Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2026

So before I log, here is the vi6eo of the squats


I'm hitting the axle zerchers tomorrow and might try to get some of that on film as well.


Axle strict press 140lbs

Notes: The second pressing day of the "Building the Monolith" template. The weight was light enough that I ended up running this like a circuit, chasing each set of presses with a set of 10 of cable rows, and then bouncing right back to some presses. Only resting was walking between stations and picking a good song on my MP3 player.  Didn't quite get the pump I anticipated, but I think this extra frequency/volume is going to pay off, and I know at the end of the cycle I'm really going to be hitting some stupid high volume.  I was able to stand much more confidently with the weight today.  I'm setting the j-hooks really high and racking in my hands rather than on my body, so that I can keep my legs relatively straight.

Dips (forward lean)
55-20-8 (rest pause)

Notes: Was going for 100, but rotator cuff tapped out.  Lot of stress on it this workout, I don't blame it. I'm already hitting dips a ton, I might switch this more to some lightweight dumbbell pressing performed for time.

Axle curls 30lbs

Notes: Not a smooth set, going to stick with the weight and do it again next time.

Band pull aparts

Cable rows 90lbs

Notes: Kept the weight lighter on this because I wanted to have shorter rests with the axle press, but also because it's been putting pressure on my knee to keep upright with the weight of the stack pulling me forward.  Used a bunch of different grip widths to play around with it.

General notes: Woke up at 188.0 this morning. Only having 8 hours between workouts sucked, but I'm probably stronger for it.

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