Friday, August 31, 2007

Training Log: Entry 454

Deloaded on deadlifts, overhead presses and pulley row.  Ran into a powerlifter at the gym named Mike.  Big guy, pulls 605+chains and squats 675 for singles.  He gave me some tips on form for my deadlifts.  I'm too stiff legged, need to squat down lower and stick the chest.  If I chat with him more, I might ask him for advice on his routine.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Training Log: Entry 453

Back in the boxing gym.  Did 4 rounds on the big heavy bag working progressively jab, jab cross, step jab cross hook, step jab cross hook.  Focusing on getting that full range off the jab, stepping on the cross, and hooking with the elbow high instead of low, and at the target instead of away.  Also making sure to keep shoulders relaxed and body turned away from the target instead of straight on.

Did 4 rounds on the double end bag.  Working on the jab-cross getting full range and stepping.  Bobbed/weaved for 2 rounds and slipped for two. 

Did 4 rounds on the speed bag.  1 round right had, 1 round left, 2 rounds both hands.  I'm getting a little better at this at least.

Coached worked the mitts with me for two rounds.  Quote of the night "We're going 50% here, which for you is like taps".  He was focusing on the range of my jab and keeping my stance tight when throwing.  I get too wide, need to work on that.  Did a few 1-2s, then started throwing in some hooks and slipping.  Speed is there, just gotta keep the balance.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Training Log: Entry 452

Squats of 335

Notes: Could have probably got a 3rd rep in that last set, but I had the bar too low on my back and it messed up my form.  The weight felt great today, my best set of squats to date.  I owe it to a more thorough warm-up before I did my working sets.  I'm going to make this a habit.

Pull-ups w/25lbs

Notes: Decided to keep the weight the same and focus on good form.  I'm going to ramp up much slower this time, only 5-10lb increases.

Bench press of 265

Notes: Woulda gotten another rep on the last set, but set up was crappy and I hit the bar on one of the supports on the way up.  Shoulders are sore from boxing, deload is coming at a perfect time.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Training Log: Entry 451

Back in the boxing gym.  Warmed up for 15 minutes doing stretching and running on the tredmil, then worked the heavy bag for a few rounds, focusing specifically on finding the range on my jab.  Don't wanna stuff it any more than I need to.  Coach worked mitts with me for a round.  Focus on keeping proper feet spacing and angles while throwing combinations.  Keep that right foot angled, not flat, and keep the spacing.  Follow the jab with the cross and have the rear foot drag with the cross after the jab.  After this, I worked the heavy bag with this focus.  Remember to drag and then plant, instead of just throwing arm punches while dragging.

Coach worked the stepping transition more with me after the heavy bag.  I need to relax my shoulders more and turn my body away. 

Worked the double end bag for a few rounds, focusing on slipping and bobbing, and worked the speed bag for 1 round.  I suck at speedbag.  It's too high for me.   

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Training Log: Entry 450

Deadlifts of 375

Notes: It's easily time to deload, but thankfully my grip was plenty strong this time around.  Gotta get that leg drive as much as possible to maximize my power in this movement.  Don't shoot those hips out too early.

Overhead presses of 155

Notes: Might just jump ahead on a new weight on this one.  Presses always progress slowly compared to other lifts, and I think staying too long might just retard my efforts.

Low pulley straight bar rows of 160

Notes: I'm gonna stick on this weight and focus on form, so as to avoid falling into my usual trap on rows with way too much weight and really bad form. Don't learn back, and pull with the back, not the arms.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Training Log: Entry 449

Squats of 315

Notes: Great form today.  Bar rolled down my back on the 4th rep of last set, so I cut the set short, but I coulda hit that 5th rep otherwise.  Don't know if I should move up 10 or 20lbs this time around.

Bench of 265

Notes: Much better job of keeping the bar traveling in a straight path. 

Angled bar pull-ups w/25lbs

Notes: Better job on form and full ROM.  I might just drop the weight and start all over on this movement.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Training Log: Entry 448

Back in the boxing gym.

Coach pointed out my habit of stuffing the jab, so we worked it on the bag and on mitts for a couple of rounds.  Remember to bend at the knee pointing towards the opponent, not angled away.  Remember to drag that rear foot to follow the lead step when pairing a 1-2.  Remember to keep that rear foot anchored when throwing a 2-3.  Don't throw too hard when drilling, 60% is fine, keep speed up.  Hook at the target, not away from it.  Relax those shoulders.

I'm throwing down, not up.  Target the head with shots, not just straight from the torso. 

Did a better job of hitting with the right knuckles instead of the pinky on my left hand.  Keep this habit going.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Training Log: Entry 447

Deadlifts of 430x2
Deadlifts of 375

Notes: There were some 100lbs smooth plates in the gym today, so I used them instead of the hexagonal 45s.  It made deadlifting easier, but I made a rookie mistake of not counting the bar towards my weight on the deadlift.  I ended up pulling a PR for two reps before realizing the problem.  It killed my deadlifts for the rest of the workout, specifically my grip strength.  I still had the power in my legs/back, but the bar was getting ripped out of my hands.  Gives me high hopes for the next time I try to right weight.

Low pulley straight bar rows of 140

Notes: Keeping form tight, pulling right into my stomach, engaging those rear delts/lats.

Overhead presses of 155

Notes: Was pretty exhausted from the deadlifts, but still made some progress.  Remember not to add any leg drive, as these are to be strict form.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Training Log: Entry 446

Went to the on base boxing gym today.  A very stellar place.  I walk in and the guy gives me the rundown.

"This is a boxing gym.  It ain't for karate or any of that other jazz.  It's not for people looking to get into shape, it's a boxing gym."

I was totally onboard with that.  The place is pretty lax, with most of it just working on stuff by yourself with the coach watching over and giving some pointers.  He'll pick someone and work mitts with them for some rounds.  There's two routes to go.  If I don't want to compete, I'm gonna just come in 3 days a week and get a workout with some pointers here and there.  If I choose to compete, I'm in 5 days a week and doing some serious hard work.  I wanna try competing, but that depends on what my job is like and what my housing situation is.  Until then, I can still work some basic stuff.

The coach says I’m ready for some local shows based on what he saw of me today. Wants me to fight at 178, which means some fat loss and some water cutting. Worked on throwing high left hook today. Keep elbow straight, I’m angling it downward. Get that shoulder up. Guys in my weight class are 5’11-6’1. I’m gonna need to learn how to punch up. Worked on learning my power and speed. I throw at 100% too much. Need to learn how to throw at 60-80%. Speed with less power. Keep balance on hooks and crosses. Keep rear foot planted, don’t move it around. Angle hook out, not inward. Aim at the target and hit it, not past the target and skim it. Cardio is pretty bad, but if I decide to compete, it’ll definitely get better with all the running. Keep hands up by temples, not down at chin. Angle body away, not square toward punches.





3-Left hook

4-Right uppercut

5-Left uppercut


Need to wrap my hands better, and hit square with the 2-3 knuckles, not my pinky.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Training Log: Entry 445

New shoes are working out great.  Really forcing me onto my heels.  Getting a great drive through.

Squats of 315

Notes: Had my wife check my form.  She says I'm sitting back really far, but my back is bending a bit.  I figure that comes with the bar being so far down on my back.

Bench of 270

Notes: The bars here are heavier/thicker than where I was before, so things were a little wonky on the lift.  Might just stick with the weight and go on through this.

Angled bar pull-ups w/45lbs

Notes: Not a damn straight bar to be had in this gym, so I have to use these weirdly angled pull-up bars that flare out.  Need to reduce the weight and build more momentum.  It's a new movement, hits my lats real hard, but it's easy to cheat the ROM because I have no bar to hit my chin with.  Need to focus on good form here.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Training Log: Entry 444

Internet is a little sketch at the moment, so entries will come when possible.

New routine.

Deadlifts of 355

Notes: New gym has hexagonal plates.  These thing suck for deadlifts.  Weight lands all wonky and have to readjust for every rep, but I'll manage.

Overhead press of 155

Notes: Form is off on this one.  Been a while since I did overhead work.  I imagine once form gets better, the strength will increase.

Low pulley straight bar rows of 120

Notes: Don't want to get caught like last time doing really bad form, so I'm keeping weight low for a little and focusing on pulling into my stomach instead of a couple inches away.  Should get better results.

Got some new lifting shoes.  $15 Chuck Tayor knock offs from Wal Mart.  Will note any impact on performance.


Checked out the boxing gym on base.  Will be coming back on Monday when the coach is back in town so I can get the real run down.  Place has lots of great gear, but not much people.  I'm hoping that's just because it was a weekend and the coach was away on some sort of business.  If things work out, I can finally get back into training.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Training Log: Entry 443

This time off has been more active than I thought it would.  I went for a run on Sunday, did some cardio with my brother on Monday (he gave me a guest pass to his gym) and today I did a deload on the big 3 in order of Bench, Squat and Deadlift (Guy was hogging the squat rack, so I had to wait my turn, hence the messed up order).  I should come into Vandenberg in way better shape than I thought.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Training Log: Entry 442

Squats of 315

Notes: Was exhausted coming into this.  Form was kinda sketch, but intensity was there.

Bench of 265

Notes: Shoulders are killing me.  Think I'm sleeping on them awkward.  I'll be taking 5 days off, so hopefully should hal.

Pull-ups w/55lbs

Notes: Still some progress.  Gonna keep going slow and steady on this, so that form doesn't fall apart.


I thought I'd be taking time off after lifting, but at 0300 the next morning, I hauled 4 suitcases 1.5 miles through Maxwell AFB.  Great cardio workout, like a farmer's walk from hell.  My shirt was soaked from sweat, burned plenty of calories.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Training Log: Entry 441

SLDLs of 355

Notes: These may be my last SLDLs for a while.  I'm thinking of switching to conventional for my next cycle, so I went all out on these.  Got a little bit of a knee bend on the very last rep for more power, but oh well, form was a little out the window today.

Dips w/135

Notes: Failed on the last set, remember to know your limits.  Contemplating switching these out for overhead presses or keeping them in. 

Low pulley rows of 225

Notes: Form always gets bad on any row I do once I start stacking on the weight.  Way too much lean back here.  If I keep this in, I'm gonna cut down the weight and perfect my form.  Was a real killer so close to deadlifts.


In grip work news, got the CoC #2 to close for 5x10 on the right hand today.  I think I'm gonna stop the high volume stuff and switch to timed holds now.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Training Log: Entry 440

Squats of 315

Notes: Got one more than I thought on this.  Can't quite tell if I'm just squatting down or if I'm squatting back as well.  I should get my wife to check my form next time.  Knees did a great job of staying outside.

Pull-ups w/55lbs

Notes: Was a weird day, with awkward rest periods as I tried to navigate folks wanting a spot, folks taking up the pull-up bars, and desperately trying to get a bench at some point, so the numbers are a little weird.  Still, might be able to clear this next time.  Pull with those lats, not just the arms.

Bench of 255

Notes: Rest time was cut way short, so last set was not at maximal potential.  I'm gonna move it up anyway.  I know I coulda done this no question with a little more rest.  Form was dead on.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Progress Update

After weeks of PT and a cleaner diet, decided to put up some progress pics.

Here was me after 20 rep squats

And the recent photos

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Training Log: Entry 439

Deloads of SLDLs, weighted dips and low cable row.  Tons of energy today, despite being a deload.  Ripped the weight right off the floor.  Can't wait for the next working day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Training Log: Entry 438

Deloads of squat, bench and weighted pull-up.  I'm totally fried, between the PT and the heavy lifting.  This deload is needed.