Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Training Log: Entry 354

Overhead presses of 120lbs

Note: Short rest times.  Plowed through these like it was nothing.

20 rep squats of 265

Notes: Finally conquered this weight.  The 20th rep was shakey as hell, and turned into a good morning squat, but I made it.  From here on out, its 5lb increases.

20 reps of pull-overs.

Note: Wasn't getting much of a stretch today.  Might try laying horizontal on the bench.

Bent over rows of 145

Note: Had to deadlift the weight before I could row it, kinda sucked on my legs.  Did my grip work earlier in the day, so that sucked too. Lower the weight 5lbs next time.

CoC #1 deload.

5 sets of 3 both hands.


Weighing in at 197.  Smaller increases than before, but to be expected.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Training Log: Entry 353

Did PT today, and it killed me.  Running up stairs for 10 solid minutes paired with another 40 minutes of flat out running.  Didn't sleep much either for the early wakeup.  My results in the gym were lacking as a result.

Dips w/60lbs

Notes: Petered out a little early on the second set.

20 rep squats w/265

Notes: Failed moving up on the 19th rep.  Legs were too damn tired from running stairs, and I was psyching myself out on the depth of my squat.  In the mirror, it looks like I'm not going to parallel, that my thighs are above my knees, but my spotter told me that I bounce in and out of the parallel.  I don't notice because once I hit the bottom of the squat, I look up and away from the mirror while driving up.  Body was quivering way too early in the set.  Keep the weight next time and I'll clear this bitch.

Pull-ups of bodyweight

Notes: Dying here as well.  Oh well, we all have off days.

Did a round of boxing today with a kenpo guy.  Planted constant jabs in his face.  My defense was a little rusty, but came back.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Training Log: Entry 352

Repitition Effort Grip work CoC 1

Right Hand





Left Hand 




Note: Results were not as good as I had hoped for, but some minimal progress.  Possibly due to a slippery grip (just came out of the shower) and training on a different day/time than normal.  Perhaps a deload is in my future.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Training Log: Entry 351

Overhead presses of 115

Notes: Reducing the weight got me where I need to be.  Hopefully soon back to where I was.  Felt a great pump in my shoulders.

20 rep squats of 255

Notes: My knees were killing me before I started because we ran stairs in PT on thursday and then a couple miles after that.  Still managed.  Focused on sitting back rather than down, and making sure every squat was below parallel.  My spotter said the 1st and 7th were questionable, but everything else was spot on.  20th rep absolutely sucked.  Let out a yell.

Pullovers of 20lbs

Note: Still working on that stretch.

Bent over rows of 135

Note: Last rep a little questionable, but otherwise an outstanding pull on my lats.


Forgot to mention that I'm taking a dance class in college to learn a few steps for my wedding.  Should hopefully be limbering me up a little bit, teaching my some timing and rythum, and getting me a little cardio.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Training Log: Entry 350

Dips w/55lbs

Note: Going good.  Very last rep a little shakey, but no momentum necessary.

20 rep squats with 245

Note: Forgot to breathe deep for the first two reps, then realized what I was doing.  Knees bent inward on the last rep, but that's forgivable considering it was the 20th.  Focus on spreading floor with feet.

Pull-over with EZ bar

Note: Wanted to try this out, but gonna stick with the DB.  Felt more pressure on the shoulder than the ribs.


Note: 28 total, 2 away from my goal.  I'm sure I'll hit it by the next workout.


Weighing in at 195.  Some of it is prolly water from creatine, the rest of it is pain in my legs and the chip on my shoulder weighing me down.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Training Log: Entry 349

Grip training.

CoC #2 right hand

Note: Wow, this came along really easy.  No set up necessary, just squeeze.

Left hand #2
1 (almost 2), 1 (barely), 1.5

Note: Left hand coming along.  Mainly a technique issue.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Training Log: Entry 348

Overhead presses 135lbs

Note: Don't think I rested enough.  A step back from last week.  Gonna lower the weight 10 or so lbs next time and try to build up.

20 rep squats of 235

Note: Don't wear board shorts while squatting.  Hard to hit parallel for those first few reps.  I need to warm-up more, but am too afraid of using up my energy for squats.  Still, think this is the magic weight.  Legs are really feeling it.  Moving up is gonna suck.

20lb pullovers

Note: Kinda hard to get a good stretch because of my shoulder, but I do my best.

Bent over rows of 125

Note: Getting this nice and strong.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Training Log: Entry 347

Grip and neck work.

Repitition method for the Captains of Crush #1

Right hand


Note: Amazed at the progress on this. Last rep of left hand was questionable. Need to pull away from the thigh and use better protocol. Still, glad to see rep method is working.

Neck crunches with 45lbs

Note: Not sure if I want to up the resistance. Might just up the reps. Feeling strong.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Training Log: Entry 346

Dips of 50lbs

Note: A little shakey on the last rep of the last set, but otherwise really strong.  Up and away.

20 rep squats of 225

Note: On the 16th rep I stumbled backwards but regained my footing and kept going.  I'm amazed that I can rep with this kinda weight in all honesty.  I'm thinking only a 10lb increase next time.

Pull overs of 20lbs

Note: Forgot to mention that I'm doing these as well for the "rib cage" expansion aspect.  I don't really believe in it, but we'll see how it goes.

Pull-ups of bodyweight.

Note: It's supposed to be 2X15, but that ain't happening, so I'm breaking it down into 5 sets of 6 for the same volume.  Once I can do that, 4 sets of 7-8, etc etc.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Training Log: Entry 345

Second day of 20 rep squats.

Overhead presses of 135


Notes: Mighta had an 8th in me, but don't want to risk it.  Amazed I could knock out 12 at that weight in all honesty.

20 Rep squats of 205

Note: Forgot my wrestling shoes, and added a towel.  Still an easier than anticipated workout.  When I have all the variables, should go smoother.  Legs were dying at the end.  14th rep is the official killer.  Up to 225 next time.

Bent over rows of 105

Note: The high number of reps is throwing me off, not really sure how much weight to use.  Doing a good job of using my back instead of my arms on the movement.  More weight next time.

May add more to the program as time goes on, but right now enjoying the bare bones approach.  Maybe a few sets of shrugs.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Training Log: Entry 344

Grip and Neck work. 

Neck crunches with 45lb plate.


Note:  Good to be back.

Shrugs w/70lb DBs

Note: Just felt like hitting my traps a little bit.

CoC #2
Right hand
4,3,2 (almost to three)
Left hand
1,almost 1, almost 1

Note: Along with repitition effort, decided to cut down on the sets and let my hands be as strong as they want, rather than trying to force my left to catch up with my right.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Training Log: Entry 343

New program.  The infamous 20 rep squats.

Weighted dips with 45lb plate
Note: Form was strong.  Little swing on the end.

Squats of 185

Note: Did 21 reps on accident.  Will recruit a spotter next time.  Weight was way too light, despite being near bodyweight.  Misjuged my ability.  Will bump up to 205 next time. 

Bodyweight Pull-ups

Note: Was supposed to be 2X15, but that wasn't happening.  Next time, I'll split into 5 sets of 6, and build up from there.

As a note: Cycled off creatine during my week off, and now I'm back to loading it.

Currently weighing in at 190.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Training Log: Entry 342


Squats of 275

Notes: Knees are finally traveling right.  Needed more rest between sets on those last two.  Last set was strange, legs kinda collapsed on me, didn't wanna risk it.

Bench of 225 and Bodyweight Pull-ups
5X5, switching between the two.

Notes: Wanting to increase my efficiency so switched off between the two exercises.  Lowered the weight on bench to rest my shoulder, form was good.  Got a good pull on my lats for pull-ups.  Had to switch my grip to use on a cross beam rather than a bar on the last two sets because bar was occupied.  This actually felt really good, I'll try to integrate it normally.

Decided to switch up my grip training.  I'm burnt out on timed holds for the 1, so I'm gonna work some repitition effort days in with my heavy resistance days.

Repition effort of the 1.

Right hand (rep of the 1)
22, 8, 4

Left hand
17, 7, 4

Notes: Much more entertaining.  Better quality control of reps.  Next week, try for more.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Training Log: Entry 341

Boxing tonight.

PT wasn't much trouble, despite a week off. Was sweating a lot.

One round of defense, one round of offense, the rest sparring.

Needed to find my feet a little, then got back in the swing of things. Was squaring up too much against the tall guy. Found a good strategy of covering up, slowly edging my way in, then unloading with staights once I cut off his range. Need to unload the right hand more. Too afraid of it popping out again. Need to work on using both offense and defense, not one or the other. Counterpunching is the name of the game. Stop throwing just jabs.

Shoulder feeling better with the rest and exercise. Left camp always cramps for some reason.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Training Log: Entry 340

Boxing today.

PT for warmup as usual.  Not tough.

Split off with my partner for about 45 minutes of sparring broke up into 3 minute rounds.

Getting much better.  Not squaring off, blocking shots more, reacting to openings more, etc etc.  Need to work on head movement, capitalizing on counter opportunities, and using combos.  Was finally letting my hands fly at the end.  Jab is nice and strong, needs more of a hip twist.  Guarded lots of shots at least.

No BJJ.  Shoulder bugging me.  Gonna be resting for a weak and eating lots of good food.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Training Log: Entry 339

Deadlifts of 330

Notes: Coming along nice now.  Little pressure in lower back, but form is good.

Overhead presses of 160

Notes: Back to my old strength.  Form is getting better.

CG bench of 205

Note: Little pressure on the shoudler at first, but as time went on I was fine. 

CoC #2 gripwork.

5X5 with partials most of the way.  Right hand is getting strong, left is kinda stuck.