Friday, July 22, 2005

Training Log: Entry 123

Maxed out on bench tonight.  Still at 300, but did it without a
spotter with an injured shoulder.  Leads me to believe I could do

Went running in 95 degree heat.  I'm ready for FT.  Conditioned.

And since I've brought it up, will depart on the 27th, and be gone for 4 weeks.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Training Log: Entry 122

Been eating like crap as of recently to put on weight before FT. 
I'll get there fat, but I'm probably going to lose a lot.  After I
get back, gonna bulk again.

Subluxed my shoulder last night.  It's been damaged from work.  Rested and iced it.

Sparred with my bro.  I think I need to use less power in my
shots.  I was making him stagger a lot.  He's still a novice,
need to let him learn.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Training Log: Entry 121

Pulled a muscle around my shin today jogging.  Cut my run short.  Must remember to stretch properly.

Calfs are looking small.  New program will fix that.

Maxed out on chin-ups the other day post back workout.  Managed 20.  Old number was 12-15.  Laddering works.

Sparred my bro for a hard 6 rounds.  Need to remember that he
needs to learn.  He's hitting hard enough now that I find myself
trying to "win" rather than teach.  Still, showed him some holes
in his guard, and got him to counter punch.

Trying out a new boxing stance.  Seems to work pretty well. 
Instead of "peek a boo", I fight from a more traditional stance with my
lead hand forward.  I'm starting to think I can sacrafice some
defense for offensive speed.

Found out my scale has  been off for the past month or so.  I'm not 183, I'm 187.5 with pants.

Push up workout was a little screwy tonight.  Did them shortly
after sparring.  Gassed out early on, so made up for it in later

Set 1: 100
Set 2: 70
Set 3: 50
Set 4: 40
Set 5: 30
Set 6: 25+10 knee

Total Push-ups:  315+10 knee

Came to the realization while resting for my last set that I could push
beyond failure by dropping to knee push-ups after failing at
traditional push-ups.  Must remember to utilize this in the future.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Training Log: Entry 120

Got a Playstation 2 eyetoy today after wowing a crowd at comic con
doing Eyetoy boxing.  Fun cardio.  Helps me keep relaxed when
shadowboxing as well.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Training Log: Enty 119

Finally feeling creatine effects in all manner of physical
activity.  Have broken past all platueaus on all lifts.  Feel
really strong.  I think I will make creatine a regular part of my
workout, if not at least cycle it during times of plateaus.

Will be implementing a new lifting program after field training.  It will go as such

Sun or Mon

Narrow-stance dl 3X6 weeks 1-4, 3X3 weeks 5-8*
Wide-stance dl 2X8 weeks 1-4, 2X4 weeks 5-8*
Box dl 2X8 weeks 1-4, 2X4 weeks 5-8*
seated cable rows 2X8 weeks 1-4, 2X4 weeks 5-8*
bent-over barbell row 2X10 weeks 1-4, 2X5 weeks 5-8*
lat pulldown 2X10 weeks 1-4, 2X7 weeks 5-8+
standing barbell curl 2X10 weeks 1-4, 2X7 weeks 5-8+
seated dumbbell curl 2X12 weeks 1-4, 2X8 weeks 5-8+


Bench Press 3X6, 3X3*
Close-grip bench 1X8, 1X4*
wide-grip bench 1X8, 1X4*
incline dumbbell press 3X8, 3X4*
dip 3X10, 3X5*
pec-dec/cable flye 2X10, 2X7^
skull crusher 2X10, 2X7^
tricep pressdown 2X12, 2X8^


Deep squat 3X6, 3X3*
Narrow-stance squat 2X8, 2X4*
wide-stance squat 2X8, 2X4*
lying leg curl (heavy) 4X8, 4X4*
leg press 3X12, 3X6*
lying leg curl (light) 2X10, 2X7^
standing calf raise 2X10, 2X7^
seated calf raise 2X12, 2X8^

*increase by 25%
^increase by 15%

One deadlifts, alternate wide and narrow stance each workout.

Will still be implementing bodyweight training on off days.  Got
this out of Muscle and Fitness.  It's not the best powerlifting
program in regards to getting high numbers on primary lifts, but it
should give me strength in general, which is my whole purpose to

Contemplating a style shift next semester.  Still want to
strike.  Kyokushin is appealing when mixed with boxing, but the
main problem is getting to train.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Training Log: Entry 118

Training experiment proves challenging and frustrating.  As I had
desired, my punching strength increased.  However, kicking had
become incredibly weak when combined with punches, mainly because my
heavybag is not set up well for this type of training (have side
supports on heavybag stand, roundhouse kicks at two close of a range
result in broken toes).  I also need to focus on keeping weight
light on front foot, so that I don't sacrafice mobility for punching
power.  Still, I want to go back to being a power puncher. 
This should be a welcome change.

Arms are extremely fatigued.  Combination of pull-ups and strenous day at work.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Training Log: Entry 117

Lost a lot of weight.  Down to 183.  Will need to bulk when I get back to school.

Cardio is incredible.  Was able to run bleachers for at least 9 minutes, without being seriously fatigued.

Pull-ups are still improving.  Must remember to max out at some point.

Will be attempting a training experiment.  Will re-adjust fighting
stance from Muay Thai to boxing.  Given that my punches just
aren't packing enough power from the Thai stance, that I'm more a
wrestler than a grappler, and that the only kicks I fire are low kicks,
I think this may benefit me.  Will see.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Training Log: Entry 116

Cardio is doing great.  Went for a jog without any serious fatigue, and felt my stride had increased.

Chest seems to be shrinking.  Maybe my imaginiation.  After lifting it's alright.

New push-ups count

Set 1: 100
Set 2: 85
Set 3: 60
Set 4: 35
Set 5: 35
Set 6: 15

Total push-up count: 330

Pushed to the point of vomiting during push-ups.  Possibly due to crappy pre-workout meal.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Training Log: Entry 115

Went to the throwdown.  Got a chance to train with a professional
fighter and training today.  Incredible learning experience. 
Got to work on Rear Naked Choke and my grappling in general.  He
said I was in great shape after showing me a medicine ball drill that
he couldn't even complete.  He also made fun of me for being a
wrestler and muscling all my techniques.

Don't remember all my matches.  I remember actually succeeding at
grappling using some sorta headcrank from mount.  Managed to keep
positioning way better than before.  A million times better than
last time.  Working bodyshots from in guard with elbows.

My cardio died early on.  Almost puked.  Once I got my
groove, things went better.  My boxing skills are still
bad...don't hit hard.  Did a great job with leg kicks against a
guy my height, and got clinch and knee really good.  Learned how
to improve it.

Took some good shots, but still have a good jaw.  Head is spinning now, but at the time, just shrugged them off.

Got to break out 16oz.  Opponenet had way too much height. 
Was tricky.  Got hit in the groin a lot.  It eventually
caught up to me, and I had to quit because of fatigue.

Sparred the instructor of the joint.  Him and I have a lil
semi-rivalry.  I actually managed to sit-up in his armbar attempt
(did that a lot idea how/when/where I learned how to do it)
and get in his guard and slam him a few times (lots of slams today them too much).  We stood up and called it good.

Had a rematch with the guy who tapped me out twice last time.  My
ground game is still awful, but I at least reversed on him a few times
and landed some good shots to his head (including a great knee).

All in all, I walked away happy.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Training Log: Entry 114

Feeling creatine effects in lifting finally.  Could push much
harder during close grip bench.  Took a while, may have been
taking too small an amount before.

Got to practice axe kicks all day at work.  Had to break
boxes.  Technique is still good after years out of TKD. 
Wonder if I can actually apply it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Training Log: Entry 113

Need to eat better.  My cardio was awful during bleacher
runs.  Would have puked, but there were workers around, and I
didn't want to make them clean it up.

Seeing improvement in my bodyweight leg workout.  Was able to
complete 3 full supersets of hindu squats and bootstrappers. 
Normally can only do 2.

Taught my bro clinch, clinch straight knee, clinch up knee, clinch cup
knee, and free standing straight knee.  Gave him a good drill.

Did 5X3 rounds of boxing sparring with bro.  Trying to help him
with his "panic" response, get him to stop opening himself up, and have
him search for openings.  I'm also working on my defense.  Making more use of overhand right. 
I'm glad to have a regular sparring partner, just wish I could hit
harder.  Still, this will help shake the ring rust before the

Need to lift more.  Work makes me resort to more bodyweight stuff
than lifting.  If nothing else though, bodyweight will be better
for FT.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Training Log: Entry 112

Finally seeing results from creatine in my chin-up/pull-up routine

Set 1: 6 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 2: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 3: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 4: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 5: 3 laddering reps+1 failure

Set 1: 4 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 2: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 3: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 4: 2 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 5: 2 laddering reps+1 failure

Commando Chin-ups: Right over left
Set 1: 4 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 2: 4 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 3: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 4: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 5: 3 laddering reps+1 failure

Left over right
Set 1: 4 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 2: 4 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 3: 4 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 4: 3 laddering reps+1 failure
Set 5: 3 laddering reps+1 failure

This an improvement of 1 more laddering rep per set

Went for long jog.  Heat killed me.  Thankfully South Dakota will be better.

Monday, July 4, 2005

Training Log: Enty 111

Bleachers were closed.  Ran 10:00 of stairs.  Like some mutated form of HIIT

Current Push-up routine
(Rest between sets 300 seconds)
Set 1: 100
Set 2: 80
Set 3: 55
Set 4: 30
Set 5: 30
(Rest between sets 90 seconds)
Set 1: Plyometric push-ups till failure
Set 2: Plyometric push-ups till failure

Played a short game of tennis with Mike.  Decent cardio, good for footwork.

Diet has been horrible since work started.

Fitness is through the damn roof.  I blame it on the creatine,
however the question is if it's the actual creatine that is causing it,
the fact that creatine leads me to drink more water so that I'm finally
properly hydrated, psychological effects of knowing I'm "on creatine",
finally being conscious of the fact that I have to push myself as hard
as possible to get results, or a combination of all factors.

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Training Log: Enty 110

Ran bleachers for 8:30 today.  Could have gone for longer.  Will need to remember to push myself harder.

Training with my bro is getting better.  Him and I come from
similar martial backgrounds, so he has all the same bad habbits I
did.  I'm able to give him a ton of tips.  We sparred for 4
three minute rounds.  His cardio may suck, but at least he goes
all out.

I'm trying to correct him, while at the same time work on my defense.  So far, my slipping is getting better.

Working my bodyshots more.  Landed a very good short hook to my
bro's ribcage/stomach when he overextended on a right cross.  I
didn't intend to hit hard, but all the momentum took the wind
away.  For once, I'm starting to use angles.  I think
straight boxing rules sparring is just the thing I need to work on
technique.  Just need to avoid bad habbits.