Friday, August 5, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2195


Pavement run
2.6 miles
Time: 19:36

Notes: My last run at work. Moving this month.  Hit my goal of a sub 20 time.  It helped that my group was the first out the gate, so I didn't spend the whole run passing people.  Wife is selling the treadmill soon, so I may be doing a few more outdoor runs.  Knee feels good until I stop, but even then it's more the shin that bugs me.

Training video from a few days ago

Woke up at 196.4.  Conditioning later.


Strongman Medley (200lb sandbag, 100lb keg, 50')
6 rounds

Followed by

360' prowler push high handles w/100lb keg

Notes: Another day of blowing my brains out on conditioning.  Feeling in top form.  I know I'm coming back behind the curve on technique and a little dipped on strength, but no one is going to beat me on conditioning.  I also walked the keg back to the prowler before the start, but wasn't ready to count it as part of the medley.

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