Saturday, March 29, 2008

Training Log: Entry 570

Squats of 315

Notes: Bar rolled a little forward on one rep, and I cut one rep a little short, but otherwise everything went smooth.  Hitting a hitch midway up, need more hip strength. 

Bench of 265

Notes: A little bounce on one rep, and forgot to warm up well.  Otherwise, weight felt very light.

Pull-ups w/25lb plate

Notes: Can't really support the weight for a full set.  Can hit 3 without stopping, then drop down, re-adjust, and knock out the other too.  Just feel a lot of tension in my shoulders and upper back.  Prolly just need time to adjust.


Following some principles from Stuart McRobert, and keeping the weight low to start, so I can keep good momentum going.  Think I'll be doing the same with my other workout.  Rest times aren't regimented like on Westside, just going when I feel rested.

EDIT: Forgot to mention my accessory exercises.  Superset of Hise Shrugs of225 and band face pulls w/light, 2x15 of both.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think it's time for a change.  Every morning I wake up sore.  My legs no longer heal from my lower body workout, my arms and back are constantly sore, I'm stiff, and I wake up exhausted.  I think I may be overtraining, but the main culprit is my diet.  I cleaned it up, and I'm eating a lot better, but the amount is way less.  I've lost 5lbs so far.  I'm going back on the 3-5, cutting my volume way down, and applying limited assistance work.  Rough outline.

Day A
Overhead press
T-bar rows

Day B
Squat (maybe front squat)

Assistance work
Band pulldowns
Band pull aparts
Some sort of shrug

Going to apply this for a weeks and see what happens.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Training Log: Entry 569

RE upper

Bench of 215

Notes: Hard as hell to progress on those last 2 sets after the first set.  Might up the weight and cut the reps on the first set next time around.

Close grip bench

Notes: Been a while since I hit this.  Don't quite have the weight figured out for post RE.

DB row of 125

Notes: Form was great today, got a good stretch in my lats.

Unilateral hammer curls of 60

Notes: Still wonky with the big plates, but figure a little cheating is ok.  It ain't for a gun show.

Band face pulls with a light band

Notes: Rear delts didn't want to play today.  Think the 2x a week is getting to be much.  Gonna scale it down to once a week, and replace the other training period with band pull downs and see what happens.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Training Log: Entry 568

DE lower

Box squats of 155+light bands

Notes: Noticed speed was lacking with 165, so cut the weight and focused on form, for positive effects.  Keep the bands forward.  I tried centering them, and it pulled the bar right off my back.

RDLs of 355

Notes: My inability to add weight up in my head made me make a 20lb jump over the last time.  Managed all the same.  Gripped poorly on the last set, so had to set the weight down and re-grip it.

Front squats of 195

Notes: My cardio is dying.  The weight isn't heavy, my gas is just empty.  Need to improve my GPP when I get to my next base.

Ab pull downs w/light+mini

Notes: Maybe double stack some minis for more resistance next time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Training Log: Entry 567

ME upper

Band tricep push downs w/light

Notes: Think I might go back to giving these at try, instead of my 2 supplemental exercsies a week.  Might be in my best interest.

V-handle pull-ups

Notes: Nice to finally be increasing the reps, now that the weight is pretty constant.

Hise shrugs of 195

Notes: The high position is a nice change of pace.  Feel like I have a lot more weight I can move.

Band face pulls with the light band

Notes: Wasn't able to do the band reverse bench press this time, didn't have the space.  These were a lot easier than before.


More neck harness work.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Training Log: Entry 566

ME lower day

Band pull throughs w/light+mini

Notes: Finding the right distance on these.  Felt the lower back pump.

Saxon side bends w/30lb DBs

Notes: Already did ab work with the Air Force, and was feeling fatigued.  Didn't want to get injured during a deload.


Took a physical fitness test with the Air Force today.

1.5 mile run: 13:10
1 minute sit-ups: 55
1 minute push-ups: 62
Waist Measurement: 36

Notes: The run sucked.  Haven't run in at least a month, just gutted it out.  Had a lot of gas in the tank for push-ups and sit-ups, but wouldn't get any higher a score for doing more than the above, so didn't really try.  Waist measurement is all over the place.  Weighed in at 211 on an empty stomach after the run.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Training Log: Entry 565

RE upper

Bench press of 215

Notes: Eeked out one more rep on last set.  Weight is feeling heavy but manageable.

Band tricep pulldowns w/a light

Notes: Was shooting for 100 total reps, but with my PFT coming up, didn't want to fry out on a "light" movement. 

DB row of 125

Notes: Was getting a better pull with the right than the left.  Found good results switching my position on bench rather than lugging the DB to the other side between sets.

Unilateral DB hammer curls of 60

Notes: Might try smaller plates next time.  Elbow flares out too much.

Band pull aparts w/light

Notes: Nothing exciting, still working well. 

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Training Log: Entry 564

DE lower day

Box squats of 165+ light bands

Notes: Explosion wasn't as on the ball for some sets, but control was top notch on the decent.

Front squats of 185

Notes: Bar fell from my shoulders and I zerchered the weight on the last rep.  Pins were set too high for full zerchers though.  Might just do those from now on, as I can do the same weight without rolling.

Ab band pulldowns w/light + mini

Notes: Form was stellar here.

Neck harness work

Notes: Been getting back into these as of recently.  neck has been too scrawny.


86d the RDLs as per my deload.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Training Log: Entry 563

ME upper

Bench press

Notes: Weights were feeling very heavy today.  Going to deload next week.  No ME work, and prolly cut out my supplemental work as well.  Just some assistance hypertrophy stuff.

Strict press of 185

Notes: Just took it easy, didn't struggle for any reps.

Hise shrugs of 185

Notes: Always wanted to try these out.  Doesn't take much weight to be effective.  Very full ROM.

V-handle pull-ups

Notes: Now that body weight has stablized, I'm finally making an effort to improve on these.

Krista's band reverse bench press w/light band

Notes: Kept the settings high for all 4 sets, still feels good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Training Log: Entry 562

ME lower day


Notes: Weight was feeling heavy today.  It was time to rest.  Got too greedy.   Can't be a hero all the time.    Lockout strength is weak, back is rounding too much, and have no leg drive.  Need to add deadlifts from a deficit.  Working on the lockout strength with reverse band deadlifts. 

Monday, March 10, 2008

Training Log: Entry 561

RE upper

Bench press of 215

Notes: Bodyweight for 20, not too shabby.  Last sets were killer. 

3-board press of 275

Notes: These always are tougher than 2 board for some reason, hard to recruit the lats into the movement.

Bent over rows of 165

Notes: Yeah, it sucks, but I hit my rep range goal.

EZ bar curls of 75

Notes: Shoulder clicked on first set, not on the last two.  Might go back to the hammer curls soon.

Light band pull aparts

Notes: Felt the right shoulder slip a little in the socket on the third set.  Need to be more aware.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Training Log: Entry 560

DE lower

Speed box squat of 165 + light bands

Notes: Cut the weight down to keep my speed up.  Worthwhile.  Was hitting great sets with form because of this.

RDLs of 335

Notes: Set up away from the mirror next time, and go from the 6 pin, not the 7.

Front squats of 175

Notes: If they made an exercise that sucks more than high rep front squats, I haven't found it yet.  Need to work on keeping the weight from rolling down my shoulders.

Ab pull downs w/light band

Notes: Nailed the form, felt the pain.  Need more resistance next time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Training Log: Entry 559

ME upper

2-board press
395x1 (New PR)
400x1 (New PR)

Notes: Great new PR today.  Totally redeamed myself from last week.  Staying tight was absolutely essential.  A great set-up, staying tense, and gripping the crap out of the bar made the weight feel extremely light in my hands. Now I need to do this with the full rom.

Strict press of 175

Notes: Little rest pause on the last 2 sets, but otherwise no leg drive necessary.

V-handle pull-ups

Notes: Wasn't in love with the chins, got better results from these.  Chins seem to aggrivate my shoulders, while the nuetral grip feels very natural.

Jump shrugs of 365

Notes: Time off on these was good for me.  Hit my rep range goal, need to decide if I want to stick with these or use some different types of shrugs.

Krista's Band Reverse Bench Press w/light band

Notes: No, not reverse band bench press, "band reverse bench press".  My wife discovered this today while she was resting between sets.  She was messing around with our mini bands, and when I saw her doing this, a lightbulb went off.  I took some photos to demonstrate.  Maybe it already exists.

Here's the set-up

Band strung across the uprights on the bench.  From here, set up just like a normal bench press (please excuse shirtlessness, it's the only way I can stick to my bench)

And then pull down and apart to the bottom of your sternum, just as you would on bench press


Resistance can be altered using either different band tensions, or, in the case of my bench, a higher setting for the uprights

It's a great rear delt/lat movement, and is really bench press specific.  It should teach you how to recruit your lats into the bench really well, along with how to "pull" the weight down on the bench rather than just relent under the pressure.  I'm going to give it a 6 week cycle and see what happens.


If anyone has seen this movement before, let me know, along with what it's "proper" name is.  If not, I'm naming it after my wife and marketing the hell out of it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Training Log: Entry 558

ME lower

Front Squats
345x1 (New PR)

Notes: Bar kept slipping for some reason, was partially zerching the damn thing up, felt like I was tearing my biceps or something.  Should use some chalk next time, and focus on keeping my elbows up.  Depth was awesome.  Mighta had more in me for a higher PR, but wanted to keep this a little light and shoot for a record on deadlifts next week.

Band pull throughs
Light bandx15
Double light band

Notes: Decided to give the band pull throughs a go.  Light was too easy, doubles were a little too much.  Should try a light and a mini next time and see what happens.  Still a great movement though, less loading on my spine and easier to hit high reps.

Saxon Side Bends w/20lb DBs

Notes: Perfecting form, not feeling pressure on the lower back as much as obliques.

Tricep pulldowns with the light band

Notes: Been feeling a little elbow pain recently, so decided to bring in some high rep pulldowns and see if it helps.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Training Log: Entry 557

RE upper

Bench of 205

Notes: I think this will definitely be a positive change.  It was good to return.  Look up when setting up the arch, rather than forward.

2-board press of 275

Notes: Misgrooved it on the last rep on the last set, and had the bar slip.  Racked it after that.  Doing these after high rep bench is tough.

Bent over BB rows of 165

Notes: Setting it down between reps was a disaster, aborted course after 3 reps of the first set.  Got much better after that.  I'm just weak on these for some reason, gotta put in the time.

EZ bar curls of 75

Notes: Space the hands out and face the palms away to avoid shoulder clicking.

Band pull aparts with the light band

Notes: The thicker band feels like it hits my chest earlier and is harder to pull apart for a fuller range.  Maybe I'm just weak though.


My wife kept saying I was looking big while I worked out, especially my traps, chest and biceps.  A nice compliment.  Maybe I'm actually losing some fat and "looking" bigger.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Took my DE lower day off to rest and re-evaluate my training.  I did something I make fun of people for doing, and messed with success.  My routine was working perfectly fine, and I added in DE upper work with bands while RE work was still getting me gains.  My first week on DE, I noticed that my overhead press was a struggle, but still managed to add 10lbs.  On my close grip bench, my joints were torn up, and a weight I had previously put up easily stapled me to the bench.  I'm going back to RE upper work, and keeping the bands for DE lower work, reverse band deadlifts, and some assistance exercises.

Joe DeFranco would still call me a skinny bastard, and I agree.


As a positive, broke out the 2.5 CoC after 2 weeks of no grip training and made some improvements.  I have not yet begun to fight.