Friday, July 30, 2010

Training Log: Entry 872

Heavy bag

Notes: Today more emphasis was placed on keeping my hands glued to my face.  My footwork is a mess, as I've never had any real training on it.  I need to focus on that.  Wish I could find a legitimate place to train.

1 mile run

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Training Log: Entry 871

SSB box squats of 355

Notes: Dumped the last set.  Strained my neck in my sleep, and couldn't push it against the bar on the way up.  Tossed the bar over my head.  Again, for those of you playing along at home, this isn't something to freak out about, especially if you set the safety bars properly

Having experimented now, I'm going to stick with this plan for now.  As long as my first 2 sets hit 6 reps, and my last set hits 3, I'll progress.  That's still 15 reps total.  Once I work up to my old weight, I think I'm going to stick with triples for every set.

Bench press of 270

of 135

Notes: Tuck the elbow more

Chins w/10lbs


Training Log: Entry 871

Heavy bag

Notes: I'm starting to be less mindless when I hit, and instead work with a goal. Today it was about always being on my toes, an issue that is very apparent with my sparring.  Part of it is my huge flat feet (size 12" at 5'9), but the rest is general laziness. I noticed just how much more I could get out of my hooks if I lead with the legs vs. my hands.

2 laps around the neighborhood.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Training Log: Entry 870

Bodyweight: 201.6

Very close to breaking the 200s.  I've purchased some more protein, and have been drinking shakes after lifting again.  I'm planning on having a protein shake for breakfast in the mornings, rather than my usual fiber 1 pop-tarts.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Training Log: Entry 869

Trap bar lifts of 315

Notes: Attempting an experiment of light trap bar work in between squat workouts for the sake or taking stress off the lower back and getting blood flowing into my body to recover. We'll see if this facilitates recovery.

Strict press of 195

of 115

Notes: Felt great, will move weight up

DB rows

Notes: We'll attempt my style of reset here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Training Log: Entry 868

Time to start making more serious changes to my diet.  I've road out as much as I can from just not eating fast food, but now I'm starting to hit a wall and my strength is dropping.  I'm going to start getting more protein in my diet and try to reduce my carbs.  This means I'm going to start drinking protein shakes again (haven't had them in months) and try to change my breakfast.

If I continue to have troubles in the weight room, I'm going to completely overhaul my routine.

On the plus side, this means that if anyone ever complains about stalling, I can legitimately tell them that they aren't eating enough.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Training Log: Entry 867

In our failures do we succeed

Went for squats today, died off the box, died off a higher box.  Decided I'm going to go for a reset, but with a twist.  I'm going for 6 reps on all sets, so that as I work back up in weight, I'm technically still progressing.  I'm also goin to do this with my chins, as I'm starting to burn out here. 

SSB box squats of 355

Notes: This was the weight I settled on.  I'll pick this weight the next time and go back to the grind.

Bench of 265

of 135

Notes: There's a clicking in my shoulder on the way down.  Will have to monitor.




6x2 minute rounds
2 laps around the neighborhood

Notes: Left wrist still weak, but it's building up.  I'm regaining my wind for bagwork.  Need to start being more aware while I train.  Maybe I'll crank out the video again and get the advice of various youtube experts.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Training Log: Entry 866

Bodyweight: 203.0

Half a pound lost over a week.  Given that I started back up on creatine, I was expecting weight gain, so this is definitely progress.  I've made no changes to my diet, and still simply losing weight by not eating fast food.  I will continue with this strategy until I hit a stall, as there is presently no reason to change it.

Heavy bag work
6x2 minute rounds, 1 minute rest
Ran 1 lap around the neighborhood

Notes: Left hand isn't quite caught up.  Forearm can't take hooks very well, but I should heal up after use.

Figure I'm going to run in an exhausted state after my heavy bag work, and simply run more laps to prep for my PFT in september.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Training Log: Entry 865

SSB box squats of 395

Notes: I'm getting back on creatine.  My recovery is crap right now, and with the low calorie diet, it's not a good combo.  I've got another strategy I'm thinking of employing as the weight is getting heavier on the squats.  I'm planning on raising the height of my box as I increase the weight, so I can get used to the heavier weight yet still gradually make improvements.  I'll lower the box height every session, something ala Paul Anderson.

Strict press of 195

Notes: Again, blame it on the creatine.  Weight felt light until the last set, but it's still progress.

DB row of 175

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Training Log: Entry 864

Got a 100lb heavybag to hang up in my garage the other day.  No more traveling to the gym, which should improve my frequency of training.

7x2 minute rounds w/1minute rest

Notes: Spent most of my time testing my installation of the bag and reworking my technique.  After recovering from a minor cold, my gas tank wasn't completely full.  I'm sure technique is crappy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Training Log: Entry 863

I'm back.

Bodyweight: 203.2

After 2 weeks of living off fast food, I've lost 1.2lbs. This goes to show that you can eat fast food for every meal and lose weight, and that eating fast food for 2 weeks won't kill you despite popular claims. I also never want to see fast food again after this, but I'm sure that feeling will pass.

An average daily diet on my vacation

1 Uncrustable

6 Jack in the Box tacos

2 In n Out double doubles

1 Uncrustable

Breaks down to around 3100 calories. Despite the lower number, the incredibly high fat content of these meals kept me full.

Losing weight is SOOOOO hard, haha



SSB box squats of 395

Notes: 2 weeks off and weight loss later, I consider this a victory.  I may have to stick with this weight for 3 training days instead of 2, but I'm ok with that.  Would've been able to make the 5th rep if I allowed my form to deviate, but played it safe today.

Pause bench of 265

of 135

Notes: Finally started to use leg drive here. 

Chins of 70

of bodyweight
9+static hold