Sunday, January 24, 2010

Training Log: Entry 818

RE upper pull


Notes: Used a mini band on the later two sets.  Finally found a straight bar to use.  Much better lat activation, and store tore apart my abs.

Strict press

Notes: Messed up my weight, went 10lbs heavier on the first set than I planned, which screwed up the rest of my sets.  I think I need to cycle this weight down again anyway.

Cable rows of 70

Notes: Using the station with a handle per hand.  Works better than the straight bar.

Weighted dips w/45

Notes: Thinking of dropping back to bodyweight and nailing a million of these to preserve my elbows.

Hammer curls and neck harness


Did some conditioning w/bagwork and rope skipping.  My right elbow still hurts from whatever I did on the trap bar.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Training Log: Entry 817

RE lower squat

SSB box squat of 305

Notes: I'm GMing pretty good on the way up, but form isn't as important as strain for me on this.

Elevated trap bar lifts of 425

Notes: Elevated feels easier than flat.  I think I get more leg drive.

Front squat of 195

Band hamstring work w/average

Friday, January 15, 2010

Training Log: Entry 816

RE upper push

DB press of 110
14,6,3, 100x5

Notes: Rough week, strength is down, joints are beat up, lifts are dropping.  I may need to drop back to 105, or maybe switch out the movement. 

NG pull-ups w/70

CG incline press of 155

Notes: Made up for my weak pressing on my RE movement.

V-handle rows of 180

Pushdowns and neck harness

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Training Log: Entry 815

RE deadlift

Conventional deadlifts of 355

Notes: Finally started using the hips on the last set.  It seemed that fatigue setting in forced me to rely on these muscles.  This has been a bad week for training, with lots of stressers from work, so this was all I had in me.  Put 425 on the bar to squat, walked it out, and walked it back in.

Thinking I may try 5/3/1 at some point, or at least some of it's principles.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Training Log: Entry 814

Got 2 entries today

RE Squat

SSB box squat of 295

Notes: Used the new box my wife got me.  It's not as soft as the rubber tiles I was using, which means I have a more solid base to rise from.  I'm coming up on the toes of my right foot on my way up towards later reps, need to focus more on hip extension than leg extension. 

Trap bar lifts of 425

Notes: This is starting to get pretty intense for me, but I'm managing.  It helps to sit back and up with these, rather than trying for just up.

Front squats of 195

Notes: I can hold out for about 12 reps on the olympic grip.

Band hamstring work w/average



RE upper pull

DB rows of 140

Notes: I think I may cut the weight down and do 30 reps on the first set, to avoid using my strength training DB as my RE DB.

Weighted dips w/115


Notes: Found a straight bar in my gym.  Used a miniband where necessary.

Seated shoulder press of 105

Pulldowns and facepulls

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Training Log: Entry 813

RE upper push

NG seated DB press of 65

Notes: I'm getting back on the creatine.  My recovery is crap, but my strength is improving.

DB row of 150

Flat bench of 210

Notes: Again, recovery issues.  However, my form was spot on, including tension.  I'm having slight pain in my left elbow, but my knee feels completely recovered.  I can set-up my arch decently without pain now.

Vertical lat work

Notes: The pulldowns aren't working for me, so I experimenting with some orther stuff.  I settled on the cable pulldowns, which require me pulling down and out rather than just down.  My vertical work capacity sucks, I might cut the weight way down on these and go into 15 reps.

Cable curls and neck harness.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Training Log: Entry 812

RE deadlift

Conventional deadlift of 355

Notes: My form was retarded on the first set, but I managed to fix it.  Let the bar drift forward just a bit on the first part so I can rock back on my heels.  My leg drive wasn't engaging much, part of it I blame on my long levers. I'm losing size around my midsection, really have to crank my belt.  Wife says I'm looking bigger, so I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Squats of 415

Notes: Trying to focus on dipping down the extra distance.  Got a new camera, so I can see how my depth is.  My form isn't really where I want it to be, I'm not sitting back enough on the way up. I don't know if I should keep increasing weight or try for more volume.  Part of the issue is a weak core, which I might need to fix by doing heavy partials here instead of full squats.

SSB split squats of 155

Band good morning series

Notes: I was in the middle of my second set when I got a call letting me know that I had to work New Years because someone couldn't do their job.  I got too angry to finish my workout.  Amatuer, but it's how I operate.  Still got some decent work in.