Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Training Log: Entry 849

SSB box squats
3x5 @ 350

Conventional deadlifts
1x24 @ 225

Notes: Almost at my old 1rm for SSB, pretty awesome.  Lost focus on a rep and form went out the window.  Can't let my mind wander.  Deadlifts felt great, really got the hips firing and great speed off the floor.  Didn't fall back as much as usual, but felt no strain on the back.

Overhead press
5,5,4 @ 175
1x18 @ 95

Notes: Misgrooved the first rep on the last set.  Otherwise, I woulda had it, so I'm moving up next time.

3x5 w/50
1x18 @ bodyweight

Light band pulldown

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Training Log: Entry 848

SSB box squats
3x5 @ 345
1x20 @ 265

Notes: Form was pretty solid on the heavy sets.  Sit back as I go up.  For the set of 20, I counted 4 sets of 5 to make it psychologically easier.

3x5 @ 115
1x15 @ Bodyweight

Notes: Didn't rest long enough before my work capacity set,but it's not the goal of the program.

DB rows of 150

Notes: Need to get back on creatine.  Recovery between sets sucks.  Cut out the work capacity stuff just because my reps are so high here.

Going to see if my blast straps can work for dips, so I can avoid going to the gym and just train the whole day in my garage.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Training Log: Entry 847

Decided to get some sun and outside training today with some trap bar farmers.  Paced off 50 paces with size 12 feet, so give or take 50 feet for a length.

225x4 lengths

Notes: Hands were really the variable here, not grip or body.  Knurling on the trap bar is still sharp.  Still was fun.  Traps are killing me, and the 405 sets were a good challenge.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Training Log: Entry 846

SSB box squats of 340

Notes: I'm no longer wearing my sweatshirt as the weather is getting warmer, which makes my belt fit a little looser.  I'm doing that upperback rolling on the way up, need to watch for that.

Conventional deadlifts of 225

Notes: Think I'm just going to keep the weight here and build up my conditioning/work on my form.  I had some good reps and some bad ones.  I still round my lowerback due to hamstring inflexibility, however I've improved so much on keeping the bar close to the body and shoulders behind the bar that I've reduced lower back strain in the initial pull.  Small adjustments in form can help me maintain safety even if I lack certain physical tools.

Strict press of 170

of 95

Notes: Jacked up the first set and hit a screw on the power rack the way up, then got it caught on the way down.  Took away some energy, but I don't mind progressing slowly on this lift.

Chins w/45lbs

1x15 of bodyweight


My formatting is all screwed up

Monday, April 19, 2010

Training Log: Entry 845

Last field day until I return home

Fat bar Pull-ups

Notes: Applied sun block beforehand, made my grip slippery.


Long distance sled drag/push

Friday, April 16, 2010

Training Log: Entry 844

Another day out in the field

Wide grip pull-ups


Tackling sled pushes and pulls

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Training Log: Entry 843

I'm on leave until 21 Apr, so I'm just training however I can.  Today was a good day

Fat bar pull-ups

Bodyweight dips

Then I pushed and pulled an old football tackle sled around the field.  I'm in Denver, and the altitude change is messing with my conditioning.

Afterwards I run and walked several miles

Monday, April 5, 2010

Training Log: Entry 842

SSB box squats
3x5 @ 335
1x20 @ 260

Notes:  My box is slightly lower now, as I broke one of the supporting plastic pieces while using to fix my garage door, but it's having minimal impact.  First few reps start out strong, last reps degrade a little, for every set.  Work capacity set was ugly and brutal.  Belt makes it tough to get air.

3x5 @ 105
1x20 @ BW

Notes: Work capacity set went smoothly.  Don't know why.

DB rows
3x10 @ 150

Notes: Set a PR, but was dying.  Only running off 2 candy bars at this point.  Cut out the work capacity set.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Training Log: Entry 841

SSB box squats

3x5 @ 330
1x11 @ 260

Notes: I've hit the point in weight where the set is no longer easy. From here on out it's going to be 5lb increases.  The work capacity set fell apart, my head just isn't in the game.  Further proof is my workout got cut short as I hit the bottom of the garage door as it was going up on my way to the gym, and spend 2 hours repairing the damage rather than training.