Friday, January 15, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2029

2x50' (50' high handle, 50' low handle)
2x50' as above


Notes: This was a fantastic training session. Kept the prowler unloaded for the sake of safety, and just kept pushing for as long as I could. As soon as I hit 50' going one way, I'd just turn it around and go the other.  The first 200' were going 50' high handle/50' low handle, but after that I just stuck with high handles the rest of the way as low handles were making my knee a little buggy.

This was back to old form, Juggernaut style training. Toward the 13th length I started grunting and yelling, and it kept going until then. Real primal, very exhausting, and easy on the knee.  My right leg seems to be doing more of the pushing than my left, but that's to be expected. Calves were really getting hammered hard.

In total today, it's 1200', or 4 football fields.  To hit a mile, I'd need to do around 107 lengths, which is now a goal of mine.  I'll see how the knee responds to this over the next few days, but it was just awesome to finally push something and give it my all again.

General notes: Woke up at 188.8.  Going on vacation, driving down to San Diego tonight and returning on Monday.  Much needed break.  Going to try to eat well.


  1. Have you seen "the prowler mile?"

    1. That was amazing! Now I HAVE to do it.

    2. Think he does it every year around Thanksgiving