Thursday, August 11, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2200

AM Workout

(6) Axle Mat Pulls
3x566 (Restpause/deadstop)
12x426 (touch and go)

Notes: Just beat down this morning.  4 days of training in a row in the AM in the middle of moving, but this was a chance to get in one last workout before I packed the home gym.  The last time I moved I ended on a deadlift workout, so that's kinda cool.

I think when I get back into the swing of things, I'm going to reverse things and get back to what works; touch and go for the top set, deadstop for the backoff set.  This deviation has been good though.

GHR sit ups

Buffalo bar squats
5xBuffalo bar

Notes: So this was quite a feat.  I was just feeling destroyed, and I unracked 410, shook my head and decided it wasn't going to happen.  I took off my belt, thought about it for a second and realized that it was going to be my last squat workout for a few weeks with the buffalo bar, so I should make the most of it.  Put the belt on, then decided it wasn't going to happen again.  Stripped off a plate per side, then made a deal with myself that I was just going to do 1 good rep.  Got under the bar, got my feet too wide, hit the 1 good rep and told myself that I had a few more in me at least.  By rep 3, the foot placement was too jacked up and I racked it and called it a day.  Still needed to save something for moving.

On that note, along with moving most of my household goods today, I got to do the world's highest loading medley with a 200lb sandbag, 180lb keg and 100lb keg by loading them all into the moving truck from the floor.  Had my "Cheat meal" today of 5 slices of stuffed crust pizza, but at this point I'm just trying to make up for calories.

Woke up at 196.4 this morning.  Day 2 of moving tomorrow. Might try to get in some running somewhere.

Hey cool, 2200 entries. Jesus I've been around for while.


  1. That's a cool squat victory. I bet it feels good knowing you hit something before your leave. Good luck with the move, where are you headed to this time?

    1. Thanks dude. It sucked not doing something super stupid for my workout, but after 3 days of moving I'm glad my legs weren't killing me, haha. I'll be in Montana for a bit. Excited to be back to the cold again.