Sunday, November 30, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1757

(7) Mat Pulls 620

Notes: Numbers don't reflect how awesome this workout was.  On the first rest pause, I lost control of the eccentric on the first rep and wasn't able to touch and go any more reps.  Just let it go down and ripped another rep from a dead stop.  In total, got 4 breaks off the floor instead of my usual 3 from this.  Great recovery from yesterday.  Up 2lbs as well.

KB swing 45s

Ab wheel

DOH hold 405
20 seconds

Notes: Spent all morning building a outdoor grill and some play furniture and the afternoon filling my keg with sand, so grip was pretty dead.


Notes: Outstanding workout.  Legs were like jello by the end.

General notes: May need to start doing 2 a days just to get in enough work with the implements.  Might get my strength work in the morning and implements at lunch.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1756

Tried to pull deads today and it fell apart.  Woke up at 193lbs. Lost 5lbs out of nowhere.  Nutrition is out of whack, holidays are throwing me off.  Getting filled up on carbs and not getting in quality protein.  Been feeling sick after every meal as well.  Trying not to be alarmed by sudden weight loss, loss of appetite and strength.  Thinking it may just be stress/loss of sleep.

Going to try to get in deads tomorrow.  On the plus side, got my keg and sandbag in.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1755

1 arm DB press w/fat gripz 105

Notes: Zero issues here.  Circus dumbbell is no longer a concern to me.  Even though I am 10lbs lighter than comp weight, this is no issue.  Balanced out the left side with some higher rep work.  Need to start working the keg and sandbag.  Left shoulder is probably about as good as it's going to get.  Still some pain on the eccentric, but without pain there is no progress (thanks  Nietzsche!)

NG chins
Many many reps

DB press 105
4 sets

Notes: Used a variety of incline settings.  Also busted out the reactive slingshot.  Works much better with dumbbells versus barbells.

GB cable curls 50

Light band pushdowns

Pull aparts

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1754

(15) Chain Suspended Squats 495

Notes: First good workout I've had with a straight bar in a long time.  2 comps in my future, one with a squat to reps event, going to get back in the rhythm here.  May alternate each week with straight bar and SSB.  Open to ideas.


Sandbag lapping 200lbs

Notes: Did this in between sets of stuff, just to start drilling the mechanics.  Definitely getting better at it the more I do it.  Next time, wear knee sleeves so that I have something for friction.

Reverse hyper 270

Notes: Back still a little jacked up, so took it light here.

GHR sit up 30lbs

Notes: Still gotta figure out my training.  I basically have 2 weeks to learn some stuff before I go on vacation for 2 week away from all my toys.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1753

Bench Press 260

Notes: Set up wasn't as solid, but still got through everything just fine.  Shoulder is feeling better.

Chins w/45lbs
21 total

Lat pulldowns GB w/110
Tons x 11

Pull aparts

Shoulder shocker 3 rounds

Notes: Back still slightly tweaked, so avoided rows.  Should be 100% by tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1752

Back tweaked on me out of nowhere.  Thankfully, it was a deload day, but took it pretty light still.

Agility ladder drills
Many many things

Notes: Not going to let footspeed be my weakness for my next comp.  I'm still an oaf, but I can be less of one.

200lb sandbag lapping

Notes: Built a 200lb ironmind sandbag to prep for comp.  It's a beast.  Should have got one of these YEARS ago.  The bag is dirt cheap (pun unintended), as is sand, and a great workout.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1751

One arm DB press 105

Notes: Great confidence booster.  Comp weight is 115 with a circus DB, and I've been feeling pretty gunshy about single arm stuff.  This went up easy, just gotta get technique figured out.  Can only do right arm.  Left is uncoordinated and still iffy with the impingement, but I am ok with this.  May do some balancing with higher reps.

DB low incline press 105

Notes: Going to try my ROM progression approach to incline benching, gradually increasing the incline each week.  Also considering using my slingshot here.


GB cable hammer curls 50

Band pushdowns

Chest work

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1750


Reverse hyper 320

GHR sit up 30

Squats 405

Notes: 20 reps total.  Was going for 12 in the first set, but still happy with this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1749

Bench Press 210

Notes: Still pausing at least one rep per set.  This was the "deload" of the program but was still pretty tough.

Chins w/45lbs

Notes: Going to start deprioritizing chins while I prep for my next contest.  Will still include them, but spend more time doing other things.

Lat pulldowns w/grenade balls, 110

DB rows 105

Notes: Worked both of those in between sets of benching

Pull aparts

Shoulder work

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1748

(9) SSB Squats to chains

Notes: Didn't do plate math right, but this was a very easy set, so it worked out.  Squat shoes are still baller.

Reverse hyper 270

Notes: Been neglecting this and it's starting to show.  Worked a set of 180 in between everything else today to get more volume, but this was the heavy work.

GHR sit ups 25

Notes: Deadlift from the floor went poor.  Managed 610x2.  Was very slow and brutal.  CNS was shot.  Wife had a race this week and spent most of my time away from home, eating poorly, sleeping little, and driving lots. Still going to press ahead with ROM progression cycle, going up to 625.

Also, looking at another strongman comp.  Has a last man standing dead, squat to reps, press medley and some keg work.  Going to have to spend some time restructring training.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1747

Bench Press 280

Notes: Program is still running strong.  Paused first rep of every set, and last rep of last set I had a long pause.  Shoulder still feeling strong.

5 minutes

Lat pulldown w/grenade balls 110
Lots of sets of 9

Shoulder shocker
3 sets

Pull aparts

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1746

(2) Mat Pulls 610

Notes: Felt a slight twinge on my right side (which is my "good" side) on the 4th rep so I shut it down early.  Should give me some energy for next week.

Ab wheel


Notes: Took my sleeves off between sets which helped quite a bit with the quad pump.  Going to see how my recovery through the week goes on this.

Need to get back into my reverse hyper.  It's a great piece of equipment, and time away from it isn't helping anything.  Shoulder is still mending, but everyday feels stronger.  Time away from the barbell on squats has been a positive for mending.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1745

2.6 mile run

Notes: Work function.  Feeling good while I run, think my PFT should be fine.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1744

DB bench 105

Notes: New DBs are working well.  Mechanics feel good, shoulder is strong.


Cable rows 140

Cable curls 55

Shoulder shocker

Notes: Tried squatting yesterday and hamstring just about snapped.  My squat workout on deadlift days takes a lot to recover from.  Running 2.6 miles tomorrow, so it may benefit me to have taken the time off.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1743

AM workout

Bench 260

Notes: Really loving this program.  Actually looking forward to my bench days each week.  Used my new weightlifting shoes on this, and they worked awesome.  Much better leg drive while using them.

5 minutes

Notes: Shoulder feeling better and better.  No issues with this.

Lat pulldowns 110
Sets between sets of everything

Shoulder shocker
3 rounds

Pull aparts

PM workout

1.5 mile run

Notes: Quads have been feeling like broken glass all day, and this didn't help.  Thankfully just sore from my deadlift squat workout, but still, this was pure "life sucks" training.

Also, my pair of 105lb dumbbells arrived today.  Expect to see that weight a lot in my training log for future posts.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Training Log: Entry 1742

(3) Mat Pulls 610

Notes: Great day.  First 6 reps went up fast and smooth.  Misgrooved the 7th and set it down rather than struggle.  Got 2 more in a rest pause.  Feeling good today in general.  Need to do another contest soon.  Training just isn't cutting it, and I keep psyching myself up and having to calm myself down before lifts.  My mind wants to be evil.

KB swings

Standing ab wheel


Notes:Use my new Pendlay Do-win shoes on this.  Felt awesome.  Depth comes easy and the shoes stick in place.  Liking this approach I have for squat volume, but need to lower my sleeves between sets.  Second time where my quads just filled up with blood and I wasn't able to get in any more reps.
Training Log: Entry 1741


DB incline press 55

Notes: Just a light little recovery workout.  Shoulder is really coming back.

Cable rows 140
Sets of 8

Cable curls superset axle curls

Pull aparts