Sunday, March 28, 2010

Training Log: Entry 840

SSB Box squats of 320

Notes: Still focusing on form, and it's really paying off.  I'm not extending my knees to get off the box, but rising up with my hips.  I might try video next time.

Conventional deadlifts of 225

Notes: Though my back rounding is still an issue, I am fixing other aspects of my form that make the rounding dangerous.  I'm doing a great job of falling backward on the lift, getting my shoulders behind the bar, and minimzing distance between my body and the bar.  I have very little pressure on my back doing this, and I'm still working on keeping my chest up with my back less rounded.  I need to work on poppping my hips once I get past my knees.

Strict press


Notes: Things are going well, but I think I'm going to slow down the weight progression to maintain momentum.



Saturday, March 27, 2010

Training Log: Entry 839

More boxing training, this time with video

3x2 minute rounds of mitt work

Notes: My conditioning is returning pretty rapidly, as has been my experience whenever I get back into combat sports.

3x2 on the heavybag

Notes: Don't throw too many left hooks in a row, it aggrivates my shoulder


Notes: I'm dropping my hands too much. Even though I'm from a safe distance at the time, it's a bad habit. I also drop my hands when I get in close for hooks, and I need to do the exact opposite. I'm trying too hard to be "loose", and it's just translating to sloppy. Need to work angles, I'm moving straight back and forward when I try to hit.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Training Log: Entry 838

SSB box squats of 310

of 255

Notes: Focused on form today, specifically maintaining the arch.  Actually makes the squat easier, and my elbows don't run into my knees. 

Dips w/100lbs


Notes: Dips after boxing are tough, but after the first set the jitters tend to be gone.  I'm pleased with my progress on my work capacity set.

DB rows of 150

of 80

Notes: I may start sneaking my DB handles into the gym at this rate to use heavier weight.


Notes: Figure that acronym out.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Training Log: Entry 837

Deadlifts of 365

touch and go 225

Notes: I need to address my flexibility.  I can't keep an arch and get low enough.  I'll need to stretch my hamstrings on my off time.  As well, I think I'm going to change the routine so that I squat everyday, and then do my work capacity work as squats one day and deadlifts on the other.  Heavy deads are just murder on my recovery, and I'm getting more back work than leg work because of my flexibility.

Strict press of 155

Notes: Forgot my work capacity stuff, but otherwise no issues.

Chins w/25lbs


Notes: Just took it light while I figure out the program.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Training Log: Entry 836

New program

SSB box squats of 300

of 245

Notes: Starting out light to build up momentum.  Everything felt great here, no real form issues.

Parallel bar dips w/90lbs


DB rows of 150

of 100

Notes: May need to cut the weight back on the work capacity set.  Still not sure what I'll be doing with the strength set.

Curls and neck work


Hit the heavybag for a little afterwards.  Just testing out some gel wraps, and working on throwing my right hand more.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Training Log: Enty 835

Going to change my lifting up to compensate for both wanting to train my boxing/conditioning more and my general lack of interest in my present routine.  My goal is to train less often but more frequently, and I plan to accomplish this by doing a full body routine.  I want to focus more on my maximal strength, but still keep up my work capacity stuff.  To accomplish this, I'm going to stick with abbreviated training, with 3 sets in the 3-5 rep range, and 1 set for maximal reps with reduced weight.

Here is what I'm planning

Day A
Safety Squat Bar Box Squat 3x5, 1x20+
Dips 3x5, 1xfailure
DB rows 3x max at 150 (heaviest DB I have, may need to get creative here), 1x20+

Day B
Deadlift or Elevated trap bar lift 3x5, 1x20+ (possibly touch and go)
Overhead press 3x5, 1x20+
Chins 3x5, 1xfailure (may use a band to reduce resistance)

Goal is to train 2-3 times a week, with boxing taking a higher priority.


On a physique related note, my sprawl shorts still fit, 10lbs later.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Training Log: Entry 834

Boxed again

3x3 rounds on focus mitts

Notes: My straights have power, but my hooks are lacking enough accuracy to be effective. Make sure to return the hand along the same path it traveled, no train tracking.

1x3,1x2 on heavybag

Notes: More body/head movement when throwing on the bag.

2x2, 1x3 sparring

Notes: Finally landing left hooks. I think the mitt work helps "prime" my body to think more in terms of combinations than single shots. Try to not "fence" on the body jab, as I can't follow it up doing that. Majority of my offense is still left hand, need to get less gunshy with my right. Work on getting the hands glued to the face after I throw, especially with the 1-2. I seem to throw the left and then oddly parry with the left while throwing the right. I had good luck feinting to the body and throwing to the head. Wasn't as slippery in my defense.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Training Log: Entry 833

First time boxing in about 2-3 years tonight.  There's a guy in my squadron that was Captain of his school's boxing team, who is a little shorter and lighter than me that wants to train.  We sparred for the first time tonight, which was the first time either of us has laced up in a long time.

Like some folks that trained ammy rules, he was a head hunter, and I abused this by going for a lot of body shots.  Unfortunately, I couldn't hit his head at all, except with a couple of jabs and some lazy hooks.  I was actually way more slippery in my defense than I had ever been before, which seems to go with my theory that the less I train the better I get.  I was able to bob, weave, and slip a lot of his punches, but I didn't do anything from there.  I need to work on moving forward and throwing when I evade, rather than just standing there and making him miss.

I boxed mainly peek a boo, because it's the only thing I knew, but ended up using some philly shell when I gassed and didn't want to hold my hands up.  My right still sucks because after 5 dislocations I'm still gunshy.  He was able to train my footwork a bit, and I learned how to cut off the ring by moving laterally.

We went for about 7-10 3 minute rounds, with long breaks in between because neither of us had much gas.  Our last round was the best, as we both let go and were able to land some decent shots.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Training Log: Entry 832

RE upper pull

DB row of 100

Notes: Just getting aburd with my high rep work here.

Weighed dips of 135

Notes: Will stick with this weight next time and try for less time between reps


Incline press of 175

Notes: I don't know why I can't recover between sets on this.  I might just need more rest times.

Pushdowns/Face Pulls/Neck work

Monday, March 8, 2010

Training Log: Entry 831

RE upper squat

SSB box squat of 255

Notes: Focused more on keeping my arch.  Elbow placement is still difficult, as keeping them low to pull the harness down is driving the points into my thighs.

Trap bar lifts of 445

SSB good mornings

Notes: Just the bar.  I wanna get more volume on my PC, and I'm thinking of getting rid of my unilateral work for a little.

Double light band hamstring work

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Training Log: Entry 830

RE upper push

Bodyweight dips

Notes: I'm changing my gameplan a litte, and using less variety and sticking with what works.

DB rows of 150

DB incline press

Notes: I don't have good luck with DB work late in the workout.  Next time, I'll try something with a barbell.

NG chins

Notes: Part of my gameplan.  For pulling, the only thing that works well for me is chins and DB rows, so I'm going to do a lot of them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Training Log: Entry 829

RE lower pull

Trap bar lift of 405
Elevated platformx15
Nuetral heightx5
Elevated platesx5

Notes: Apparently I'm still sick.  My cardio cut out before my strength, and I couldn't get air.  Next time, it should be way better.  Good experiment.

Band hamstring work w/2 lights

Good mornings of 135

Saxon side bends

Notes: I didn't have enough gas in me for heavy work.  Hopefully I'll keep healing.

I've hit the bag twice this week. My knuckles are getting sore.