Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Training Log: Entry 305

Weight lifting day

Deadlifts of 295

Note: Hate training in this weightroom.  Too damn hot.  Still, making progress.

Overhead presses of 135
5,5,3-subluxed my shoulder on the third.

Note: Might sadly have to stop this lift. As much as I like it, if this happens, it's prolly not safe for my shoulder.  Might switch to raises or something less destructive.

Needless to say, end of lifting.  However, today for ROTC we did some cool stuff.  I did a van push with 3 other people, and moved a minivan across two athletic fields in 41 seconds.  Then did 91 diamond push-ups in an individual event, along with some hill runs and relay races.  Shoulder still a little tender, but no different than usual.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Training Log: Entry 304

Sparred a Wing Chun guy today.  Light contact stuff.

He was mostly defensive.  Fired these weird ass punches that didn't actually connect.  Just kind of a flurry of forearm strikes.  I got cliped in the mouth once, but in general nothing much.  Found out that I'm actually moving around and staying mobile while sparring rather than standing like a statue like I used to.  Very happy about that.  Head movement is getting better too...except no strikes to test it against.  Did something I had never done before, when my hands left my face because I was being a spaz, I actually pulled them back in time to block.  Was very happy about that.  No chance to check kicks because he threw at my arms.  Used a couple of roundhouses, but nothing much.  He was good at keeping straight shots from coming in, but beyond that not much.  He tried to armbar me out of nowhere, so I put him in a thai clinch, and it was over from there.  Apparently he's never been in that before, and I just threw him around and kneed him at will.  Makes me think I need to improve on my clicnh because it'll be important in the future.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Training Log: Entry 303

Behind again.  Two workouts under my belt.

Deadlifts, 5X5 of 265

Note: Was feeling sick.  Gym was packed, way overheated on a heavy lift.  Still, completed without trouble.  More weight.

Overhead press of 135

Note: Love this lift

Dips of 55

Note: Always a favorite.  Try not to lean foward so much.


ATG squats of 235, 5X5
Note: Love going this deep.  More weight.

Bench of 225, 5X5
Note: Embarassing how close to my squat my bench is, but most likely just motor skills.


Note: Feeling it in my lats.

Gripperwork on both days isn't going too great.  Right hand stronger than left, completing about 3 sets of 5 on both and from there falls apart.  Use some negatives.

Happy Birthday to myself.  21. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Training Log: Entry 302

First day of new program knocked out

5X5 of 225 on below parallel squat

Note: The more sets I did, the easier it got.  Less about strength and more about coordination.  Should be putting good amount of weight next time.

5X5 of 185 on bench

Note: Way too easy.

2X5 of pull-ups

Note: Ran out of time, but felt really strong.

Gripper work
About 2X5 of the number 1 on both hands, then about 3X2-3 of full reps and a few partials.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Training Log: Entry 301

Week off was very productive.  Shoulder stopped bugging me after about 2 days of rest (although as of now there is a little pain, but I feel that's more from lack of use than anything else).  Only really focused on grip work and boxing, no real major lifting.

Got some new grippers.  A CoC 1 and 2.  I could close a 1 straight out of the box, and about 1-2 mm shy of closing a 2.  Gotta owe it to my training with the Trainer.  The timed holds and building up have been an asset.  Can't wait to get that 2 closed.

Did a little running.  Ditched the MP3 player so that I'd run at a faster pace.  Killed myself early in the runs on hills, not really smart, but really only doing this to pass my PFT.  I'm a fighter, not a runner.

Downcycled off of creatine.  Going back on tomorrow with a 5 or so day loading phase.  Also going to follow a new routine, much simpler and more general than the previous routine.

Following an ABAB format on a TRS split (normally MWF, but works out better this way)

Workout A:
Squat/Bench/Weighted Chins or Pull-ups

Workout B:
Deadlift/Overhead Press/Weighted dips

Following the 5X5 rule on this work.  Test it out for 6-8 weeks and see where I get.  Throw in some work with the grippers.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Training Log: Entry 300

DE upperbody day

DE bench: Tripes of 155.

Note: Speed was insane on this.  Way explosive.

Close grip bench of 185
10, 8, 5, 5

Note: More on the second, killed the others.  Needed to warm up better before speed bench, my body was dead.

Straight bar pulldown of 145

Note: Gradually progressing.  Soon all 10s.

Lateral raises of 25
11, 10, 10

Note: I'm getting so strong on this lift.  Such a big fan.


Note: Not making much progress, but the first sets are getting easier.

Hammer curls of 25

Note: Felt good to move up weight on this.


My fall break has started, so I'm taking my week off.  All I did yesterday was some grip work (can now knock out 10 second holds after every set).  Might do some pull-ups and bag work, but in general not much. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Training Log: Entry 299

Have had two ME days in the past two days.

ME upperbody day
ME bench, triples of bar, 135, 185, 225, 275

Note: Finally broke past my plat!  Great lift, got the whole body in it, burnt out my triceps, screamed, the whole 9.  Felt good to slap on more weight.

Close grip bench of 205
10, 7, 6, 6

Note: The increased weight feels good.

Tricep pull down straight bar of 145

Note: Still a little failure.  Need to fix that.

Lateral raises of 25
10, 10, 10

Note: Last few reps a little sloppy, but overall good form.  12s until next weight.

5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2

Note: Gonna treat it like a 5X5.  Get all my sets up to 5, then start doing 4X8

Hammer curls of 20
10, 10, 10

Note: Form a little sloppy at end, but finally made it.  Moving up.


ME lower body day
Partial deadlifts at lowest pin
Triples of bar, 135, 225, 275

Note: Struggled on the 385, but managed it with a lot of pulling.  Could literally not move the 395.  That was a first for me.  Next time, try the 2.5 plates.

Lunges of 65

Note: Alrighty, time for more reps.

SLDL of 175

Note: Back was dying, so no 4th set.  Still, more reps than before.

CoC trainer
5X5 with 5 second holds on last rep.

Note: Grip is way stronger.  Noticed it today while bending some silverware into the shape of a dragonfly.  Much easier than before.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Training Log: Entry 298

DE lowerbody day

ATG speed squats doubles of 185

Note: Didn't have a box to squat on.  Felt a lot of my glutes in this, but was feeling more explosive than before, so meh.

Lunges of 60

Note: Legs were feeling fine, grip gave out.  Gonna move back up to 65s next time.

SLDL of 175

Note: Well, doing better on this.  Realized that I started good mornings some time ago and never followed up.  Whoops.

CoC trainer grip training
5X5 with a 10 second hold on the last rep

Note: Still kinda easy.  Only about a week till I get some stronger grips hopefully.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Training Log: Entry 297

DE upperbody day
Speed bench triples of 155
Note: Lighter weight means more speed.  Felt much better here.

Close grip bench of 185

Note: Working my way up.  Next time, might push it all the way.

Straight bar pulldown of 145

Note: Lighter weight meant better form.  Stick with this for now.

Lateral Raises of 20

Note: Finally made it.  Next time, 25s.


Note: Liked this set-up more.  Might follow a traditional 5X5 routine with some weight to build this up.

Hammer curls of 20

Note: Next time, all the way.


Been hitting the heavybag more often.  They got a new wavemaster that's pretty fun.  It's base is independent of it's stem, which is one a spring.  Combination of double end bag and heavybag.  It moves around a lot, get to practice my timing.  Doing a lot of slipping/bobbing and countering drills.  Hooks are getting strong.

Using this as a weight lifting log has really helped my progress in the gym.  Before, I'd never progress.  Now, it's always one more rep or more weight.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Training Log: Entry 296

ME Lowerbody day
Deadlift.  Triples of Bar, 135, 205, 275

Note: I've acheived my goal of a higher deadlift than my squat.  I can taste that 400.  The summer of lifting with the shorter bar really helped improve my form on this lift.  Next time, I'll either use smaller plates for a deeper squat down or set the pins high.  My sticking point is about 3 inches off the ground.

Lunges of 60

Note: Last set was a little shakey, but overall good set.  More reps next time.

Stiff legged deadlifts of 185

Note: Maybe a little less weight next time, and some more rest between sets.

Captains of Crush gipper
5x5 of trainer.  Last rep of 5th set, held for 10 seconds.

Note: Gonna need to do more holds till I get higher resistance.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Training Log: Entry 295

ME upperbody day

ME upper lift: Rack lockouts with low pin setting
Triples of bar, 135, 225, 295

Note: Lower pin setting meant less weight than before, but felt really strong in the rack.  Maybe 1 more week.

Close grip bench of 185

Note: More and more reps each time.  Can't wait till it's all 10s

Straight bar pushdown

Note: That's it, no more ego.  Gonna set it to either 145 or 135 and go for all 10s.  This is stupid.

Side raises of 20

Note: Liking the form much better than 25s.  Try for 11 or 12 next time.


Note: Not quite enough sets, but was running short on time due to a leach in the gym who kept bugging me between sets.

Hammer curls of 20
10, 10, 8

Note: Went to failure on the second set.  Too much ego, not enough power.