work. Alternate weeks between very light rehab work and heavier hypertrophy focused efforts. 
--Basically, 1 week is my 3 way shoulder circuit, 1 week more specific focus on heavier raises/pressing 
-Finish up with 1 big set of Kroc rows in the 30-40 rep range 

Notes: Only real change is going heavy on the DB rows during benching. Prior to this point, I was using the same weight I had been using for the Kroc row and just accumulating fatigue throughout the workout. Additionally, want to alternate the shoulder work. The rehab stuff has been HUGE for making my shoulders healthy and helping my press, so I want to keep it going, but I also want to drive on specifically making the shoulders bigger. I think I can get away with alternating. Might also consider chasing the bench work with 1 max set of dips, shooting for a PR each week. 

-ROM progression SSB squat w/backoff set 
-Reverse hyper/ab work superset (1 week ab wheel, 1 week GHR sit up) 
-Alternate each week between car deadlift and implement clean (keg, log, axle, sandbag, etc) 
--Possibly throw in carry medley 
-Neck harness 

Notes: Keeping with the SSB since it improves my deadlift/strongman lifts, but will change if needed. Biggest change will be alternating between car deadlift and implement cleans. I love the former, hate the latter, but want to be good at both. I may consider performing a carry medley on these days as well. Limiting factor is training early in the morning in my garage, I don't want to wake the neighbors taking stuff outside and throwing it around. Sandbag would be my only option most likely, but still a decent way to get a leg burn. Might even do an implement carry/lunge to get more lowerbody work in specifically. 

-Skill day/Rep day/Heavy day press rotation 
-Pressing assistance 
--Considering rotating assistance movements/strategies (some weeks straight sets, some weeks dips w/rep goal) 
--Superset w/lat pulldowns (POSSIBLY include chins w/rep goal) 
-Arm work 
-Pull aparts throughout workout 

Notes: I?ve been missing chins, but ever since I switched to pulldowns my elbows have been completely painfree. I may need to start pushing the weight on these though, which will require strapping myself to my pulldown station since it doesn?t have a knee catch on it. Alternating pressing assistance should pay off pretty well. I'll probably need to get creative with the programming to elicit the hypertrophy I?m seeking. Most likely some sort of stupid dropset, maybe chase the mechanical advantage angle. 

--Distance running 

Notes: My new work schedule allows me to workout on Friday mornings every other work or so, and I?m going to try to cram in my yoke/farmer's training at this spot. I think I?ve finally gained enough proficiency with the yoke that I don't need to train it every week, and the qualities that make a good yoke carry make a good farmer?s walk and vise versa. Begrudgingly, I'll most likely be performing some manner of distance running on these days for some weeks, as that's more what work is expecting from me, but it's probably not the worse thing in the world. 

-ROM progression deadlifts 
--Yoke (if not accomplished on events day due to running) 
-Grip training 
-Dumb squat workout of some variety 

Notes: I'm just pleased with this day in general. Just have to keep getting creative and stupid with the squat workout at the end. I suppose I could think about doing some GHRs just to add a little volume. 
Training Log: Entry 1894

Yoke/sandbag/sandbag over bar medley, 75'
410lb yoke, 205lb sandbag

4 rounds

Notes: Similar to last week. Lighter weight on the yoke to work more on speed. Liking the rotation so far of 410/500/550. I'm getting faster and no signs of burning out. Rounds got better as I went, found more things to focus on/improve. This time, emphasizing foot speed throughout the entire yoke, sprints back to the implements instead of jogging, and one motioning the sandbag versus re-lapping it. Feeling good for contest.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1893

Log clean and press
4x195 (strict)

Notes: Got woken up at 0130 today, which, when you wake up at 0445 to train, really sucks. Felt dead, had no pop. Tried 235 before with leg drive and it just wasn't going anywhere. Been going too heavy too often with the log; once this contest is over I'm going to rotate the log in on my "odd implement" day and train it with a clean each rep, and make my heavy day an axle day. If I train log on the heavy day, I'm just going to make it strict.


superset w/

GB lat pulldowns 90

Superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: Considering I tend to lose consciousness on DB incline presses on a good day, felt like today would be a good day to play it safe and hit up the dips. My dip tower is pretty wobbly, so got some stability in on this too.

Axle curl dropset

Band pushdown dropset
Average band for 25 reps
Light band for 25 reps

Notes: Like the idea of the band drop sets. When I have more time, I'll throw in the mini as well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1892

(13) Chain Suspended Safety Squat Bar Squats

Notes: Back to full strength. Quick recovery. Last time this happened to me, I was out for 8 months, but part of that was just plain not knowing how to rehab. May have had a few more reps in me on the deadstop set of 355, but don't want to push myself too hard so close after recovery/so near a contest. Belt is fitting looser these days due to weight loss, may need to take it in a notch.

Reverse hyper 5 plates

superset w/

GHR sit up w/25lbs

Notes: I think pretty soon I'm going to start doing reverse hypers with a hold at the top of the rep. Gotta figure out a way to get more mileage out of the movement, as loading it up this heavy is getting stupid.

Car deadlift 7 plates

Notes: Great effort. Might've been able to eek out anther rep or 2, but I'm hitting limit weights here. Had to cut the workout a little short, would've liked to chase this with a little more work, but I'm still getting stronger. I think sometime in the future I should try this out with my deadlift suit.

General notes: Did the math and my contest week is going to fall on the exact week I would normally pull from the floor at the end of a cycle. My plan is to skip a week on my mat pulls (looking like the 3 mat week at this point), pull from the floor the week before the contest, and then take a down week the week of. It's not the most ideal, but it actually works out pretty well in terms of taking time off, being able to pull from the floor and fitting in the contest. I'll most likely continue with squat day as is since this cycle got a little jacked up due to the injury.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1891

Weighted chins 50lbs
28 reps

Bench 225

superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: Wasn't giving this weight enough respect on the first set and it felt terrible. Even though it's a down week, gotta still practice good technique. Spent the rest of the workout getting tight and exploding and it went well. Paused on the last rep of all sets. 3rd time I've run this routine, and this is the best control I've ever had over weight during the down week. Either I'm getting a lot stronger or a lot better, but either way I'm happy.

Shoulder circuit
3 rounds

DB rows 105

Notes: Things were feeling good today on the DB rows. May need to start really pushing this last set for some stupid high rep PRs.

Been toying with the idea of doing another powerlifting meet at some point. I'm still loving strongman, and I wouldn't change my training around much, but it might be fun to update my total.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1890

(5) Mat Pulls 585+chains
16 reps total

Notes: 10, then 3, then 3. Much better breathing compared to last week. Got 9 reps in the first breath. Really driving the lockout hard on these. Woke up at 197 again after my first week of what I'd call "strict eating" and had my first cheat meal before lifting: 2 beef ribs and a baked potato. If I can keep getting 10 in the first set for as long as possible, I'll be in a good place.

DOH hold 405+chains
30 seconds

Notes: Just fried from training 5 days in a row. It was actually my back that gave out versus my grip.

Squats 335

Notes: Quads were pretty beat up. These felt shallow, but were hitting where I needed it. I'd say leg is 100% healed. It's a recurring injury, so it's not 100% in total, but it's as healthy as I can get it.

Time for 2 much needed days off.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1889

2.6 Mile run

Time: 20:47

Notes: Wanted to see how long these were taking me.  Just slightly under an 8 minute mile average.  Not terrible.  Still pretty much just an exercise in enduring suck, but my middle back was pretty beat up from the yoke.  Hurt to breathe deep.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1888


Axle Clean and Press (clean once)
3x190 (strict)

Notes: Seeing definite improvement everytime I hit time movement. Leg drive was totally on point, very crisp, no wasted movement. I actually get some of my best reps later in the set, when I'm fatigued and can't rely on strength to move the weight. A lot of reps that just flew from chest to lockout. Had some more reps in me on the strict set, but could feel my neck tensing up and didn't want to pinch a nerve again. Going to advance the weight to 220 next cycle.

(3) Incline DB press 105
(1) Incline DB press 105

Superset w/

GB lat pulldown 110

Superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: Not really moving on the DB incline press, but my pressing is improving, so I'd say it's still working. Held back on the reactive slingshot today, but I think I'm going to keep it in rotation. It torques my elbows a touch, but I like the focus on lockout.

Axle curl dropset

Notes: Progression is working, and at least I'm doing some sort of curl I suppose.

Average band pushdowns

General notes: Second day in a row of bodyweight at 197, which is a positive sign. Belt is fitting looser, hopefully I can find a good spot for it by the time comp rolls around.


75' 550lb Yoke/ 205lb Sandbag run w/sandbag over bar
2 rounds

Notes: To explain, run the yoke 75', run back to the starting point to grab the sandbag, run the sandbag 75', arrive at yoke and do 1 sandbag over bar.

2 rounds was enough. After training 3 days in a row and doing a 2 a day here, I was toast. Great ass-kicker, hits a lot of different events/movements, and totally fried me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1887

(14) Chain Suspended Safety Squat Bar Squats

Notes: I'd say hamstring is about 98% at this point. Only the slightest twinge toward the very end of both sets. Just taking it easy at this point as it's the smart thing to do, but my strength is back. I might need to repeat this cycle of the weight just due to circumstances, but I'm getting the benefits of this movement still.

Reverse hyper 5 plates

superset w/

Standing ab wheel

Car deadlift simulator
10x7 plates
10x5 plates

Notes: This was awesome. Finally felt like I was pushing myself with this movement. Actually caused me to grunt/yell, which I never do in training. Had a pretty sick backward lean going. Hamstring was not a limiting factor at all, although I still wrapped it with a wrist wrap to be safe. At this point, just going to keep pushing to 20 reps.

Neck harness 45lbs

General notes: Best squat day workout I've had in a long time. I feel like I've been lacking some intensity in my training, and it was nice to push a little bit. I'm finally starting to see some downward progression on the scale, but I've had to be pretty aggressive with my nutrition to get me there. In truth, I have no idea what I'm doing in that regard, and just kind of winging it. But my belt is fitting looser, so I suppose that means I am losing some fat.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1886

Chins w/50lbs
26 reps total

Bench 305

Superset w/

Band pull aparts

Notes: Right shoulder got jacked up from something yesterday, not sure what. Just have pain when I move it through certain ranges of motion. Thankfully, no impact on benching. This was actually one of my more successful days. Just keep trying to get as tight as possible before lift off.

Shoulder circuit
3 rounds

DB rows 105

Notes: Kind of getting the itch to do something different for back work. Truthfully, I do these because the set-up is easy, but maybe some meadows rows need to come back into my rotation.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1885

(6) Mat Pulls 585+chains
18 reps total

Notes: Did this after driving 5 hours through LA.  10, then 4, then 4.  Warm-ups felt like nothing, practically ripping the bar off the mats.  Didn't get a big enough breath on the first pull, only managed 7-8 reps, but made up for it with later pick ups.  Might've actually had a 5th rep on the final set, but I could feel a callus tearing in my left hand so I shut it down.  Was the smarter move, looked at my hand and all the chalk had worn away right at my ring finger.  That's what I tore in my 3rd contest.  Gotta keep a watch on it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1884

On vacation, training at a commercial gym

Dumbbell push press 100lbs

Notes: Indicating right/left hand numbers.  Got some great leg drive here, actually felt like I managed a jerk a few times.

Barbell strict press
worked up to 225 for a single

Notes: Pressing with a barbell felt really weird.  Actually tried to push press after this and it didn't take.  Pretty happy with 225 for a smooth single after the dumbbell work.

V handle lat pulldown
5 sets


Notes: This felt amazing.  I missed dips, and this gave me a crazy chest pump.  The very last set I managed 16 before having to take a rest pause.  I might need to bring these backs.

Cable curls
65 reps

Notes: Was doing another drop set, but also just killing time waiting for the squat rack to open up.  Once it did, I cut the set short.

Squats 325

Notes: Cheap barbell slipped down my back a bit, but otherwise this was solid.  Hamstring's got a little bit of pain, wrapped it with a wrist wrap, but it's manageable.  My deadlift workout is going to be short this week, so I threw the squats in today.  Rehab plan from here on out is to keep adding 10lbs each week while sticking with the 20 reps.  Want to get this up to 405.