Thursday, March 22, 2018

Training Log: Entry 2471


Inverval workout: 20 seconds on/10 seconds off
10 rounds of 250+lb sandbag pick up and carry

Notes: Only missed 1 pick.  Biggest victory was that knee and elbow both felt fine through out this.  Really hoping this transfers to natural stone picks as much as I'm planning.

Woke up at 195.6.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Training Log: Entry 2470


Log viper and press away 170

SSB squats 345

Circus dumbbell clean and press (right arm only)
5x125 (3/5 successful)

Band pull aparts

Notes: More screwy formatting here.  Workout started out as a 4 movement circuit of CDB, squat, pull apart and log.  Started the circuit with 115 on the CDB, next round was 120, rest was 125.  After 5 rounds, I took out the log and stuck with CDB, pull apart and squat.

Finally hit competition weight on the CDB, and it felt pretty smooth.  I've learned I have to lean to the side to the point of feeling off balanced/uncomfortable, and from there I can effectively transfer more weight into the bell.  Leg drive felt solid; feet actually left the floor a few times.  This has been a big confidence boost for me.  If I can hit a few clean reps in the AM, I should be good for the competition.

Kept the squats on the heavy side so that the volume wouldn't be too great.  Shooting for a deadlift PR this Saturday.

No weigh in today.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


So even though I'm training for a competition right now, I've already signed up for my next one.  Going to be competing in the CA Mid-state Fair Strongest Man level 2 show. I'm competing up a class, since there is no 200lb class and I don't want to cut to 175.  Yeah, I COULD make that cut, but doing it while traveling with my family just wouldn't be cool, and I want to enjoy my time in CA.  Besides; this means I get to lift heavier weights.

Here are the events/weights.  I'll be competing as a men's middle weight.


That log is tough, but log has been moving great in my training.  I'm excited about the car deadlift. I'm gonna wing the carry medley with what I have at home, practice with the stone of steel for the stone medley, and throw a slamball/kettlebell to prep for the keg toss.

I still have a fitness test coming up in May, so I plan to drop a little excess chub and get better at running between my Apr contest and that event, but after that I'll be gaining some weight and zeroing in on events.

Still plan to get back to 4 days of lifting post comp.  I need to get in some more assistance work and volume, and that should do the trick.  Should allow me to build up some more static strength too.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Training Log: Entry 2469


Log viper and press away

(10) Chain suspended Buffalo Bar squat

Axle rows 226


Buffalo bar squat 230

Notes: This was a great training day.  Just firing on all cylinders.  On the set of 225, those were all viper and press away; no push presses.  Technically fewer total reps than I've been doing, but the most reps I've done with that weight for viper and press away.  The squat reps dropped, but this is where depth is getting low, and it's the strongest I've felt in a long time from that position.  Very last set of rows I felt it pull on my elbow and after that my bicep tendon was a little tender.  Feeling better now.  I'm a little worried about that bicep with the no strap axle deadlifts in my competition, but with it being an 18" pick, I think I'll be ok.  Those back off squats keep getting easier.  I'm honestly capping them early because I need to be able to physically walk out of the gym and get ready for work after my workout is done.

Woke up at 198.4.  Took in a lot of sodium yesterday.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Training Log: Entry 2468


15 minute circuit of

(21) Stone of steel w/50lbs over bar for doubles
250lb power stair for triples
250+lb sandbag pick up and carry
250lb power stair for triples (yes, twice in the same circuit)

4.5 rounds accomplished

Notes: I was gassing hard on these, but it was also the smoothest I've been.  Stone loads were solid, with arms on top and little fumbling to get over the bar, and sandbag didn't bother my knee or tendinitis for the first time in a LONG time.  Call it a win.

Woke up at 197.8

Just an interesting aside, but I'm getting the itch to box again.  Historically, I tend to get this way as I get closer to competitions; I start wanting to do anything other than what I need to do to get better.  If the bug doesn't go away after the show is done, I might see about finding a sparring partner for a once a week outlet.  I still have no desire to dedicate myself to the time and energy it takes to get good at fighting again, but be fun to throw gloves every once in a while.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Training Log: Entry 2467


(2) Texas Deadlift Bar touch and go deadlift

Axle bench press

Band pull aparts
Lots x 20

Standing ab wheel

Notes: It's amazing how much I hate this day.  Deads were feeling pretty good today, and I honestly mighta had that 11th on the topset if I was willing to fight for it, but this close to the competition it doesn't seem like a smart idea.  Forearm is mostly on the mend but I can feel it protesting here and there.  Compressed the training week since the Mrs is running another race on Saturday. 

Woke up at 197.6.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Training Log: Entry 2466


Circus dumbbell

SSB squats 308

Log viper and press away 160

Band pull aparts

Notes: Things are a little wonky here.  I did 5 rounds of CDB/Squat/Pull apart/Log, and in those 5 rounds I did 4 sets of 115 for CDB and 1 for 20.  Then I put the log away and kept doing CDB/squat/pull apart for 2 more sets and w/120 on the bell, and then I went for 2 more rounds on the bell.

I feel like I FINALLY remember how to press the bell again.  Biggest thing I was scrweing up was wasting too much energy on the clean.  I was just picking up the DB and putting it on my shoulder, which is why my forearm was getting so jacked up.  I focused on swinging it back before swinging it up and relying on momentum, which gave me more energy for the press.  Also focused on leaning away from the bell to get a better balance for the press, and driving more with my shoulder than my legs.

Think I'm going to stick with the SSB for this day from now on.  I think less time beating up my shoulders is going to carry over better to the CDB.  Also used my belt on the CDB and squats for the first time this training cycle.
Woke up at 196.2.