Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Training Log: Entry 36

Had another mini-throwdown.  Focused on keeping my leg down
instead of rapid fire leg checking.  Also wanted to keep hands up,
and finally get comfortable with leg kicks.

Same outfit as before.  Did this after half hour of bag training
and half hour of jogging.  My cardio is through the roof, although
I believe it's the altitude change.  I'd be curious if it'd stick
in Portland.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Training Log: Entry 35

Throwdown went really well.  Didn't get to spar quite as much as I would have liked, but that's life.  I still got in a few decent matches, and did pretty well for myself.  I got subbed for the first time, yet I also pulled my first submission ever, so it was a nice tradeoff.  Reworked my kimura, and the armbar from the guard.

One of my matches I plain didn't like.  Someone was playing ref, and decided to award points and stop the match after certain points.  I think he was trying to protect his fighter.  It was pissing me off, bad.  The guy consented that had the ref not been there, he woulda been KO'd though, so cool.

Should have video pretty soon.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 6

Didn't introduce anything new today, but went over the old material so that I could offer corrections.

Reviewed boxing stance, jab, cross, hook, short and long uppercut
Thai stance, roundhouse and lead roundhouse
Wrestling stance, single leg, double leg, ankle pic

Drill defenses as appropriate

Told them how to keep sharp over break (use a mirror, put a mattress against a wall for a punching bag, kicks on bed post)

Note:  I feel like a proud parent.  My students are already sizing people up, wondering who they can take, and asking me my opinion.  They still need a bit more experience, but goddamn do I love these guys.  Hopefully my plans to expand will go well.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Training Log: Entry 34

Have revamped heavy bag program.

6 minute rounds.  Rest 1 minute in between rounds.

Rounds 1-2-Bare knuckle boxing training.  Focus on hitting square, good head movement, make every punch count.

Round 3-Shadow boxing in front of mirror.  Focus on form.  Keep hands up and elbows in.  Must make sure not to hyperextend on punches.

Rounds 4-5-Boxing with grappling gloves.  Focus on power generation and combinations.

Round 6-Muay Thai training: focus on form of thai-kicks, teeps, knees in and out of clinch, and elbow work.

Applying the 80:20 principle for bagwork.  I'm a boxer who kicks it seems, but it's gotten me by pretty well.  The 5 minute rounds should help with stamina.  Speaking of which, cardio program is still going well, but when break starts, I'm going to work less on cardio and get back to strength training.  Will still be doing at least 1 HIIT session every other day.

4 more days till the San Diego throwdown.  I can't wait.  Hope to go up against a good grappler.  Hope to get vids too.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 5


Taught Double leg takedown-Get front leg far in between opponenet's legs.  Shoot hips forward.  Take away their base.  Push off with back leg.  Arms around thighs.

Taught sprawl: Hips down, legs out, arms around.

Taught single leg takedown-Get front leg to outside of leg.  Proper grip on opponenet's leg.  Pick up and proper placement.  Proper movement afterwards.

Taught ankle pic- similar principles of both single and double.

Taught top mount-seucring possition, palm on face posting with full weight, don't ride too high.
Strikes from mount-Hammer and elbow.

Taught guard-Note: My guard is really poor, but I went over the basics of having the ankles lock.

Reviewed proper fighting strategy: I'm a standup guy, and those learning from me will be so until they get a good subs coach.  I informed them of how they will want to "sprawl and brawl". 

Things are kind of choppy.  I can't wait to start making this stuff flow, but it's going to be a little while still.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 4

Reviewed Thai Stance
Reviewed Thai Roundhouse
  Still need to work on getting their hips turned over
  Told how they need to have their lead knee point away from the target
Reviewed Push-kick
  Need to make sure they don't lose their base on the kick

Introduced switch step
  Tap rear foot-shuffle left and right
     They need to work on making it much smoother of a transition.  Comes with practice

Introduced lead leg roundhouse with switchstep
  Have kick motion down.  Just need to work on switchstep transition

Drilled "standard four".  Pointed out flaws in attack/defense.

Next Lesson: Ground n Pound

Intending to open my teaching up to more people next semester.  Hopefully have a decent stable of sparring partners.

Personal Note:
Was at the Cove (on campus eatery) hainging out with some friends.  Was wearing a tanktop.  Some guys that're there often stopped me on my way to get a drink.

Guy1: Hey man, I see you all the time.  Are you some sorta bodybuilder?
Me: Me, no I...(thinking 'I hate bodybuilding')...I fight, so I make myself as strong as I can.
Guy 1: *Eyes wide* You fight?  Like...?
Me: Yeah, I box, do Muay Thai...whatever.
Guy 2: Do you Ultimate Fight?
Me: I...I've done a little at a club in Hillsboro, but not in any sorta league or anything.
Guy 3: So what, do you do push-ups and stuff?
Me:  Well yeah, I do push-ups, and I lift weights and stuff.  I powerlift.
Guy 2: So how much do you bench?
Me: 300lbs
*Eyes widen*
Guy 1: How many push-ups can you do?
Me: All time high was 400.
Guy 3: 400 in a day?
Me: Yeah, well, in one set
*Eyes widen*
All: In one set?

It went on from there...  It was funny at first, but I started to feel pretty awkward after a while.

Monday, December 6, 2004

Training Log: Entry 33

Cardio is through the roof.  Am working on kick training now (only minorly.  applying 80:20 principle)

My buddy Mike (Silverbladesx) is going to the get together on the 18th.  Should be fun.  Looking to pick up a lil about subs.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 3

Reviewed hook (body and head) and uppercut (long and short).  Proper hand placement, proper hip torque, proper stance, etc etc.  Drilled it on heavybag while I held.  Student (smaller one: larger one could not show up) still needs to work on keeping his arm at the correct angle.

Introduced Thai stance.  Focused on
1:  Keeping the hands up (looking through the wrists)
2:  Keeping the arms bent at a 45 degree angle
3:  Loose rythym
4:  Back foot pointed at 45 degree angle
5:  Proper feet distancing
6:  Back foot on toes

Note: He still needs to work on keeping those hands up, but at least the stance is more natural for him

Introduced backleg Thai roundhouse kick
Focus on
1: Stepping out at 45 degree angle with front foot to get in kick range
2: Being on toes of front foot
3: Using that foot to torque hips
4: Having the hips carry the leg, not the other way around
5: Turning the hips
6: Rear hand throwing for maximum torque
7: Lead hand covering face

We drilled first just the step and torque, then threw in the actual kick, then the arm throw.  Had him spinning through the kick to adjust to the overcommittment.

Note: Next time, tell him his lead knee should be pointing the opposite direction of his opponent to indicate the torque.

Went over why we use a nontraditional stance (back toe raised instead of front) because we transfer from Muay Thai to western boxing and the footplacement is most beneficial for the transfer of styles/stance.

Went over roundhouse kick defense (shield block)
Focus on:
1: Lifting up and out with the knee
2: Keeping the leg perpendicular to the ground

Told him about proper striking area of the kick (two inches above instep, 8 inches below knee)

Taught him teep/push-kick.  Focus on stomping instead of snapping.  Taught him application and striking area.

End of lesson.

Note: Will need to work with other student during his off time to get him caught up. 

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Training Log: Entry 32

On new cardio program (originally designed for a friend, then decided to join her).

Mon/Wed/Fri: Heavybag for 30 minutes+30 minutes of jogging
Tues/Thurs/Sat: 2 HIIT cardio sessions on the bike for 15 minutes (3 hours of break in between sessions

As a result, I am trying to clean up my diet a bit more and introduce more vegetables/carbs.  I am drinking gatorade as well.  Here's hoping I don't suffer any sort of muscular catabolism.

Hopefully, this will get my endurance back up.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 2

Spent some time warming up.  Then went over what I had previously taught them (re-drilled Jab-cross, combinations, and defenses to said attacks, along with proper stance)

Taught them lead and rear hand hook.  Drilled the movement independent of striking anything.  Moved on to alllowing them to hit the heavybag while I held it.  Showed them how to use it in combinations, and the proper distancing to fire it.  Taught them proper handplacement.

Moved onto both short and long uppercut with lead and rear hand.  Went through same routine as hook.

Had them drill hook/uppercut along with Jab-cross with "focus-hand" drills (do not have access to focus pads).  Later encorperated defenses into the drill.  At that point, training had ended.

Teaching notes: Both struggled with the hook, but when it came to rear uppercut, the skinnier student had an easier time grasping power generation.  I suggested both perform squats to help.  They have in fact been training in front of a mirror/on the heavy bag as I instructed them.

Next lesson will be Thai stance/kicks.