Saturday, September 30, 2006

Training Log: Entry 294

DE lower body day
8 sets of doubles at 175
Note: Lower weight than usual.  Working in w/someone who was using the same routine as me (I gave him the link).  However, he had completely slaughtered it.  Frustrating.  Speed still not feeling as explosive as it used to be, not too sure what I'm doing wrong.  Form is good at least.

Lunges of 55

Note: Grip gave way, rather than legs at the end.  Up to 60.

Partial deadlifts of 185

Note: Need to lower the weight more.  Form was getting pretty bad at the end.

CoC training
5X5 of trainer

Notes: Left hand struggling more than the right, but can complete my sets.  Can't wait for the harder stuff.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Training Log: Entry 293

DE upper body lift:
8 sets of triples at 155lbs

Note: Not feeling as explosive as I used to, but tooled around with pulling the bar apart and exploding upward from a dead pause.  Hopefully not losing any progress on this.

Close grip bench of 185lbs

Note: This was real easy at first, but I found it really hard to pull the bar apart.  I should rest more between sets.

Tricep pushdown w/straight bar

Note: Feeling a little burned on this.  Didn't want some crappy reps at failure.  Still, had some power in this.

Lateral raise

Note: Form was getting a little bad at the end of 25, so I'm going to work up to 3 sets of 12 at 20 instead.

Lat pulldown
8X120, 8X120, 8X110, 8X110

Note: Was running out of time, and couldn't split up my pull-ups the way I wanted, so I stuck with the machine just so I could get the reps out there.  Minor shoulder inflexibility means I can't pull all the way down to the chest.

Hammer curls of 20lbs
10, 8, 9

Note: Finally improving on this.  Less failure, more power.

MMA club meeting:

Nothing too significant here.  Trained the new boxer on evading wild hooks.  Taught the WC guy how to slip, bob and weave, and face punches.  Drilled some focus mitts with a new guy (MMA guy).  I need to relax more when I throw.  My traps were bothering me.

Need to spar more.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Training Log: Entry 292

MMA club meeting

Lots of people there today, didn't have a chance to drill with most of them.  Instead, I spent my time doing some rolling and working my grappling.

Rolled with the BJJ/KK chick.  She was exhausted beforehand, so I decided to go light and really work technique over strength today.  I tried to pull guard, and she cut it off and passed.  She stood up, then pulled guard on me (need to work on stopping that.  Usually use a knee on thigh pass).  I tried not to gracie gift her, and instead went for the knee in the butt, elbows in the thigh guard pass.  She went for an arm triangle that wasn't working, but started to crank my neck.  Immediate tap there.  Don't need to mess with that crap.

Drilled the omoplata with her.  I still know the mechanics, but not nearly smooth enough to pull off rolling (which I discovered very soon).

Had an epic roll with the JKD/SG guy.  Right off the bat, I pull guard and slap on an armbar.  He rolls with it though and cuts off the leverage.  I try to keep my hold on his roll and change it to an omaplata, but he's too slick, and is in my half guard.  Most epic posistioning war ever.  Kept constantly shifting from under his side control to rolled with me mounting or in half guard, taking his back, putting him into my guard, constantly shifting, over and over again.  On a positive note, my cardio is doing great.  He started breathing hard before me.  However, I tried the omaplata about 3 times, and every time it failed.  Need to be smoother on it.  Ended up with a mutated kimura due to his insanely flexible shoulders.

Not too much of note.  Toe is about 100%, just need a nail on it.


Got my "Trainer" Grip from Captains of Crush.  I had no idea the strength imbalance between my hands.  Can't wait to get the stronger ones.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Training Log: Entry 291

Slacked off a little on my entries.  Had a ME upper and lower day.

ME upper

Triples of bar, 135, 225, 275

Note: Ugh, felt so burnt out at 320.  My sticking point is really low.  Either low set rack lockout or board press next time.  315 went up easy at least.

Close grip bench of 185

Note: Real inconsistant here.  Trying for at least 6s on all sets next time

Straight bar push down
2X8 of 160

Note: Higher weight next time.  Getting stronger.

Lateral raise

Note: HIgher weight on this to start next time.


Note: Was running out of time.  Attempting to break up more sets of fewer reps, ala Pavel's method.  Made sure to stretch my lats in between sets.

Hammer curls of 20
10, 8, 8

Note: Shoulder not clicking anymore on this.  More confidence.


ME lower body day
Me lift: Deadlift
Triples of bar, 135, 205, 275

Note: Got greedy on this one.  Next time, try for 375.  Still, a 25lb jump after having not deadlifted for over a month is pretty awesome.

Good mornings:

Note: still adjusing to this movement.  Really hurts my shoulder to hold the weight, need to warm them up more.  Still, it's such an awesome move.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Training Log: Entry 290

DE lower body yesterday

Speed squats:
2 sets of doubles at 185
6 sets of doubles at 175

Note: Much faster at 175.  I'll stick with that for now to build up my speed.  Feet are coming off the floor a bit too much

Partial deadlifts (2 inches off the floor) of 175

Note: Little more rest here, but feeling good.

Side bends of 55

Note: Getting stronger here, move up even more.

Swiss ball low cable crunch of 85

Good to move up weight here.  Feeling the pull in my abs.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Training Log: Entry 289

Xanga keeps eating this entry.

Long story short, another MMA club meeting.  Lots of people, worked lots of stuff.  Boxing sparring is coming along well.  Working my bodyblows more.  Tore off part of my toenail, so off my feet for a few days.

DE upperbody day

Speed bench at 165
8 sets of tripples

Note: felt my speed reduce on these.  Less weight next time.

Weighted dips of 45lbs
Note: Change to close grip bench next time, or less weight.

EZ bar pushdown of 145

Note: Finally progressing on this one.

Front raises
2X10 of 20

Note: Broke past my last barrier here.  Gonna either do rear delts of sides next time.

Bent over rows of 115

Note: Loving how easy I can hit the reps on this.  Switching to pull-ups next time.

Straight BB curl

Note: Ugh, just not doing much here.  Thinking of switching back to hammer curls, or maybe cable curls.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Training Log: Entry 288

MMA club meeting.

Rolled with the fiancee to warm up.  She's doing a better job of securing her guard high and flowing.  Helped her work through a kimura from guard.  I knew it would come up soon.

Strikers clinic tonight, I loved it.  At one point, everyone was drilling strikes, no one on the mat.

Worked some defense from the peek a boo with the fiancee.  Had her fire a 1-2,  the bob and weave against two hooks.  Her hands are staying glued to her face, and smoother on the bob and weave.  Added a lead hook to the end of the combo to show her how to use her defense as an offense.  Later drilled the slip off of a 2-1 and a counter overhand right to the exposed head.  She was slamming me good there.

Drilled some focus mitts with the new boxer kid.  He expressed a hesitation to unload after an evasion, so drilled fast reactions to hooks.  2 bobs followed by a hook counter.  His left hook lacks serious power, so I showed him the technique and had him drill the heavy bag.

Rolled 3 times with the JKD/SG guy.

First roll: We fought for supremacy from the knees.  This is really stupid, I should just pull guard and work from my back from now on.  It's not a competition, it's a learning environment.  Scrambled a lot until he eventually put me down and I pulled him into my guard.  Immediately went for the kimura from guard which he defended.  Started toying with the head, faking for a guillitine, until I managed to buck and roll into mount.  Worked to place knees into armpits.  Good habit, but was put off balance and rolled.  I made the most of it, and wound up taking his back.  Need to sink in my hooks before trying for the RNC though, as I ended up on my back with him in my guard.  He went to pass and I went for a crappy triangle.  It failed, but switched it to an armbar for a quick tap.  Much smoother this time.  Love that set up.

Second roll: Much like before with scrambling.  Did a good job of passing his half guard by placing his leg down and getting over it.  Using some muscle, but only when I know he's off balance.  Tried for a kimura from mount, but dude has flexible shoulders.  Had to use my hand to apply force.  I feel like that's going to get me in trouble some day.

Third roll: Felt really bad about this one.  I started toying around with some head and arm stuff.  I actually gator rolled him from the bottom to gain posistional dominance (only seen it on TV, never actually learned it).  Ended up on my back with his arm across his throat.  Went for an arm triangle, but it ended up being a neck crank.  Really didn't want to do that, but he was cool with it.

Did some really light sparring with the new boxer.  Just threw some lazy shots for him to capitalize on.  He's getting good, he just needs to frickin' relax.

Showed the WC dude some very basic boxing.  Will teach him more tomorrow.


ME lower body day

Walk out with 375

Note: Legs way burnt out from Air Force PT.  Felt like I was dying in the squat rack.  Most likely over trained.  Still saw a jump in my max, but was not happy with my form.  Need to pick up more glutamine.  Can't wait until my bulk.

Partial deadlifts

Notes: Feeling stronger on this lift.  Form good too, just too burnt out.

Skipped my lunges.  Felt like my legs would benefit more from the rest than a workout.  Still, at least I saw another 10lb jump here. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Training Log: Entry 287

ME upperbody day


Notes: Finally broke this damn platue, and was just a hair away from 325.  I'll definitely nail it next time.  Too burnt out to hit 320 afterwards.

Weighted dips w/45lb plate

Notes: Much stronger on this.  Form a little sloppy at first, but doing much better.

EZ bar tricep pulldown

10,8,9 @ 145
9 @ 130

Notes: Little more rest time to nail these after dips

Front raises with back against wall w/20lbs

Notes: Never realized how much it really hits the shoulders to put my back on the wall.  Still getting stronger though.

Bent over BB rows of 105

3X10, 1X7

Notes: Really strong, but crapped out at the end.

Straight bar curl

Notes: Forearms really getting torn up on these too.  Very good.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Training Log: Entry 286

DE lower body day

8 sets of doubles at 185

Note: Most explosive lifting done on lowerbody day.  Form much better than before.

Lunges at 60

Note: With more rest in the last set, was able to polish off with 9 before failure.  Next time, gonna do backwards barbell lunges

Partial deadlifts of 130

Note: Lower back was sore, so stuck with a light weight and getting the motion down.  Seems to place more emphasis on the hammies.

Ab circuit: Weighted swiss ball low cable crunches of 70, 50lb side bends, sets of 8-10

Note: Abs feeling nice and strong.  More weight.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Training Log: Entry 285

Another MMA club meeting.

New kid.  MT/BJJ.  Talks way too much, but knows a lot of stuff, so once you cut through the crap, he offers some decent material.  Brings a lot of crap too, like me (thai pads, heavy bag, etc etc).

Worked with the new boxer.  His rush is getting much better.  He can time my wild swings and rush in.  Now I'm working on getting him fluid.  He's too rigid and jerky, and gasses out way too quickly.  Told him to drill fluidity by weaving across the floor slowly, then explode on the heavy bag.  There were some other folks using the space too, boxers, and they helped him with his footwork.  I'm glad, because mine sucks hard.

Rolled with the new kid.  He was way sweaty and greasy, pretty gross.  A lot of stuff wasn't working due to the lack of friction.  I was trapped in his guard for a while.  Was trying to pass, but kept slipping.  He wasn't working too much from there, so I just decided to bait the triangle in order to get a pass.  Pass the legs over my head and go for side control.  Still couldn't get a grip.  Lots of posistioning, trying for anything but not having much luck.  I fell victim to an armbar at one point, and just quit fighitng.  Was getting too frustrated, and just wanted the tap to be over with.  Worked a basic armbar escape from there (step over, stack, go loose, pull out).

Rolled with the JKD/SG guy.  Working my posistioning.  I should just pull guard from knees, instead of the stupid dance we all do.  Eventually I just shucked him to the side and took side control.  Slipped into full mount from there, and managed to trap an arm against his throat with my chest.  I took this time to attack his unguarded arm with a kimura, and got a verbal tap.

Rolled with KK/BJJ chick.  She pulled guard, which I passed to half guard.  We scramble, with her bucking me off balance and trying for the guilltine.  I get rolled into guard, which she passes for half guard.  I grab her waist and roll her onto her back (pure strength on that one), then work for the full mount.  Ended with an eventual kimura.

Did some pad drills with the thai pad.  Need to relax more.  Basic 1-2 kinda stuff.  New kid moves the pads too far in, but got to work my precision and power a little.  Held for him, he was gassing bad.

Did some boxing sparring with the new kid.  We agree on 50%, and as soon as we touch gloves, he tries to take my head off.  I immediately go into survival mode (stupid of me), and forget almost all the crap I worked on over the summer.  Back to my old tactics of fending off with the jab, hiding behind it.  Eventually, I start to calm down more and adjust to his rhthym.  He's a one trick poney, with a big looping right hook and not much else.  He fires a low body jab to draw my hands, and goes for the haymaker.  Not enough power to really phase me though, but hard to dodge without just ducking.  Can't slip or back away, too looping.  Instead, I start using my offense as my defense, and firing hard jabs into his face.  His hands are like a skiball game, shot right up the middle.  I slip a few punches, and we clinch.  He starts firing hooks from the clinch.  That really pissed me off.  It was supposed to be a 50% spar, and here he is throwing dirty hooks.  I let my anger get the best of me, and just pop 3 very hard jabs right into his nose.  That ended it.  We stop, touch gloves, and call it a day.

Note: I at least could see what I need to work on.  Circular movement when moving back, not just straight back.  Work those pats in there, don't just use head movement.  My fiancee watched and said my gloves were glued to my head the whole time, and for that I'm thankful.  At least I know my chin is still doing strong.  Finally able to work a hook into sparring.  Lead left.  I was really proud of that.


DE upperbody day

8 sets of triples on bench with 165lbs

Note: Form bad on first set, everything smooth from there. Nice and fast.

Close grip BP with 165 lbs
10,10, 7, 8

Note: Lift is real easy now.  Love the strength gains.

Curve bar tricep pushdown
3X8 of 140

Note: Getting stronger here.  Form great.

Front raises

4X10 of 20lbs

Note: Form was great, and not to failure.

Bent over rows of 125lbs
10, 10, 10, 8

Note: Had a few hours rest here, so came in nice and strong.  Felt the pull in my back.

Straight bar curls


Note: Form doing well until last set.  Work on that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Training Log: Entry 284

Another MMA club meeting.

Rolled twice with the fiancee.  Worked for those smooth transistions, escaping mount, rolling, getting a base, basically building up her fundamentals.  She's doing better, can't wait until I can start putting the full weight on.  Caught me in a guillitine twice, and I was fighting against it.  She sinking it much deeper and more natural now.  Showed her the kimura from the guard as she just about had it at one point.  Expect to see it appear in the near future.

Rolled with the JKD/SG guy.  Started from knees, threw a cattle catcher on him but didn't pass his guard.  Right away he starts going for a shoulder lock, and ends up sweeping me off my base so that now we're stuck in a half guard situation with him cranking on my shoulder.  I focus on wrapping around his back and snagging his arm to cut off the lock.  From there, I pull him into my guard and start working the kimura.  He fights it off well, and then I switch for an armbar attempt.  He passes my legs over his head and works for half guard.  I use my hands to cut off his hips from walking around me, and eventually rock him off balance and roll on top of his half guard.  We scramble for a bit, I get in mount, go for the kimura, he bucks me off but I still have it in guard.  I drew his attention with the kimura attempt, then alluva sudden shove his head away and slip the crappiest armbar of my life on him.  Pure strength for the tap.

I need to work the armbar from guard more, and not give up my arms from top of guard so much.  He was picking shoulder locks at will.

Worked with the new boxer kid.  He's still training his defense, but I told him to take some shots on the rush in.  He got some good gut punches, and even tagged my face on my wild swings.  He says that whenever he spars, he's gotten much better at closing the gap and taking much fewer punches.

Sparred with the fiancee, boxing rules.  The first couple minutes was me working my defense and taking a few shots when I saw openings.  I don't know how to fight her.  It's a flurry of ridiculously fast and powerful overhands (left and right).  She punches harder than the guys, and too fast.  Whenever I slip one overhand, I get snagged with 2-3 on the way back.  Doing by best to just evade and block.  Best bet would be rope-a-dope.

She pulled some dirty boxing on me.  Grabbed on glove and slammed some overhand rights at me with the other hand.  I was so proud of her.  I taught her some other dirty tactics. 

Second round, I toyed around a little.  I was using a high stance like in MT, and decided this time to go full peek a boo.  Legs nice and bent, real crouched, eye level with her at 5'6 against my 5'9.  I had no idea how much of a difference the crouch makes with peek a boo.  I was untouchable, and felt a million times faster.  At the same time, I told her to glue her hands to her face, making it much harder to get an opening shot in.  Much better on both parts.

Good meeting overall.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Training Log: Entry 283

ME lower body day

ME lift: "Dead squats" I set the pins at parallel and racked the weight on the pins.  Working purely the Concentric portion of the movement.  Warmed up with traditional squats.

-Concentric squats from here

Note: Was using a 55lb bar (we have them).  Next time switch to a 45 for psychological purposes.  This was a fun new addition to ME days.  Hopefully should pay off in the end.  I use the stretch reflex a lot in my lift, and separating it from the movement should make my eccentric movement even stronger.

3X8 @ 60

Note: Forgot to change my lift here.  Next time, reverse barbell lunges.  Still, form was tight and strong the whole way through.

4X8 @ 195

Note: Working on not training to failure.  Form good on all movements.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Training Log: Entry 282

ME upper body day

Rack lockouts at halfway point


Notes: Failed at 355 the first time from a bad start (bar was uneven).  Managed it again by recruiting my legs at the end.  Need to do that more.  Did a concentric and eccentric rack lockout, not just eccentric

4X5w/45lb plate

Note: Hit 6 the first time.  After that, didn't want to go with bad form, so cut it short.  Next time, 6s all around

Tricep pull down with bent bar

Note: This was really easy.  Try the 145 next time

Front raises
3x10 @ 15

Note: Suprisingly strong at this.  Form was good the whole way through.  Try 20s next time.

Bent over BB row

4X8-10 @ 115

Note: Form was really bad at first until I took off my glasses.  Made it easier to check form in the mirror.  Looking up halfway through the lenses was messing me up.  Not really feeling it in my lats though.  Stick with one more week, then back to wide grip pull-ups/pull downs.

Straight bar curls
3X8-10 @ bar

Note: Great lift, felt strong

Note in general: After reading Pavel's "Beyond Bodybuilding", I'm focusing much more on not training to failure in order to get gains.  It's tough to shake the HIT brainwashing, but the results are worth it.


MMA club meeting.

Didn't really do much rolling or sparring this meeting, but got to work on fundamentals.  Went over the kimura possibilities from side mount from this summer (I still remember them all and can pull them off without trouble), and helped out the new boxer by throwing some shots at him and having him dodge.  He's still really manic, and it's gonna get him exhausted, but his defense is at least increasing at a near exponential rate.

Worked my defense with the same kid.  Just told him to fire some shots at me.  I was parrying everything he threw at me, patting was good, slipping and bobbing ok, but fell victim to his long looping hooks a lot.  Kept tagging me in the back of the head...danger zone there.  Either need to move in, move out, or bob away.

Rolled with the fiancee.  Her transistional game is getting better.  She knows what to do, but is afraid to use it because she doesn't want to hurt me.  Can't say I'm not the same way. 

Got to spar her too.  Boxing rules.  She had bag gloves on, so it made me really on guard with my defense.  A lot of circling and defending against some shots.  Fired a few blows to her body off of a slip/bob and weave (found out later she thought we weren't doing bodyshots...whoops), and dodged her overhand right by moving my head back (not too sure if that's the proper defense...I've never gone to a school that went in depth on the overhand).  She landed a beautiful shot to my right eye though.  Perfet timing, hands down, not paying attention, BLAM!  I thought it was gonna be a black eye at first.  No such luck.  Always next time.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Training Log: Entry 281

DE lower body day

Box squats
8 sets of Doubles at 185

Notes: Form a little off at first, but towards the end speed was doing great.

4X8 @ 60lbs each

Note: Much more comfortable weight.  Work from here

4X8 @ 185

Note: Form a little sticky at end.  Maybe a little lower weight.

Swiss ball cable crunches
3X8 @ 75lbs

Note: Going well.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Training Log: Entry 280

Another MMA club meeting.

New member.  TKD guy.  15 years of experience.  Wirey, lanky, the usual.

Worked more boxing with the new kid.  Threw some straight shots and sloppy hooks to get him used to charging in when he saw an opening.  He needs to work his bodyhooks more, so I gave him the drill of head on the bag and power hooks.

Grappled with JKD/SG guy.  He's got decent technique, but needs the power to back it up.  I literally flipped him over while I had him in a guillitine from half guard and transistioned to side control.  He did a good job of keeping out of my guard, but I eventually managed and landed a kimura.  We rolled again, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a RNC from his back.  He managed to bump out, and he ended up in my guard.  I failed at a armbar, and he put me in side control.  I cut off his hips with my hand, slid him back into my guard, tried for a triangle, messed up (need to work this sub more), but pulled a transistion into an armbar for a tap.

Rolled with the TKD guy.  His first day, so i'm playing it cozy in my guard while he goes crazy.  Good strength, but not really oriented towards anything.  He stands up in my guard when I go for a ankle lock.  I forgot that we don't roll with them in the club (new policy), but the TKD guy mimiced me, and when I let go, he cranked it for a tap.  Kinda lame, but he learned a new sub.

Rolled with BJJ/KK chick.  She always brings the agression.  I took mount and worked for a kimura.  She bucked me and rolled into my halfguard.  I worked a crappy guillitine that wasn't doing anything (stupid panic response), then planted her head into the mat and rolled over into her guard.  I worked her into mount, sat back into guard, the eventually forced a tap from a kimura (love this technique).

Need more strikers.


Lifting went very well today.

DE upperbody

DE lift: 8 sets of triples at 155

Note: Bar speed much faster than before as form is getting better.  6th set was kinda crappy.  Pull the bar apart on the way down.

Close grip bench:

Note: Don't know where that extra boost came from in the last set.  Move weight up.

Straight bar pull down:

Note: Form was getting bad on the second set, so switched lighter.  Finished off with good form.

Lateral Raises:
2X10 @ 20
2X10 @ 15

Note: Getting stronger and stronger with greater form each and every time.

10, 7, 6


Note: For some reason, first set was easy, everything afterwards difficult.  Love my lat growth.

Hammer curls

Note: shoulder still an issue, but strength is there.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Training Log: Entry 279

Second MMA club meeting of the semester.

Much more effective use of time.  Still spent most of my time teaching, but managed to get in some rolling and some boxing.

(I realized I forgot my fun titles last entry, so here they are)

First roll with BJJ/KK chick.  We both have some new tricks, and it showed.  She was still the more aggressive one, but I spent much more of my time flowing and securing posistions rather than simply working for the tap.  Worked on keeping my mount high, and managed to roll and take the back twice, but couldn't complete my RNC.  Did a decent job of passing half guard.  Fumbled my triangle attempt (had my legs all jacked up), and though a smooth transistion to armbar from guard, wasn't able to break the defense.  Managed to defend most sub attempts, and eventually utilized a kimura from guard for the tap.

Second roll with my fiancee.  Worked much more on my transistional game and upa from the bottom of mount.  Threw in some kimuras for her to defend against.  Did a good job of keeping the flow going.  Eventually she caught me in a strong guillitine which I tapped to.  I'm proud of her.

Boxing with the new kid [Training in JKD (looks like your typical MT/Boxing/trapping stuff), kali, and sub grappling.  From this point on, JKD/SG dude).  I was so proud of myself.  Literally right off the first punch (left jab), I bob and weave and counterpunch with a right hook to his gut on the way up.  This set the mood for the fight, and he became much more pensive to punch with me.  I had the reach advantage, and eventually learned how to time his rhythm and would land a jab to his face everytime he threw a jab at me.  My jab would land because I could find my distance, while his would come up short.  However, he showed me a flaw in my game with a well executed left hook.  I instinctively slip/bob to my right almost always.  I need to mix it up.  Still, didn't take much abuse, much better than previous attempts.

I'm currently training a kid new to boxing.  I've seen him fight before, and he's like I used to be.  All offense, no defense.  I'm currently drilling him on how to counter punch, move in, etc etc.  He's almost my exact height at 5'9, so I'm teaching him how to fight taller guys.  He's adopting peek a boo too.  I can't wait to see him win something.  Taught him to keep his gloves on his face, croutch low, move in, and rein bodyblows.

Taught some new folks the real basics of the jab/cross and stance.  Wasn't able to stick around for much longer than that.

Polished off the night with more of the defense drill.  New element this time.  I put my back against the wall, and told my fiancee to throw any kind of punch she wanted (jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and overhands).  The only stipulation being nothing but headshots.  Defense is getting nice and crisp.  Worked my parries much more effectively, focused more on my slipping, and didn't stay in the bob and weave long enough to take an uppercut.  A few punches got through, but for the most part I walked out feeling good.  Even managed to do a little skeet shooting (blocking with the point of the elbows).  Loving this drill.

Outstanding meeting tonight. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Training Log: Entry 278

ME lower body

ME lift: ATG back squats


Notes: Outstanding work today. Accidentally threw in an extra single in there, but it failed anyway.  Can't wait to see what my parallel squat is now.

3X8-9 @ 65
1X4 @ 65

Notes: Making progress, but should maybe cycle down on the last set.

4X8-10 @ 155

Notes: Moving weight up.  Getting stronger.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Training Log: 277

First MMA club Meeting of the year.

Spent more time teaching than training.  Worked with a new kid on some boxing defense (his weak spot), basic pats, slips, parries, bobbing and weaving.  Did some focus mitt work with the fiancee showing her how to use the peek a boo stance.  Showed her some sweeps from being mounted and a new guard pass, along with a kimura from in mount.  Worked with a new kid on the basic posistions of grappling and the kimura and armbar.  Then finally got to drill my defense the same way as before.

Gave my fiancee 7oz gloves instead of 10oz.  The difference was way more noticable.  More shots got in.  Need to work on not panicing and just covering my face and bobbing and weaving.  I was informed I'm open for a lot of uppercuts.  Told her to hit me if she sees it again.  I hope my defense gets incredible.

Great lifting day tonight.

ME upperbody

Triples of bar
Triples of 135
Triples of 185
Triples of 225
Triples of 275

Notes: Broke a new record, the first time in years.  And here I thought I was in a rut.  This program rocks!  The DE must of had a huge impact.

Narrow grip bench
4X6-9 at 155

Note: Up the resistance and the rest period next time.  Try 165 of 1.5 minutes

2 sets of BodyweightX8-10

Straight bar pull down:
2 sets of 130X8-10

Notes: Had a "cable guy" tying up the cable station, so decided to try some dips instead, thus the weird split.  Getting increasingly stronger on the push down. 

Lateral raises:
3 sets of 15X10
1 set of 10X10

Notes: Getting constantly stronger on these.

Wide grip pull-ups
3 sets of 8

Wide grip pull-down
1 set of 10

Notes: Feeling an uneven pull on the pull-ups, possibly due to my shoulder imbalance.  Moved onto pull-downs when form was getting too crappy

Hammer curls:
2 sets of strict form 25X8
1 set of strict form 15X8

Notes: Shoulder always clicks on these.  Still, biceps felt murdered.

Great day.  Next week, switching everything up and using rack lockouts for singles.  Felt my sticking point past halfway up.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Training Log: Entry 276

DE lower body day

DE lift: box squats, 8 sets of doubles at 165lbs

Notes: Form a little bad at first due to soreness, but got into my groove

Lunges: 4X8-9 at 50lbs

Form much better than ME day

Everything else the same.