Friday, November 28, 2008

Training Log: Entry 641

DE lower

Speed low box squats of 180+bands

Notes: Focused on bringing the hands in, and arching hard.  First time in a while of not wearing a belt.  Back felt great.

Low box squat of 325+chains

Notes: Finally back at 100%, these were challenging but not impossible.  Gonna hit the low box with the straight bar for a while, then transition to the safety squat bar.

Band good mornings with average

Notes: These are such a killer, and great rehab for my back.  I need to throw in one more PC movement I think.

Band wood choppers w/light superset with Hise shrugs w/325
10/20, 10/15, 10/15

Notes: Despite not liking twisting oblique work, this was a nice change of pace.  Still need to dial in form, but felt a good stretch.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Training Log: Entry 640

ME upper

Floor press

Notes: Still not 100%, but couldn't stand to go any longer without lifting.  Didn't wanna take out a new 1rm PR, so I went for a heavy double at 295.  Excellent pause, long duration.  Had nothing left in me for supplemental work, so just hit the bodybuilding stuff.

Band pulldown w/average+light

Notes: Held for a pause at the bottom of every rep. 

Unilateral Nuetral grip standing band rows light+2minis

Notes: Didn't time rests, just kept switching hands.

Band flyes w/2minis

Notes: Felt a little twinge in my right shoulder on the last et.  Gonna go back to a single band for higher reps.

EZ bar curls supersetted with band pull aparts with average band

Notes: Had nothing left, so just went for the pump.

Been sick for 6 or so day.  Bad flu took me off my feet for 3 days, and now just working on a cough and some mucus.  Hopefully another 3 days and I'll be back to 100%.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Training Log: Entry 639

ME lower

Safety squat bar box squats to parallel


I just realized the SSB weighs 60lbs, not 45, so add 15 to everything

Notes: Only time in my life I felt like I was gonna puke after squatting.  Doesn't help that I've discovered I'm sick, but still, this was intense.  If you were to ask me what muscles this movement works, I wouldn't be able to tell you  I just know that it really kicks your ass.  I actually found myself pushing the handles away at one point on the rise from the box.  I'm wondering if this is training me to push my elbows forward, or a way of cheating the movement.  I will need to research and experiment.

I took video, by I'm dogass tired from this cold.  Some other time.

Elevated trap bar lifts of 345

Notes: Elevation is helping this movement.

SLDLs of 255

Notes: Felt bad, so cut the sets down and increased the reps on the last set.  Really killer.

Band ab pulldowns w/average bad

Notes: A fast acceleration really hits th abs better.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Training Log: Entry 638

RE upper

Worth noting that triceps were still bombed from ME day.  Don't hold the end of a tricep extension next time.

Bench press of 185+chains

Notes: Fatigue in triceps played a role, but was still happy with the outcome.  Gonna stick with this for a while.  Contemplating doing 3 week cycles of different grips as an experiment.

CG bench press

Notes: Weight was too much on 225, wasn't pausing, just touch and go.  Scaled it back.  Triceps were dying out on the second half of the rep.

Band flyes w/mini

Notes: I think this is gonna be a great movement for my shoulder health, and a little bit of chest hypertrophy.  It's hitting just where I want on the pec delt tie in, which is where I tend to feel the most pain on the bench.  Trick is gonna be adjusting resistance.  Might need to grab a micro mini.


Notes: Finally hit my goal of 50 total reps in a reasonable amount of sets.  I'm using rest pause as needed, and some of the reps are ugly, but I'm doing this more to get volume into my lats than to win a contest.  Deciding if I want to start adding weight now or using a different grip for my next workout.  Lats are getting nice and big.

Band face pulls w/average+CG EZ bar curl w/65lb superset

Notes: Really started hitting the rear delts here.  Think having my lats so fatigued made me use good form.  Curls were just to get the blood flowing. My biceps are starting to exist, so that's always good.


Worth noting that I've been cleaning up my diet a little the past few weeks.  More fruits and veggies.  Looking pretty as a result.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Training Log: Entry 637

DE lower

Low box squat of 175+lights

Notes: Speed was on fire today, prolly thanks to the deload.  Need a little more weight and better control.

Low box squats of 295+chains

Notes: Like all other supplemental work, cut the sets and reps.  Need a little more poundage here.  Focused on holding in my breath and breathing into my stomach, and it made the weight feel incredibly light.

Band good mornings w/average

Notes: This fries my back so bad.  Form is kinda a mess, but it's what I need.

Straight legged swings w/average band
1x25 per leg

Notes: Didn't get the same effect from this as I did last time.  Might need to lower the height I hand the band from.

Saxon side bends w/20lbs superset with Hise Shrugs w/295

Notes: The side bends are just destroying my core.  Dunno when I'll switch them out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Training Log: Entry 636

ME upper

Floor press

Notes: Butt came off the floor on the final rep.  Didn't really get much of a strain on this day, just trying out the new form.  I can get such a better arch off the floor since I'm setting up on my floor matts.  This is a nice way to train the pause though.

Strict press w/185

Notes: Cut the sets and reps, increased the weight to really get a strain on this.  Good bit of lower back action on the last set, but no twinge, which is good.  Really developed some great power here.

EZ bar standing tricep extensions w/65lbs

Notes: Couldn't get anything from this aside from some elbow pain.  Tried close and wide grip with nothing.  Gonna stick with some sort of pulldown next time.

Unilateral standing band row w/light+mini per hand
1x20, 3x15

Notes: Man this movement is great, getting an awesome stretch in my lats.

EZ bar curls w/65lbs

Notes: Biceps are so fried, they seem to be getting bigger too.

Tricep pulldown w/average
1x20 with 5 second hold at end

Notes: Just wanted to make up for the extensions.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Training Log: Entry 635

ME lower

Good mornings suspended in the 12 pin.

Notes: Took a page from the EFS book about a longer warm-up.  Hit the twinge in my back on the set of 255, but at least have some positive notes.  The twinge is much faster than before, and the pain that accompanies it is very fleeting.  This is in stark contrast to the first few times I encountered it, wherein the twinge itself would last for what felt like 1-2 full seconds and the pain would last for 3-7 days.  It now lasts for about 2 seconds, and I can finish my workout afterwards.  It's a funny kind of progress, but progress none the less.  I think in a few months, it'll be a memory.  For now, I'm gonna keep my GM work high on the reps, maybe try for 5-8, and use the same protocol for any sort of PC ME work.  Might need to get some 3/8 chains to get this to really work.

Trap bar lifts on an elevated platform on 25lb plates of 315

Notes: Cutting the sets and raising the elevation.  Might stick with this and start upping the weight.

SLDLs of 245

Notes: Focusing on pulling the bar to me, which I think was one of my weaknesses with the deadlift.

Band ab pulldowns w/average

Notes: Might need to break out the ab wheel soon.

Trap bar shrugs of 225

Notes: Pulled my left serratus anterior on the first set around rep 6 (no, I am not kidding).  Kinda killed my momentum.  I decided to give these a more serious go ever since I obliterated my traps with the DB shrugs on my break.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Training Log: Entry 633

RE upper

Bench press of 170+chains

Notes: Didn't want to try fo 22 with a new weight, this worked well.  The deload seems to be paying off, I'm feeling great.  Was touch and go, but I still killed the momentum before continuing.  No bouncing.  Practiced on pulling the bar apart and driving my traps into the bench.

CG bench of 185+chains

Notes: Board press just hasn't been working, might rotate it to my ME day next time I try to hit it.  Decided to keep the volume and sets low on my supplemental movements for a while to see what happens.

Band flyes with mini

Notes: Modified this movement to hit more of the shoulder than the pec, right at the delt-pec tie in.  Got the desired result, my shoulders were fried towards the end.  Chest had a minor pump, but prolly left over from the RE work.  Think this will really help my shoulder stability.


Notes: Not sure if I did one more set on accident or not, but that's the jist of things.  Really building up on pull-ups, it helps to have a rep goal.

Face pulls w/light+superset with CG EZ bar curls of 65


Notes: Pausing on the face pulls to ensure good form and get a "squeeze".  Notice that biceps are coming along now.  The second day of work has really helped recovery.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Training Log: Entry 632

Got a long one for today.  Recording 4 workouts.  After the RE workout, I had to leave on business for 6 days.  Holed up in a crappy "gym" that only had DBs up to 80lbs and a smith machine.  Brought all my bands and other goodies to try to compensate.

RE Upper

Bench press 165+chains
2 board press of 185+chains
Trap bar raises
Band Pull-aparts w/average superset with CG EZ bar curls
10/10, 10/8, 10


ME lower

Band Good Morning
Warmed up with combinations of lights, averages, and minis.  Ended up using 1 average, 2 lights and 2 minis for 2x5
DB split squat w/80lb DBs
DB SLDLs w/80lb DBs
Band pulldown w/average
Neck harness w/50


ME upper

DB press w/70lb DBs (5 minutes rest between sets)
DB strict press w/50lbs
Band pulldown w/2lights
Unilateral neutral rip band rows w/light+mini
Note: Keeping notes to a minimum, but this movement was awesome.  Got a great stretch in my lats.  Just like my previous lat row, but done one arm at a time. 
EZ bar curls w/65lb
Band pull apart w/average


DE lower
DB set-ups w/80lb DBs
Note: Platform too unstable to do any effective work.
Band Good mornings w/average band
SL unilateral standing reverse hyper?
Notes: Basically looping a band through the pull-up bar, sticking my foot through so it catches the heel, and then slinging the leg back in a reverse hyperish movement.  Found out my left hamstring is much weaker than my right, as it started to fatigue at 30.  I might try to research this movement more, and see what I can do with it.
Saxon side bends w/20lb DBs
Neck harness w/50
DB shrugs w/80lb DBs


Used this time to deload.  Got the EFS Basic Training book, and read through it on my break.  Got a lot of great ideas from it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Training Log: Entry 631

DE lower body

Band box squats of 205+lights

Notes: Weight was pretty heavy, suppose a decent way to end my 3rd week wave.  Might deload the bands next week, as I'll be away on business for 6 days anyway.

Box squats of 275+chains

Notes: Goddamn does this kill my hips and quads.  I love this movement.  It even is frying out my lowerback, becoming good PC work, which is just what I need.  Doing my best to recruit my hips from out of the hole, which is something I've been missing in my squats.

Band pull throughs w/light

Notes: Cut the reps per set and increased the set total.  Good recovery work after the heavy box squats.

Saxon side bends w/15lb DBs supersetted with neck harness w/50

Notes: Side bends are really getting a good stretch.