Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Training Log: Entry 369

Trained a ROTC cadet in some boxing after that trainwreck of a self defense class taught to us by some Shoto guy from JKA.  Reverse punch, kiai!  I can't believe I used to believe in that crap. 

Managed to finally throw a decent left hook in sparring.  Threw it a couple of times.  Stop turtling when the pressure is put on.  Fire back, move out to the side, counter, do something.  Just wish my partner had some more meat on him so that I could hit with a little more force.  Still, glad he's getting better.

Bench press of 225

Notes: Despite having not benched for 6 weeks, the form was perfect on this.  The bar had to travel a shorter distance than usual though.  I suppose that ribcage expansion actually worked.  My fiancee said my chest looks a lot broader on bench than usual.

Powerlifting style below parallel squats of 300

Notes: Wow, total culture shock after the 20 reps.  My first set felt so foreign and alien.  Breathing was all wrong, form as jacked up, nervous as hell, etc.  After that though, sets of the best squats I've ever done.  Wasn't going ATG, but deeper than parallel, with a pause on every rep.  Knees traveled in slightly, but weren't buckling.  Really drove through on the heels.  Try not to come forward.

Pull-ups of bodyweight

Notes: And so we start anew.  Form was nice and tight.

Weighing in at 199.  Cutting too fast.  Up food intake.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Training Log: Entry 368

Did some more knife sparring today.  As an experiment, I stood weak side forward in what was basically a flicker stance.  I figure that way I can work on my angles and slipping in a way that'll benefit me as a boxer, rather than a tag player.  Good deal on working angles against southpaws.  It's a fun piece of cross training.  I'd rather box, but people wanna play, so I'll play. 

Towards the end, I was unhittable.  It was interesting to see how people's training influenced their tag playing.  I was rocking the flicker stance, the WC guy had his WC guard up, and the JKD guy had the actual Arnis thing going.  I learned how to use my angles against the WC guy, who'd come in straight on, and I'd move away at an angle and counter.

Back on the old program.  Cycling up the weight for now, so the load is light.

Deadlifts of 275

Notes: Form came back to me nice and easy.  Just need to be better at letting it back down.

Dip w/70lbs

Notes: Glad to finally be doing this with low reps again.  Need to adjust to the sudden weight shift.

Overhead presses of 135

Notes: Nice and smooth.  No issues.

Review of 20 Rep Squat as taken from, posted by myself

Finally done with this monster. An overview of everything I've gained.

Stats upon start of the program


Dips: Bodyweight+45lbs for 2X12
Pull-ups: 12, 5, 3, 3
Overhead press: 115lbs for 2X12
Bent over rows: 105 for 2X15
20 rep Squats with 185

Upon completion of program
Dips: Bodyweight+65lbs for 2X10-12
Pull-ups: 10,3,3
Overhead Press: 130 for 2X11-12
Bent over rows: 150 for 2X13-15
20 rep Squats with 300

Some notes on the numbers: The starting numbers are a little screwy because I was following the principle of "cycling up" the weight as outlined in Stuart MacRobert's "brawn". Dips and pull-ups proved to be increasingly difficult even without adding resistance because I was getting heavier everyweek, hence they became progressive resistance without any need to add. I hit a few plats here and there on everything, including failing on squats for 3 of my workouts. All in all though, I'm very satisfied with what I gained. I made a little less than half of the promised "30lbs of Muscle in 6 weeks", but considering my diet wasn't nearly as big as it could have been (was not supping any weight gainers, had a few off days), I am very satisfied. The last time I was at this weight, I had to force myself to eat constantly. I made it here with hardly any effort, and if some of our more devout community (PPP, looking at you) were to try it, I'm sure they'd make it closer to the gains.

As for the diet, milk really is king. Liquid calories to fill the gaps that you miss on solid foods. There were many times that I didn't feel I ate well at a meal, and simply went to the fridge and chugged some milk. It's cheap, and it'll stack on mass. Work up to it though. Don't go from 0 glasses to a gallon a day. And I'm also going to work down from it. Going to first stop my "between meals milk drinking", then go from 2% to skim, then reduce my glasses at meals.

I feel the mass I've gained is very much quality mass. I'll upload some pics tomorrow. I have some of me at a very chubby 202, and hopefully some tomorrow showing a better 202. I feel like I won't need to cut much, and can just go into maintaining after about a week or so (keep in mind, I never try to get a six pack).

The program itself:

It gives intensity a whole new meaning. It'll push you to the limits, and let you really know a lot about yourself. When do you quit, and when do you keep going. Anyone who spends their time on this program will gain some mental toughness, and will be able to excel in any other program they attempt. At the same time, remember, it's not a strength training program. My numbers got better (especially on squats), but the plats got to me. I'm very much looking forward to my strength training soon, but still satisfied with the gains I've made.
I modified the program from the original template under the advise of the book itself "SuperSquats". I kept the workout short, with only 2 supplemental lifts along with the squats.

Day 1:

Dips: 2x12
20 rep squats
20 rep light pull-overs to stretch the rib cage
Pull-ups: As many as I could for 3 sets (couldn't do 2X15)

Day 2:
Overhead Press: 2X12
20 rep squats
20 rep light pull-overs
Bent over rows: 2X15

I trained MWF, and alternated each training day. It was all I needed. On my off days, I'd do some neck work (neck crunches, shrugs, bridges) and work on my grip training. I didn't need to do any isolation stuff. I limited everything else, from running to sports to PT. The only times I failed on squats were the times I overexerted myself at PT. You gotta make rest a lifestyle.

Bottom Line

The program works. It is one of the greatest in existance. If you want to be a bodybuilder (even though my knowledge is limited), do it. If you want mass, do it. Shut up and squat. 10/10

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here's some pics of me a year ago at 202

Here's at 6 months ago at 180




The above is me at 202lbs as of today.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Training Log: Entry 367

Overhead presses of 130

Notes: Hey, one more rep.  I was proud.  Finally broke that damn plat.

Squats: 1 rep of 305

Notes: Decided to end the program early.  I'm starting up strength training soon, and I haven't had 2 days of solid rest in a long time.  Hitting the weight, I could tell my body had enough.  I've made my goal, I'm a happy man.

Bent over rows of 150

Notes: Amazed at the progress.  I really like this lift, I think I'll try to work it into my program somehow.

Review of the program forthcoming.

Weighing in at 202.  That sounds about right.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Training Log: Entry 366

Deloaded on my CoC #1.

Did some knife sparring today with a JKD guy.  Cute stuff.  Pretty much knife tag.  Good for reflexes.  Was working on my angles and counter attacking.  Was able to move right and thrust to avoid the straight forward onslaught.

Did a round of boxing with the kid. He's getting much better, which means I can improve.  My parrying came back very strong, was parrying almost every jab.  Headmovement wasn't bad.  A little jumpy.  Throwing more combos, but need to work on throwing in some hooks.  Stop being Mr. Niceguy.  Hope he keeps getting better.

Dips of 65lbs

Notes: 10 was harder than usual.  Guess that's good for building.  Can't wait to get back to a strength routine.

20 rep squats of 300lbs

Notes: Cleared this bastard.  Reached my goal.  Some of my best squats as well.  Now have to decide if I'll squat one more day and increase the weight 5lbs or keep it the same and maybe try for 21 reps instead.


Notes: Right shoulder felt like it was being pulled out.  Biceps got a decent pump.

Weighing in at 200lbs.  Didn't eat too well today, so it's prolly off.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Training Log: Entry 365

Overhead presses of 130
12, almost 11.

Notes: Prolly hitting a plat.  Sad.  Maybe the last workout, I'll finally master this.

20 Rep squats of 300

Notes: Failed on the 19th rep.  So close to my goal.  Had PT today, and most likely used up too much leg energy.  Wed will be the day.  Still got a good workout at least.


Notes: Got an amazing stretch today all things considered.

Bent over rows of 145

Notes: Felt like nothing.  Glad to see some progress somewhere.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Training Log: Entry 364

Right Hand

Left Hand

Notes: Well, just like how last week was incredible, this week was very lackluster. Managed to get one more on my right hand, but everything else fell. Deloading next week, and maybe I'll switch to dynamic effort over repitition effort.Right Hand

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Training Log: Entry 363

Dips of 65lbs

Notes: Seems I'm moving backwards because of the added weight gain.  In my next life, I'll try doing this as a circuit rather than a weighted exercise.

20 rep squats of 295

Notes: Shakey as hell today, but made it through.  The weight slipped on the last rep, and I almost failed.  Not much of a good morning at least. 


Note: Semi-decent stretch today.


Notes: Somehow made some progress through force of will.  Same as dips, next time a circuit.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Training Log: Entry 362

Overhead press of 130

Notes: Almost there. 

20 rep squats of 290

Notes: Motivation was low but psychology was high.  Managed to psyche myself up enough to get through the reps very clean and very fast, with minimal yelling and no good morning squats.  10lbs shy of my goal.  315 would be nice, and maybe I'll try for it, but if I can do 300 I'll be a happy person.


Notes: Semi decent stretch here. 

Bent Over Rows of 145

Notes: Got a good pump.  Form very good, all in the back.


Tipping the scales at 200lbs.  More progress.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Training Log: Entry 361

Dips of 67.5

Note: Don't really know what to do.  I'm gaining weight at the rate to make this movement always more challenging, despite not increasing the weight.  Maybe I'll lower it a little to get the 12,10 going.

20 rep squats of 285

Note: Real ugly last rep.  Very much a good morning squat.  18th rep wasn't so hot.  Screams are becoming more primal.  I made it though.  100lbs more than where I started the program.  Feels good.


Notes: Same issue as dips.  Oh well.  Overhead press and rows are offering progressive resistance just fine.


Finally got to do a little boxing today.  I outclassed both guys, but worked more on my defense than offense.  Truth be told, I'm too goddamn nice, and never capitalize on openings for combos.  I need to get over this crap.  Anyway, a little rusty going in, but my movement is getting smooth.  Need to find my range again against taller opponents.  Don't just watch the technique slam you in the face, slip it.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Training Log: Entry 360

CoC #1 Gripwork RE day



Note: Insane progress on first set, and on the rest of the sets for the right hand. I don't know what happened, but I'm happy.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Training Log: Entry 359

Vendi, Vidi, Vici

Overhead presses of 130


Notes: Maybe more rest.  Should KO it next time.

20 rep squats of 280lbs

Note: Conquered it.  Last rep was low but getting up my knees were knocking.  Need to keep that from happening in the future.


Note: Was getting a much better stretch today.  Maybe the 20th squat really does facilitate this.

Bent over rows of 140lbs

Notes: Much cleaner reps.  Really felt the pump.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Training Log: Entry 358

Did my physical fitness test in ROTC today.  I passed.  That's about it.  I'm a fatty, but my neck is measured at 18.5 inches.  I like that.  Made a sub 12 minute 1.5 mile.  Considering I haven't run in months and did 20 rep squats 2 days before, I'll take it.  However, the run and sprint at the end killed me in the weight room today.

Dips w/ 67.5lbs


Note: Next time is gonna be the one.

20 rep squats of 280lbs

Note: Failed after the 18th rep.  I think I've got a shin splint from the run, and my legs are just dogass tired.  Next time, I'll conquer it.


Note: Hypothesis is right; as I get heavier, the resistance is increasing making me able to do less reps.  I did some repitition effort on these instead, 1 minute rest between sets.  Got a nice pump in my lats.

Weighing in at 198.  1lb increase.  I'll take it.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Training Log: Entry 357

Overhead presses of 125

Note: Easy.  Up we go.

20 rep squats of 275

Notes: I was flying today.  Got to 16 reps without even feeling it.  20th rep was murder as usual, but made it.


Note: Wasn't really getting a good stretch today, despite arms straight.  Need to experiment with this.

Bent over rows of 140

Note: Last few reps of last set were pretty sloppy.  Grip was really dying here.  Gonna keep the weight for one more time and knock it out cold.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Training Log: Entry 356

Grip work. RE with CoC #1

Right hand


Notes: Oustanding week. Deload was well placed. Increased 1 rep on every set.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Training Log: Entry 355

Dips of 62.5


Notes: Moved the weight up a little.  I'll keep it next time and knock out 2 sets.

20 rep squats of 270

Notes: 19 and 20 were ugly, but they were there.  All in all, it felt easier than the past two workouts.  The 5lb increase is much better on me. 


Note: Found the secret to a stretch.  Keep arms straight, not bent.  Need to not go so far back to avoid strain on the shoulder.


Notes: Realized a problem with my brilliant volume plan: as the weeks go on, I'm gaining weight and increasing the resistance.  Tried four sets of 7 and it wasn't happening.  Think next time I'm just gonna do 2-3 sets of max reps and call it a day.

3rd week done.  It's been hell, but it's done.