Thursday, January 14, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2028

Big update today.  First training, then PT.

Seated axle press
10 x Axle
20x130 (rest pause)

Notes: Warm-ups were feeling rough, but the work sets dialed in nicely.  Something I've been meaning to document, but due to how low the chains hang, I actually push up against the chain at the very top of the lockout on all of my presses.  Adds a little bit of a challenge.

Dips (forward lean)

Notes: I keep saying it's my rotator cuff that's acting up in the right shoulder, but it's probably the labrum.  I tore it when I was 16 dislocating my shoulder in a wrestling match, got it repaired, then dislocated the same shoulder 5 more times and have most likely shredded the damn thing.  Still, got through this.

Axle curls

Notes: As soon as I add weight to these they just seem to work differently, so I may just stupidly go for more and more reps.

Band pull aparts

D-ring lat pulldowns 110lbs

General notes: Woke up at 188.8 this morning.  Training everyday has been rough, but I don't seem to be suffering any ill effects from it.

NOW, onto the PT front.

Got my 1 month follow-up with my PT.  He says the ROM in my left knee is just about equal to what I can do with my right, and that things are progressing very well.  As such, the protocol has been altered to allow for some strengthening.

I am now performing the following

1: Bike x 15min
2: Heel slides x 10
3: Gastroc, Soleus and hamstring stretches 2x30seconds each
4: Mini squats 2x10 (coming down to a 50 degree angle)
5: Calf raises 2x10
6: Step ups 2x10
7: 4 way straight legged raises 2x10
8: Hamstring curls 2x10
9: Single leg stance 2x1 min
10: Prone hang x5 min

I immediately blew my PT's mind when we got to minisquats and I was hitting full depth squats already.  He told me to stop doing that.  Also to stop flaring my feet, which is going to be REALLY hard to overcome. Still, after showing them video of HOW I got injured, I think they're coming to terms with the kind of guy that I am.

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