Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1774

Bench Press 295

Notes: Great showing with current poor equipment.  Kept hitting the uprights, which jacked things up a bit.  Once I get back home this should continue real strong.  Still kicking myself over not starting this program earlier in my career.  Kroc knows how to get stronger.

DB clean and press
-Worked up to 4x115 for right hand and 1x115 for left

Notes: Things are really coming together on this.  Being able to hit this in a fatigued state is a great sign.  I am much better with leg drive with a dumbbell vs a barbell for some reason.  Will see on comp day what makes the circus DB so different.

Pull aparts

Squats 405

Notes: The first set was so easy that I thought I miscounted.  I've got 20 in me for sure, but want to take things slow and steady.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1773

Every Minute on the Minute 150lb Sandbag cleans (3 reps)
10 minutes

Notes: This really sneaks up on you, especially with elevation.  Fully cleaned all 3 reps off the floor, no touch and go.  At elevation, I was dead afterwards.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1772

(3) Mat Pulls 620

Notes: Took this easy.  2 weeks out from comp and using different equipment, didn't want to push too hard.  Happy with how easy and smooth things moved.  Pulling with a power bar vs a deadlift bar, I realize I need to take my grip out slightly wider than the start of the knurling.  This happened at my last comp as well, so this was a good refresher.

Power cleans

Notes: Worked up to 230 with a press at the end.  Not the same as the axle, since the sleeves rotated, but still some decent technique work.  I think, with some knurling on the axle and some chalk on my chest, I should be able to make this in comp.  The press was pretty weak, after the clean I think I should take my time to get set-up for a good drive.

DB rows 105

Friday, December 26, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1771

Sandbag clean and press/FG pull up/crunches/pull aparts circuit

Notes: Now that the sandbag is out of the competition, I was intentionally setting up the sandbag poorly to get used to cleaning an even more awkward implement.  Sometimes, I tried the keg technique, other times lapping it, other times one shotting it.  Focus was primarily on the clean, not so much on leg drive.  No real structure to these workouts, just brutal and focused.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1770

One arm DB press

Notes: 125 actually went up pretty smooth, but speed was slowing down and I still had more pressing I needed to get done.  Was able to get the 100 on the left side too.  Leg drive is coming back quick.  I have to visualize THROWING the weight rather than pressing it.

Bench press 280

Notes: Couple of variables working against me.  Benches at this gym have j-hooks that are either way too high or too low.  Sided with too low, but between that, the elevation change and pressing beforehand, I was very pleased with this.  Kroc's program is still sound, my strength is coming along, as is my stability.  Also, found a texas power bar at the gym, which I stole for the rest of my workout.

Pull aparts

Squats 405

Notes: Cut out my last set of 315 just because the elevation change kills me here, and I want to make sure I don't die on the ride home.  That said, the set of 15 was smooth, fast and deep.  I really stumbled on something great here.

EDIT: Contest promoter just announced that the sandbag press has been axed for an odd object press.  F**k.  The only real sucky thing is that I packed a sandbag to train with while at my in-laws, when I could've packed the keg or axle or something else instead.  Strategy is going to change a little bit for the event.  Going to go axle, DB, keg and then just go for broke on the object.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1769

Sandbag clean and press

Notes: Worked up to some triples and a set of 4.  Emphasis on speed and leg drive.  This is getting easy.   Will definitely make it the last lift in the medley.

Sets of 5

Notes: Training at my in-laws basement.  Did this off an I-beam.

Pull aparts

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1768

AM training

210 axle/105 FG Dumbbell/150lb sandbag/165lb keg medley

Notes: Attempted this twice.  First time, got the axle and wiffed on everything else.  I was wearing my elbow sleeves and wrist wraps, and the compression cut off circulation and actually killed my ability to grip anything for the clean.  Second round, only wore my elbow cuffs and managed to hit the axle, DB and sandbag with no issues.  Glad I sorted that out before the comp.  Also, gotta stick with my gameplan.  When I put the keg last, I just plain could NOT clean it, no matter how much I tried.  The sandbag, however, I can hit in my sleep.  Save that one for last.  I'm not too worried about this event at this rate.  Don't think I'm going to do great, but probably high middle.  Going on vacation soon, going to pack fat grips and the sandbag so I can drill FG cleans and FG DB presses at a commercial gym and work the sandbag on the road.  When I get back before the comp, I'm going to drill the crap out of the keg.

Rest of the workout was light pump stuff.  Was pretty fried, didn't want any weight in my hands.  Stuck with bands.

PM training

(4) Mat Pulls 620

Notes: Very pleased with this.  Did this on my lunch break while in a hurry, and as part of a 2 a day.  Normally, I dedicate my Saturday to pulling, with huge meals through out and a proper amount of mental focus, so to be able to just pull this at will was awesome.  Something I've noticed about this cycle compared to the last time I was moving 620 is that I seem to be pulling slightly fewer reps here, but I'm having far more bad days than good while doing that.  My last cycle of 620-635 was one of the best ones I ever had, and being able to have my bad day strength match previously good day levels of strength is a pretty good sign.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1767

AM training

Axle cleans

Notes: Worked up to 210 for some singles.  Multiple attempts at 225 end up at my chest but not on it.  Tried continental cleans, it wasn't taking. Need to lean back more.  That said, going to try hang cleans for the future.  Think I'm honestly missing because I'm trying too hard to be technical, and with hang cleans I can just hulk the weight up.


GHR sit ups 25

Reverse hyper 350

PM training

(12) Chain suspended squat 495

Notes: This was awesome.  Got perfectly in the groove at the start, and weight broke effortlessly off the chains, and squats moved quickly.  Great for a 12 link day.

Neck harness

Monday, December 15, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1766

Bench Press 210

Notes: This deload week is finally starting to feel like a deload.  When I first started the program, this was pretty challenging.  Matt Kroc's bench program wasn't very sexy, but it's been working great.

Weighted chins 45

Keg cleans 165
Many sets

Notes: Finally dialed in the technique.  Trick is to have my right arm far forward at the start of the clean so that I can rotate it under the keg on the way up for the press.  Before, I was just picking the keg up, the extra rotation really helps move it.  Even managed to hit a double at the end of the workout.

DB rows 105

Pull aparts

Shoulder shocker
3 rounds

GB pulldowns 115 (5 minutes)

Notes: Keep the weight the same and try for 100 in under 5 minutes next week.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1765

(5) Mat Pulls 620

Notes: Losing too much weight from training.  Belt wasn't fitting right on my normal setting, went 1 notch tighter, wasn't able to get my normal set up.  Breaking off the floor suffered, while locking out wasn't terrible.  Still a decent showing, but need to make an effort to eat more.

Ab wheel

KB swings

DOH hold 405
90 seconds

Notes: Incredibly easy today, don't really know why.


Notes: This was nuts.  Fell forward on the 9th rep of the first set and just about lost the bar, recovered and got the rest.  Went far deeper than normal as well, going to see how well my hamstrings handle this. Squats have been improving really well with this approach.  Once I get to 20 for 405, will have to see what happens next.  That said, after my comp in Feb, going to make all my heavy work with the SSB, as I imagine my issues with the deadlift are part of getting rid of the SSB in my programming.  Will keep squats on deadlift day, and then make my "squat" day ROM progression SSB squats with a backdown set for more volume.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1764

AM training

105 FG DB press/190lb axle press/125 keg press

Notes: Ran through a light version of the comp, minus the sandbag press.  Found out my sandbag was 220lbs after multiple attempts to clean and press it, which fatigued me a little and killed my leg drive on the DB press.  Still, big confidence booster.

Many sets

Incline DB press 105 w/reactive slingshot

Curls/pressdowns/pull aparts

PM training

150lb sandbag clean and press
Multiple singles

165lb keg clean and press
1 successful single

Notes: Working competition weights now.  The sandbag clean is easy while the press is difficult (have to get the bag just right in the hands or else it falls forward/backward).  The keg press is easy but clean is difficult (need some explosion).  Right now, here is my theory for approaching this event.

Circus DB first (going to require the most leg drive and coordination out of everything else.  Want to hit it when I am at my freshest)

Axle second (heaviest weight in the medley, not worried about the press, but want to get the clean)

Keg (assuming first two lifts go well, should be able to rip this off the floor.  Otherwise, I'll use the technique from kalle)

Sandbag (I can brute force this, and it's going to take the longest to set up.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1763

(13) Chain Suspended Squats 495

Notes: Bar was way misaligned.  First rep, the right side dipped way down and I had to correct, and then I just about fell forward on rep 2.  Between that, this being an early morning lift, and the power cleans in between reps, I'm ecstatic.  My grinding is back.

Reverse hyper 320

Notes: High reps are feeling just about right.

Axle cleans in between sets of everything

Notes: Worked up to 210 for 4 singles and then dropped it down to 160 for some triples.  Speed and technique are really coming along.  I might have a shot of getting 225 to my chest without going continental, which would be awesome.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1762

Bench press 295

Notes: Program still going well.  Pausing first rep of every set with no issues.  Left shoulder feels great.

Chins w/45lbs

Keg clean and press

Notes: Tried out a new technique that made this super easy.  Time to add more weight.

Kroc rows 105

Shoulder shocker
3 rounds

GB pulldowns 100
100 reps in 4:32

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1761

(6) Mat Pulls 620

Notes: Only 1 rest pause.  Great training day. Everything felt light and fast, and considering I am sick and trained 3 days in a row, this was awesome.

Ab wheel (standing)

DOH hold 405
70 seconds


Notes: Insane how quickly I am progressing with this approach.  I may have stumbled on something awesome here.  Still an asskicker too.
Training Log: Entry 1760

Keg clean and press w/100lbs of sand
4 sets

Notes: Finally figured out a way to get the keg overhead.  It's brutal, but by my 4th set I managed a triple.  That said, now I've gone online and found some easier ways that I'll try, but still a great confidence booster.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1759

AM training

Annual Physical Fitness Test results

Height: 69" (I grew another inch from last year.  Great progress)
Weight: 195
Waist: 31.5"
Push-ups: 67 (max)
Sit ups: 58 (max)
1.5 mile run: 11:31

Score: 93.7/100

Notes: One of my best scores in a long while, and the last one I take in the under 30 age bracket.  Ran the first lap in 1:30 and the first mile in 7:18. Way too fast for pacing, but still a great run time.

PM training

(14) Chain Suspended Squat 495

Notes: More than pleased with this.  Ran 1.5 miles in the morning, and started feeling sick at lunch (cold/sinus infection with fever, annoying) and was hitting axle cleans as a warm-up.  Still pretty unkillable.

Reverse hyper 320

Notes: Going to go for higher reps to prep for my contest

Axle cleans
Sets between everything else

Notes: Worked up to some singles of 190 and then triples of 150 to drill form.  Getting better at trying to use some triple extension.  Weightlifting shoes help.

General Notes: This was the kind of workout I've needed.  Effective, fast, no fluff, high impact.  I need to get back to this stuff.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1758

AM training

Bench 280

Notes: I notice I do much better with lower reps.  Easier to maintain my tension.  Left shoulder is feeling awesome.  Don't even notice pain.  It popped really loud last night in bed, wonder if that did anything.

Chins w/45
22 reps

Keg cleans 135
a few

Notes: Getting a feel for the implement.  Need to figure out how to get it into pressing position.

DB rows 105

Shoulder shocker
3 rounds

GB pulldowns 90lbs
100 reps in 4:37

Notes: Going to try for 100 reps or 5 minutes, which ever comes first.  Good way to stay on point.

PM training

1.5 mile run


Notes: PFT on thurs. Feel ready for that.