Thursday, August 31, 2006

Training Log: Entry 275

DE upper day

DE bench
8 sets of triples at 155 (little over 50% of max)
Note: Form needs work.  Not pulling shoulder blades together.  Good job at keeping max speed.

Close grip bench: 4X10 @ 155
Note: form just doesn't feel right on these.  Curious if it's from shoulder.  Need to see if I can replace it with dips or BB skull crushers

Flat bar pushdowns: 4X10@115
Note: Swayed between 100 and 130 at first, could maintain good form at 115.  Use triceps, not deltoids.

Lateral raises: 4X10 @ 12lbs each

EZ bar strict form curl: 2X8 at 65, 1X6 at 65

Form crappy at end

Did my lat work earlier that day.  2 sets of 10 wide pullups, 2 sets of 130 lat pulldowns to front.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Training Log: Entry 274

Worked the heavybag today for the first time in a while.  Started off with some shadow boxing first to warm-up and look for openings in my game.  Handspeed doing alright,  

From there, put on the 16oz gloves and drilled a little boxing.  My punching power is way up after switching my stance, and trying to do a better job of working parrying, patting, slipping, bobbing and weaving, and blocking into my bag routine.  Worked some roundhouse kicks, knees, and elbows as well. 

Did some more shadow work focusing on footwork and moving forward agressively while defending and moving back at an angle when evading. 

From there, did a drill I really like.  Put on my headgear and mouthguard and gave my fiancee her 10oz bag gloves and let her fire punches at me while I could only defend. Great way to train my defensive skills.  Spent a lot of time bobbing and weaving and slipping, and threw in some patting and blocking.  Parrying wasn't happening much.  Need to learn how to use that in conjunction with other defensive skills/against multiple punches.  Focused on planting myself and defending rather than running away.  She did an outstanding job of keeping the pressure up, and I found myself inevitably backing away, but much more gradually and slower than I would usually do.  Hopefully I can make this drill a staple of my routine.

Note: Do not face down when bobbing and weaving.  Gonna eat a knee or an elbow that way.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Training Log: Entry 273

ME lower body day

ME lift-ATG squats.

Note: Form was a little bat at 315, so dropped the weight a little.  Once again, haven't squatted for over 4 months, and have never done ATG (always squatted to parallel before).  Murdered my quads and hammies

Lunges: 4X10-12

Note: Hammies were killing me at this point.  Lower weight next time

SLDL: 4X8@135

Note: Form doing great on this lift.


Love this program.  Sadly, might have to cut it short for 2 months because of my beginning weight training class, but we'll see.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Training Log: Entry 272

Started a full fledged westside barbell template as of today.  Lovin' it.

ME upperbody
Singles on bench
Note: Can almost make a single of 295.  Haven't done max effort bench all summer, so haven't lose much progress on the lift.

Tricep work-Close Grip Bench press
3X5 of 185
1X7 of 135
Note: Form was getting bad at the end, so lowered it

Tricep pushdown-straight bar
1X12 of 70
2X10 of 100
1X8 of 100
Note: Having trouble finding a good weight here

Shoulder work-Lateral raises
4X10 of 10lbs each

Lats-Wide grip pull-ups
Note: Form got bad towards the end
Lat pull down
1X10 of 130

Biceps-EZ bar curl with strict form
3X8 of 55lbs

Lovin' this routine, can't wait for more.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Training Log: Entry 271

MT tonight


Warm-up: Still sinking power into those hooks and loving it

Drills 1: Attacker boxes and low kick, defender defends boxing and eats leg kick.

Note: Defense was on fire tonight.  I realized in the last few classes that the reason my defense was so crappy was that I kept moving rather than planting and trying to actively defend the blows.  Plated myself, and let my hands go.  Throwing out pats, shifting my guard, slipping, even a bob and weave. From my modified peek a boo, remember you need to slide gloves up to block headshots, down to block bodyshots.  For once, I finally learned how to cover my face while slipping and weaving.  Pats don't have to go far from the face, I was able to pull it off with a glove on my face.   

Drill 2: Same as above, but check the now arm kick.

Note: Knee goes inside elbow on armkick check

Drill 3: Same as above, but defender throws counter arm kick.

Note: Pay more attention to leg before checking.  Focus then react.

Conditioning: Nothing I ca't handle.  Pyramids.


Last class of the summer training sessions.  Overal summary


Focus was on defense this summer, and that focus paid off in spades.  Finally can slip, bob and weave, parry, block, duck, etc etc.  Before this, was all about offense and a strong jaw.  Must not lose this!

Movement got better as well.  No longer just straight in and out, learning how to use lateral movement and angles.  Next session, make this the focus.

Offense, though not a focus, is getting smoother.  Pulling off combos rather than isolated shots.  Letting go with both hands.

Conditioning raised to a whole new level. 

Knees/clinch/elbows not really improved much.  More of a focus on basics.


Skipped out on last month due to not liking the class structure of the new coach and paranoia of shoulder.  Affected results.

Learned how to use my legs more effectively. 

Furthermore, learned to work off my back more, my major weak point.  Upa and roll, triangles and armbars and kimuras.  Really awesome to have confidence there.

Learned more about where to place my weight for stability

Not much from mount.

Almost no takedowns improvement, but at least learned I like to use a firemen's carry and cattle catches.


Deadlift numbers didn't increase much, but form has gotten so much better.  Feel much more of the pull from my legs than my back.  Learned I respond much better to singles than triples.

Found out I have a good overhead press considering I haven't trained it in forever.

Body responded well to the shift in training styles.  Looking forward to getting back into heavy lifting.

General Health:

Bodyfat way down, weight is down, cardio is up.  Haven't run much this summer, but I got PT to make up for that.



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Training Log: Entry 270

MT Tonight


Notes: Feet still very torn up from before.  Spent most of tonight flat footed.

Drill 1: Partner teeps, defender evades by scooting body away while keeping feet planted.

Notes: Stick ass back, rather than just bending forward.  Otherwise, gonna get kneed.

Drill 2: Same as above, but attacker throws boxing combos

Notes: Defense was doing better.  Keep hands higher on face.  Decent job patting and slipping.  My second partner was a jerk.  He wouldn't throw punches, he'd throw teeps with no set-up, hindered learning experience.  First partner was cool.  Still got a defense flinch.

Drill 3:  Same as above, but defender throws leg kick and arm kick

Note: Same lame partner as the one that messed up last drill.  Wouldn't throw counter kicks.  Got to practice my own at least.  Keep hands up on kicks, but didn't get defense penetrated too bad.

Sparring with goal of evading teeps and countering.

Partner 1: Got to work my outfighting.  Throwing long straight punches, leg kicks, etc.  Defense was doing good, evading most teeps.  Still need to point lead leg away when checking kicks.  Wanna work that lead hook more.  Hook, don't slap.  Step in to throw it.

Partner 2: More outfighting.  Didn't get to throw too many rear leg roundhouses.  Worked my punching combos more.  Used a knee to deflect a lot of teeps.  Not the greatest idea.  Still stick that leg out on checked kicks.  Keep those hands up and guard.  Work active defense.

Conditioning: Feet are torn apart badly.


Personal Note: Have now completed 2 years of this log.  When did I get so old?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Training Log: Entry 269

MT tonight


Notes: Back to basics.  Working on the MT cirriculum from scratch.

Personal note: After so many nights of bad defense, I glued my hands to my face tonight.  Huge improvements, not just in defense, but punching power.  With better defense comes more confident offense.  Whole new fighter.

Drill 1: Attacker teeps, defender sweeps

Note: Did alright here, but pay more attention to which leg is coming.  Too easy to get faked out.  Still, even when faked out, did a good job of moving sideways rather than backwards.  Loving lateral movement.

Drill 2: Same as above, with counter leg kick-switch arm kick.

Note: Get better spacing on that arm kick.

Drill 3: Same as above, but block the counter shots.

Note: Retarded partner, took time away to teach him how to block a leg kick.  Didn't attack me with any power, but oh well, I worked what I could.

Conditioning: Tore up my feet pretty bad on the mats.  Couldn't pivot much as a result.

Worked boxing on a shield today.  My punches were popping, and I kept sending my partner flying into other groups.  I managed to work my circular movements and hooks as well.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Training Log: Entry 268

Best leg day of the summer.  Shifted from triples on sumo deadlifts to singles.  Huge improvement.  I kept shifting weight up to an eventual 340.  Legs were shaking, quads and glutes blasted.  For some reason, I have a much easier time pulling singles on deadlifts and triples on squats.  Keep this in mind.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Training Log: Entry 267

MT tonight

Goddamn did tonight suck.

Drill 1: Boxing sparring.

Note: Had a partner that couldn't break wind with his punches, furthermore he thought we were fighting in slow motion.  None of his punches came close to my face, yet I still chased after them to parry.  STOP DOING THIS. 

Drill 2: Attacker jabs, defender throws leg kick or armkick counter.

Note: Jab is sloppy.  Straight in, straight back.

Drill 3: Attack jabs, defender throws leg kick.

Note: Partner sucked again.  Kept throwing kicks to my knee and groin, running away from jabs, closing his eyes. 

Drill 4: Sparring, one guy boxes, one guy boxes and kicks.

Notes: Same problems as before.  Stop chasing lame punches.  Was rocking the head movement at least, but need to keep my gloves pinned to my face.

Different sparring partner, smae lame ass problems.  Peppered him with leg kicks.  I punched him once, knocked out a contact lens, and he stopped.  I really hate this crap.  Don't wear contacts if you're affraid to lose them.

Conditioning: Was off tonight.  Got to work thai pads with coach.  I need to relax, torque my hips more, and bring my hands back to my face.

Based on all the problems I had tonight, I've decided to go back to peek a boo style guard.

Edit: Now that I'm in a better mood, all was not lost.  I still managed to work my angles really well tonight.  I lured a guy with a lead hook and then slammed him with an overhand right. Another guy I kept luring into my leg kicks.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Training Log: Entry 266

MT tonight


Drill 1: Attacker boxes and leg kicks, defender defends and eats kick

Note: Ugh, defense went out the window tonight.  Need to work on stance and focus.  Bring gloves closer to face.  Maybe experiment more with peek a boo.

Drill 2: Same as above, but step lead leg back away from kick and counter with armkick

Note: Partner was kinda being a dick here.  He'd always back me up into another group before he'd throw the leg kick, basically making me unable to step the lead leg back without stepping on another group.  Oh well, good way to train in a chaotic atmosphere.  Defense was still crappy.

Sparring with boxing and leg kicks+counter armkicks

Partner 1: Nothing really to note.  Good exchanges on both sides.  I can defend much better when I can punch. Stick the jab out to stop a charge.

Partner 2: This guy pissed me off.  Doing alright until he panics and kicks me right in the balls.  Partially my fault for not defending well enough, partially his for kicking me in the goddamn balls.  Thankfully I had my cup on.  We go some more, and out of nowhere he kicks me in the face.  That's just plain disrespectful.  At least I know my chin is strong enough to take a suprise full force Thai kick and not stagger.  I let my anger get the best of me though.  Kid had long hair, and I just kept punching till it got in his face, then launched everything I could at his face while he tried to get the hair out of his eyesite.  Did this for the rest of the round. 

Partner 3: I love and hate sparring this guy.  He's got some great hooks, and I get to test my chin out.  He rocked my body pretty good too.  Was about ready to puke between the groin shot  before and the body punches.  I held my own, attacked his legs, and fired straight punches.  I need to work on getting in with hooks and uppercute.

Conditioning: Rough tonight.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Training Log: Entry 265

Sumo deadlifts rock my world.  Body is still responding well to the change in  program.  Only a few more weeks left.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Training Log: Entry 264

MT tonight


Warm up: Kicking speed is improving, as is form.

Drill 1: Attacker boxes and low kicks.  Defender defends and leg checks.

Note: Was paired up with yet another southpaw tonight.  Used this as an opportunity to practice front hand parry.  A little screwy at first, but got the hang of it real quick.  Awesome feeling.

Drill 2: Same as above, but off the leg check throw an immediate arm kick.

Note: Partner seemed a little new, so the intensity wasn't much.  Still, my patting and parrying was even better than before.

Sparring with only boxing and leg kicks.  Allowed to throw arm kick if off of leg check

Notes: Night of outfighting tonight.  Only had one partner taller than me.  The guy taller than me had much better hands (former boxer), but horrible legs, so I spent the round staying out of his hand range and planting leg kicks.

Second partner was too gassed to put up a defense.  I waited until he'd plant a leg mid step, then blast it with a leg kick.  Lured him with a left hook into a leg kick.  Ate a few shots, but nothing major.

Third partner might have been new.  He woudl get a few punches in.  Need to not learn back when taking straight shots, move to the side.  Was able to plant past his defense.  Drew his arms down with a leg kick and then blasted him in the face.

Fourth partner pissed me off.  He was a good fighter, but he hit me with a superman left hook and then alluva sudden acted like his eye was bugging him.  I didn't counter, let him readjust.  Later in the round, same exact thing happens with same exact mysterious eye problem.  Lame.  If you can't take a counter punch, don't do stupid crap.  He got my legs with some good kicks.  Good lateral movement.  I punched past his defense a few times.

Conditioning: Light tonight.  good ab work though.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Training Log: Entry 263

MT tonight


Warm-up: Nothing significant.  Working the double low kicks more.

Drill 1: Focusing on the teep today.  Attacker throws straights and long hooks, defender uses teep to keep distance

Note: Was partnered up with my grappling coach oddly enough.  He had a hurt back and was fighting soutpaw, so things were a little wonky.  He wasn't throwing at me with enough intensity.  Was focusing on circular movement rather than linear

Drill 2: Same as above, but defender throws long knee with stiff arm rather than clinch

Coaches note: When defending against an aggressive partner, wait for them to over punch, then make the stiff arm and knee one motion.

Note: Can't just defend one punch and forget about the rest.  Defend punches in bunches.

Conditioning: Was sagging a little, nothing major.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Training Log: Entry 262

MT Tonight


Warm up notes: Man, I was dragging today.  My warmup fatigued me pretty good.  Still, putting good power in those hooks

Drills 1: Taking leg kicks

Notes: Goddamn my left leg needs better conditioning.  I can only eat a few kicks.  Need to plant better and turn out more.

Drill 2: Attacker fires straight punches, defender throws leg kicks

Note: I can finally parry!  For some reason, it just clicked today.  I would slip the punch and move my head out of the way.  The right glove is doing the trick, now I need to work on the left.  Still patting too far from my face.  Must make sure to always be on guard.  A lot of times, I'd collide with another group, drop my hands to readjust, and eat a jab. 

Stop turning leg inside, turn it outside.  Stupid flinching

Drill 3: Attacker uses same attacks, defender throws leg, mid, or high kicks.

Note: I was on fire on defense of the kicks.  Unfortunately, had a knee on knee collision and knocked my training partner out of collission for most of the drill.  Parrying was still strong.

Conditioning: Cardio was lagging a little bit.  Did a ring a round punch in the gut which I managed to life through. 


Went on a run last night.  Focused more on speed than distance.  VO2 must be up, wasn't winded.  Good pace.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Training Log: Entry 261

New bodybuilderish routine is kicking my butt.  My body is really responding.

3 sets of 8-13 per bodypart.  Using same muscle group supersets, burnouts, and cheat reps.  2 Barbell exercises and then finish it off with DB for stablizers.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Training Log: Entry 260

MT tonight


Drill 1: Attacker jabs head or body, defender defends and fires head hooks.

Note: I was in Valhalla tonight.  I had a training partner who not only tried to connect, but connected hard.  I took a few hard shots before I was on my game.  My nose and face are still a little swollen. 

Don't drop jab hand after firing.  Comes back in a straight line just like it shoots out

Drill 2: Same as above, but defender fires body hooks as well.

Notes: My movement is doing a lot better.  Instead of forward or backward, I spent the whole round using circular movement.  Circle in for the hook.  Furthermore, utilized circling to defeat the power of the hook when I was defending (circle away and have them chase you).  Slipping was there, but not that great.  Need to work on slipping and COUNTERING, not just slipping.

Drill 3: Same as above, but attacker uses jab and rear leg kick, defender right straight and lead hook.  Much like sparring with stipulations.

Notes: Ate too many kicks.  Less focus on the hands, more on the kicks.  My partner was shorter than me, and I'm not used to outfighting.  Typically, I fight out of my opponents kick range by closing the gap and staying in the pocket.

Snap those hands back after the flurry.

Drill 4: Sparring with all boxing and ony leg kicks.

Notes: Outfighting still a little wonky.  Basically pawed away with the jab.  Punched right through his defense tons of times.  Noticed that everytime I leg kicked he countered with a lead hook, so I started leg kicking and immediately firing the jab.  Popped him tons of times.  He eventually caught on, but still couldn't do much.

Need to work on my leg checks.  Legs are going in instead of out.

Second round, got to infight again.  Guy wasn't really doing much, so I kept popping him with leg kicks.  Fired some decent bodyshots (guy was too tall to try to reach up).  Lost a contact lense at one point and put it back in.  Killed some of my time.  Did an ok job of pushing the action, but didn't get to do too much.

Conditioning wasn't anything major.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Training Log: Entry 259

MT tonight


Warm-up notes: Hands felt really slow today.  Possible combination of little practice over the past week and fatigue from bodybuilding yesterday (was bis/tris/forearms).  Made sure to be sharp.

Eat 15 leg kicks on each side

Note: My training partner had a very obvious right leg dominance.  He also lacked any sort of control.  His right leg was a baseball bat, left leg wiffle bat.

Drill 1: Aggressor boxes and throws leg kick, defender counters leg kick with 2-3.  Emphasis on countering before the kick is complete.

Note: As stated, no control.  He kept hammering my lead leg.  Rather than tell him to ease up, I decided to see how long I could hang before I quit.  17 leg kicks is the answer.  After that, I told him to go after my rear leg so I could drill more.

Personal note: The focus of today was to stop parrying so far away from my face.  Did a much better job of it when it became a focus.  Should always remember that.

Coaches note: Don't stand too close when throwing the kick so that you can avoid the counter.

Drill 2: Same as above, but add on counter low kick switch arm kick

Note: Partner was taller than me.  Need more balance on high kicks.

Conditioning: Holy Christ was it a bad idea to take a week off.  I was dying.  I managed to complete everything though, and at the end he told us that he really ramped up the conditioning, so that was comforting.