Thursday, February 24, 2011

Training Log: Entry 954

BB curls 95

Notes: Finally got more bicep activation rather than just swinging.  Helps not to completely unload the weight at the bottom.

Grippers (drop set #2-#1)

SSB calf raise 305

GHRs w/35

SSB squat 360

Notes: Back is feeling better, hip flexor/quad gradually improving.  Way better than my box squats.

SSB squats 275

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Training Log: Entry 953

Took my PFT today

Waist: 30.5" (WTF: 20 points)
Push-ups 1 minute: 67 (10 points)
Sit-ups 1 minute: 58 (10 points)
1.5 mile run: 11:12 (54.8 points)

Total score: 94.8

Met my goal, won't have to test again for a year.  Gives me 8 months to bulk and 4 months to get back in shape.  Celebrated with a burger and wings for lunch, and taco bell for dinner.  Bought some oatmeal today, which I'm going to blend into a powder to mix with my shakes in the morning.  I'm also going to begin carb cycling, eating carb heavy on my lifting days and carb light on non-lifting days.  I want to keep my conditioning up, but don't plan to do it by running for time.  Light running, walking, or hitting the bag is the goal.

Bench 265

Notes: Definitely touch and go as things went on, but still hitting my chest just fine.

Bradford press 125

CG 2-board press 235

Chins 20
11+3+2+13 second hold

Mat pulls 405

Notes: Difficult to break off the mats.  Hip pain paired with overtraining.  Use more quads and less hamstrings to lift it.  I'm also removing deads from my second upper body day and replacing them with DB rows, then replacing DB rows on my third day with chest supported rows.  Once I reach a point of no gains on the mat pulls, I'm going to remove a mat every training session until I'm deadlifting the weight off the floor.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Training Log: Entry 952

Practice PFT

Push-ups 1 minute

Sit-ups 1 minute

1.5 run

Waist size
Not fatass

Total score

I have a 20 second window on my run time before I drop below a 90. Trained this just like game day. Push-ups, 5 minute rest, sit-ups, 5 minute rest, run. Only thing I couldn't simulate was waist, but since I still fit into my 32s with room to spare, I think it's a gimmie. If I can score a 90, I won't have to test again for a year, which gives me 8 months to put on weight and 4 months to take it off again.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Training Log: Entry 951

Incline Press 225

Machine shoulder press 175

Weighted dips w/50

Chest stretch 25
40 seconds

Notes: I might switch from a fly stretch to a press stretch.  Less stressful on my shoulder joint.

Shoulder stretch
75 seconds

Tricep stretch 30
80 seconds

Wide grip lat pulldowns 160

DB rows 110

Notes: My lower back is really stiff, made these tough.  Will have to monitor this.

Lat stretch
75 seconds

Sit ups

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Training Log: Entry 950

Bi lateral DB curls 35

Reverse EZ bar curls 65

Bicep stretch
50 seconds

Notes: Slipped on the ice today and landed on my forearm. Nothing broken, but the bruising made it hard to grip.

Dip belt calf raise 205

Deficit trap bar lift off 4 mats 425


Notes: That extra mat made a huge difference. Now this movement is a real maneater.

RDLs 145

Hamstring stretch


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Training Log: Entry 949

Floor press 245

Notes: It's really amazing how much this movements hammers the chest.  You'd think the partial ROM would reduce it, but you spend most of your energy stablizing the weight with your chest.

Strict press of 140

Notes: Wore a belt.  Figure the emphasis is on the delts and not the back.

CG bench press 195

Pec stretch 35
35 sec

Shoulder stretch

Tricep stretch
75 seconds

Notes: Consider using blast straps for pec stretch.  These flyes are just murder on my shoulder.

NG chins 10
12+3+3+10 second hold

Deadlifts 315

Notes: Dead stop last 2 reps of last set.  Form isn't great, but touch and go allows for some deivation.

Lat stretch
60 seconds


Notes: Doing this while my hip heals.  Emphasis on completing the movement by using my abs instead of my hip flexors like most people do.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Training Log: Entry 948

BB curls of 95

Notes: Bad form, should really lower the weight here .

CoC #2

Notes: Next time attempt pre-exhaust with 2 and rep out with 1

SSB calf raise 285

GHR w/25

SSB squats of 345


Notes: Wore a belt on the widow maker set to put more emphasis on quads and less on lower back.  My quad/hip still has some minor pain.  I was correct in that the roman chair sit-ups were aggrivating it.  Trying to go below parallel most likely shifted emphasis onto the hip flexor and off the abs.  Will need to work around this.

I'm up about a pound so far, sitting at 189.  Though I haven't been posting about my diet, today was a great exercise in low carb/high protein and fat

Double whey shake w/milk and whipped cream

3 hard boiled eggs

Taco salad

Full rack of ribs and 8 buffalo wings

Also been drinking more water.  Bringing it to work.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Training Log: Entry 947

1.5 mile run, incline 1, speed 8.2

Notes: Once again, ran on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.  Miserable, but better preps me for game day.

Bench of 255

Notes: First bit was much closer to a legit 10rm.  Though I didn't take my pin presses as far as I wanted to, the carry over to benching strength is obvious.  This is nuts.

Bradford press 115

CG 2 board press 225

Notes: Changed this up slightly, board pressing is less painful on my joints.

Fly stretch 35s
45 seconds

Shoulder stretch
70 seconds

Tricep stretch 35
45 seconds

Chins w/10

Notes: This still inflames my left elbow, but it's getting better.  I only notice pain on chins.

7 Mat pulls 385
8, 10

Notes: Went dead stop last 3 of last set.  1 minute rest between sets.  Felt good to be pulling "heavy" again.  I really like the short ROM.

Lat stretch
70 seconds

Band pushdown/standing ab work


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Training Log: Entry 946

EZ bar curls 65

Hammer curls of 35

Notes: Too heavy.  Had to cheat.  Lighten the load next time.

SSB calf raise of 265

GHR against miniband

SSB box squats



Notes: The top of my right quad/hip is really fucking tight.  I think the Roman Chair Sit Ups with straight legs have been putting too much stress on my hip flexor.  I'm going to cut them out for now, and do some basic sit-ups with my PFT coming up and see if that clears things up.  It was painful on the heavy set of box squats, but after rep 7 or so on the widowmaker set, it was stretched out just fine.

Did stretches for biceps, hamstrings and quads. 60 seconds a piece.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Training Log: Entry 945

Incline bench of 185

Machine shoulder press of 160

Notes: On these movements I've been focusing on keeping tension in the muscle and not completely locking out.

Weighted dips w/45lbs

Notes: Never done these after 2 pushing movements before.  My ROM was really short, as my pecs kept running into my shoulders.

Chest stretch w/40lbs
35 seconds

Shoulder stretch
60 seconds

Tricep stretch w/30lbs
60 seconds

Wide grip Lat pulldown of 120

DB rows of 120

Notes: Too many sets.  Oops.

Hanging lat stretch
60 seconds

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Training Log: Entry 944

Bi lateral DB curls of 35

Notes: Got a decent pump out of these compared to my barbell work.

Reverse EZ bar curls of 65

Dip belt calf raises of 185

Notes: Still using the DC method of a 5 second negative and holding the calves in the fully flexed position at the bottom of the lift for 15 seconds.  These really blew me away, and no lower back pressure.

Elevated trap bar lifts of 405

Of 315

Notes: Heavy set was done with a pause, 2 WM sets were touch and go without a full lockout at top to put emphasis on quads.  These worked really well, especially on the second set.  I might throw one more mat on to get some more ROM, but this was a treat.

RDLs of 135

Notes: After the WM sets it didn't take much to fry me out.


Training Log: Entry 943

1.5 mile run on tredmill, level 1 incline, 8.1 speed


Notes: Ran this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  All things considered, very happy with it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Training Log: Entry 942

Floor press 225

Notes: Making an effort to concentrate on the intended muscle group as I work it.  Not quite at the non-lockout level, but approaching there.

Strict press 135

Notes: No idea really how to specifically recruit the shoulders on these.  I just press and get big shoulders.

CG bench 185

NG chins

Notes: These always do a great job of frying my lats, it's just hard to measure full ROM.

Touch and go deads of 275

Notes: Focusing on trying to keep my form good, rather than just gripping and ripping.  Bending my knees for the downward portion rather than just dropping it.  I'm sure my form is a mess, and I'll try to get a video next time.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Training Log: Entry 941

1.5 mile run on treadmill at level 1 incline set to "8" speed


Notes: PFT is coming up again.  I'm going to try to keep my weight around 188 until then, as being lighter makes running easier and means I can max my waist measurement.  If I get a 90, I don't have to test again for a year, which means I can bulk for 8 months and cut for about 4.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Training Log: Entry 940

BB curls of 95

CoC #1

SSB calf raises w/3 mats

SSB good mornings 115


Notes: GMs ended up being more of a lower back movement. If I really plan to use this, I'm gonna have to treat it like RDLs and do it last. Realistically, I'm either going to do GHRs, one against bands and one with weights, or use the base gym for some leg curls.

SSB squat of 335

Of 245

Notes: Did the WM set without a belt. Debating on if I want to keep that up or belt up so that more focus is on the quads instead of the back. Don't use a mouthguard next time. Makes breathing impossible.