Saturday, February 28, 2009

Training Log: Entry 698

RE Upper

DB press w/70s

Notes:  My right hand is still bugging me when I lift.  I should get it looked at whenever I have time off.  It might be a stress fracture, I just hope it's not a torn ligament or something. 

Dips w/45lbs

Notes: I didn't really feel any fatigue here, but hit points of struggle within the set.  I generally don't "feel" dips anywhere, they just hit the whole body.

Band front raises w/minis

Weighted angled grip pull-ups w/25

Notes: I used to hate these, but now I've got a better feel of where the ROM is, so it works pretty well.  Gonna be using these until I can get my home gym set back up again.

EZ bar curls of 60 superset w/light band pull aparts
10/20, 8/20, 6

Notes: Bicep strength is gone, ask me if I care. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Training Log: Entry 697

RE lower

Squats of 265

Notes: Coulda gotten more on those last sets if I pushed it, but with my back being a little unstable, I'm playing it safe.  I almost puked, so took a long break after this before doing other exercises.

Band ab pull downs /2 lights

Hise shrugs of 265

Notes: Training frequency is real lax for the time being.  I'm going through an involuntary softening up stage here, but it'll prolly be of some benefit for rest and recovery.  My group commander commented that I look like I'm "chisled out of stone", so that was an interesting compliment.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Training Log: Entry 696

RE upper

DB press of 75

Notes: Did these on my cruise, noticed my chest was sore for days, figured I'd give them a go for a while.

2-board press of 275

Notes: Had to use my squat bar for this, as my usual bench bar was hit in the flood.  Hand spacing was a little jacked up, but otherwise effective.  Was going to do dips, but my dip bars are literally filled with raw sewage.

Standing band flyes w/mini

Notes: Did these off of the powercage.  Don't know how high the sewage level got, and didn't want to be drapping bands across the bottom of my bench.  These went bad, but made my shoulder click a few times.

Pull-ups w/25lbs

Notes: I know I should get more volume, but I just didn't want to be in the gym any longer.

Barbell curls

Notes: Didn't want to touch my EZ curl bar or any of the small plates.


I hate to swear in my training log, but my motivation is fucking shot.  I don't like touching any of my plates, most of my gear is brown with rust and possibly human feces, and as soon as I finish training I bolt to the shower.  I have to avoid touching my face the entire time I'm training, and in general I'm not focusing on anything.  Between this and the minor twinge in my back, I ain't happy.

I'm hoping my psychology gets back together soon, but I really think I'm gonna need to replace a lot of training gear.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Training Log: Entry 695

RE lower

Squats of 265

Notes: I tried this workout 2 days ago and tweaked my back on the 12th rep of the first set, so I just did some band good mornings for rehab and tried again today.  The time off has messed with my work capacity, and I didn't wanna push my limits on my back, so the last 2 sets were pretty low.  I'm still pretty dead though.

Band side bends w/average

Notes: Easing myself back into this.


A moment of silence please for members of my gym that did not survive the great sewage flood of Feb 09 in my basement.  Casualities include but are not limited to

1 barbell
1 EZ curl bar
2 adjustable DB handles
1 set of dip bars
1 pair of chains
Approximately 200lbs of freeweights


Thankfully, my safety squat bar and trap bar were elevated and survived, and the family is taking donations.  Please send checks ILO flowers.


My wife has scrubbed down a lot of stuff, and some things may be salvagable, but needless to say, I'm very upset about this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Training Log: Entry 694

RE upper

Bench press of 225

Notes: It wasn't time to up the weight, but since I'm going on a break, I figured what the hell.  Tried a strategy Dave Tate wrote about the NFL combine, which is pretty much what I'm doing at this point, and paced myself rather than trying to "sprint" with the weight. A smoother stroke allowed me to press for longer.

Wide grip pull-ups

Notes: Didn't really want to load up on the volume for these, so didn't do much rest pausing.  Might use weight next time.



Going on a cruise and back home.  Going to eat like a king and rest up until the 14th.  Bringing some bands and grippers, and will have access to DBs, and that's about it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Training Log: Entry 693

RE lower

Squats of 245

Notes: Found a weakness that's most likely responsible for some lagging development.  I have no glute strength.  I discovered my legs tracking inward, and when I tried to correct by pushing my legs out, I hit major stalls.  It took everything in  me to make it through the reps.  Might start some walking lunges up, and focus on squeezing my glutes and punching my hips on my supplemental and accessory lifts.  I cut the workout after this, just because I've been going too long without a deload, and this workout killed me.  Was running off of like a million diet cokes and a pound of my wife's pot roast.  Delicious, but not great to eat 15 minutes before training.

Need to train my hand extensions.  Left elbow tendonitis is getting pretty bad.