Thursday, June 29, 2017

Training Log: Entry 2396


JM Walks w/10lbs
50 minutes

Notes: This was AWFUL.  Amazing how much a little weight really adds up over time.  Couldn't wait to be done.  Still not really winded from it, just fatigued.

Woke up at 197.8 this morning.  Planning on hitting a 2 a day today, with some sort of 10 minute EMOM tonight.


EMOM stone of steel over bar
Triples for 8 minutes

Notes: Set up in the power rack today using an old Rogue axle, and it worked much better.  Set the bar at 20, which is lower than my yoke was.  Really focused on coming over the top of the stone vs the bottom.  Much smoother technique, but this is still a ball buster, especially with my back still a little tweaked from Tuesday.  I think once I get to 10 minutes I'll start loading the stone, but right now an empty SOS is more than enough.


  1. What's a JM Walk?

    I hit some evening conditioning yesterday too, great minds. Run two kegs one-way, drag the sled both ways, got through 7 runs in 10 minutes, then did 5 mins of EMOM farmers with 110/hand. Actually hit it pretty perfectly to where I could feel my lungs and body taxed overall but not one specific area or one specific implement, just hard work overall.


    1. JM stands for Jacob Marley ala the Christmas Carol. I wear a bunch of chains and weight plates, since I don't have a weight vest.

      That sounds like an awesome workout. I'm missing the more specific stuff.