Thursday, November 30, 2006

Training Log: Entry 320

Squats of 300lbs

Notes: Shoulders were too tight on the last two sets, mighta been able to pull off 4s instead.  Next time.

Bench of 275

Note: This felt really tight for some reason, I liked it.  Never cranked this many reps on 275 before.

Pull ups: 5x5 of 25lbs

Note: Up and away.  Little struggle at the end, but nothign major.

Switched up my grip training and did negatives with the CoC 2 instead of the normal routine.  Was able to crank out some reps before having to go straight to negatives.  Good gains.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Training Log: Entry 319

Haven't really been noting my neck work, but today I got 5X5 of 45lbs on neck raises.  Split my forehead though, need to be more careful.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Training Log: Entry 318

Deadlifts of 320

Note: Holy hell, I had no idea I was so sick.  I was dying from the first rep.  Way overheated, feaver broke, queasy, the whole 9.  Fought for every last goddamn rep, but at least made minor progress (1 more rep).  Next time I should blow through this.

Dips: 5x5 of 90lbs

Note: Felt so much better on these.  Flew up and cranked them out like it was my job.  More weight.

Overhead presses: 5X5 of 145

Note: Felt super easy, just didn't wanna push too hard because of being sick.  More weight.

CoC #1: 5x5 with 5 second holds per every rep

Note: Getting easier each and every single time.  Can't wait until this can be done with a 2.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Training Log: Entry 317

Took a little deload over thanksgiving.  Only did gripper work.  Can finally close a 2 with my left hand.  Can hold a 1 for ten second holds at the end of sets, gonna start doing the 5 second holds per rep now.

Knee is feeling much better.  Have been supping glutamine for the past week, and ate lots of protein and calories over the break.

Resume lifting tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Training Log: Entry 316

Squats of 300

Note: Maybe could have cranked out some more, but it was a new weight and wanted to play it safe.  Feels great.

Bench of 265

Note: Might've pulled a 5 on the last set.  Will move the weight up next time.

Pull-ups w/25lb plate.

Note: Had to rush at the end, but coming along nicely.  Next day should do the trick.

CoC Gripper
3 reps with a number 2 on right hand, 2 almost full reps with left, negatives to 5.
5X5 w/5 second hold on trainer
5X5 w/5 second hold on last rep of 1.
1 rep w/2 on right hand, negatives until 5, negatives for left.
5X5 with 5 second hold of 1.

Note: Getting so much stronger on this.  Can't wait to close with my left hand.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Training Log: Entry 315

MMA club meeting.

Helped the fiancee with some rolling.  Showed her a few sweeps and helped her positional game.  She's really putting it all together now.

Worked my boxing defense against three different sparring partners.  Didn't throw any punches, only defended.

First partner was the new boxer.  Was working on my footwork on this one, but we had such a cramped space with so little room that I kept running into junk.  It's hard to defend against a flurry of hooks when you can't throw a counter punch.  Did a lot of bobbing and weaving and not too much else.  He started getting really wild, and for the first time in my life I slipped a major hook that left him off balance and put him in a disadvantage.  Felt good.

Second partner was my fiancee.  Always a challenge dealing with the flurry of overhands.  Did a good job of blocking straight shots with my elbows.  More bobbing and weaving, getting tagged on the back of the head, but hopefully it meant I could throw some counters.  Gotta keep those eyes up.  Can't look down.

Third was the BJJ/KK chick.  Did a good job of working on my slips, patting and parrying.  Good job on noticing the telegraph.

Good use of bobbing and weaving and blocking shots with my elbows
Need to work on parrying and patting
Decent job of slipping, but could be better.
Keep those goddamn eyes up.
Need spar.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Training Log: Entry 314

Deadlifts of 320

Note: Forgot to take my previous notes with me, and managed to blow my old numbers out of the water because I forgot what I was shooting for.  Hopefully sometime soon I'll move up.

Overhead presses of 145

Note: Same as above.  Felt really strong on these.  Might have been able to pull 5X5 but still concerned over my shoulder.

Dips f 75lbs

Note: Nice and easy.  Up we go.

CoC gripper 1
5X5 with 5 second hold on last rep of every set.

Note: Getting easier and easier.  Can't wait to do this with a 2.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Training Log: Entry 313

Squats: 5X5 of 280

Note: Feeling great.  Nice and strong.  Right knee a little sore, will monitor.

Pull-ups w/25lbs

Notes: Felt good to add some weight.  Almost made 3.

Bench of 265

Note: Might have been able to pull a 5X5, but didn't like how form was going.

CoC grippers
Right hand 2: 2 reps, 3 negatives
Left hand: 5 negatives, almost had it.
Both hands
Four 5 second holds of the trainer w/20 second hold at the end.
5 reps of number 1
5 negatives of 2
15 second hold of trainer

Note: Finally closed a number 2 on my right hand, for two friggin reps!  Left still needs to catch up.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Training Log: Entry 312

Deadlifts of 320

Note: Not bad for 90 calories and legs wasted from running stares the day before.  Expect much greatness in the future.

Overhead presses of 145

Note: Might have been able to go all the way, but still taking it easy with my shoulder.  Felt good to move up though.

Dips of 75lbs

Note: Maybe more rest was needed, but either way felt nice and strong.

CoC gripper 1

Still deloading.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Training Log: Entry 311

MMA club meeting.

Worked some subs with the fiancee.  Went over how to spin out of a triangle, and a wonky sub from under side control that I saw on youtube.  Wouldn't work against an effective grappler, but it has some use.  Worked positioning, rolling, etc etc.  Paired her off with the BJJ chick because she can go much faster/harder than I can without injuring the training partner.  Fiancee is doing much better.  Getting much better positioning, rolled out from under mount, stayed dominant for a good part, lasted a while.  I'm proud of her.

Very lite, low aggression sparring with the new boxing kid.  His guard is getting nice and tight.  Counter punching getting better, but lowers his head when he rushes.  No good.

Take downs with JKD/SW guy.  I won more of the exchanges than I lost.  Getting really good at the single leg from the clinch now.  Got a double underhook lock belly to belly takedown, that was cool.  Tried and failed at a hip toss.  Got spun out from under one one takdown and he got my back, no good.  It's fun.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Training Log: Entry 310

Off of deload

Squats of 275

Notes: Felt great.  Some lower than others. Might have been able to complete the full 5X5, but wanted to play it safe.

Bench press of 265

Note: Need to readjust to heavy bench.  Even shoulders mean I hafta adjust my style.  Nice to go so heavy though.

Pull-ups 5X5

Note: Finally did it.  More weight now.

CoC gripper #1, 5X3

Note: Deload.

Furthernote: Been doing some neckwork independent of my other workouts.  Getting bigger.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Training Log: Entry 309

My deloading week on lifting.

Squats, 3X5 of 260

Bench, 3X5 of 235

3X5 of pull-ups

Notes: Walked out of the gym fresh as a daisy.  See how this works out.

Boxed a WC guy.  Comedy ensued.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Training Log: Entry 308

MMA club meeting.

Been having them frequently, just not updating much.  Today was worth noting though.

Walked my fiancee through the Omaplata and triangle to armbar to triangle stuff again, then let her do some free rolling with me.  It was like she was a whole new person alluva sudden.  Working for great posistioning, tight guard, good sub game, good balance.  Was actually fighting at one point, then feeding her opportunities which she didn't hesistate to take.  Proud of her.  Good progress.

Set her up with some elbows and knees to work on the bag.  Little awkward, but give it time.

Worked for the takedown with the SG/JKD guy.  Fun stuff, reminded me of wrestling.  I worked for the clinch a lot because I wanted to shoot for a firemen's, but didn't really work.  After some scrambling, I got a bodylock from behind.  He hipped out, so I dropped my weight and crashed him to the floor, then took side control.  After that, I got an overhook, drug his head down, pulled his right arm and grapped a single leg on his left.  Got the takedown, but woulda gotten chocked out.  Wrestling instinct.  Third time he pulled a single leg on me.  Got low enough after my first sprawl to pull it off.  Fourth time something funny happend.  He shot in, I stuff the takedown, stayed on my feet, wrapped my arms around him, stiff legged deadlifted him, and had him set up for a piledriver.  If I was mean and went through with it, he'd most likely be eating everything through a straw.  Was kinda satisfied to know I coudl do that though.

Sprawl is still nice and tight, and my body remembers how to take people down, I just don't.  Can't teach it, can't articulate it, just do it.

SG/JKD guy didn't want to spar today...kinda sucks.  Skills declining.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Training Log: Entry 307

Workout B

5X5 of 295 deadlifts

Notes: Goddamn did I feel strong today.  Just punished these things.  Form is going great.  20lbs more next time.

Handstand push-ups against wall, 5X5

Note: Using these until I build up my confidence on overhead presses again.  Nice rehab.

Weighted dips of 55lbs, 5X5

Note: Still increasing, great day today.

CoC Gripper 1
5X5 of right hand with minimal assistance at end
3X5 with left, 1X3+2 negatives, 1X2

Note: The negatives last time apparently are a big hit.  Gonna switch off between one day being a number 1, one day being a 2 and a trainer.

Shoulder is almost 100% already.  More nervous than anything else.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Training Log: Entry 306

Squats of 260

Note: Felt really good on these.  Form is back, just gotta work a little more.

One armed push-ups

Note: Just did these to rehab the shoulder.


Note: More and more as time goes on.

Grip work:
Switched things up.  Did one set of 5 negatives with the CoC 2, then one set of 5-15 second holds for 5 reps with the trainer.  Did this for two series, and then finally a hold for as long as possible on the trainer.

Speaking of shoulder, amazing thing.  Alluva sudden, it's no longer sagging away from my body.  I think the overhead press finally slid it back into place.  More to  come