Friday, January 8, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2023

Seated zercher axle good mornings off pins
10x axle

Notes: First, I love how many adjectives this movement has.  I have no idea how to properly title it. This seemed really stupid in theory, but it felt great on my knee and really hammered my back. My chains don't go low enough to suspend the axle, but it sets up on pins just fine.  Just makes me less cavalier about dropping it. Does a great job allowing for maximal effort. Next time around, I should really be able to cut loose on it.

Buffalo bar good mornings 55lbs

Notes: Since I can't make this heavy yet, I'm making it terrible. The exact words out of my mouth after racking the bar was "Holy shit that was stupid". Keeping the bar on my back the whole time was probably the most difficult part. Got a great stretch in the hamstrings as well.

Blast strap fallouts

superset in a circuit w/

Neck harness side to side 45lbs

Reverse hyper 5lbs

Notes: After those good mornings, this was a real struggle, but it was hitting the lower back much better than the set of 30lbs I was doing before.  Doesn't tax the hamstring tendon or knee, which allows me to focus on keeping my legs straight and really hammering the lower back/glutes.

General notes: Woke up at 189.0.  Weight is coming back. Abs are getting a little blurry, but it's all for the best. Only junk I've introduced is a pop-tart immediately post workout to play with PWO carbs.

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