Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Training Log: Entry 784

RE upper pull

DB row of 130

Notes: No rest between sets, just switch from one arm to the next.  Got some lower back pump here as well.

Weighted dips w/45lbs

Notes: Some chucklehead was in the rack the entire time I was at the gym, so I improvised.  On the last set, I quit worrying so much and just let myself drop and stretch back up.  I've been too ginger with my elbows, and doing this showed me that I have a lot more in me.

Mini band assisted chins

Notes: Used some rest pause just to hit as many reps as I could.  I never feel the lat recruitment during the pull, but after the set I got a pump.

Seated barbell overhead press of 95

Notes: Once again, guy in the rack the entire time made this happen, but not bad.  I thought I was keeping the weight light, but this was still tough.  I don't know what is up with my overhead pressing work capacity.

Light band pull apart superset/cable curls of 50
17/13, 15/13

Monday, September 28, 2009

Training Log: Entry 783

RE lower squat

Back squat of 275

Notes: This fried out my lower back.  Short rest periods are killer, and not using the belt is really getting a pump.  I'll prolly gain a lot of my size in my lower back at this rate, but that's cool.

If I need to lay down, I should just lay down.  I tend to recover better after closing my eyes.  If I find that this is just too much for me to do like my last RE squat attempt, I might go 4x8 or 10x3 or something.

Trap bar lifts of 315

Notes: Focusing on turning the knees out rather than letting them track in.

Front squats of 135

Notes: Started off clean grip, switched to arms folded after rep 10.  Don't ask how, I don't know.  This was a real ass kicker, and required long rest times again.

Average band good morning

Notes: Not enough space in my garage currently for pull throughs so hit these up instead.  Focus on putting the butt out.

Average band pull downs


Considerations: My calories are way up.  My appetite is bottomless, and I'm not holding back.  My waist isn't getting big though, I still fit in my blues just fine.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Training Log: Entry 782

RE upper push

NG seated shoulder press w/50s

Notes: First time trying this out.  Had more in me, but keeping the rest pausing to a minimum for the first week.

DB rows of 110

Notes: Gonna go for 6-8 next time.  I realize I can still go for strength on this movement.

CGBP of 155

Notes: This was an eye opener, both on how weak my endurance is and on why my right knee is killing me.  Setting up for the bench is causing a great deal of pain where my knee connects to the back of my calf.  I'm gonna flat back it for a while.

Lat pulldowns

Pushdowns of 65 superset with cable curls of 45

Considerations: Started up fish oil today.  Just using one tablet per day for now.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Training Log: Entry 781

RE lower deadlift

Conventional deadlift of 275

Notes: Worked from a dead stop with minimal rests between reps.  Really took a toll on my conditioning.  Working on "dive bombing" the deadlift and really getting my leg drive into the lift.  I know it's trying to front squat the weight up, but it keeps my back in a better position.  Used a belt.  Not bad light work, still had more in me, but wanted to keep the reps around 15.


Notes: The 385 worked well, but it was a pretty decent strain and I want to keep my momentum going here, so I cut it down a little.  365 went up like a rocket, and sunk down very deep.

SSB lunges of bar

Notes: 20 reps per leg.  My garage is still cluttered from moving, and trying to manuever around boxes with more than just the bar on my shoulders didn't seem smart.

Average band good mornings

Notes: Focused on sticking the butt way out and really stretching the hamstrings.

Saxon side bends of 15


Considerations: Gonna use the trap bar as my heavy movement on my squat day, just so I'm not deadlifting twice per week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Training Log: Entry 780

RE upper pull


Notes: First set was perfect, rest of sets used rest pause where needed.  Gonna try for 1 more rep per set per week.  Decided I'm going to have 1 extra set in all my pulling compared to my pushing to help correct internal rotational vs. external rotational strength.

Strict press of 165

Notes: Still going light.  Elbows up helps.

Cable v-handle row of 140

Notes: Was originally gonna do t-bar rows, but the short ROM paired with bending over this late in the workout just didn't seem beneficial.  As it stands now I have 2 cable rowing movements and 2 DB rowing movements, so I'll prolly switch one for the other in each week.


Notes: Struggled a bit on the last rep of the last set.  Try not to drop so fast.

Light Band pull-apart superset/cable curls of 42.5

Notes: Anterior delts already blasted so hit up the posterior instead.   Gonna stick with cable curls as it's the only curl that doesn't make my shoulder click.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Training Log: Entry 779

RE Squat

Back squat

Notes: Didn't hit my rep goal.  Between moving, my job, my school, and my diet, I don't have much energy in the gym.  I'm getting back on creatine this week, so that should help.  I did this beltless since I don't know where my belt is, and it's gotten me thinking about just doing all my RE work beltless so I can get my ego out of the way and just go for high reps.

Sumo deadlift of 315

Notes: No chalk and no belt here.  Kept it light just to get familiar with the movement.  This will work much better than conventional deadlifts after high rep squats.

Front squats of 135

Notes: Kept the weight light just to get the movement in.  Went up like air.

45 degree hyperextension

Notes: Bands are packed, so I hit this up.

Cable ab pulldowns

Considerations:  I think I'm gonna stick with the sumo pulls here and use the trap bar for RE work for the time being.  I'll use the belt on my heavy work when I find it, and go beltless on the RE work.  Front squats weren't bad, but should use the olympic grip rather than arms folded if I'm doing more than 5 reps.  My upperbody seems to need more volume, but this worked out well for the lowerbody.  I think I might keep the rest times higher on the squats.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Training Log: Entry 778

Day 1 of the new routine

RE upper push

DB press of 90

Notes: Elbows were clicking a lot on these.  Wonder what that is all about.  Kept the rest times at 1 minute.  Might try some DC style rest pause on the last set in the future.

NG chins w/10lbs

Notes: Decided to swap these in at the last minute instead of normal chins.  In the past I didn't like these because I couldn't get much lat activation, but now that I have 2 back movements per training day I can focus more on just generating pulling strength.  1.5 minute rest times.  I'll go longer as it gets tougher.

Bradford press of 95

Notes: I was counting front and back as 1 rep, but realized that my shoulders are pressing twice in that period, so I'm changing my style of counting.  No shoulder pain, just some clicking on my colar bone.  Originally was planning on DB overhead work, but figured having two DB movements was gonna overtax my stablizers.

Low pulley rows w/straight bar of 140

Notes: Didn't have my straps (they're packed somewhere in the move), so I had to rest a little to reset my grip.  Incredible lat activation this time around.

Cable pushdown of 50 superset cable curl of 35

Notes: As much as I hate curls, cable curls seem to be what I need.  No shoulder clicking and great bicep pump.


Considerations: I've been moving for the past week, and haven't been able to get in the weight room.  My diet has been crummy just because I'm eating on the fly, and I tore both my lats picking up furniture (I unloaded the entire moving truck in an hour by myself).  The left side of my lower back is a little tweaked.  However, the training was a breath of fresh air.  Total time in the gym was around 45 minutes.  I went the bare minimum on everything just to assess where I am, will add sets and reps as I can, along with some rest pausing and other fancy stuff.  I have a physical tomorrow requiring me to fast for 12 hours, so I'm not starting my supplements until after that.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


My basement backed up one more time, and the government is finally moving me.  Thankfully, no gym equipment was damaged this way, but everything is packed up presently.  I've been brainstorming on my mass building program, and came up with this


Week 1

RE upper push
DB bench press 3 x Failure
(Weighted) Chins 3-5x3-5
DB shoulder press 3-4x8-12
Cable row 4-5x10-15
Pushdown/cable curl superset 2-3x8-15

RE lower squat
Back squat 2-3x10-15
Trap bar lift from a box or deadlifts off of mats (undecided) 3-5x3-5
Walking SSB lunges 1-2x10-20
Band pull throughs 3-4x15-20
Saxon side bends 3-4x10-20

RE upper pull
Pull-ups or lat pulldowns (undecided) 50 reps in as few sets as possible or 3xfailure
Strict press 3-5x3-5
T-bar rows 4-5x10-15
(Weighted) dips 3-4x8-12
Some sort of raise/Hammer curl superset 2-3x8-15

RE upper deadlift
Conventional deadlift or trap bar lift (undecided) 2-3x10-15
Back squat 3-5x3-5
Front squat 1-2x10-20
Band good mornings or SSB good mornings (undecided) 3-4x15-20
Band pull downs 3-4x10-20


Week 2

RE upper push
DB  NG shoulder press 3xfailure
DB rows 4-5x10-15
CGBP 3-4x8-12
Pull downs 4-5x10-15
DBPC/cable curl superset 2-3x8-15

RE lower squat
Back squat 2-3x10-15
Trap bar lift from a box or deadlifts off of mats (undecided) 3-5x3-5
Walking SSB lunges 1-2x10-20
Band pull throughs 3-4x15-20
Saxon side bends 3-4x10-20

RE upper pull
DB row 3xfailure
Pin press off chest height 3-5x3-5
Assisted chins 4-5x10-15
Bradford press 3-4x8-12
Pushdowns/hammer curls 3-4x8-15

RE upper deadlift
Conventional deadlift or trap bar lift (undecided) 2-3x10-15
Back squat 3-5x3-5
Front squat 1-2x10-20
Band good mornings or SSB good mornings (undecided) 3-4x15-20
Band pull downs 3-4x10-20



Alternate bewteen week 1 and week 2.


I'm gonna start supplementing with fish oil and get back on creatine within the next 2 weeks.  Presently sitting at about 200lbs even, and looking trim.  My joints are in pain, and my strength is dropping, so I think some muscle is really gonna help.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Training Log: Entry 777

RE upper

DB press of 115

Notes: Had someone spot me on the final rep of the final set.  I didn't turn it down, as I figure it's better than failing.  I might cycle down on weight to rebuild momentum, but we'll see how that goes.  I coulda hit a 4th rep on the third set, but I misgroved it.

Wide grip incline press of 185

Notes: I think 5 sets is a bit much.  I might just add 1 set one week, then add more reps the next, rather than keep adding sets.  Kinda like how I've been doing with the DB press.  I might even cut back to 3 sets and go for a rep PR.  Still kinda experimenting.  I could feel my labrum twisting a little.

Lat pulldowns

Notes: * indicates an extra plate added onto the cable stack.  Focused on pulling with the elbows and feeling the lats.  Still getting strain in my elbows, I think I mighta wanna ditch the straps so I can put my hands down between reps.

Tate press of 35 superset with kelso shrugs of 50
20/20, 14/14, 12

Notes: Kelso shrugs are supposed to be arms unbent, but I do better with a little bend.  I'm getting more my middle back than upper, but that's what seems to be crapping out on me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Training Log: Entry 776

ME upper

Box squats x hamstring injury

That tears it.  This is like my 4th poor box squat training.  My hips are killing me, forcing me to transfer the load onto my hamstrings and knees, which in turn is now beating up my knees and pulling my left hamstring.  I hate this movement, and I put off ME lower for days when this is next in my cycle.

Contributing factors:

-Increase in conditioning over the past 6 weeks
-Lack of calories
-Colder weather

-Squatting too frequently-Squatting is my supplemental movement for both days


-Get some powerlifting assistance gear.  I'm damn near 2.5xBW RAW, if not already there, and I don't know how many folks out there can train at that weight consistently without injury.

-Change my routine.  I usually get about 9 months out of Westside before I start hitting some serious stalls, and when I change the routine I'm able to make progress in some way.  However, I may go a route opposite of strength, and try to put on some much needed mass this time around.  I think I'm about tapped out at 200lbs.

I'm gonna spitball a little and come up with a routine that I might implement in the future, based on a lot of westside principles I'm sure, but without the ME stuff.  I can get stronger as long as the reps or weight progress.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Training Log: Entry 775

ME upper

Pin presses from chest height

Notes: The 285 pissed me off, and I decided to try a different strategy.  The pin press is like a pulling movement, in that I can set the bar down between reps and rest pause without anything happening.  I think I'm gonna just stick with 225 and try to beat PRs on it everytime I lift.

CG Bench Press of 225

Notes: Trying my experiment of adding a set per week.

DB rows of 120

Notes: Not much on lat activation, but I had to use a different bench than normal.

Cable front raises of 12.5+plate

Notes: Experiment with arm bent vs. straight

Hammer curls of 40

Friday, September 4, 2009

Training Log: Entry 774

DE lower

Speed box squats of 205 against lights, -1 riser

Notes: Focused on pressing with the hips rather than the knees and arching hard.

Squats of 385

Notes: Had at least 1 more in the tank on everything, but still taking this slow and easy.  Depth is awesome, and doing a good job of using my glutes.

SSB walking lunges of 165

Notes: Once I pass my PFT, I'm planning on throwing a high rep conventional deadlift into my other day for 1 set.  I should be able to handle 1 set, and high rep deads will definitely help with weight gain.  Should be good for my form as well.

Light band pull throughs

Average band pulldowns

Hise shrugs of 385

Notes: Use a belt next time on the hise shrugs.  Getting it off the safety bars sucks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Training Log: Entry 773

1.5 mile run


Notes: Finally broke the 2 minute mark.  First lap was 1:38, and I hit a 7:40ish mile.  Met my goal of a sub 12:12.  I could potentially run a sub 11:36, which would move me up another point bracket, but the 16 Sep deadline is closing in.

First time cracking 12 minutes since my junior year of college I think.  I'd have to really dig through my log to find out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Training Log: Entry 772

RE upper

DB press of 115

Notes: 1 week of CG and 1 week off has made me forget the form on this a little.  I was trying to "pull the bar apart" on the way down, only to realize there was no bar.  I'll get back into gear soon.

Incline press of 185

Notes: Going to try just adding sets in 3 week waves rather than attempting to add reps per set.  The volume will increase regardless, and there'd be less chance of failure.  I'll see how it goes.  4 is just psychologicaly easier, and I don't burn out going for it like I do on 5.

Lat pulldowns

Notes: Using rest pause as much as needed here.  Grip is all over the place, but all I want is to get my volume up.  I notice that my point of failure is my elbows, as they tire out well before anything else.  Wondering if hammer curls will do anything there.

Tate presses of 35 superset w/kelso shrugs of 50
18/20, 12/12, 12

Notes: The tate presses sneak up on you, and don't cause any sort of elbow pain.  The kelso shrugs are always gonna be awkward, but I think they're gonna aid my upperback rounding on deadlifts.

Took a week off and went to visit my wife's family.  They're pig farmers with a great corn crop, so I ate nothing but fresh meat and veggies for 5 days.  I ran 1.5 miles in the dirt (no time, just to practice).  Came home and was 201.5.  When I left I was more like 205.5.  I'll take it, my PFT is real soon.  I'm thinking from there I'm gonna do a long slow bulk.  I always put weight on too fast, and starting off skinny might help with my momentum.