Friday, December 30, 2005

Training Log: Entry 166

Boxing class
Shadowbox (1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4)
Weighted Shadowboxing
Glove up on bags
1s around bag
2s around bag
1-2 around bag
1-1-2 around bag
Sheesh, a whole lot of combos.  Can't remember them all. 

Ab work

Note: My punches are getting harder on the bag.  My form is
improving.  Hands are staying up.  Must work on keeping on my
toes.  Great workout.  Cardio always improving.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Training Log: Entry 165

Another boxing class
Warm-up, Jump rope
Shadowbox with weights
1-2s with weights
Put on the gloves
1-2 around the bag
1-2-3s around the bag
1-2-3-4s around the bag
1-2s  and then 4 strong hooks
Partner up
1-2 slip 1-2
40 fast straights on a shield, 40 hooks and 40 uppercuts on a bagX3
2X1minute rounds 100% power shots
Ab work

I realized today just how awful my footwork is.  I made a focus to
get a strong bounce and stay on my toes.  Conversation of energy
is one thing, being a statue is another.   Must work on that
Cardio is back.  I remember what it's like to be a cardio monster.  I don't wanna lose this.
Gotta keep that left hand up.

Follow partner around and combo on shield, followed up with 100 straights

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Training Log: Entry 164

Humbling experience at the gym today.  Sparred two rounds. 
Discovered my weakness to range.  Need to learn how to
sidestep.  Need to stop being the aggressor against taller

Little fuzzy on the details.  I was told to work the body and fire
few headshots.  My problem is, I internalized that as "fire NO
headshots", and wrecked my game.

I chased, went for the bodyblows, he belted me with jabs playing the
range game.  I'd take 3 for every 1 I'd land.  Took some
powerful blows to the head, and landed some weak shots to his
body.  Pretty much repeated this for two rounds.  At least
remembered that I can take a beating no problem.  My coach was
pretty amazed with that much at least.  Bled from my nose.  I
bleed too much.

Worked on lateral movement on the bag for 4 rounds.  Did some
PT.  Got in the ring again for some bodyboxing against a shorter
opponenet.  Found my range, lured him in, scored some shots. 
Fun exercise.  I like being taller =P

Attended a grapling class. 

Warm up
Shrimping, rolling, etc.
Worked the double leg takedown.  My wrestling was rusty, but after
a few shots found it again.  Shooting with my right leg forward
was awkward, so I did left.  I fight with left forward anyway.

From doubleleg, worked guard pass.  I don't speak grapple, so it was something like
Hands on ribs
Center knee between legs
Stand up on toes, bring knee up between legs
Shoot other leg back to "get slim"
Step over with "slim" leg, trap leg between my two legs and press down on hip with elbow
Then it's work for a mount, slide shin over hip, and end up in side mount

I'm clueless.

Another basic guard pass, baseball slide


Total injur count:
Black eye, burns on face from gloves, cracked toenail from grappling.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Training Log: Entry 163

Best lifting workout of  my life.  My back is finally feeling better, so I got to finally deadlift.

5X5 Bench
5X5 Deadlift
5X5 Clean and Jerk
5XFailure Pull-up
2XFailure close grip chin

Before someone asks "Why no squats"
1: That's how I hurt my back in the first place, so I wanna rest a lil more
2: No squat cage at home

Might do lunges next time, but I figure my legs are getting hit pretty well with the deadlift and clean and jerk.

No training for past 3 days.  Sparring tomorrow hopefully.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Training Log: Entry 162

First Muay Thai class in a while.

Warm up.  Stretch, push-ups, etc.

Partner up. 
Boxing exchange end with low right roundhouse.  Partner eats kick
15 kicks to each leg, partner eats kick
Boxing exchange, partner blocks kick, counter right roundhouse
Boxing exchange, partner blocks kick, counter left roundhouse
Grab kick shield, boxing exchange, leg check and 1-3 roundhouse kicks
25 roundhouse kicks with each leg
50 pushkicks on thaibag with both leg
2 sets of 40 crunches with partner on shins

Notes: Way out of my comfort zone.  Defense is awful.  Cardio
held up really well today.  Legs are killing me.  Can block
high roundhouse alright. 

Sparring didn't happen tonight, but I'm still plenty bruised.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Training Log: Entry 161

Finally got to spar again.  Breath of fresh air.  The beast is back.  I felt like I was 18 again.

Fought 4 rounds.  2 rounds, 2 different opponents.

First guy.  Stocky, had a gut.  6 months of boxing experience.
1st round:
Saw he wasn't protecting his gut.  Fired some bodyblows to
it.  He guarded his head well at first.  Took a few measuring
jabs at it, then powershotted it.  I still have the power to knock
a man several steps back by striking his guard.  I followed him up
off balance and fired some shots.  When he woudl get his footing,
he'd launch some powershot combos.  They'd rock me a little, but
I'd clinch most times.

2nd round:
Was told by the coach that I need to keep my hands up more and work the
body.  Fired more bodyblows.  Jab up top, cross down
below.  Cross up top, jab down below.  He opened up his face,
and I launched some jabs and crosses into him.  More of the first
round, but I sent him flying a lot more.  He kept blamming his
head gear.

Second guy.  Smaller, but way more fluid.  7 years of boxing experience.
I watched him spar beforehand, and learned his pattern.  He was a
fan of headmovement, and loved to pat the jab and counter punch. 
I landed a jab square in his face at full power to put a scare in
him.  I gave him a few jabs and got some counter punches. 
Learned my lesson, and started my combos off with a right hand over a
left hand.  Caught him real good.  I basically out muscled
him.  He had the technique to put me away, but couldn't deal with
my power.

Second round:
Figured out the pattern to his head movement.  Abused it.  He
liked to duck low after two jabs, expecting the cross followup.  I
jabbed twice, uppercutted, hooked.  Threw another combo that
started with a cross.  He backed up into the corner thinking he
could counterpunch when I charged.  I threw a two punch and
avoided his hook.  I started to get winded from a bodyblow he
threw at somepoint, but kept going strong.  Hit him hard enough to
knock his headgear loose.  End of the round.

Goddamn it's great to spar again.  My cardio held up pretty
well.  Still need to work on defense.  Still need to work the
hook/uppercut more.  Still can't outfight.  Still have those
powershots that I loved.  My old strategy came back today. 
I'm hooked again.

Edit: Remember to circle left.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Training Log: Entry 160

No one showed up to the Muay Thai class, so I hopped into the boxing class.

Warm up
Shadowboxing with weights (Straights first, then hooks, then uppercuts)
Some PT
Put on the gloves
Two low hooks, two med hooks, two high hooks

10 jumping jacks, sprint to heavy bag, 40 straights, 20 hooks, 20 uppercuts (repeat 3 times)
50 straights on kickpad, sprint to bag 40 uppercuts (repeat 3 times)
Partner-up, 1-2 slip a 1-2
Ab/weight work

Sheesh, looking at it on paper is bad enough.  Monster of a
workout.  Good conditioning.  Shoudlers are killing me. 
Have yet to step into the weight room.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Training Log: Entry 159

Another boxing class under my belt

Weighted shadowboxing with combo of 1-1-1-4-3 and 1-1-1-4-bob-bob-3-2
(Note: those combinations were the major focus of the class)
Some PT
Put on gloves.  Drill combos with partners using boxing gloves as mitts
Drill both combos on heavy bag
Freestyle on heavybag while inserting these combos
Drill combos on kickshields
PT to finish

Throughout the whole day the occasional set of push-ups, squats, lunges, etc

Great workout.  Came back sweating buckets.  Cardio is still awful, but I'm keeping my hands up well.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Training Log: Entry 158

Pain in lower back comes and goes.  Resting more.

Finally stepped back into the MMA gym.  Had my first real boxing lesson in about 6 months.

Warm-up (stretches and such)
W/O gloves
Work 1-2 combos
Work 1-2-3
Work 1-2-3-4
Weighted 1-2s
Weighted uppercuts
Weighted upward punches
Two laps around gym throwing 1-2

W/Gloves on bag
Jabs around bag
1-2 step left 1-2 step right
1-2s in place
Work hooks on both sides
A little's all a blur

W/O gloves
Weighted 1-2s
Weighted uppercuts
Weighted up punches
Weighted arm circles (30/30)
Lunge side lateral raise
Squat front lateral raise
2 laps around gym weighted 1-2s
Medicine ball french press
30 second squat holding medicine ball out in front
Ab stuff (bicycle crunch, 90 degree crunch, leg lifts, etc)

Throughout the whole thing was some random lunges, squats, and push-ups.  No real biggie there.

Was able to hold out on most of the muscular endurance stuff.
Lowerback was aching on ab stuff
Cardio is a mess.  Need more fuel in gas tank.
Solid class.  Great workout.  Looking forward to my next one.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Training Log: Entry 157

Lower back is still bugging me, but the pain has moved lower due to poor posture.  Have taken it light on exercise.  No squats today, just leg press, leg curl, leg extension, calf raise, and maybe lunge.

Can't wait to start training.

First MMA club meeting was a bust.  People forgot.  Need to crack some skulls.

Monday, December 5, 2005

Training Log: Entry 156

Completed a 10 minute swim in my class today.  Managed 28
laps.  Not too bad.  One length is 25m.  4 more than my
last swim.

Things are looking good for Winter training.  Will be able to
train 7 days a week if I so choose.  Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jits.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Training Log: Entry 155

Injured my lower back doing squats.  Pulled muscles.  Nothing
major, I just don't like missing the workout.  Got to do 3 sets of
squats, one set of lunges, and one set of leg extensions.  At
least enough to let my legs know they're still there.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Personal entry:

I tend to do these only once a year, but I had to post this because its so awesome.

Much thanks to my friend Adam.