Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2031

1 leggged SSB box squats DROPSET
10x bar +chains

Notes: Still playing it pretty safe with the load here and moving up slowly with high reps.  I'm 9 weeks post op as of yesterday, so I'm out of the danger area but still not even close to fully healed, so I gotta watch out.  Great pump in the leg.

SSB good morning 85lbs

superset in a circuit w/

Neck harness 50lbs

Blast strap fallout hold

Notes: I'm going to repeat this, wasn't really happy with my execution.  Too much squirming around, didn't have it set-up well at the start, and wasn't really putting pressure on the abs the whole time like I wanted.

Reverse hyper 5lbs

Notes: In reality, the limiting factor for this isn't my back but my arms.  They tend to give out from holding my body onto the pad.  I might try straps next time to see if that helps.  Still, getting some blood flowing.

General notes: Woke up at 187.6.  Small weight loss from vacation, but I expected that.  Improving hydration will most likely make an impact.  Left knee is a little achy on the outside which, being completely honest, is the result of some slightly too acrobatic lovemaking. I'm playing it safe in my training, I gotta make sure to do it everywhere else too.

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