Sunday, November 28, 2004

Training Log: Entry 32

Gained weight over the holiday season.  Will be cleaning up my diet/getting back to 1+ gallons of water a day to compensate.

Note: Warm up hands before hitting heavybag.  Temp is around 35 degrees in Portland, and hands are going numb.  Though this means I can hit the heavybag harder bare-handed, it also presents a greater risk of injury.

Saw an interesting clip of some Kyokushin guys fighting "drunken boxing" here C8

(Link will probably not last long.  Get it while you can)

Kyo guys fight pretty slick.  These guys tended to be outfighters.  Stocky: possibly as a result of their conditioning.  Tend to be really leggy.  Reminds me of TKD guys crossbred with Muay Thai.  Would like to see some handwork aside from prodding strikes to gauge distance.

I would love to learn Kyo at some point in my life.  However, being that it's another striking Martial Art, odds are I would have to abandon a lot of my present training.  Makes me wish I had found it in Portland.  Still might have a chance before I die though.

Further Note: Two events coming up.  San Diego sparring get together on 18 Dec 04 and official Washington Bullshido McThrowdown on 5 Feb 05

Should have fun.  Hopefully, video will come faster than the Oregon one (still waiting for that)   

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Training Log: Entry 31

Finally started seriously working my legs.  Got someone to motivate me to get to the gym on leg day rather than just do bodyweight exercises.

Leg/Ab Day lifts:

Leg Press
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Calf Raises
Elevated Weighted Crunches
Elevated Boxer Crunches

All lifts at 3-5 reps and 4 sets, minus the boxer crunches, which are just 'till failure.

Same person that dragged me down to the gym might also get my ass to do some sprints.  I'm excited.

Note: Got to watch some awesome swordsmanship at the gym where a buddy of mine sparred a friend with some shinais.  The friend of mine offered to spar me unarmed, but warned me that he sucked.  I'd take him up on it, but like most of my sparring partners, this guy is a bit too skinny to go full out on.  I might do it one day if him and I get bored.  He says he has some gloves, and I could spot him headgear and a mouthguard.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 1

Have 2 students as of now.  One of them is a natural: has a decent right cross, keeps his elbows close and tight, and his hands up.  He's also got a decent build (not big, but at least not skinny).

The other student is...well, not.  He'll require a lot of work if he chooses to stick with it.

They want to learn basic Mixed Martial Arts stuff (ie: fighting standing and on the ground).  I explained that my wrestling knowledge pretty much means they're gonna be Ground and Pounders, and they're cool with that.

Drill 1: I held my hands up for them and had them strike with jab or cross.  I informed them with flaws in form (elbows not in, hands dropping, etc)
Drill 2: Combinations: Jab-cross, Jab-jab.  Drilled on hands.

Dodging punches (I explained how the standard bob and weave leads to knee strikes to the head, and showed them a modified version better suited for MMA).
Drill 1: I attacked with a right cross or left hook, and they dodged appropriately
Drill 2: They attacked with a combination, and then dodged an oncoming attack
Drill 3: Same as 2, except they recovered with an attack of their own

I gave them some tips on training at home.  I hope they make use of them.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Training Log: Entry 30

Went to my boxing class for the first time in 2 months.  ROTC has kept me too busy.

Drill 1: Attacker jabs, defender counters with jab
Drill 2: Attacker jabs, defender counters with jab-cross
                       Both drills focused on closing the gap between when the attacker jabs and defender coutners.
Drill 3:  Attacker jab-right cross, defender jab-cross-low left hook-high left hook
Drill 4:  Attacker jab-right cross, defender double jabs-lefter uppercut-right hook

Moved onto focus mitt drills
Drill 1: Attacker jab-wide right, defender drives his left elbow into attacker while covering head from right-puts the left hand on the attacker's face and pushes away-right cross-left hook-right cross
Drill 2: Attacker jabs-left hook, defender right drive elbow and cover-slaps attacker away-left hook-right cross-left hook

After that, conditioning with slapping the Thai pad on partner's abs.  Focus on breathing on impact.  2 sets of 20.
After that, staying on knuckles on concerete floor and doing slow push-ups.

After that, I got to do some sparring.

Sparring notes:

Pros: I finally utilized body shots (was not going exclusively for headshots).  This was literally the first time I have ever done this.
I attempted combinations rather than just poking with single shots
I managed to do extremely well in the southpaw stance, and noticed it threw off the partner
I made good use of the clinch

My guard was everywhere.  I still lose it when I start fighting.
I stayed out too much.  I'm an infighter, and I need to fight like one.  I can't get overwhelmed and play the distance game with a bigger guy.
My cardio is shot to hell.  Result of lack of training as of recently.  I was dying.
I did not evade.  I still fight like a tank: slow, heavy, and taking abuse to deal damage.  I might like that way, but I still get rocked when I spar as a result.  Should at least have some evasion game.

Personal Notes: I love boxing as an art, but hate it as an art.  I find the rules restricting, and I hate those fuckin' nerf gloves.  I only really felt one shot that hurt, and I know that my partner coulda walked through a barrage of what I fed him without feeling much pain.  Much rather box with MMA gloves.  Lighter gloves=more respect for strikes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Training Log: Entry 29

After way too long of a break, I'm back at hitting the heavy bag.

Can only hang for 4 rounds (1 five minute bareknuckle, 3 five minute with nhb gloves).  Am doing HIIT bike cardio for 8 minutes immediately after bagwork.  Hoping to get my cardio back up after the break from popping my shoulder.

Note: Need to recondition my shins.  Tried kicking the bag.  It hurt.  Will be going light until they are used to impact again.  Will begin retraining my kickgame as soon as my bag cardio is back up.

Note: I have been re-cruited as a fight instructor by a ROTC cadet I know.  He and his RA want to learn how to fight, and they turned to me.  I'll be instructing them 2 days a week.  Hoping that it will give me a chance to brush-up on my fundamentals.  Will need to create a cirriculum.  May post it on here.  Will be attempting to recruit one more cadet who showed interest at the beggining of the year.  If this pans out, I may have another stable of sparring partners.

Still need to work on being a wrestling coach for a chick I know.  She finally wanted a lesson, and the gym was occupied.  Sucks.

Monday, November 8, 2004

Training Log: Entry 28

Update: The tournament was point sparring.  Needless to say, I will not be attending.

Lifting is getting well, but still going light.  Weight is not going away.  Curious if it'll stay as muscle.

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Training Log: Entry 27

Have returned back to training after 3 weeks off of lifting and 4 weeks off of lifting.

Notable weight gain (3lbs).  I do not think it is muscle.

Am going light on heavybag out of paranoia, but my punches feel as strong, if not stronger than ever.  I believe this is a result of having my elbow in tight due to fear of another injury.

Weight lifting is less strength intesive and more focused on proper form.  AM going light on weights.  I bench 225 at this point, and can manage a set of 12 reps at first followed by 6 sets of 3-4 reps.  Rest of my routine utilizes more machines and tends to be a bit "bodybuilderish".  I don't enjoy it, but it is necessary at this point.

NOTE: I have found out about an "Open Styles Tournament" run by the local Tae Kwon Do club.  I have written the school and inquired about it, asking if I can particpate.  I am utilizing the Black belt I "earned" in TKD when I was 16 as my means of entry, and approaching this with total humility.  In actuality, I'm hoping to go in, wreak havoc, destroy, salt the earth, etc etc, but most importantly, to have an awesome time.  It'll set me back $40.00, but I think it'll be worth it.

Point of concern: ROTC might tell me not to.