Sunday, February 27, 2005

Training Log: Entry 67

Grand total of 10lbs lost from flu.  Finally got back into lifting today.  Still had to be light.  Was getting winded.  Am force feeding protein shakes to gain weight.

Have restarted teaching one of my students.  Will be showing him clinch range next time.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Sickness update:

Final Damage: At least 5lbs lost.  Hopefully water.  Missed 3 days of training.

On the plus side, lots of rest.  Good for injuries.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Training Log: Entry 66

Getting over a case of food poisoning.  Have been on my back for 1.5 days.  Puked for about 9 hours yesterday.  Still a little queasy, but finally have enough strength to walk.  Have not eaten well in 2 days. 

On the plus side, no worries about making weight at this point.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Training Log: Entry 65

Extremely good news.  No more shoulder pain during movement, and now have full range of motion.  Occasionaly situational pain, but still leaps and bounds better than it's been in the psat week.

Started lifting again after taking a week off of upper body work to heal.  Stayed a little light, but still a decent workout.

Contemplating doing an actual powerlifting program rather than what I'm currently on during my bulking cycle.  Will see if it's a possibility with my weight room.

Still taking the day off of striking training, just to play it safe.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Training Log: Entry 64

New cardio program.  30 minutes of HIIT cardio, doing 2-3 minutes hard, one minute light, along with another HIIT session of 15 minutes later in the day.  Have been doing this for this week.  Already noticing better cardio.

Shoulder can perform combative motions just fine, but basic motions still cause minor discomfort.  Fear of permanent damage.  Will do my best to rehab.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Training Log: Entry 63

Diet has gone to hell as a result of cutting before the tourney.  Am eating few meals less frequently.  Doing tons more cardio as well.  More carbs for the energy.  I've decided that I'll keep this way until the tourney, and then start bulking until before field training.  Only difficulty will be that I still want to keep up on the cardio, so I'll need to eat a LOT.

Shoulder is feeling stronger.  Found some ok rehab programs.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Training Log: Entry 62

Vids from WA throwdown. head there to download. I'll give ya a lil background on each match.

E_CXM.WMV-MMA rules with light headcontact. He gets an eyegouge in the first few seconds

E_Jk.WMV-MMA rules. We stopped because we got too close to the mirrors, and then he didn't wanna go again.

E_MSK.WMV-San Shou rules. Lotta time in between matches because the other guy needed to catch his breath

E_NT.WMV-MMA rules, light head contact. I get armbarred like it's easy

E_QF.WMV -Boxing rules. Guy had a good weight advantage on me. We stopped because his cardio was draining and I was taking a beating

E_Unknown.WMV-K-1 rules. Stops due to blood on my part.

I'm keeping my right hand up when I throw my jabs thankfullly, but hands are still dropping all over the place in the mids. Footwork was good at the start of the JK match, but got crappier as the day went on. Obviously, I have no game from being mounted. Still not thrownig teeps with any efficiency.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Training Log: Entry 61

Went to another grappling class.

Worked on guard sweeps.  Learned how to push forward with knees in open guard and how to close off the guard at the knees and climb up into mount.

Learned my two new favorite moves.  Achilles lock, and ankle lock.  I was pulling these ALL through practice.  We did a drill where one guy has guard and the other stands and tries to pass, and I just kept pull sweep and achilles on the bastard.  It's the same training partner I hate, so at least I don't feel bad about it =P  I also passed his guard about a billion times.

Shoulder became rice crispies in practice (snap, crackle, pop).  Doesn't seem like too much damage was done.  It's better than when I hurt it lifting, and a lot better than when it popped out boxing.  However, I think I'm going to look into doing some phsyical therapy on my own with it to strengthen the joints/tendens/ligaments.

Barring injuries, I will be participating int he Pankration tournament.  Got the "ok" from my folks.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Training Log: Entry 60

Took another Aikido class.  Made the instructor struggle with some techniques.  Still trying to offer resistance to make the class a bit more realistic.  Once again, very logical system, just hard to find application.  I am enjoying the concept of putting my entire body against the weakest point though.

Adding new levels to my training.  First, will be attempting to implement some manner of stretching program into my routine.  Lack of flexibility has been a hinderance.  I've also been told of the benefits of stretching.  The Aikdio class does an alright job (oddly enuogh, better than the yoga club), but I still want more.

Should seriously increase water intake.  I used to drink a gallon a day, but running to the bathroom has gotten inconvinient.

I am retraining certain parts of my TKD aresnal.  Specificially, the sidekick.  I can see some value in this kick, and have been able to launch one from the Thai stance without too much alteration.  I have come to the conclusion that variety is going to be essential.  Almost everyone is out there training Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and BJJ, which means everyone knows how to stop everyone else.  I think adding a little bit of variety could give me an edge.  I have witnessed this when watching a Shorin Kempo guy do exceedingly well in "throwdowns" due to the fact that he had clinch work that was completely unorthodox along with a set of strikes that were foreign.  If nothing else, it'll be good for my flexibility.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Training Log: Entry 59

Got a photo from the WA throwdown

I'm the guy on the left if you can't tell.

For the first time in my life, I can see my abs.  It's very interesting.  I was always a fat kid, so this is a first.  I'm wondering if I should try for the 6 pack, or start bulking.  If I cut my bf% down, I could fight in a lighter weight class for the tourney.  I dunno if that's what I wanna do or not though, and field training will also take off some weight.  It's an interesting circumstance.

Strength is through the roof.  I'm lifting more now than I have ever been able to do before, and paired with the reduced weight, I'm stronger proprtionally now more than ever.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Training Log: Entry 58

I apologize if my thoughts aren't coherent.  I have taken many a shot to the cranium today, and am hopped up on IB Profuen. 

Throwdown went alright.  Not too much talent in my weight class.  Most people were 155-160lbs: 20-25 below me.  However, I did get to box a person who was 205 of mostly muscle.  He destroyed my skull.  Good right hands.  I'm amazed I survived, but happy as well, because it means I can take a power shot from a guy 25lbs heavier (way out of my weight class) and still fight. 

Rematch with Mark was awesome.  I love San Shou rules.  Shame it did not last longer.

Was eye gouged.  Got revenge.  Destroyed the bastard's abdomen with bodyblows. 

Got armbarred.   Pissed me off.  Need to be smarter on bottom.

Right hand is staying up on jabs.  Makes me happy.  Left hand is still dropping somewhat on right hand attacks.  Hands still drop somewhat on kicks.  Still, overall improvement of form.  Jab still stays out too long, but the snap was a bit better.

Good clinch work.  Managed a half suplex.  Looked and felt cool.  Poor little bastard.

Mouth bleeds badly.  Need a fix, or else competitions will suck.  Thankfullly my folks sent me my mouthguards.

Fought hungry.  Might be a good sign.  When fully nourished, performance should be excellent.

Hopefully will have videos soon.

Final damage count: 1 black eye, 1 cut below eye, 1 burst blood vesel in same eye as result of eye gouge, 1 banged knee, rug burns on legs, slight burns on chest, no bruising on body, two internall busted lips.

PFT is coming up.  Once it is over, back to old training regimine.  Strength was progresing phenominially, as was endurance.  Shoudl time out so that during Pankration Comp, I will be at peak performance.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Training Log: Entry 57

There's a tourney happening in San Diego while I'm home for Spring Break.  I have intentions of entering it.  It's at  If all goes well, it'll be my first amatuer tournament ever, and maybe the start of much more.

Cardio is breaking it's peak.  I haven't been in this good shape since high school.  I did my heavy bag training after a week off due to my shoulder, and I wasn't breaking a sweat, nor did my heart rate rize.  Only side effect is that now the exercise is borring.  Need to push myself in new and inventive ways.

Muscle definition is incredible.  Been a while since I've looked this good =P

Throwdown is coming up soon.  I'm winding down my training so that I won't be exhausted when the time comes.  I've been reveiwing the tapes of guys I'll be sparring, and strategizing in my head.  I know what I need to focus on.  Should be a blast.  Will run for 4-5 hours, and then all you can eat seafood/sushi at Todais.  I'm not a fan of either, but oh well.