Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Training Log: Entry 154

Currently at 190-191lbs.  Stronger than ever.  Here are pics.

Went to another kickboxing class.  The instructor didn't show, so I lead.

Warm-up 2 minutes of Jumprope

Double kick drills with both sides

Skip rope

Shadowboxing with weight

Pyramid roundhouses up to 10

Burn outs

Kick the bags across the room


Monday, November 28, 2005

Training Log: Entry 153

Took one week off of lifting. 

Reaggrivated wrist injury after having it just heal.  Sucks.

My MMA club is now official.  Hopefully will hold the first meeting in the next week.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Training Log: Entry 152

Another kickboxing class.

Skipped rope for warm up

Jab-cross-jab-cross-left hook-right hook-left uppercut-right
uppercut-left elbow-right elbow-spin backfist-left knee-front
kick-front kick-side kick-side kick-roundhouse-sidekick-roundhouse

Done with both left and right lead

Burn outs for 5 minutes with gloves
Burn outs for 3 minutes without gloves

Pyramiding up to 10 for both sides of roundhouse
Alternate leg roundhouse
Another really long combo...I forget.

Throw in some jumprope and ab work along with some squat kicks.

Notes: Great workout.  Was ready to puke
Good way to focus on keeping hands up.  Love all the mirrors
Regrettably, have to fix my own mistakes as instructor isn't too concerned with form
Fewer cuts on hands.  Form is improving.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Training Log: Entry 151

Gaining great strength benefits from current program.

Cleaned up my diet.  Less fried foods, more salads and wholesome
sanwhiches.  Feels good to be heatlthy.  Losing bodyfat as a
result.  Looking bigger as a result.  Weight is decreasing,
but most likely its fat, not muscle.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Training Log: Entry 150

Went to a Crapboxing class today.  Crapboxing is like kickboxing, except it sucks awful.

This was some McDojo Indonesian martial arts studio that I had mocked previously on campus.  I knew I was in for a laugh when I saw it.

"Drills" (I use the word lightly)

Cardio crap at the start.  Combination between a Capo ginga and boxing jab-cross-hook-uppercut combos

Ginga+front kick, round kick, side kick (all TKD style)

After "learning" these techniques (by learn I mean mimcing) we tried them out on kicking large bags (ala TKD class).

4 stations.  2 front kick.  1 roundkick.  1 sidekick.

They had one fat man and 3 old ladies holding pads.  The fat man tried to bring me down on my sidekick, and I almost killed two of the ladies.  One held the pad frontways for a roundkick, and I promptly kicked her shoulder.  I apolgoized, and she didn't correct herself.  I was told to "be nice" for the second holder.  How am I supposed to progress if I kick light?

Some chick behind me was mocking how I hissed when I struck.  I confronted her after class.  She buckled and gave me a BS excuse.

After pad work, we did some basic calestentics and stretching.  They did a hardsell for their club.  I did my best not to laugh.  Total class length of 45 minutes.

Holy Christ this club sucks. If you are in the Portland area, do NOT check out Tulene martial arts
I wanted to spar the instructors, but no go
The on campus MA clubs are way better...and that's a statement


I'd like to congratulate myself on my 150th post.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Training Log: Entry 149

Attended American Kickboxing class

Greeted instructor.  Announced my desire to participate. 
When told to get some wraps, I produced my own.  After the crowd
gathered, drills started.

First drill:
On standing bag
Jab-cross-jab-cross-left hook-right hook-left uppercut-right
uppercut-left elbow-right elbow-left knee-front
kick-sidekick-roundkick-switch stance roundkick
Then repeat with left foot lead (previous was right foot lead)

Second Drill:
On standing bag
Jab-cross-jab-cross-left hook-right hook--left uppercutright
uppercut-spin backfist-front
kick-sidekick-3Xroundkickswitch stance roundkick
Then repeat with left foot lead

Third drill:
On standing bag
Burnouts.  Jab-cross as hard/fast as possible with good form.

Fourth drill:
On standing bag.  Tie a jump rope and stretch it from about chest height.  Jab-cross-bob/weave-jab-cross

Fifth drill:
On standing bag.
Pyramid roundhouse kicks.  1-10.  Switch legs.

Sixth drill:
On standing bag
from a squat-stand-front kick-squat-stand other leg front kick-squat
repeat with roundkick

After that, did some conditioning.  Mainly abs.

Instructor has no problem with me doing things the Muay Thai way (ala
my roundhouses, elbows, and knees) rather than the KB way. 
Good workout.  INstructor is lax on correcting technique, but there are mirrors everywhere.
Mainly female crowd. 
Hands torn from improper punching form.

Was major fun.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Training Log: Entry 148

Taking an American Kickboxing class tomorrow.  Should improve my
handgame somewhat, although may possible wreck my already broken kick
game.  Oh well.  No real loss there.  'sides, the
workout will be good.  Sadly, no sparring.  My kingdom for a
sparring partner.

MMA club is almost official.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Training Log: Entry 147

Attended another TKD class.

Went over same old stuff.

Learned some funky spearhand/slap block.  Somehow we're supposed to stop a block with a slap.

Sparring, bag hitting, all that jazz.  I and the other student are way better at keeping our hands up than the frickin' instructor.  Pitiful.

Wrist is still bugging me.

Fun lifting day.  Did traps, forearms, neck, and concentration curls.  Not really a part of my routine, but was bored.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Personal Entry:

Just like last year, new halloween pic.

For those who can't figure it out
Marv from "Sin City" standing next to Crysta from "Fern Gully"

This costume was just about as easy as last year's Punisher.