Friday, January 22, 2016

Training Log; Entry 2033

Prowler (high handles)
1600' nonstop

Notes: Boiled down to 32 laps of 50', only pausing to turn the prowler around. My knee felt much better this time around. No slipping or catching. After it was done, there was a little ache and swelling, so I'll monitor that. Once again, an amazing workout. The first 4-6 laps aren't much of anything, but after that it starts to suck more and more. Was making all sorts of growls and grunts to get through at the end, and threw in those extra 2 laps just to catch myself off guard. Just going to keep adding distance to this for as long as I can get away with it.


3x #2.5
5x #2
5x #1
5x Trainer
2x #2.5
2x #2
2x #1
2x Trainer

2x #2.5

40x #1
10x Trainer

Notes: Found my 2.5 in my car, so it was game on.  It's the damndest thing, as I'll get my first rep clean and easy and figure I'm good for a few, and then I try for the second rep and getting that last millimeter is a Herculean tasking.  Happy to have something more challenging again, just gotta keep the hands healthy through the process.

General notes: Woke up at 186.2. Need to get diet squared away. Knee pain on lateral movements seems pretty diminished.

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