Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Training Log: Entry 599

Didn't make a log of my last workout, then took a 9 day break and started again.

Squats of 345

Incline bench of 195

Bent over row of 195

Notes: Back spasmed on the rows.  Hated bent over rows before, just plain not gonna do them now.  Maybe t-bar rows.


Squats of 345

Bench press

Notes: Too sweaty, lost my arch.

Wide grip pull-ups w/20lbs

Hise shrugs of 315
Ab pull downs w/light band

Friday, July 18, 2008

Training Log: Entry 598

RDLs of 385

Notes: Was focusing too much on grip, and lost my arch.  Felt a little twinge in my back on rep 5 of the 2nd set, so cut work a little short.  Need to find my straps so I can really hammer this out.

Bench press of 265+chains

Notes: Weight was heavy today, kept the work light.  Had a great pause at least.

Wide grip pull-ups w/15lbs

Notes: These got easier.

Ended up taking an unplanned week off because of work.  Finally got my schedule a little stablized at least.  If my injuries don't mount up too bad, and I can get a consistent schedule, I plan to start back up on westside in the next 6-12 weeks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Training Log: Entry 597

Squats of 335+chains

Notes: Form started to fall apart as the weight got heavier.  Hips were rising faster than the back, and knees were bowing inward.  Going to slow down the increases to 10lbs a session now.

Incline bench of 185

Notes: Haven't incline benched since like my sophomore year of HS, so form is a little wonky.  Hopefully strength will come quickly.  Not arching my back, and minimal leg drive.

Power rows of 185

Notes: Doing these pendlay style from the floor, finally starting to hit my groove on these.  Felt really strong on these, so maybe I'm finally figuring these out.


Hise shrugs of 315
Band pulldowns w/light band

Monday, July 7, 2008

Training Log: Entry 596

Hit a deload over the past week, didn't record it.

RDLs of 375

Notes: Need to find my straps, as grip is becoming the limiting factor.  I'm focusing more on my hands than my back.

Pause bench of 255+chains

Notes: Need a little longer pause on these.  Wider grip is really doing the trick.

Wide grip pull-ups +10lbs

Notes: These are such a great movement, I've missed them.


Neck harness work w/45lb plate
Band pull aparts w/light+2minis 12,10


Here's the vid

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Training Log: Entry 595

Squats of 315+chains

Notes: Went as deep as possible on a lot of my reps.  Dive bombed a little bit out of the hole on the last 2 reps of the last 2 sets, most likely where I encountered back pain before.  Trying harder to spread the floor with my feet on the way up.

Dips of 110

Notes: Power rack is just too shakey, gonna give this up after the deload, and switch to either incline bench or anoher overhead press variation.

DB rows of 150

Notes: Gonna put these away too for now.  Gonna either give bent over rows a try, or hit up t-bar rows.  I also messed around with wide grip pull-ups today, and am gonna sub those in on my vertical pull day after the deload.


Standing ab pull downs w/light band


Video of squats