Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Training Log: Entry 36

Had another mini-throwdown.  Focused on keeping my leg down
instead of rapid fire leg checking.  Also wanted to keep hands up,
and finally get comfortable with leg kicks.

Same outfit as before.  Did this after half hour of bag training
and half hour of jogging.  My cardio is through the roof, although
I believe it's the altitude change.  I'd be curious if it'd stick
in Portland.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Training Log: Entry 35

Throwdown went really well.  Didn't get to spar quite as much as I would have liked, but that's life.  I still got in a few decent matches, and did pretty well for myself.  I got subbed for the first time, yet I also pulled my first submission ever, so it was a nice tradeoff.  Reworked my kimura, and the armbar from the guard.

One of my matches I plain didn't like.  Someone was playing ref, and decided to award points and stop the match after certain points.  I think he was trying to protect his fighter.  It was pissing me off, bad.  The guy consented that had the ref not been there, he woulda been KO'd though, so cool.

Should have video pretty soon.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 6

Didn't introduce anything new today, but went over the old material so that I could offer corrections.

Reviewed boxing stance, jab, cross, hook, short and long uppercut
Thai stance, roundhouse and lead roundhouse
Wrestling stance, single leg, double leg, ankle pic

Drill defenses as appropriate

Told them how to keep sharp over break (use a mirror, put a mattress against a wall for a punching bag, kicks on bed post)

Note:  I feel like a proud parent.  My students are already sizing people up, wondering who they can take, and asking me my opinion.  They still need a bit more experience, but goddamn do I love these guys.  Hopefully my plans to expand will go well.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Training Log: Entry 34

Have revamped heavy bag program.

6 minute rounds.  Rest 1 minute in between rounds.

Rounds 1-2-Bare knuckle boxing training.  Focus on hitting square, good head movement, make every punch count.

Round 3-Shadow boxing in front of mirror.  Focus on form.  Keep hands up and elbows in.  Must make sure not to hyperextend on punches.

Rounds 4-5-Boxing with grappling gloves.  Focus on power generation and combinations.

Round 6-Muay Thai training: focus on form of thai-kicks, teeps, knees in and out of clinch, and elbow work.

Applying the 80:20 principle for bagwork.  I'm a boxer who kicks it seems, but it's gotten me by pretty well.  The 5 minute rounds should help with stamina.  Speaking of which, cardio program is still going well, but when break starts, I'm going to work less on cardio and get back to strength training.  Will still be doing at least 1 HIIT session every other day.

4 more days till the San Diego throwdown.  I can't wait.  Hope to go up against a good grappler.  Hope to get vids too.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 5


Taught Double leg takedown-Get front leg far in between opponenet's legs.  Shoot hips forward.  Take away their base.  Push off with back leg.  Arms around thighs.

Taught sprawl: Hips down, legs out, arms around.

Taught single leg takedown-Get front leg to outside of leg.  Proper grip on opponenet's leg.  Pick up and proper placement.  Proper movement afterwards.

Taught ankle pic- similar principles of both single and double.

Taught top mount-seucring possition, palm on face posting with full weight, don't ride too high.
Strikes from mount-Hammer and elbow.

Taught guard-Note: My guard is really poor, but I went over the basics of having the ankles lock.

Reviewed proper fighting strategy: I'm a standup guy, and those learning from me will be so until they get a good subs coach.  I informed them of how they will want to "sprawl and brawl". 

Things are kind of choppy.  I can't wait to start making this stuff flow, but it's going to be a little while still.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 4

Reviewed Thai Stance
Reviewed Thai Roundhouse
  Still need to work on getting their hips turned over
  Told how they need to have their lead knee point away from the target
Reviewed Push-kick
  Need to make sure they don't lose their base on the kick

Introduced switch step
  Tap rear foot-shuffle left and right
     They need to work on making it much smoother of a transition.  Comes with practice

Introduced lead leg roundhouse with switchstep
  Have kick motion down.  Just need to work on switchstep transition

Drilled "standard four".  Pointed out flaws in attack/defense.

Next Lesson: Ground n Pound

Intending to open my teaching up to more people next semester.  Hopefully have a decent stable of sparring partners.

Personal Note:
Was at the Cove (on campus eatery) hainging out with some friends.  Was wearing a tanktop.  Some guys that're there often stopped me on my way to get a drink.

Guy1: Hey man, I see you all the time.  Are you some sorta bodybuilder?
Me: Me, no I...(thinking 'I hate bodybuilding')...I fight, so I make myself as strong as I can.
Guy 1: *Eyes wide* You fight?  Like...?
Me: Yeah, I box, do Muay Thai...whatever.
Guy 2: Do you Ultimate Fight?
Me: I...I've done a little at a club in Hillsboro, but not in any sorta league or anything.
Guy 3: So what, do you do push-ups and stuff?
Me:  Well yeah, I do push-ups, and I lift weights and stuff.  I powerlift.
Guy 2: So how much do you bench?
Me: 300lbs
*Eyes widen*
Guy 1: How many push-ups can you do?
Me: All time high was 400.
Guy 3: 400 in a day?
Me: Yeah, well, in one set
*Eyes widen*
All: In one set?

It went on from there...  It was funny at first, but I started to feel pretty awkward after a while.

Monday, December 6, 2004

Training Log: Entry 33

Cardio is through the roof.  Am working on kick training now (only minorly.  applying 80:20 principle)

My buddy Mike (Silverbladesx) is going to the get together on the 18th.  Should be fun.  Looking to pick up a lil about subs.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 3

Reviewed hook (body and head) and uppercut (long and short).  Proper hand placement, proper hip torque, proper stance, etc etc.  Drilled it on heavybag while I held.  Student (smaller one: larger one could not show up) still needs to work on keeping his arm at the correct angle.

Introduced Thai stance.  Focused on
1:  Keeping the hands up (looking through the wrists)
2:  Keeping the arms bent at a 45 degree angle
3:  Loose rythym
4:  Back foot pointed at 45 degree angle
5:  Proper feet distancing
6:  Back foot on toes

Note: He still needs to work on keeping those hands up, but at least the stance is more natural for him

Introduced backleg Thai roundhouse kick
Focus on
1: Stepping out at 45 degree angle with front foot to get in kick range
2: Being on toes of front foot
3: Using that foot to torque hips
4: Having the hips carry the leg, not the other way around
5: Turning the hips
6: Rear hand throwing for maximum torque
7: Lead hand covering face

We drilled first just the step and torque, then threw in the actual kick, then the arm throw.  Had him spinning through the kick to adjust to the overcommittment.

Note: Next time, tell him his lead knee should be pointing the opposite direction of his opponent to indicate the torque.

Went over why we use a nontraditional stance (back toe raised instead of front) because we transfer from Muay Thai to western boxing and the footplacement is most beneficial for the transfer of styles/stance.

Went over roundhouse kick defense (shield block)
Focus on:
1: Lifting up and out with the knee
2: Keeping the leg perpendicular to the ground

Told him about proper striking area of the kick (two inches above instep, 8 inches below knee)

Taught him teep/push-kick.  Focus on stomping instead of snapping.  Taught him application and striking area.

End of lesson.

Note: Will need to work with other student during his off time to get him caught up. 

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Training Log: Entry 32

On new cardio program (originally designed for a friend, then decided to join her).

Mon/Wed/Fri: Heavybag for 30 minutes+30 minutes of jogging
Tues/Thurs/Sat: 2 HIIT cardio sessions on the bike for 15 minutes (3 hours of break in between sessions

As a result, I am trying to clean up my diet a bit more and introduce more vegetables/carbs.  I am drinking gatorade as well.  Here's hoping I don't suffer any sort of muscular catabolism.

Hopefully, this will get my endurance back up.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 2

Spent some time warming up.  Then went over what I had previously taught them (re-drilled Jab-cross, combinations, and defenses to said attacks, along with proper stance)

Taught them lead and rear hand hook.  Drilled the movement independent of striking anything.  Moved on to alllowing them to hit the heavybag while I held it.  Showed them how to use it in combinations, and the proper distancing to fire it.  Taught them proper handplacement.

Moved onto both short and long uppercut with lead and rear hand.  Went through same routine as hook.

Had them drill hook/uppercut along with Jab-cross with "focus-hand" drills (do not have access to focus pads).  Later encorperated defenses into the drill.  At that point, training had ended.

Teaching notes: Both struggled with the hook, but when it came to rear uppercut, the skinnier student had an easier time grasping power generation.  I suggested both perform squats to help.  They have in fact been training in front of a mirror/on the heavy bag as I instructed them.

Next lesson will be Thai stance/kicks.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Training Log: Entry 32

Gained weight over the holiday season.  Will be cleaning up my diet/getting back to 1+ gallons of water a day to compensate.

Note: Warm up hands before hitting heavybag.  Temp is around 35 degrees in Portland, and hands are going numb.  Though this means I can hit the heavybag harder bare-handed, it also presents a greater risk of injury.

Saw an interesting clip of some Kyokushin guys fighting "drunken boxing" here C8

(Link will probably not last long.  Get it while you can)

Kyo guys fight pretty slick.  These guys tended to be outfighters.  Stocky: possibly as a result of their conditioning.  Tend to be really leggy.  Reminds me of TKD guys crossbred with Muay Thai.  Would like to see some handwork aside from prodding strikes to gauge distance.

I would love to learn Kyo at some point in my life.  However, being that it's another striking Martial Art, odds are I would have to abandon a lot of my present training.  Makes me wish I had found it in Portland.  Still might have a chance before I die though.

Further Note: Two events coming up.  San Diego sparring get together on 18 Dec 04 and official Washington Bullshido McThrowdown on 5 Feb 05

Should have fun.  Hopefully, video will come faster than the Oregon one (still waiting for that)   

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Training Log: Entry 31

Finally started seriously working my legs.  Got someone to motivate me to get to the gym on leg day rather than just do bodyweight exercises.

Leg/Ab Day lifts:

Leg Press
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Calf Raises
Elevated Weighted Crunches
Elevated Boxer Crunches

All lifts at 3-5 reps and 4 sets, minus the boxer crunches, which are just 'till failure.

Same person that dragged me down to the gym might also get my ass to do some sprints.  I'm excited.

Note: Got to watch some awesome swordsmanship at the gym where a buddy of mine sparred a friend with some shinais.  The friend of mine offered to spar me unarmed, but warned me that he sucked.  I'd take him up on it, but like most of my sparring partners, this guy is a bit too skinny to go full out on.  I might do it one day if him and I get bored.  He says he has some gloves, and I could spot him headgear and a mouthguard.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Teaching Log: Entry 1

Have 2 students as of now.  One of them is a natural: has a decent right cross, keeps his elbows close and tight, and his hands up.  He's also got a decent build (not big, but at least not skinny).

The other student is...well, not.  He'll require a lot of work if he chooses to stick with it.

They want to learn basic Mixed Martial Arts stuff (ie: fighting standing and on the ground).  I explained that my wrestling knowledge pretty much means they're gonna be Ground and Pounders, and they're cool with that.

Drill 1: I held my hands up for them and had them strike with jab or cross.  I informed them with flaws in form (elbows not in, hands dropping, etc)
Drill 2: Combinations: Jab-cross, Jab-jab.  Drilled on hands.

Dodging punches (I explained how the standard bob and weave leads to knee strikes to the head, and showed them a modified version better suited for MMA).
Drill 1: I attacked with a right cross or left hook, and they dodged appropriately
Drill 2: They attacked with a combination, and then dodged an oncoming attack
Drill 3: Same as 2, except they recovered with an attack of their own

I gave them some tips on training at home.  I hope they make use of them.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Training Log: Entry 30

Went to my boxing class for the first time in 2 months.  ROTC has kept me too busy.

Drill 1: Attacker jabs, defender counters with jab
Drill 2: Attacker jabs, defender counters with jab-cross
                       Both drills focused on closing the gap between when the attacker jabs and defender coutners.
Drill 3:  Attacker jab-right cross, defender jab-cross-low left hook-high left hook
Drill 4:  Attacker jab-right cross, defender double jabs-lefter uppercut-right hook

Moved onto focus mitt drills
Drill 1: Attacker jab-wide right, defender drives his left elbow into attacker while covering head from right-puts the left hand on the attacker's face and pushes away-right cross-left hook-right cross
Drill 2: Attacker jabs-left hook, defender right drive elbow and cover-slaps attacker away-left hook-right cross-left hook

After that, conditioning with slapping the Thai pad on partner's abs.  Focus on breathing on impact.  2 sets of 20.
After that, staying on knuckles on concerete floor and doing slow push-ups.

After that, I got to do some sparring.

Sparring notes:

Pros: I finally utilized body shots (was not going exclusively for headshots).  This was literally the first time I have ever done this.
I attempted combinations rather than just poking with single shots
I managed to do extremely well in the southpaw stance, and noticed it threw off the partner
I made good use of the clinch

My guard was everywhere.  I still lose it when I start fighting.
I stayed out too much.  I'm an infighter, and I need to fight like one.  I can't get overwhelmed and play the distance game with a bigger guy.
My cardio is shot to hell.  Result of lack of training as of recently.  I was dying.
I did not evade.  I still fight like a tank: slow, heavy, and taking abuse to deal damage.  I might like that way, but I still get rocked when I spar as a result.  Should at least have some evasion game.

Personal Notes: I love boxing as an art, but hate it as an art.  I find the rules restricting, and I hate those fuckin' nerf gloves.  I only really felt one shot that hurt, and I know that my partner coulda walked through a barrage of what I fed him without feeling much pain.  Much rather box with MMA gloves.  Lighter gloves=more respect for strikes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Training Log: Entry 29

After way too long of a break, I'm back at hitting the heavy bag.

Can only hang for 4 rounds (1 five minute bareknuckle, 3 five minute with nhb gloves).  Am doing HIIT bike cardio for 8 minutes immediately after bagwork.  Hoping to get my cardio back up after the break from popping my shoulder.

Note: Need to recondition my shins.  Tried kicking the bag.  It hurt.  Will be going light until they are used to impact again.  Will begin retraining my kickgame as soon as my bag cardio is back up.

Note: I have been re-cruited as a fight instructor by a ROTC cadet I know.  He and his RA want to learn how to fight, and they turned to me.  I'll be instructing them 2 days a week.  Hoping that it will give me a chance to brush-up on my fundamentals.  Will need to create a cirriculum.  May post it on here.  Will be attempting to recruit one more cadet who showed interest at the beggining of the year.  If this pans out, I may have another stable of sparring partners.

Still need to work on being a wrestling coach for a chick I know.  She finally wanted a lesson, and the gym was occupied.  Sucks.

Monday, November 8, 2004

Training Log: Entry 28

Update: The tournament was point sparring.  Needless to say, I will not be attending.

Lifting is getting well, but still going light.  Weight is not going away.  Curious if it'll stay as muscle.

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Training Log: Entry 27

Have returned back to training after 3 weeks off of lifting and 4 weeks off of lifting.

Notable weight gain (3lbs).  I do not think it is muscle.

Am going light on heavybag out of paranoia, but my punches feel as strong, if not stronger than ever.  I believe this is a result of having my elbow in tight due to fear of another injury.

Weight lifting is less strength intesive and more focused on proper form.  AM going light on weights.  I bench 225 at this point, and can manage a set of 12 reps at first followed by 6 sets of 3-4 reps.  Rest of my routine utilizes more machines and tends to be a bit "bodybuilderish".  I don't enjoy it, but it is necessary at this point.

NOTE: I have found out about an "Open Styles Tournament" run by the local Tae Kwon Do club.  I have written the school and inquired about it, asking if I can particpate.  I am utilizing the Black belt I "earned" in TKD when I was 16 as my means of entry, and approaching this with total humility.  In actuality, I'm hoping to go in, wreak havoc, destroy, salt the earth, etc etc, but most importantly, to have an awesome time.  It'll set me back $40.00, but I think it'll be worth it.

Point of concern: ROTC might tell me not to.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Personal Entry:

For those curious, here is my tat

And my Halloween costume

Monday, October 25, 2004

Training Log: Entry 26

PFT (Physical Fitness Test) Results

Push-ups: 88 in one minute (happy about this)
Sit-ups: 55 in one minute
1.5 mile run: 10:55 (better than I anticipated.  I suspect having my watch helped)
Waist Measurement: 32.5"

Scored a 90.75 ("Outstanding")  This is after missing around 2 weeks of intense physical training because of my shoulder.  I think the moral here is to take a break before the test to get better results.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Training update:
I am taking a little time off of muscular/martial arts training due to
my injured shoulder.  In it's place, I will be focusing more on my
cardiovascular fitness.

I may have gone on an involuntary cutting period.  We shall see.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Training Log: Entry 25

PFD Results
Push-ups: 62 (didn't feel like going above max)
Sit-ups: 55
Run: 11:10
Waist: 32.5"
Height: 5'8.75
Weight: 181
Bodyfat: 13% (measured because I was "overweight")

News: Was sparring with a frosh (he felt like "calling me out").  Match consisted of me chasing him as he tried some hit and runs.  Injured my shoulder during the match.  Will be taking a few days off of lifting as a result.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Training Log: Entry 24

Change in training: Rededicating myself to improving my bench press.  I took the time off to diversify my chest program, and my bench suffered as a result.  Going back to the 10 set program I had before.

Got a tattoo on my left deltoid on Friday.  Mild soreness.  Does not hinder lifting ability.

Taking the AFROTC PFD (Physical Fitness Diagnostic) tomorrow.  Will test my ability to perform with one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups, and the 1.5 mile run, along with waist measurement and height/weight.  Will post results tomorrow.

Prospective results:
Push-ups: 76 (am competing with another cadet for the high number.  High score is 62)
Sit-ups: 55 (maximum score)
Run: 11:00 (still too slow from my ankle.  Will be fixing that with my week off from school)
Waist: 32.5 (maximum score)
Height: 5'8.75
Weight: 180lbs

Sunday, October 3, 2004

FINALLY Recovered from illness.

Was sick for one calender week.  Started out as sore throat.  Moved onto debilitating cough.  Moved onto lost voice.

During period of time, diet changed to encorperate more fruits/vitamen C/Carbohydrates.  Will get back on as of now.

Note: My whey protein shake was actual a decent cure to the sore throat.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Good news bad news time

Good news: Today during the run, I didn't have to fall out.  I was able to keep up with the formation the entire time.  Running speed and endurance have both increased incredibly.

Bad news: I have been cut from the Ranger Challenge program.  It's a varsity level sport, and they want the best team possible.

I don't need any condolences.  I did my best, and have no regrets.  I've learned a lot; mainly that I need to improve my run time by quite a bit.  I've become too specialized; too much of a fighter and not enough of an athlete/soldier.  It's a crossroads in my training; I need to decide what I want.

Continuing on the bad news; I'm sick.  Sore throat.  I'm taking the rest of the day off.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Training Log: Entry 23

Friday 24 Sep 04

Went on an hour long ruckmarch (a hard march with a rucksack on your
back, weighing 35-60lbs) followed by slight PT session with LCE (the
belt/suspender combo with 2 full canteens and other fun gear).

March wore me the fuck out.  It was a powerwalk pace, which was
killer on my shins.  A slow jog I can do.  A walk I can
do.  A powerwalk is just annoying  It was dark, night vision
sucked, twisted my ankles on more than one occasion.  I did manage
to make it through though, and wasn't the last person up the hill.

NOTE: At this point in time, I was not issued the sack, so I had to use
a backpack.  Backpacks put weight directly on the shoulders,
rather than on the back and hips like a rucksack, thus I feel my
performance may improve with the right amount of gear.

PT with LCEs was easy.  I'm still dominating in regards to strength.

Spent most of the rest of the day getting R&R.  Think I was asleep more hours than I was awake.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Training Log: Entry 22

Wed 22 Sep 04:

Took the Physical Fitness Test (PT Test) with Army.   I need
a calender to time my two mile (16:55) and my sit-ups are pretty
average (65 in two minutes) but I absolutely destroyed everyone else on
push-ups (101 in two minutes), scoring at least 20 more than the second
highest score.  Made the guy running Ranger Challenge crack a
smile when he asked for my push-ups score.

Did some spriting afterwards.  Was feeling sick.  Need to get my cardio up.

Experienced extreme fatigue yesterday as a result of lack of
nourishment.  At 1900, I crashed hard.  Took a nap until
2100, joined some friends for coffee (didn't drink, just hung out), and
was still completely out of it.  They helped me back to my dorm in
fear that I wouldn't make it on my own.

Thurs 23 Sep 04:
8 hours of rest helped my condition.  Ran through the grenade
course with Army.  Need to work on form and aim, but I seem to at
least have the strength to throw them the distance they need to go.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Tuesdays and Thursdays of Ranger Challenge are not physically
intensive, but instead focus on basic Army manuevers (rope bridge and
grenade throwing).  I may choose to update on my progress in
regards to grenade throwing, but the rope bridge is less a test of
physical ability and more a test of teamwork.  Will not be
updating on said days unless something relevant occurs.

Tomorrow is a Physical Fitness test by army standards, and some other physical activity.  Will update.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Training Log: Entry 21

Ranger Challenge kicked my ass.  We ran for 50 minutes at a 6-7
minute mile pace.  I was able to keep up pace for the first .5-.75
of the run, but after enough time I felt sick and fell out of formation
to regain my composure.

We would stop occasionally to do push-ups in the middle of our run in
order for the slower people to have time to catch up with us.  I
was actually able to regain my breath during these periods, and had no
difficulties whatsoever in regards to performance in this aspect of
training.  I believe I was the only one who was doing push-ups
with no hesitation.

I definately have great expectations of this training.

NOTE:  My appetite has increased as a result of this mornings training.  I will note the effects.

Attending Martial Arts training.  The day's focus was on boxing.

Drill 1: Left jab-left lead uppercut.  Counter was catch jab-cover block
Drill 2: Jab-cross, counter was shoulder roll-bob and weave-right cross-left hook blocked by shoulder roll-cover block
Drill 3: Jab-cross, counter was catch jab-slip cross-left body
uppercut-bob and weave left hook from agressor-right cross-left hook
Drill 4: Focus Mitts drills: Single/Double/Triple Jab, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4 combinations. (1 round, 3 minutes)
Drill 5: Focus Mitts drills (focus on targeting) Jab-lead left hook, jab-cross-low left hook-right left hook, jab-low right hook
Drill 6: Breathing drill: Partner punches abdomen for 3 minutes; focus on breathing while being hit

Note: Training partner was of no value.  Very undynamic and
unfocused.  Lacked ability to hold pads correctly.  Must make
sure not to pair up with him in the future.

Further note: Jeff requested I bring my mouthpiece.  I believe he
wants me to spar.  He also cracked a smile when I informed him the
black eye I received was from a club in Hillsboro.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


I will be participating in "Ranger Challenge": an Army ROTC training
event which consists of 5 day a week physical training at 0545. 
Heavy focus on running (4-6 miles a day at a 6-7 minute mile pace) with
some strength training and some basic military training thrown
in.  I anticipate this improving my stamina and running speed
greatly.  Will update as follows.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Training Log: Entry 20

Note: I am changing the format
of this training journal.  I've done enough day to day reports to
show my normal routine, and I'm sure my readers understand what level
of devotion I have to my training.  From this point on, I will be
updating when/if somethign different from the norm occurs (reaching new
max goals, new sparring results, and when I go to class).

Monday, September 13, 2004

Training Log: Entry 19

0710: Wake up.  7.5 hours of sleep

0740: Half plate of eggs, 1 sausage

1225: Half plate of ground beef, 1 apple, spinach salad

1400:  3 strips of beef jerky.

1430-1540: Weight Lifting: Back/Traps/Biceps

1615:  Protein shake, protein bar, strip of beef jerky

1730: Chicken strips

1900: Low carb bar

2100: Beef jerky and low carb bar

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Training Log: Entry 18

Today's Sparring Event:

I kicked ass.  I had the weight advantage most of the time, but
even against the heavier guy with more experience, I was able to
outstrike him.  However, my lack of submission grappling knowledge
was very apparent, as I was unable to finish anyone outside of
striking.  However, I competed at less than full strength, and
even then, I was informed I hit incredibly hard.

Strong points:
Conditioning is at a good level
Strength/hitting power is at a good level
Positional dominanace (via wrestling) is at a good level
Range knowledge is at a good level

Weak points:
No grappling knowledge
Lack of bodyshots (still head hunting)
Taking too much damage (face is very bruised)

Interesting note: I was able to secure full mount and back mount even
without training due to my knowledge of grappling gained from watching
MMA events and playing video games.  Some of this stuff is

I was taught a few basic sub grappling skills

Ankle lock
Knee bar
Standing ankle lock

Hopefully some of these will stick.

General assesment of performance: I still need to improve.  I need
sparring partners of my strength or greater.  I need to work on
finishing from grapple.  Need to work on defense.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Training Log: Entry 17

1030: Wake up.  8 hours of sleep

1100: Half plate of eggs, two pieces of ham, few scoops of peanut butter and 2 apples

1230:  Half plate of eggs, spinach salad, few scoops of peanut butter and 1 apple

1500: 100 push-ups

1600-1630: Played Tekken (Hey, I'm counting it.)

1700: Spinach salad, two apples, few scoops of penaut butter

2000-2400: Lots of minor physical activity (laser tag, Mo-cap boxing, etc) paired with 6 slices of Pizza

Why all the rest?  tomorrow is a big sparring day.  Will update.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Training Log: Entry 16

Today is a rest day.  I'm sore from the two PTs and weight lifting.  Not really gonna take any notes.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Training Log: Entry 15

0620:  Wake up.  6.5 hours of sleep

0630-0730: Air Force PT (Physical training).  Series of bodyweight exercises and running.  Counting it towards cardio.

0735:  Half plate of eggs, half plate of bacon

0835-1000:  Nap

1040:  3 slices of ham, 3 slices of turkey, spinach salad and apple

1130-1230:  Air Force PT (same as last session)

1500:  Weight Lifting: Back/Traps/Biceps

1700:  Plate of pulled pork, spinach salad, two apples and glass of diet coke

2130:  Fried fish

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Training Log: Entry 14

0710:  Wake up.  7 hours of sleep

0730:  Half plate of eggs, 4 sausage links and a glass of 2% milk

1225:  3 cheeseburgers no bun, spinach salad, 2 apples and a glass of diet coke

1430: 3 mile walk

1550-1645:  Weight Lifting:  Chest/shoulders/triceps split

1700:  1.5 pieces of pork roast, spinach salad, two apples, scoops of penaut butter, surgar free apple pie

1750:  Protein bar

1900: 150 push-ups

2000:  2 slices of pizza

2350:  Protein shake with milk

2400: Sleep

Total water consumed: 1.5+ gallons

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Training Log: Entry 13

0710: Wake up.  7 hours of sleep

0730: Half plate of eggs, 2 pieces of ham

Note: Something I've neglected to mention is that
when I say "eggs" in regards to my 0730 breakfast, it is in reality
"egg beaters", an artificial egg product with all the protein yet less
cholestoral and fat compared to real eggs.  It's what my school
serves at breakfast, so for those of you concerned about the well-being
of my heart, fear not.

1100: Plate of chicken, spinach salad, apple, diet coke

1500: Chicken strips and a diet coke

1830: Two pieces of chicken, spinach salad, apple, scoops of peanut butter and diet coke

2030: Bodyweight squats and ab work.

2100: 150 push-ups

2230: 3 mile walk (needed to pick up a new gallon of water.  Gave my old one to a homeless guy)

2330: Chicken strips

2400: Sleep

Total water consumed: 1 gallon

Monday, September 6, 2004

Training Log: Entry 12

0710: Wake up.  5 hours of sleep

0730: Half plate of eggs, 4 sausage links

0910-1130: Sleep

1210: Sloppy joe minus bun, spinach salad, apple and glass of diet coke

1500: Weight Lifting: Back/Traps/Biceps split

1700: 2 Porkchops, spinach salad, apple, glass of diet coke

2000-2100: Muay Thai class
Focus on straight knee
First drill: Catch straight knee in arm, correct kneer
Second drill: Redirect incoming right cross with left hand, straight knee to stomach.  Focus on rolling shoulder to prevent left hook
Third drill: Adding onto second, catch jab with right hand, redirect cross, etc
Fourth drill: Adding onto third, catch jab, redirect cross and hit with overhand right, block left hook, redirect right cross and fire with straight knee
Fifth drill: Adding onto fourth, at hook, attacker secures outer clinch, fires right cup knee which is blocked with left straight knee, followed by left straight knee to attackers left inner thigh, pull attacker down, uppercut
Sixth drill: Adding onto fifth, after uppercut left hook to opponents jaw, push away, attacker fires right hook, deflect and straight knee, attacker left hooks and gets blocked, right cross deflect and straight knee

Seventh drill: Attacker jabs and rear leg roundhouse kicks, defender catches jab, catches kick and zones, pulls attacker and hits with right cross, then standard four (front roundhouse, cross, hook, rear roundhouse).

Note: There were more drills, but I can’t remember them.

Conditioning: Lie down on back, throw medicine ball up in the air, partner stops ball and lets it fall back.  Supposed to be for 50 reps, but Jeff (my coach) told my partner to make me do 70 (said it was looking too easy for me)

2220: Protein shake with milk, protein bar

2400: Sleep


Total water consumed: 1.5 gallons 

Sunday, September 5, 2004

Training Log: Entry 11

1020: Wake up.  9 hours of sleep

1100: half plate of huevos rancheros, 4 sausage links, two apples, glass of 2% milk and glass of diet coke

1300: Weight Lifting: Chest/Triceps/Shoulder

1430: Protein shake and bar.

1700: Steak, brocolli, spinach salad, two apples, scoops of peanut butter and diet coke

1920-1935: Light boxing work.  Was kicked out of gym (they were having a meeting, and the heavy bag was distracting them).

2030: 150 push-ups

2150: 4 chicken strips

0200: Sleep (long night, too many complications)

Total water consumed: 1.5 gallons

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Training Log: Entry 10

1020: Wake up.  8.5 hours of sleep

1040: Half plate of eggs, half plate of bacon with glass of 2% milk

12:40: Half plate of eggs, 3 strips of bacon, spinach salad, ham and cheese with glass of diet coke.

1400: Mile walk (picked up the dry cleaning I dropped off yesterday)

1500-1535: Boxing bag work.  5 minute rounds, 30 second rest in between each rounds.  1st round bareknuckle, following rounds with NHB gloves.  Focus on combinations, keeping tight guard, and proper form on right cross (pivoting the rear foot so that the heel faces out).  Right hook is becoming far more powerful and integrated into combinations easier.

1535-1545: 8 minutes of HIIT bike cardio right after bag work with 1 minute cooldown.
   Note: Was able to do cardio without too much difficulty right after bag work.  Cardio wiped me out completely.  Excellent training ideal that I have been overlooking.  Finally a decent cardio workout (was actually breathing hard when it was all done).  Will definate make a habit of cardio after bagwork.

1700: Two burgers, plate of chicken and bacon, spinach salad, apple and diet coke

1930: Bowl of low carb cereal

2130: Bowl of low carb ceral

0130: Sleep

Total water  consumed: 1 gallon

Friday, September 3, 2004

Training Log: Entry 9

0710: Wake up.  7 hours of sleep

0730: Half plate of eggs, half plate of bacon, glass of 2% milk

1225: Two slices of ham, three slices of turkey, spinach salad with ham and cheese, glass of diet coke and an apple

1330: Mile walk (dropped off some dry cleaning)

1425: 3 chicken strips

1550-1625: Boxing bag work.  5 minute rounds, 30 seconds rest in between rounds.  1st round bareknuckle, following rounds with NHB gloves.  Focus on keeping guard up, combinations, and footwork.  Heavy emphasis on hook.  Notice that right rear hook is increasing in power, and that I'm able to integrate it into combinations with more ease.

1700: Plate of turkey cubes, spinach salad, apple and glass of diet coke

2200: Ceaser salad

2430: 2 eggs, 4 strips of bacon, sausage and cheese with water

0130: Sleep

Total water consumed: 1 gallon

Note: Feeling sick.  Curious if it's an effect of the dorm food.  Going to train a little lighter than usual.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Training log: Entry 8

1000: Woke up.  11 hours of sleep (no class today ^_^)

1100: 2 sausages, spinach salad, diet coke and an apple

1430: 4 chicken strips

1600-1700: Weight lifting
Current split is back, traps and biceps.
Back machine (name unknown): 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 140lbs
Dumbell row: 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 70lbs per dumbell
Machine pulldown: 4 sets of 1-8 reps at 180lbs
Lat pulldown: 4 sets of 1-3 reps at 190lbs
Cable deadlift: 1 set of 35 reps at 250lbs (too light to do anything else)

Smith machine barbell shrugs: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 240lbs
Dumbell shurgs: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 80lbs per dumbell
Dumbell incline shrugs: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 80lbs

E-Z bar curl: 4 sets of 1-6 reps at 135lbs
Incline hammer curl: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 60lbs
Machine preacher curl: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 90lbs
Close grip pull-ups: 4 sets till failure

1700: 2 slices of ham, spinach salad, an apple, sugar free jello and a glass of diet coke

1740: Protein bar

1845-1920: Boxing bag work.  5 minute rounds, 30 seconds of rest in between rounds.  1st round bareknuckle, following rounds NHB gloves.  Focus on keeping guard tight, combinations, and hitting the bag on the reverse swing.

2000: 2 low carb bars

2200: 4 chicken strips

2400: Protein shake with milk, sleep

Total water consumed: 1+ gallon

Note: Diet is a little heavy loaded since my arrival to Portland.  Too much social eating as a result of boredom and the gym closing down.  I'm going to make the most of this incrreased caloric intake and try to cut down a little later.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Training Log: Entry 7

0710: Wake up.  7 hours of sleep

0730: Half plate of eggs, 4 sausage links, glass of 2% milk

1225: 3 cheeseburgers, 2 apples, and a glass of diet coke

1430-1530: Weight Lifting
Bench: 5 sets of 1-3 reps.  275lbs-260lbs
Decline Bench: 4 sets of 1-3 reps at 255lbs
Incline Bench: 4 sets of 1-3 reps at 235lbs
Cable Flys: 2 sets of 1-3 reps at 70lbs, 2 sets of 1-5 reps at 50lbs

Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press: 4 sets of 1-3 reps at 60lbs
Front shoulder dumbell raises: 4 sets of 1-3 reps at 40lbs
Seated barbell shoulder press: 2 sets of 1-3 reps at 135lbs
Machine deltoid raise: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 170lbs

Bodyweight dips: 4 sets until failure
French press: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 85lbs
Machine skull crushers: 4 sets of 1-8 reps at 160lbs

1550: 3 chicken strips

1620: Protein bar

1700: Two pork ribs, spinach salad, glass of diet coke and an apple

1800-1850: 8 minutes HIIT bike cardio followed by 40 minutes boxing on the heavy bag.  5 minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest in between rounds.  Focus on following up every technique with something else, rather than employing isolated techniques.

Cardio is still taking a while to re-adjust.

1945: Two low carb bars

2130: 3 chicken strips

2245: Protein shake with milk

2300: Sleep

Total water consumed: 1+ gallon


Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Training Log: Entry 6

Note: I have been unable to record my previous days training due to my moving to Portland OR and being without internet access.  Nothing terribly siginificant has happened in said time.  I have changed my lifting split, and will update you on that later (presently Chest/triceps/shoulders, Back/biceps, abs/legs).

The alititude change between Portland and San Diego is taxing my cardio.  For the time being, training is going to be a little shorter due to exhaustion.

0710: Wake up.  8 hours of sleep

0730: Half plate of eggs, half plate of bacon with glass of 2% milk

1100: Plate of chicken, spinach salad, apple with glass of diet coke

1500: 3 chicken strips

1830: 1.5 chicken breasts, 2 scoops of peanut butter, 1 apple w/diet coke

2000-2030: 100 bodyweight sqauts, lunges, abwork and shadow boxing

2200: 100 push-ups

2330: Sleep

Total water consumed: 1 gallon

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Training Log: Entry 5

Note: My weight has changed.  I have gone from 174 to 178lbs.  I'm pretty sure it's muscle.

0830: Wake up.  7 hours of sleep.

0900: Bowl of low carb/high protein cereal and diet coke.

1145: 8 piece chicken tenders, 2 cheeseburgers no bun

1550: Maxed out on bench.  Have reached goal of 300.  This means that I'll be starting on a new split.

1700: Low carb bar and cookie

1830: Sizzler massive pigout.  Malibu chicken, 8.oz steak, brocolli, and chicken wings.

2130: 2 scoops of low carb ice cream

Friday, August 27, 2004

Training log: Entry 4

0900: Wake up. 7.5 hours of sleep

0930: 12 minutes of HIIT bike cardio. 3 minutes at level 6 intensity, 9 minutes at level 5. Total calories burned: 187

1000: Bowl of low carb/high protein cereal and 2% milk

1145: Roast beef sandwich

1200-1300: Gallon of water

Shadow boxing in front of the mirror. Working on keeping elbows in
during boxing guard. Feels difficult. Might need to work on flexibility

1530: 6 cheeseburgers, no bun

1730: Low carb bar and diet coke

1900: Orange chicken and low carb ice cream

Boxing on the heavy bag. No legs, no elbows, no knees, just straight
boxing technique and strategy. 6 five minute rounds with 30 seconds of
rest.  First 2 rounds bare knuckle, last 4 with NHB gloves. Points of focus: keeping elbows in tight on guard, working on
combinations (no single shots). Lesson learned: A tight guard makes a
tight punch.

2110-2120: Bodyweight squats and lunges.

2130-2135: Basic ab work (crunches, leg lifts, bicycle, boxer's crunch

2245: Roast beef sandwich

2300: 100 push-ups

2400: 2 low carb cookies

0100: Sleep

Total water consumed: 1.5 gallons

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Training Log: Entry 3

1000: Woke up. 8.5 hours of sleep

1045: 1 bowl of low carb/high protein cereal. 1 glass of diet coke

1215: Peanut butter sandwich

1340-1430: Heavy bag training. Similar focus as last time. Have noticed ability to right roundhouse at head level.
able to video tape my training. Noticed that I need to focus on keeping
my elbows in with my boxing guard (they're flaring). Roundhouse kicks
lack fluidity, guard is dropping. Power and speed are good, but need
more work on combinations. Excellent head and body movement. Rear hand
guard dropping during roundhouse.

1520: Low carb energy bar and pizza

1700: Low carb ice cream

1845: 1.5 steaks, brocolli, and low carb ice cream

1950-2050: Weight lifting Day 2 of split (see previous notes

2030: Post lifting shake (ran out of protein bars)

2300: 70 push-ups (too soon after lifting. Immediate fatigue)

2340: 2 chicken breasts

0130: Sleep

Total water consumed: 2 gallons

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Training log: Entry 2

Note: Yesterday's entry
was skipped due to it being an involunatary rest day (working and a
"farewell" getogether with some friends before I headed off to
Portland.  The most I can attribute to actual training is playing
Tekken for a few hours and some extremely light shadow boxing.  My
diet was also pretty crappy as all I ate that day was a bowl of cereal,
a peanut butter sandwhich, some pizza and some chicken, but I digress).

0930: Woke up-7 hours of sleep

12 minutes of HIIT bike cardio.  2 minutes of level 6 intensity,
10 minutes on level 5.  Total calories burned: 192

1030: 1 bowl of low carb/high protein cereal with 2% milk, and a glass of diet coke

1215: 6 cheeseburgers with no bun

1330: Weight Lifting (Day 1 of split: Chest and Triceps)
Flat Bench: 2 sets of 290lbs, 1 set of 285lbs, 3 sets of 280lbs, 2 sets of 275lbs, 1 set of 270lbs: all sets 1-5 reps
Incline Bench: 4 sets of 1-5 reps at 235lbs
Wide Grip Bench: 3 sets of 1-5 reps at 235lbs
Wide Grip Push-ups: 25 reps
Narrow Grip Bench: 1 set of 185lbs, 2 sets of 175lbs: all sets at 1-5 reps
French Press: 5 sets of 1-5 reps at 80lbs
Tricep Kickbacks: 5 sets of 1-5 reps at 30lbs
Parallel push-ups: 30 reps
The reason for the 10 sets of bench is due to my desire to reach a
300lbs max before I leave for Portland OR.  Once that goal is
reached, my split/routine will change

1430: Post lifting meal (protein shake and bar)

1630: 1lb Double Six Dollar burger with diet coke

1500-2200: Work.  Extremely light cardio and lifting

2235: Peanut butter sandwich with diet coke

2300: 100 push-ups

2400: Modified some Harbinger bag gloves to make them NHB style gloves.

2425: 2 chicken breasts

0130: Sleep

Total water consumed during day: 1 gallon

Monday, August 23, 2004

Training Log Entry 1:

Woke up at 0930.  Did 10 minutes of bike HIIT.  2 minutes at level 6, 8 minutes at level 5.  Total calories burned: 153.

At 1025, ate 1 bowl of low carb/high protein cereal with 2% milk, drank one glass of diet coke.  Total nutritional value: 180 calories, 6.5 grams of fat, 25.5 net carbs, 27 grams of protein.

1145, went to Taco Bell, ate 1 nacho belle grande and small taco, drank one mug of diet coke.  Totale nutritional value: 820 calories, 41 grams of fat, 87 grams of carbs, 26 grams of protein

1320: Nutrition Bar (170 calories, 70 calories from fat, 8 grams of fat, 2 net carbs, 10 grams of protein) and a glass of diet coke (don't worry, I drink my water when I workout) 

1415-1505: Heavy bag work.  4 minute rounds, 30 seconds rest in between each round.  First 3 rounds done bare knuckle, rest done with NHB gloves.  Heavy focus on hand techniques, elbows, and boxing due to fractured ankle, yet still included right roundhouse & push-kick, right and left straight/cup/up knees from in and out of clinch.
  Note: Right cross is hitting with high power, but off target when wearing gloves.  Need to focus more on hitting the target directly and less on putting as much force as possible.
During workout: .5 gallons of water consumed

1520: Peanut butter sandwhich and water.  Total nutritional value of meal:
500 calories, 33 grams of fat, 18 net carbs, 24 grams of protein.           

1730: Dinner at Coco's.  BBQ ribs and chicken combo with vegetables.  Total nutitional value: 554 calories, 42 grams of protein,

1815: 2 scoops of low carb icecream.  Total nutritional value:
320 calories, 11 grams of fat, 8 net cars, 4 grams of protein.

2010-2110: Weight lifting (Day 2 on split Back, shoulders, biceps)
Behind the back barbell shrugs: 4sets, 1-5 reps at 185lbs
Barbell shrugs: 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 185lbs
Barbell row: 5 sets, 1-5 reps at 135lbs
Deadlift: 4 sets, 6-8 reps at 115lbs (taking it light due to pressure on ankle)
Standing barbell shoulder press: 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 135lbs
Barbell shoulder raise: 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 75lbs
Seated barbell shoulder press: 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 125lbs
Hammer Curls: 2 sets of 1-5 reps at 70, 2 sets of 1-5 reps at 65
Dumbell curls: 2 sets of 1-5 reps at 65, 2 sets of 1-5 reps at 60
Seated isloation dumbell curls: 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 50lbs
Close grip e-z bar curl: 4 sets, 1-5 reps at 125lbs

2210: Post lifting meal.  Protein shake and protein bar.  Total nutritional value: 860 calories, 25 grams of fat, 16 net carbs, 85 grams of protein

2300: 100 push-ups

2415: 2 chicken breasts.  Totla nutritional value: 260 calories, 14 grams of fat, 2 net carbs, 34 grams of protein.

0230: sleep

Total nutritional value of the day:
Calories: 3664
Net carbs: 139.5g
Grams of fat: 138.5g
Protein: 252g
Water Consumed: 1.5+ gallons
Note: My info on my dinner is innaccurate.  I was unable to find any info on CoCo's menu, so I took the rating for 1lb of chicken breast and multiplied by 2.

This is in general an average day, except I normally don't eat Taco Bell.  If/when I eat fast food, I get a low carb double six dollar burger at Carl's Jr.  This affects the results as so:
Low carb double six dollar burger:
Calories: 1434
Net Carbs: 26
Protein: 62
Fat: 118

Normal Daily intake:
Calories: 4308
Net carbs: 78.5g
Fat: 215.5g
Protein: 288

And that's a normal day in my life.  I don't plan to look up the nutritional value in all the food I eat at this point, but you get the idea of what I consider "normal"

Sunday, August 22, 2004

This was my most recent match, of which I was able to get photographic evidence.

174lbs at weigh in
18 years old
Reach of 26" from armpit to fist
8 years of Sport TKD, 3 years of folkstyle wrestling, 5 months of boxing and Muay Thai

19 years old
179 at weigh in
Reach of 55" from armpit to end of bokken
1 year of "self taught" bokken sparring, 3 months of Iaido, 3 months of sport fencing, 1.5 years combined sport karate

My synopsis: First minute of the fight was a real wake up call. Getting hit with the bokken the first time let me know exactly what I was signed up for, and facing someone with such incredible reach reminded me of my first fight with a leggy Kajukenbo guy.

We fought 3 matches: Striking vs. Bokken, Striking and clinch vs. Bokken and kick, striking clinch and grapple vs. Bokken kick and grapple.

First match was me getting owned for a solid minute, with my only hope being to charge, make him backup, and land solid blows on the back of his head. Cheated and used the clinch out of instinct. We went for 3 minutes solid, and I walked away with a jacked up elbow and some welts on the side. He walked away with a bloody lip.

Second match was me charging in at first, managed to catch one of the kicks that was thrown at me. I tossed him to the ground, them helped him up because we didn't have grapple. He lost 1 bokken early on (he was fighting with two), and actually was able to keep me at bay by solid horizontal swings that bruised and battered my hand. He slipped and fell at one point, but otherwise, me getting owned again.

Third match: ended early. Took one solid blow to the elbow that put me out of commission. Couldn't keep my hands up.

Overall thoughts: Very little of what I did looked like Muay Thai. A lot of it was basic survival, with a few punches, a few blocks, and a clinch from the back. My only chance was to charge in the middle of both bokkens and clinch, grapple, slam, and run. Playing the distance game got me killed. Complete change from everything I've ever done before in my life. Hehe, definitely don't fight a man when you're unarmed =P




Hello again those of you who joined me a year ago.  As you can see, I've changed quite a bit from my last Xanga, as has my focus.

This journal has been created solely to record my progress as a fighter, in regards to both my physical shape, my development in techniques, my changing strategy, and (if possible) my results in tournaments and sparring matches.

So here's me:
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'9" (175.26 CM)
WEIGHT: 176 LBS (79.83 KG)
8 years of sport oriented Tae Kwon Do (rank of 1st Degree Black Belt)
3 seasons of Folkstyle Wrestling (rank of varsity)
6 months of Western Boxing and non-traditional Muay Thai (no rank)
4 years of weight lifting

Why no squat max?  At the moment, I'm dealing with a stress fracture above my left ankle that doesn't allow me to do anything but bodyweight squats.  I'm rehabbing as best as I can, but I still am in no rush to be maxing on squats.

Now for the photographic evidence


And there's your background info.  I'll be updating from this point on.